The Bittersweet Deal
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The next day, the school halls were already filled with gossip about Jungah and Kris.

Jungah received more staring than usual. She tried not to let it bother her, but she could feel the eyes drilling into the back of her skull. Jungah grew annoyed and slammed her locker shut. She spun around and brazenly glared at the gossiping girls. They quickly looked away and scuttled off.

*What the now? Why are all of them staring at me like I have two heads?* Shaking her head, Jungah headed to class.

Fifteen minutes later, Kris came striding into the school with his backpack strap over one broad shoulder. He warily glanced around in awareness. The hair on his back bristled at all the stares. *Why does it seem like everyone is staring at me? What are they whispering to each other?* His eyebrow twitched in anxiety, and his heart clenched in alarm. *Don’t tell me…they found out about my true identity? .*

Kris entered the classroom. Everyone looked up at once, and he became rigid. His eyes focused on Jungah in the corner and relaxed a bit. Coolly, Kris approached his desk and sat down. The gossip became louder.

Kris raised an eyebrow. Jungah paused the song and glanced upwards.

“Did you hear about that new kid and Jungah?”

“They double-tagged Jiwan and Haeri!”

“It was couples versus couples!”

“They beat the out of Haeri and Jiwan. I heard they had to go to the hospital.”

“Can you believe it that Jungah and the exchange student are dating? What the hell does he see in her?”

Jungah gritted her teeth and gripped so tightly onto her ipod that her knuckles turned pale. Kris tried hard not to laugh. *I wasn’t worry for anything. They were only talking about yesterday. High school students and their gossip.* He shook his head and glanced at Jungah to gauge her reaction.

Her knuckles had turned completely white now. She shut her eyes and put up the volume on her ipod.

Kris chuckled. *She isn’t taking it so well.*

The entire day was filled with gossip. The news of Kris and Jungah would not die down. In fact, it only grew worse. By the end of the day, ridiculous rumors were floating around. Jungah was leaving the school, but she heard a bunch of scandalous gossip from a horde of girls.

“Did you hear? Jungah and Kris actually live together. The only reason he came to this school is because she’s here.”

“Kris forced Jungah to become his slave.”

“Jungah paid Kris to pretend he’s her boyfriend. That’s how much of a desperate she is.”

Jungah raised an eyebrow. *Seriously? Do you really want me to show you how much of a ‘desperate ’ I can be?*

Kris appeared behind her. He glanced at the girls then looked down at Jungah. A smirk appeared on his face. *Someone is about to explode in 3…2…1.*

“Kris stole Jungah’s ity. I heard they have wild everywhere every single day.” One girl spoke.

Jungah threw her backpack on the ground. * this . My nonexistent life is none of their business.*

Kris watched Jungah storm towards the girls.

“Oh no!” The girls panicked and gasped as the angry bull who saw her target stormed their way. Several ran away. The few that was bold enough to remain gulped. Jungah stopped in front of the girl who had last spoken and glared at her, “, you want to say that in my face?” She uncomfortably swallowed hard and diverted her eyes someplace else.

Jungah eyed the rest of the girls, “I hear any of you talking crap behind my back, and I’ll make sure you can’t come back to school for the next month. So shut your botox lips, and quit talking about me and that exchange kid.” She turned and walked away to pick up her backpack.

Behind her, one girl muttered, “Why is she so pissed now? It’s nothing new that we talk crap about her.”

Jungah stopped Her hands balled into fists. Another girl whispered, “She’s just overreacting because everything we said is true. She’s a e for him-“

Jungah spun around. The girls gasped loudly and squeezed together. She stormed towards them. They squirmed anxiously and glanced around. Jungah lifted up her sleeves, “You all need a good smacking before you shut up, huh?!”

Right when she lunged towards them, someone grabbed her waist from behind. The girls gaped at the person who dared hold Jungah's waist. Jungah struggled, “What the -“ She looked up and stopped. Her eyes widened.

Kris looked down at her, “Don’t pick a fight when the opponent is worthless.”

The insult flew over the girls’ heads. They were too busy gaping at Kris and Jungah and trying to assess the situation.

“Come on.” He grabbed her wrist and dragged her away.

Jungah was too stunned to do anything. Then behind her, she heard, “I told you so.”

*FREAKING-* Jungah spun around and tried to beat the girls down, but Kris kept a firm hold on her and tugged on her arm. Jungah scowled as Kris dragged her out of the gate. When they were a good distance away from the school, he stopped and released her.

“What the hell?! Why’d you stop me?! Those es were talking about you, too!” Jungah hissed.

“You were trying to defend me? I’m honored.” Kris smirked.

“Wipe that ing smirk off your face before I do it for you.” Jungah growled.

Kris shook his head while smirking even more.

“Are you really going to just let them talk about us that way? People think we’re dating. No, worse. They think we’re ing.” She gave him a look. “So?” He raised an eyebrow. “What?!” She hissed in outrage.

Kris shrugged, “So what if they think that way? Let them think whatever they want. Who cares what anyone thinks? Correct me if I’m wrong, but you don’t seem to be the type to care what anyone thinks of you.”

“I don’t!” Jungah snapped, “But it’s not the truth-“

“Gossip usually isn’t true. So why are you all hot and bothered now?” Kris raised an eyebrow. Jungah was thunderstruck. She opened , but the reason didn’t come out. “Ohhh…I think I know. It’s because it’s the first time you’re in a gossip with a man.” Kris smirked.

Her ears reddened, and she glowered at him. It was the first time someone had taken her aback like this. She couldn’t even keep her cool poker-face at the moment. “ you. I don’t know what you find so amusing in this situation, but you’re sick. You should go check yourself in at the mental ward or something.”

“I don’t find this situation amusing. It’s you who I find amusing, Han Jungah.” Kris spoke her full name for the first time.

Jungah stared at him. *How did he remember my name when I can’t even pronounce his?*

Kris held out her backpack, “Here.” He pushed it into her arms, and she continued to stare at him. “Go home, and don’t worry about the gossip. They fade. Eventually.” Kris smirked, slung his backpack over his shoulder, and walked away.

Jungah scowled. *Show-off.* She put on her backpack and walked home.


The gossip spread like wild fire. Ever since Kris had dragged Jungah away from the girls, people had been assuming ridiculous things about their relationship. It was Saturday night, and Jungah was glad to be away from all the drama. Block B and Jungah were sitting at the table with fried chicken, barbeque drinks, masked potatoes, crispy biscuits, and assorted soft drinks.

Taeil and P.O. were hungrily feasting on their chicken wings. U-Kwon and B-Bomb squabbled over the last chicken leg.

“Hey, hey, that’s enough fighting at the table.” Zico frowned. Instantly, they stopped. He took the chicken leg and put it on Jungah’s place with a big smile, “This is for my Jungie Jungie~ Eat a lot!”

“Urgh.” U-Kwon shuddered and grabbed a different part of the chicken. Jaehyo rolled his eyes and B-Bomb shrugged carelessly. Jungah shook her head and nibbled on her biscuit. “Kyung, pass me the butter.”

“How about adding a please in there and calling me Kyung oppa? I am three years older than you.” Haughtily, he stuck his nose in the air.

Jungah kicked him underneath the table. “Ow!” Kyung cursed and rubbed his sore wound.

“Butter, P.O.” Jungah called. He tossed it at her, and she caught it with one hand.

“Nice catch!” Zico pumped his fist.

U-Kwon tossed his chicken down in depression, “What are we doing with our lives?”

“What’s wrong with our lives?” Taeil defensively asked.

“Nothing besides the fact that we’re single and lonely. Look how lame we are. We’re spending a Saturday night eating chicken without any girls around.” U-Kwon muttered.

“Thanks, U-Kwon. The fact that I have s and a means nothing to you.” Jungah sarcastically bit as she buttered her biscuit.

“That’s right!” Zico patted her head, “Jungie Jungie is a beautiful girl! Whoever says out of here is either blind or insane!”

“Maybe both by her supposed ‘beauty’.” B-Bomb snickered. U-Kwon exchanged hi-fives with him.

Jungah raised her plate. “WHOA! AH!” They ran off.

“Way to clear the table.” Kyung whistled. P.O. guffawed, “Thanks, Jungah. Now this is all mine!” He greedily brought the chicken towards him. Zico rolled his eyes and shook his head with an entertained smile.

“By the way, Jungah, while we’re on this topic of beauty…” Kyung slyly raised an eyebrow, “We heard about you.”

“Heard about me what?” She raised the soda can to her lips.

“You know. You and your boyfriend.” Kyung stated.

“PFFT!” Jungah choked on her drink and coughed hard. Zico thumped her back and handed her a napkin. She gawked at Kyung, “B-boyfriend?” He grinned, “Told you it was true.”

“Tsk, I’m disappointed, Jungah. The first person you should have told when you get a significant other is me.” Zico shook his head.

“I didn’t tell you because THERE IS NO SIGNIFICANT OTHER!” She snarled and snapped her head towards Kyung, “Where’d you hear such bull?!”

“News at BS High gets pretty far.” Kyung chuckled and bumped fists with Taeil. “What was his name? Wu Chen? Wu Chow?”

“Wu Fan.” Jungah corrected.

“Ooo…she even knows his name.” Kyung and Taeil snickered.

“Shut up! It’s because he sits next to me!” She snapped.

“Your boyfriend is your desk partner?” Zico asked. Jungah leaned towards him and fiercely glowered at him. She didn’t have to say anything for him to get the message. Zico chuckled, “Araso, let’s stop teasing Jungah about her nonexistent boyfriend.” “Thank you.” She shot him a look.

“Whoever is Jungah’s boyfriend must be such a kind person if he has to deal with her volcano-like temper every day- AHHH!” Kyung got up and ran away as Jungah came after him. Zico shook his head with a chuckle. *Those two always bicker and fight. Stupid Kyung. Why does he pick on her when he always loses?*

After watching TV for a bit, Jungah decided to go home. Zico walked her out of the apartment. He slipped her hood over her head and zipped up her jacket. Jungah softly watched as he took care of her. “There. Now you won’t catch a cold. I trust you won’t get mugged or on your way home.” Zico smiled.

“Like I would let them within three feet from me.” She snorted. He proudly smiled. *That’s my Han Jungah.*

Jungah slipped her hands into the pockets of her jacket and kicked the dirt at her feet. Now that she was alone with Zico, she didn’t want to leave. “Can I ask you something?” Zico asked. Jungah curiously looked up at him.

“That guy from the nightclub…is he the guy that you’re in a scandalous situation with right now?” He questioned. She scowled, “We’re not in any scandalous situation…but yeah, he is.” 

“Ahh…” Zico nodded. Jungah felt uncomfortable talking about another guy with the guy she was in love with. “Okay, I should go now.”

Zico snapped out of his thoughts and nodded with a smile, “Araso. Text me when you arrive at home.” She nodded and walked away. He put his hands into his pockets and watched her leave. *Go home safely, my Jungie Jungie~*


Kris was in his condo with paperwork spread all over his coffee table. His laptop was open as well, and he calculated each amount of the contracts as efficiently as possible. Kris’s eyes grew tired, and he shut his laptop. He stretched his tight arms then smoothed his weary face. With a sigh, Kris slung his arms over the couch and tapped his long fingers against the genuine leather.

His thoughts unexpectedly drifted towards his desk partner, Han Jungah. He thought about her often now. Her quirky comebacks and unreadable expressions intrigued him. He also found her reactions to their recent gossip…cute. It was hard to believe that such a rebellious, hard-core girl could ever be referred to as cute, but to him, Jungah was endearing in a way. She wasn’t like any other girl he had ever met before, and she reminded him of himself.

It was like looking in a mirror. They were both stubborn, sarcastic, and skillful fighters.

The corner of his lips curved upwards. *Han Jungah, why do you keep appearing in my mind? Being around you makes me want to be someone else. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I guess we’ll find out soon.*

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