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So, what do you think? I REALLY enjoyed making the gloomy poster. It was fun. :D Then the happy isn't what you had in mind. Sorry. >.< Remember, to credit with a link to this on your forwards and upload to your own server! :)


Yes, the reason why the gloomy one was successful was because this awesome place! Remember to request photos from her so I have some to use. ^^ An awesome batch and you can see where I got the girl for the gloomy poster right away. :D AND PLEASE, when you request, tell me as much as you can or I CAN guarantee the poster WILL look bad. Trust me. Look at iSushiKimchi's request and notice how much she has filled. And look at the results of the poster. Don't think you'll get lucky if you just give me a couple of words.


I love your works. ^^ Take your time in finishing mine, :D

Can I have 2? Since it's going to be in 2 type of settings, from gloomy to happy. It's okay if you want to do 1, i don't mind ^^ As long as I have a poster, I'm contented enough

Author: iSushiKimchi

Type(Poster or CC?): Poster

Title of fic: The wounds that she have been enduring with. (Man, title is long)

Story link:

Characters(to be put on the poster): Onew, Taemin and Eun Ri [fictional]

Pictures: [Onew]


[Fictional/Eun Ri]

Quotes: "My mother left, and my father abused me." "Saved by my angelic friends" "Can I trust you?"

Mood/Theme: Something that is quite sad. It's going to be a sad story but it'll progress into something more cheerful. For the gloomy one, please use colors like dark purple and black, you can something like a dark red or black rose in the background. As for the cheerful, I'd like it to have light soft pink and soft purple. It's kinda hard to explain but could you put it into like a notebook way..With paper clip that are something which is cute like ribbons, hearts etc.

Hope that I won't trouble you, *bows 90 degrees*

Anything else: [SUYIN] Take your time in making the poster. I don't like rushing ^^

I'd like to have some fading for the gloomy one. For the cheerful ones, could you put their names with a little heart below the pictures?

Thank you very much!

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I am back! I have revamped the forward & description. Please take some time to look and hopefully, you will have been persuaded to request here.

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mimirah #1
Chapter 26: Author: mimirah

Type ( Poster or CC and / or background? ) : Poster Only

Tittle of fic : can I love a disabled girl

Story link:

Characters ( to be on the poster ) : luhan, joamin ( you )

Joamin (you): -WGYjxDi_z6w/UV1Q8X9f0dI/AAAAAAAAAHw/IqKrwcfqAdk/s400/


Quotes:you are not the same as all the normal people..
You can't live like the other people. .
The simplest word that descrip you is that you...
Are desabled girl. ..
But can a desabled girl can fall in love with the most popular guy in the school
Or can he fall in love with the desabled girl. .

mood/theme:funny, Romantic , fluff (cute and bubbly)

Anything else:you can used another picture if you want'up to you..I'LL leave it to you. .
are you still taking requests?
Author: redforever

Type (Poster or CC and/or background?): Poster Only

Title of fic: The Honor Society

Story link:

Characters (to be on the poster): EXO, OC

Pictures: EXO:

Quotes: But as they all say, there’s this once in a blue moon chance. And seems like she got it, and she has no plans of letting go.

Mood/Theme: Classy, School

Anything else: Nothing :) I'll leave it to you :) SUYIN
Heya, I'm currently looking for a site to apply for as graphic designer. If you are open I hope I can or maybe if you know somewhere who needs one, hope you'll let me know. Thanks. :)

Type (Poster or CC and/or background?):Poster, CC, and Background


Characters (to be on the poster):
BTS Jeong Guk, Teen Top Ricky and Changjo, Tiny G Myung Ji, (YOU/OC) Jae Yo

Jeong Guk-
Jae Yo-

"Sometimes it's not what you say that matters, it's when you step forward."
Fluff (Cute and Bubbly) and Romantic

Anything Else: I'll leave the creativity into your own hands :)
Hellowchanna #6
I have a question~
How do we pay for a poster? Is it with real money or karma points? Cause that question really confuse me and I want a poster /:
Author: Hyoyeon752
Type: Poster
Tittle: A Hard Love
Character (to be on the poster): Sunny, Hyoyeon, Sungmin, Eunhyuk (SunSun and HyoHyuk)
Pictures: Up to you
Sungmin and Eunhyuk: I promise I will change, please give me a chance.
Sunny and Hyoyeon: I don't know if I should believe in you or not, you hurt me a lot already.
Mood/Themes: Sunset/ happy
Anything else: I want you to put Sunny and Sungmin to be together and Hyoyeon and Eunhyuk to be together, also, please, take your time, I will wait. :D
[deactivated] #8
Author: owen2465

Type (Poster or CC and/or background?): poster

Title of fic: Why Me?

Story link:

Characters (to be on the poster): Baekhyun (EXO-K) Krystal (fx)

Pictures: up to you

Quotes: Why Me?

Mood/Theme: angelic sunset/ innocent type mood

Anything else: SUYIN
WooTae_moments #9
Author: WooTae_moments

Type (Poster or CC and/or background?): poster

Title of fic: With a Simple melody

Story link:

Characters (to be on the poster):WooTae couple and yongseo couple

Pictures: WooTae:


Quotes: Four different people, one heart, one beat, one destiny. How can music play a role in healing their broken hearts? Only when love is combined with a simple melody...

Mood/Theme: music and romance

Anything else: if the quotes is to long then never mind, thank you! :) [SUYIN]