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“arghhh!” I groaned as I feel another wave of dizziness flow throughout my body.

Being pregnant is so not cool at all. Not bothering to look at Myungsoo at all I went to the bathroom to puke my guts out.

Sighing and closing my eyes, I went to the sink and washed my face and brushed my teeth. I went downstairs still my eyes are half open when I heard clanging sound of metal. My eyes flew open and immediately went to check who created the noise.

There I saw a girl in a maid uniform. Take note of her very short uniform.

She might have noticed my presence and turn around with a surprised expression.

“oh! Hello! Good morning!” she exclaimed while bowing 90 degrees.

“who are you?” I said as I get a bottle of water in the fridge.

”I’m the maid your mom sent”

“how old are you?”

“err-18”  ok. I swear she’s too young.

“aren’t you too young to be a maid?”

“I have to work for my tuition” I just nodded and shrugged.

“I’ll prepare breakfast, just sit and I’ll prepare everything.” But I want to cook for Myungsoo.

I just ignored her and went upstairs to freshen up and change for my casual clothes.

Myungsoo is still asleep with his sweet face. Arghh this guy why do you have to be so handsome! I can’t stand to get mad at you.

After washing up, I went downstairs still drying my hair.

“the breakfast I ready” the maid call out. What’s her name again? Oh yeah. I haven’t asked for her name.

“where is Myungsoo?, is he still asleep? I’ll wake master up” she batted her eyelashes at me and hurriedly went to the stairs. But before she can go any further I grabbed her back collar.

“uh.uh. I’ll wake my husband up.” I glared at her. Something smells fishy here.

I went upstairs but noticed someone following me. And that someone is the maid. WHAT?!

I gave her a questioning look. With crossed arms and a raised eyebrow. Tapping my foot trying to intimidate her. We’re practically standing in front of our bedroom’s door.

My back facing the door.

“why are you following me?”

“eh? I was just well I want to s-“ but the door of our bedroom flung open. I turn around and there he is. My oh so y husband with his bedroom hair, still rubbing his eyes. But got startled when he saw the both of us. Mostly to the girl behind me.

“who is she?” he asked with his bedroom voice. I swear I heard the girl muffling her high pitched scream.

“she’s the maid your mom sent. “ I rolled my eyes and went downstairs.

“aren’t you too young to be one?” I can hear Myungsoo ask.



Spell with me everyone.


That’s the best word to describe our situation right now.

I was looking at the maid who was ogling at my husband while he is eating.

I can also feel Myungsoo getting conscious.

“what’s your name?” I tried to break the thick awkwardness.

“Lee Minrin” she said without taking off her eyes on my husband.

“Will you please get us some water?” I asked and thankfully she stood up.

Myungsoo sighed in relief.

“I think you have another fan girl” I mumbled.

“she’s creeping me. What’s with mom sending her here” he said as he placed some omelet to my plate.

“I’m full” I whined. Then his phone started ringing.

I tried to eavesdrop but all I can hear is him saying ‘okay’. I’m sure it’s his mom. He’s complaining about the mid. Kekekekeke.

“Mom set an appointment to the doctor at 1” I made a face, I don’t want to go out today but knowing Myungsoo he will not be very pleased.

“here’s the water” she almost tripped trying to give Myungsoo the water. Oh my god! This is so not happening. I think I’ll be babysitting a maid. !

After eating, Myungsoo was on the couch watching movies when I came out of the bedroom after getting Myungjae.

My eyes looked for someone particular; there she is pretending to wipe off some furniture while taking a peek at Myungsoo’s y back.

I rolled my eyes and went to sit beside him. I cuddled him, gosh why do I miss him every second.

I hugged his waist tighter, burying my face to his neck. Sniffing him, making him chuckle.

“what are you doing?” his chest vibrating because of his voice.

“sniffing you.” I mumbled and planted kisses to his jawline.

“that includes kisses?”

“yep” I parted my lips with a ‘plop’ and gave him a smooch at the corner of his neck.

he sighed and looked at me. I shot him n innocent look.

He then scooped me from the couch carrying me bridal style.

Uh-oh. I think I pushed his button. Next thing I know we’re inside the bedroom.

Myungsoo feasting on my neck, my hands travelling to his hair.

We shouldn’t be doing this thing. Arggh!!

“Myungsoo” I whispered. But he sealed my lips with his. I can’t help it. His kisses are so addicting.


I pushed his off of me, thank god! Saved by the alarm clock.

“it’s 1 Myungsoo.”

Myungsoo glared at me, his face shows pure disappointment and irritation. He looked at the alarm clock. He grabbed it and threw it at the wall. I gasped at his behavior.

“what’s wrong?” I grabbed his arms in worry.

He just dipped his head to my neck breathing in deep.

“you feel warm” I mumbled.

“I’ll just take a shower” he mumbled and sighed.

Ignoring the maid we made our way to the car for our appointment to the doctor.


“she’s getting better, but she’s not allowed to travel in faraway places yet. Especially when it’s a bumpy road. That a big No-no” my shoulders deflated. Oh, bye Jeju vacation L

“she still needs to eat healthy foods. The baby is growing so she needs to eat more. Avoid stress and working too much, never tire yourself” I and Myungsoo nodded.

“you heard the doctor, so I hope you’ll just ask for the maid’s help” Myungsoo said while driving.

My face is all scrunched up thinking about that girl. FOR ALL IKNOW, SHE HAS THIS MAJOR CRUSH ON MY HUSBAND WHICH IS TOTALLY NOT COOL.


Myungsoo’s POV.

Here she goes again, MOOD SWING ALERT.

I’m trying my best to focus on the road, while she nags at me and warn me about the new maid. I agree the first time I saw her, something was up.

She stopped nagging at me, but I can still hear her cuss and rant, she mumbled words like

‘PLEASE GRANT ME ALL THE PATIENCE FOR THIS MAID’ ‘PLEASE ENLIGHTEN MY HUSBAND’ she even mentioned the names of all the saints and angels in heaven.  Even Cinderella came out. Oh yeah and I heard the avengers too.

This girl has a major mood swing it was horrible, but I’m kind’a proud of myself because I can handle them without breaking a sweat. Who can resist these charms?

Upon entering the house, her eyes circled around the house.

“I think the maid went home now, look at the time” I pointed at the clock.

She sighed in relief.

“someone’s jealous~” I sang. She snapped her head to me and glared.

Before she can throw hr slipper at me, I held her waist and pulled her closer.

“so where were we? Before we got interrupted by that stupid alarm clock?” I smirked when I feel her blushing.




it's not a double update. but i promise i'll double update soon. :) it's better than nothing right? ABOUT THE FB LINK FOR THE PICTURE ON THE LAST CHAPTER, since her facebook likes increased there will be a double update. but not today. MY BRAIN DOESN'T WANT TO FUNCTION RIGHT NOW.. STUPID BRAIN.

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