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He hurriedly picked you up bridal style, you lost your consciousness, he started the engine of his car and drive like a maniac. He did not care anything. All he was after is, you and the baby.

“Please, Babe. Be fine. Please be fine. God!” he mumbled trying his best not to cry.

He reached the hospital in record time, he rushed you inside. Luckily your doctor spotted you and Myungsoo his eyes widen and rushed to the both of you.

“please save my wife!!” he begged. The doctor called the nurse and shouted some orders.

They put you in a stretcher while they rushed you inside the emergency room.

“Eunjae please. Please please” Myungsoo desperately plead holding your cold hands.

“sir, please wait here outside. You’re not allowed to enter” the nurse said stopping him from his tracks.

He felt so useless and hopeless at the same time. He sat on the couch his elbows propped to his knees and his hands covering his worried face.

*I shouldn’t have said those words.* your blood stained his clothes and body but he did not care. He called infinite but not his parents because he doesn’t want another person lying in the hospital because of fainting.

Infinite came panting.

“dude!” Woohyun said.

“how is she?” the moment Woohyun asked the doctor came out. his expression is unreadable making all the boy’s tension rise.

“I told you to take care of her well, she doesn’t need any stress. She needs to rest. And especially never hurt her feeling and make her depress. This is a very worst scenario L. she almost got killed and so your baby. Thank god you sent her here on time or else..” the doctor trailed off.

Myungsoo gulped hearing the words from the doctor. He keeps telling himself it’s all his fault.

“what’s happening inside your home? I’m sure she’s eating well, but her body is telling lies. She’s too stressed.  But, she’ll be fine, the baby is fine. For the final time, I’ll tell you she doesn’t need any kind of stress. She needs to rest, and relax. Her pregnancy is a bit sensitive so you have to be more careful next time” the doctor said, Myungsoo and so as the others sighed in relief and bowed a hundred times for a thank you.

“can we meet her now?” Sungyeol asked.

“yes, but she’s still asleep” the doctor tapped Myungsoo’s shoulder and excused himself.

As they entered your room, they saw your peaceful face, sleeping. You’re a bit pale.

Myungsoo can’t take it anymore and a drop of tear escaped his eyes seeing your situation.

“this is all my fault” Myungsoo mumbled. But the others heard it.

“it’s not Myungsoo stopped blaming yourself” Sunggyu being the older one comforted him.

“no hyung! She wouldn’t be lying there in that bed if I haven’t said those words to her. I almost kill her and our baby!” Myungsoo half-yelled.

“stop shouting, you might wake her up. She didn’t want any of these. And I know she will not blame you either so stop blaming yourself” Sunggyu tapped his shoulder.

“we’ll leave, clear your mind for a while Myungsoo. It’s not your fault”

“I’m a terrible person” he mumbled still his tears falling.

“stop it or I’ll punch you” Sunggyu warned.

“we’ll be leaving” Myungsoo nodded lifelessly and infinite went out.

He walked with emotionless eyes to your unconscious state.

He lightly held your hand and planted soft kisses, mumbling his apologies.

He felt your fingers twitch and he immediately look up to see your eyes open.

“Hey…” he faintly said. You look at him and was shocked to see his face, so tired.

Eunjae’s POV

The moment I opened my eyes, I see Myungsoo beside me and he greeted me with a tired voice. What’s wrong with him? He looks so tired, and there’s something that his eyes are portraying but I can’t really pinpoint because he’s not meeting my eyes. What’s wrong? My heart scrunched up a bit seeing him like this.

“are you okay?” I worriedly asked him holding his face but he just smile at me. I did not get any answer.

“Is the baby okay?” he nodded. I look at him in disbelief. Why do I feel like he’s being distant?

I was about to kiss him but he got up from the chair, making me baffled. 

“you should eat, so you can drink your medicine” he handed me a bowl of porridge which I believe Woohyun oppa cooked.

I stare at him, there is something bothering him I know it. His eyes are sad, devastated, his aura is gloomy which is so not him. Is he blaming himself for what happened to me?

“why are you staring? You should eat now” he chuckled which is obviously a fake one.

“Myungsoo, seriously, what’s wrong?” my voice cracking seeing him in this state.

“there’s nothing wrong Eunjae” he whispered in a weak voice. Eunjae? He barely call me Eunjae and that’s when something is off.

“I know there is. Tell me!” my voice is rising and I’m getting mad.

“don’t shout, please” he plead. My tears started falling. Why is he like this? Why? Where is my cold-jerk and caring husband? I want him back. I don’t want this kind of Myungsoo, Myungsoo who’s too kind, too understanding, too DUMB and too WEAK. I want my cold husband back.

“No!! You’re lying to me! There’s something wrong Myungsoo! Tell me!” I hit his arms while he tries to stop me. Hot tears flowed to my cheeks; I’m hurt seeing him like this. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?

“stop crying! Eunjae. Please. It’s not good for you” the desperation in his voice is thick trying to calm me down, he hugged me. I missed him, I miss his touch, I miss his warm embrace and that’s what I really need right now.

“tell me Myungsoo. Tell me what’s bothering you” I whispered.

“Eat First, Drink your medicine so you can be discharged here so we can go home and we’ll talk” Myungsoo said in a flat voice. 





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Chapter 23: Hello again!! Well I never stopped myself smiling like a crazy person till I finish reading this fic.... Thanks to you for a wonderful story & keep up with your good work..
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Chapter 15: Author nim I read this story again and again...XD
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Chapter 23: Aww~ such a cute ending^^ I loved reading this story! Great job authornims, daebak~!!^^
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Chapter 19: I had a feeling she'd come back but i thought it would be when they were newly married or before, bc yhey already have a kid now
Idk! Letss see how this plays out :))
Number2elf #6
Chapter 2: It was only a contract but OML they're havin a baby!
A lot of people only make their "sequels" one chapter long so thanks for putting in the time and actually creating more of a story :)
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Chapter 23: I really liked the story! was reading it at my work heheheh it was nice and refreshing!!
HWAITING Authorim!
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Chapter 4: Where is the first story ??
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Chapter 22: I love the happy ending. Please more stories.