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Your POV

“what?” I asked with the sudden increase of my heartbeat. Please don’t tell me he’s asking for that right now. Then I can feel his hands snaking to my waist pulling me closer to him. I gasped at the sudden contact. My eyes met his and it was filled with the same feeling on our first intimate contact.

Without any warning, he sweetly kissed my lips; his soft lips hovering above mine, his sweet lips that made me kiss him back and forget the world for once. He pulled me closer and squeezed my side gently that made part my lips and give him access to slip his tongue. The kiss was pure with ecstasy, it was addicting. I slowly s my hands around his neck and hair slowly pulling him closer to me, he rolled to the side making me on top still engaged with the heated kiss that is slowly turning rough every second that was passing. He seemed to sense that I was about to lose my breath so he pushed me back on the mattress leaving my parted lips directing them to my neck as he planted butterfly kisses to my collarbone and give a hard on my sensitive spot that made me release a shameless moan. OH MY GOSH. THAT WAS EMBARRASSING. I can feel him smirk through my skin. With his hands roaming all over my body he instantly held the hem of my sleep dress and tugged it off me. The only thought I have in my mind right now is ‘Crap, Eunsoo is coming’


Author's POV


3 years later…

“Noona!!!! Catch the ball! Palli!!” Vincent shouted to Soojae who squealed when she caught the ball Eunsoo threw.

“Noona! My turn! My Turn!” Eunsoo excitedly jumped as Soojae handed him the ball.

“Vincent now it’s your turn to catch the ball!” Soojae pointed to Vincent.

“Ne noona!” He said as sprinted through the white sand.

“Do not run kids! I told you not to run!” Sunggyu shouted as he was in-charged on looking out of the kids who are playing.

As the kids play, the house where you and Myungsoo stayed before beside the coconut tree is busy preparing for lunch.

Myungsoo and Ljoe are preparing barbeque while you prepared desserts that you learned after finishing your college course which is culinary arts. Myungsoo bought you your own bakery shop as a graduation gift that now you run together with Chanseul and Minah who is preparing her special kimbap.

Sungyeol and Sungjong set up the table, Hoya, Dongwoo and Woohyun fixed the tent outside the house for the kids to play later near the coconut tree.

“do you remember when we are here and there are 3 idiots here worshipping this tree?” Hoya cackled.

“that’s us idiot” Woohyun  mumbled.

“Don’t remind me of it please dude” Dongwoo whined.

“Bull hyung. That’s us?” Hoya wondered.

“no Sherlock. So don’t bull the bullter” Woohyun answered.

“Yah Nam Woohyun language!” Chanseul who heard her boyfriend from afar after buying some drinks.

“Sorry honey poo!” Woohyun shouted back.

Minjun who is looking out for her pregnant wife Victoria after getting married.

When everything was set, everyone started digging in Soojae who is still messy when she eats beside Vincent and Eunsoo being fed by his father.

Ljoe nudged his son and handed him a cupcake and pointed to Soojae. Ljoe encouraged his son with a nod.

Vincent poked Soojae who is busily eating looked at him. Vincent handed the cupcake with a shy face and rubbing the back of his neck. Soojae accepted it with a bow of her head and flushed cheeks.

“Aigoo, our daughter got herself a suitor” you whispered to Myungsoo with a giggle. He chuckled in return.

You look around and everyone was having fun during the lunch, the table was full of laughter and glee. You found yourself smiling at the scene.

I guess this is it, this is my happily ever after.



My happily ever after with Kim Myungsoo, My husband.







sequel now officially ended. :(

Its shorter than what I expected though... 

but I want to shout my overflowing thank yous to all of you who's with me till the end. Till Eunjae finally got her Happily ever after. 

Thank you for the comments, thank you for voting up. thank you for making this fic featured. Without you guys I can't really reach what I have accomlished here on AFF right now. I may not be the best author here on AFF but still you trusted and give me all your support. I update not so often but still you waited for me. THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH! I APPRECIATE IT LIKE A LOT!.

Thanks for submitting your poster and background which I surely loved. 

I hope to see you on my next fanfic featuring Kim Myungsoo again :)

When two cold persons collide


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:SooChan15 & shfly1224:


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Chapter 2: It was only a contract but OML they're havin a baby!
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