The Bittersweet Deal
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The four of them were separated into two different rooms.

Jungah and Kris entered their empty homeroom.

The supervisor nodded at the desks, “Sit on either sides of the room. Do whatever you like but no phones or talking allowed. Two hours began now.” He sat on the desk, took out his own book, and began to read.

Jungah and Kris glanced at each other then separated. Jungah sat at her usual desk, and Kris sat on the opposite side of the room. Jungah took out her ipod and stuck the earphones in her ears. She rested her arms on the desk and buried her face in them. Kris curiously glanced at her before taking out his contract for the drug business.

The hour seemed to drag by. Suddenly, the supervisor got up, “I have to go somewhere, but the two of you will finish your detention. At the end of the hour, I will tell someone to release both of you. Mind you, if any one of you is gone before detention is over, you will suffer the consequences. Especially you, Jungah. You were one strike away from suspension, but your homeroom teacher saved you this once. This time, you will be suspended.” He shot her a look then left the room.

It was still for a minute. Then Kris grabbed his backpack and walked over to Jungah. He plunked down in his usual seat and glanced at her. She ignored him as much as possible while she looked through her ipod for a song to listen to.

“Do you always listen to your ipod? Won’t you become deaf?” Kris asked.

Jungah paused. Slowly, she shifted her gaze towards him. *That’s the same thing Zico told me.*

“Jungah! Stop listening to that thing! I should never have bought it for you! Aigoo! Now when you’re a grandmother, you’ll become deaf, and I won’t be able to annoy you anymore!”

*But he’s not Zico. Not anywhere near Zico.* Jungah looked away with a casual shrug. “My ears, not yours.”

Kris glanced around the room and asked, “Do you get detention a lot?” “Often.” Jungah admitted.

“Where did you learn to fight like that?” Kris asked curiously.

*Zico.* “Where did you learn to fight like that?” Jungah questioned back.

“I wasn’t really fighting.” He stated. “Yeah, but I could tell you can.” She said.

Kris merely shrugged. Jungah propped her elbow on the desk and rested her chin on her fist. She eyed him with inquisitiveness and suspicion. “You know, the more I think about you, the more mysterious I realize you are.”

“You think about me that often? I’m flattered.” Kris sarcastically remarked.

Jungah narrowed her eyes, “And the more I think about you, the less I think of you.” She turned the volume up on her ipod. Kris softened. He realized he had been a jerk. Usually, he wouldn’t care what others thought of him, but with her, he it was different. He wanted her to have a good impression of him. Kris reached out and lowered the volume on her ipod. Jungah yanked her earphones off, “Don’t touch-“

“Fighting was my basic instinct of survival.” Kris replied. He didn’t know why he had suddenly revealed that to her, but he didn’t regret it. Jungah’s expression softened for a few seconds before she scrutinized him, “What’s with the flamboyant car then? Is that your basic instinct of survival, too?”

Kris smirked, “No. I just like fast cars.”

“And what is more amazing is that you can afford it. Are you sure you belong in this degraded school?” She snorted.

*Nope. But somehow…I feel more at ease here now.* Kris thought with a bemused smile her way.

Surprisingly, the second hour went much faster. The secretary came to bail them out.

Kris and Jungah grabbed their belongings and left the school. She saw him walking beside her and scoffed, “What? Did Prince Charming forget his carriage today?”

Kris halted and turned to her with a smirk, “You think of me so highly. First, you keep thinking of me. Second, you don’t think I belong in such a ty school. And now you call me Prince Charming. I’m starting to think you’re attracted to me.”

“I think your head is way up in the clouds. Don’t let the layer of oxygen you’re breathing due to your height muddle your brain.” Jungah snapped.

“And now you think I’m tall. Thanks.” Kris smirked widely.

“Look in the mirror, bean pole. No one thinks you’re tall, because you are tall. Any person with a decent pair of eyes would know that. ing genius here.” Jungah rolled her eyes and walked away.

Kris found himself smiling at her comebacks. *She never backs down, does she?* He glanced at his time, and his serious expression came back. *Damn. I’m late.* He glanced once more at Jungah then ran back to change into his true self.


Absentmindedly, Jungah walked home. She tightened the straps of her backpack with her gaze fixed on the asphalt. Slowly, her mind drifted towards the fight earlier. She remembered how Kris had defended her twice, and she in turn had instinctively defended him. *No one has ever defended me like that before except Zico. I’m usually all alone at school, so I have to do everything myself. But from one point on, ever since that new exchange student came, I haven’t been alone.*

Jungah didn’t know how to feel about that.

“You think of me so highly. First, you keep thinking of me. Second, you don’t think I belong in such a ty school. And now you call me Prince Charming. I’m starting to think you’re attracted to me.”

*Cocky .* She shook her head, but the corners of her lips curved upwards.

“Jungah.” A voice called. She stopped and looked up. While thinking about Kris, she had arrived home in no time. And in front of her apartment building waiting against his car for her was none other than Zico.

Her eyes rounded at the unexpected visit, “Zico!” At once, all thoughts of Kris wiped out cleanly from her mind.

Jungah’s heart hummed as she ran towards him. Zico held out his arms with a light chuckle, “Slow down, Jungie Jungie~ I ain’t going nowhere.” She tapped the toe of her old white converses on the ground and scratched her hair. “What are you doing here?”

“What else? I was waiting for you to come home from school.” Zico grinned as he crossed his arms. He studied her face, “Maybe I should have picked you up from school. You look flushed.”

Jungah felt her cheeks grow warm, “It’s cause I was walking.”

“Yeah, that’s why I should have picked you up.” Zico laughed.

Jungah scowled, “Don’t know what’s so funny.”

“It’s not. But you know me. I’m a laughing monster.” Zico shrugged with a smile. His eyes softened as he searched her face, “I heard you got detention again.”

Jungah groaned in frustration. *Why do they always have to call him when I’m in trouble? Damn secretary.*

Zico snapped his fingers, “Darn. I was hoping you could get suspended. We could’ve gone to Bora Bora or something!” Jungah arched an eyebrow, “And leave your mafia work? You wouldn’t do that.” “Yeah, I’m kind of a workaholic that way.” Zico chuckled.

Jungah looked up at her apartment, “Don’t you want to come in?”

Zico checked his watch, “You know…I think I will. Let me just park this er, and I’ll be right up.” He entered his car. Jungah went to her apartment first and unlocked the door. She made sure her clothes were tucked away so that he wouldn’t spot anything embarrassing.

A moment later, Zico came into the apartment.

“Do you want something to drink?” Jungah asked. “Sure.” He looked around the unkempt room and shook his head with a smile. *Messy Jungah. This habit of hers will never change.*

“Here.” Jungah held out a can of soda. He opened it and took a sip. “Mmm…warm soda. My favorite.” Zico grinned.

“Shut up. I forgot to put it in the refrigerator.” Jungah muttered as she sipped her own drink.

Zico laughed and shook his head. “Oh wait. Before I forget,” He placed the soda on the table and pulled out his wallet from his back pocket. Zico took out a white envelope and held it out. Jungah’s face fell, “Zico, no. It hasn’t been that long since you last gave me money-“

“Relax. It’s not money.” He smiled.

“Then what is it?” Jungah asked, confused. “Why don’t you open it and find out?” Zico challenged.

Jungah snatched the envelope from him and opened it. Inside were two movie tickets. Her eyes rounded in surprise. Slowly, she looked up at him. “Cho gave them to me.” Zico revealed. Jungah raised an eyebrow, “Your mafia boss gave you movie tickets?” Zico chuckled, “He’s not really a mafia boss. He’s pretty chill.”

“Maybe because he takes too many chillpills.” Jungah muttered.

“Haha! Good one!” Zico held out his fist. She shoved his fist away with hers, “What the hell are you giving these to me for?”

“So you can go see a movie.” He said.

“When are we going?” Jungah asked.

“I can’t go, Jungah. I have work. But you should take a friend.” Zico said.

Jungah rolled her eyes, “If you didn’t know it by now, I don’t have friends. I’m not exactly the social type.”

“You have Kyung, P.O., U-Kwon, and the hyungs.” He pointed out.

“Go to the movie theater with Jaehyo? I’ll pass.” She snorted.

Zico laughed, “The old fool doesn’t like movies anyways. Take someone else.” After a pause, he asked, “What about the guy you danced with at the nightclub?”

Jungah froze. *How the heck did he know about that?!*

“You can ask him, if you know his number.” Zico stated.

“I don’t. We’re not that close.” Jungah muttered.

“Not that close?” He raised an eyebrow. “He goes to my school, that’s all.” She sighed.

“But you danced with him.” Zico pointed out. “I wasn’t even dancing! I was forced to be pressed against him against my own will!” But her voice wavered at the second part. Had it really been against her will?

“Whatever. I’ll go by myself. Twice.” Jungah tossed the tickets on the table, and they were forgotten already.

“Don’t do that. You’re already lonely enough as it is. I’m worried you’re going to become a 40-year-old bachelorette living with a bunch of cats.” Zico clucked his tongue.

“Lucky for you, I’m allergic to cats.” Jungah crossed her arms.

Zico burst into laughter. “Jungah, you have the best sense of humor. You learned that from me.”

“Zico, I’ll admit you taught me the skills to beat someone’s up, but you didn’t teach me about being humorous. I’m funny, but you’re just funny-looking.” Jungah smirked.

“OUCH! BURN! Damn, woman! That hurt! I no likey you Jungie Jungie~ So mean.” Zico pouted with a sniffle.

“Yeah, whatever.” Jungah chuckled as she gave him a light shove.

Zico smiled, “All right. I’m going to go. Thanks for the warm soda. I’ll catch up with you later.” He headed to the door, and she followed him. “Don’t come out.” Zico held out his hand. Jungah paused then nodded. Zico opened the door and glanced back with a peace sign, “Bye, Jungah.” She nodded and waved back.

Jungah watched him descend down the staircase and sighed in content. *At least he visited me today. But what the hell am I supposed to do with those movie tickets? He’s right. It’s lame to go alone. But besides Zico, there’s no one else I want to go with.*

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Chapter 77: So much angst.... Oh my god.
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And some how I knew that same thing will happen to other two. And I was right.
Thank you for the amazing story.... <3
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I cant wait to start on this!
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Chapter 49: My heart hurts ;3;
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Chapter 77: Oh my God, after reading this straight for a whole day, my heart was wrecked at this ending. It brought pain and anger, on the second thought it was mixed emotions. Good Job!
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