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“mom!!” Myungsoo and I both shouted when she heard the big announcement. She fainted just like his son. Infinite rushed to her side to prevent her from hitting the floor. I grew worried and looked at her face, she was pale. Dad on the other side just rolled his eyes.

“she’s just too happy” he said.

“wow. Looks like your son inherited the fainting form your wife sir” Woohyun looked at Myungsoo with insulting eyes, in return Myungsoo glared.

“oh my head” Mom shook her head a little.

“Mom are you okay?” Myungsoo asked.

“oh my!!! My son!! I’m so proud of you!!” she hugged Myungsoo who got shocked.

“Mom!” he shouted and his mom immediately let go.

“sorry!” she meekly smiled.

“I’m so happy!! Do you want something? What are you craving for sweetie?” she pinched your cheek.

“Mom! We just ate!.. don’t surprise her too much it’s bad for the baby” Myungsoo muttered and pulled you on the couch.

“but we haven’t eaten yet” Sungyeol whined.

“I cooked some lunch boys! Let’s eat!” she announced. Hearing the word food, your stomach grumbled. Myungsoo turned his head slowly to you with his mouth gaping. You sheepishly smiled.

“Baby is hungry. It’s not me” you pouted. Myungsoo just smiled and put a hand to your tummy.

“I can tell that you like eating too like your Mommy” he said. You blushed at his comment.

“Is that a compliment?”

“yes.” he smile again and pulled you to the kitchen.

“I thought you two ate already?” Woohyun said his mouth full of food.

“my wife is hungry, my baby is hungry, my house. Anymore questions?” Myungsoo raised his eyebrows.

“noooooooooo” Woohyun continued to stuff his mouth with the delicious food.

Myungsoo fed you, you keep glaring at him, wondering why he keeps treating you like a baby.

“why do you have to keep feeding me when I have two perfectly hands that can feed myself” you mumbled.

“let me spoil you babe” he caressed your arms and smirked.

“Myungsoo, I’m sending a maid to your so she can take care of Eunjae.” His mom said.

“Mom No! I’m the one who should take care of her. It’s my baby” he used his pouting power in his mother. But it didn’t work.

“Myungsoo, you’ll be trained to handle the company the next week. Do you think you can take care of her while you’re on the company? You can’t take her there.”

“no I can’t but---“ his mom cut him off.

“No you can’t decline anymore; you’re in the right age to start learning about our company. You’ll enter college soon. “ you on the other side, is sulking. You know he will get busy and will have no more time to look after you but you keep your fake smile. Myungsoo just nodded with gloomy shoulders.

“Hey Myungsoo we’re going to Dongwoo’s club. Are you coming?” Sunggyu asked.

“Naa~ hyung go on without me. I have to take care of Eunjae here” but you held his arms making him look at you.

“you should go, spend some time with your friends Myungsoo. I’ll be fine” you said assuringly.

“but who’s going to take you home?”

“I can ride a taxi” but he protested.

“no!! I’m never gonna let you do that”

“what about send her home first then follow us at the club?” Sunggyu suggested.

Myungsoo thought twice but agreed.

During the car ride, you were getting annoyed at his constant nagging.

“don’t walk”

“don’t get up from the bed until he’s not there.”

“don’t open the door”

“don’t go downstairs”

You rolled your eyes “Myungsoo! I’ll be fine OKAY!?” you half yelled making him stop.

“I’m just worried babe”

“I know you’re worried but I’ll be fine”

You went inside the house and he made sure everything I locked before he will went out.

“I’ll be back soon. Lock the doors okay?” he kissed your forehead.

“take your time to relax, you deserve it. JUST STAY AWAY FROM GIRLS!!” you slapped his chest lightly.

“pssshhh.. who needs those when I have a hot one right here” he ran his finger on your exposed thigh due to your skirt with a smirk. You slapped his hands away.

“Behave!” you pointed you pointy finger in front of his face.

“yes I will” he bit your finger.

“Myungsoo” you whined stomping your foot.

“I will. God Woman!” he chuckled and pulled you closer.

“Be back soon” he pecked your lips and started his car. You waved good.




Myungsoo’s POV

I reached the bar, and as soon as I reached the place I can feel the girl ogling at me. Drool all you want but this hottie is taken. I smirked making them squeal. I spotted the boys in the vip section.

“yow!!” Sungyeol welcomed me with a girl in his arms. I raised an eyebrow asking who she is.

“aww. Her name is Andrea. I just met her a few minutes ago” he chuckled and the girl offered her hand for a handshake but I just ignored it. I don’t want hands from these kinds of girls.

“hey don’t be rude to my girl” Sungyeol pouted and went to the dance floor with her.

“Odd. Where are your girls?” I asked the rest of them who’s just drinking vodka.

“We just want to relax Hyung. Unlike Sungyeol hyung who’s tonight” Sungjong rolled his eyes.

“what’s up man. How’s Eunjae?” Hoya hyung asked and slung an arm to my shoulder.

“She’s getting better” I said as I took a shot of vodka. I missed this taste. I missed clubbing.

“the place is not bad. Hyung” I said to Dongwoo he just nodded too busy on eyeing girls.

“So guys, wanna come to Jeju? For a vacation?”

“exactly, where in Jeju?”  Sunggyu  hyung asked.

“well, let see. The place where there are 3 weirdoes summoning a tree. A vending machine that has a purple teddy bear beside it?”  I looked at the guilty people involved.

“oh yeah sure! Fainting dude!” Hoya hyung made a face. Trust me it’s silly.

“I’m not the only one who fainted!” I defended. GAWDD. This is embarrassing.

“you fainted twice! You got all the guts to have but you faint when you knew she’s pregnant? What’s up with that?” Dongwoo asked with a smirk.

“SHUT UP!  I swear you’ll faint too when you guys got a girl pregnant” I glared at all of them.

“but I wonder why did Sungyeol fainted?” Woohyun wondered making all of us burst in laughter at the choding whose busy grinding with someone in the dancefloor.


No one’s POV

Myungsoo got too happy and enjoyed not noticing the time, you on the house is already getting worried. You tried ringing his phone for a few times but the sound inside the bar is too loud for him to hear. You told him to take his time but you didn’t know he would take his time too much.

“OH KIM MYUNGSOO, THE MOMENT YOU LAND A STEP TO THIS HOUSE YOU’RE DEAD” you mumbled still looking at your phone.



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Chapter 2: It was only a contract but OML they're havin a baby!
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Chapter 23: I really liked the story! was reading it at my work heheheh it was nice and refreshing!!
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