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You woke up with a throbbing headache. You groaned as the lights hit your face. You tried opening one and slowly get up from the bed. Myungsoo arms slowly fall off from embracing your waist. Your stomach churned, your struggled to get to the bathroom, you open the bowl’s lid and puke your guts out.

*argh! I hate this*  you washed your mouth with the cold water, then you brushed your teeth to remove the disgusting taste of your morning sickness. You fixed your hair in a messy bun and stepped out of the bathroom. You saw Myungsoo heading your way, his eyes are still closed while walking and scratching his messy hair then he spotted you. he saw your pale face, his eyes widen and went to cup your face.

“are you okay?! You look so pale? What happen?” he panicked as he bombarded you with tons of question.

“I’m fine, just morning sickness” you slapped his arms away. Myungsoo was taken aback by your attitude.

You went downstairs and made a cup of coffee for Myungsoo and warm milk for you. Your eyebrows are meeting and you have a very bad mood right now for no apparent reason. You look outside, the weather is good but it irked you so much. You groaned again.

“Wow, someone woke up from the wrong side of the bed” Myungsoo chuckled and get his cup of coffee he sit beside you and put an arm around your shoulder. You glared at him, but he returned it with his eye smile.

“what do you want for breakfast?” he kissed your cheek and sipped his coffee.

“I don’t know” you mumbled and groaned again.

“you should eat.” Myungsoo urged.

You got up from the couch and went to the kitchen and look for a box of cereal. You poured some milk and munched in. Myungsoo looked at you amused. You didn’t even ask him what he wants for breakfast.

After breakfast, you’re folding some clothes when you spotted the innocent bear Myungjae at the bed. Your eyes twitched. Then you shouted.

“MYUNGSOOOOOOOOOO!” Myungsoo came inside the room with an apron around his waist.

 “what is it? Babe?” he calmly asked. You pointed at the teddy bear.

“Can you please keep this bear.”

“why?” he grabbed the bear caressing It’s furry head.

“I hate seeing it! It’s irritating me” you whined. Myungsoo raised an eyebrow and just shrug; he took the bear out and put it inside his closet.

He set the food for lunch, and your mood changed seeing his busy back, you sit down watching him set the plate. He prepared a simple dish since he’s not that of a good cook.

You didn’t crave for anything so everything was fine.

He insisted on feeding you again, but this time you declined.

You watched him cut the steak as you’re chewing your food but you noticed something, his pointy finger has a bandage. Your eyes widened and grabbed his fingers. The steak knife falls on the floor producing a clanging sound but you ignored it.

“What happened to this?!” you asked in disbelief seeing his beautiful fingers having a cut.

“It’s just a little cut” he pulled his hand away and grabbed the fallen knife. He got another one and sit again.

“a little!? I don’t care how little that cut is! You know what. Stop cooking okay. This is the last time you’ll cook ever!” you examined his beautiful fingers. You hated seeing his fingers dirty. His hands are perfect, soft long and slender. You never imagined them having any cut, small or big, until now. You loved his fingers, everytime you intertwined yours with his, the way they fit perfectly. His soft hands are one of your favorites same goes to his fair forehead.

“WHAT? no way!. I will cook weather you like it or not” he insisted. Here he goes again! Being stubborn!.

“do you remember what the doctor said? You should rest and eat well”

“cooking won’t tire me” you keep insisting him.

“no. N-O. No” he shook his head like a little kid while pouting. Fine seeing his face like that, you give up.

“just never cut yourself again please” you touched his hands.

“okay” he smiled and cleaned the table while you sit on the couch waiting for him. you’re munching some potato chips. Myungsoo finished cleaning the dishes and sit next to you. you laid your head to his broad shoulder. Next thing you know you fell asleep.

Myungsoo looked at your sleeping figure, he smiled and grabbed your hands, he massaged your palms and kissed your knuckles. He played with your soft hands waiting for you to wake up.

It didn’t too an hour for you to wake up, it was already dark outside and Myungsoo is cooking for dinner. *he’s been working all day* you thought in worry.

After the dinner, you went upstairs and cleaned yourself, then you spotted something missing. It was Myungjae the bear.

You called out from upstairs…


“yes babe?” he asked as he went to the stairs.

“where’s Myungjae?” you whined.

“I thought you’re getting irritated. I put it inside my closet” He asked slightly amused.

“I miss his scent” you pouted. Myungsoo chuckled and get the bear inside his closet and gave it to you then he pecked your lips.

“I’ll just wash up” he said and took off his shirt. You blushed looking at his bare back. You buried your nose to the bear’s fur and smelled Myungsoo’s favorite perfume. You smiled in contentment. Myungsoo finished washing up and as usual, you dried his hair. You noticed his tired face. You put your hand in one of his cheek.

“you look tired.” You said.

“I am” he yawned and grabbed a pillow.

“let’s sleep” he pulled you closer and went to sleep. You keep gazing at his sleeping face. His perfect eyelids closed. His long lashes his nose, his kissable lips. You can’t help the temptations of his lips and pecked them. you giggled in satisfaction and ran a finger to the bridge of his nose, his eyebrows and under his eyes. He was perfect alright.  His steady breathing, his scent, his touch it overwhelms you. and soon you know it, you fell asleep. But it didn’t took long you were awaken by your growling stomach, and there’s one food inside your mind right now. TTEOKBOKKI.

You looked at Myungsoo and carefully, very carefully slipped out of his strong arms and went downstairs to cook some. You were happily mixing the ingredients when Myungsoo’s voice echoed through the silent night making you jump a little.

“what are you doing cooking? It’s 3am in the morning babe” his husky voice is thick from being asleep. Oh sure it sounds so y.

“I wanted tteokbokki so I cooked. I didn’t wake you up because you look so tired. Go back upstairs and sleep I’ll be done in a minute” you said but he just get knife and signaled you to sit on the chair. You whined but he just ignored you. He tried his best to cook tteokbokki and after cooking he set the food in front of you. you happily tasted It, and to your surprise it tastes good!! You complimented his cooking and he just nodded. You squirmed in giddiness and Myungsoo just looked at you with tired eyes. It’s so obvious he needed a sleep. He’s like a hibernating bear, a hibernating y bear. You chuckled on your thoughts and Myungsoo find it odd seeing you laugh alone but he’s happy seeing you smile all the time.

“put the plates in the sink then go upstairs okay? I’ll wait for you” you nodded eagerly.

You look at your tummy and put your palms on top of it.

“Baby. Look what Daddy did for you. You know he hates waking up in the middle of the night and he hates cooking too. but for you he did those things. You’re so lucky! See how much daddy loves you?” you talked to your tummy with a smile.

Myungsoo heard everything during his way upstairs and smiled at your comment. Done eating, you washed the plates and went back to the bed to see Myungsoo asleep. You smuggled close to his chest and buried your nose to his neck. His scent filled your nose and again you fell asleep with your husband’s arms around you lovingly.




woopie ^^ I updated :) how is it? 

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Chapter 23: Hello again!! Well I never stopped myself smiling like a crazy person till I finish reading this fic.... Thanks to you for a wonderful story & keep up with your good work..
__MyunHyun #3
Chapter 15: Author nim I read this story again and again...XD
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Chapter 23: Aww~ such a cute ending^^ I loved reading this story! Great job authornims, daebak~!!^^
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Chapter 19: I had a feeling she'd come back but i thought it would be when they were newly married or before, bc yhey already have a kid now
Idk! Letss see how this plays out :))
Number2elf #6
Chapter 2: It was only a contract but OML they're havin a baby!
A lot of people only make their "sequels" one chapter long so thanks for putting in the time and actually creating more of a story :)
sajalara13 #7
InfiniteWH07 #8
Chapter 23: I really liked the story! was reading it at my work heheheh it was nice and refreshing!!
HWAITING Authorim!
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Chapter 4: Where is the first story ??
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Chapter 22: I love the happy ending. Please more stories.