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“Wife?” Minah asked with pure shock on her face. She scoffed and poked the inside of her cheek.

She was about to talk when a tiny voice called out.

“Mommy!!” a little boy with chocolate ice cream smudged all over his mouth that seemed like Soojae’s age came running towards Minah and hugged her thigh.

“Omo Lee Vincent! Aigoo. What happened to your face?!” she wiped the boy’s face with the back of her hand but Myungsoo stopped her from doing so. Myungsoo held out a towel that Soojae uses. Minah took a glance at you and you nodded with a small smile signaling that she can use the towel.

You look at the scene in front of you. Minah has a son? But who’s the father? Those questions run through your mind.

“Where’s your daddy?! Why is your face like this! “ she asked getting hysterical at the boy’s appearance.

“We’re playing but you took so long so I run here, Mommy” the boy pouted and looked down.

“oh, my baby. I’m sorry. I just got excited to see Mommy’s old friend” she kissed her son’s cheeks.

‘old friend?’ Myungsoo and you thought at the same time.

“Lee Vincent! this child!” a man with outstanding features came up panting.

“oh, Myungsoo I want you to meet my husband. Lee Byunghun. I happened to get married there in America.” She smiled shyly. You two looked at her with pure bewilderment.

“Annyeong Haseyo. Lee Byunghun imnida. But they call me Ljoe”  you bowed and so as Myungsoo still dumbfounded as .

“You must be Kim Myungsoo just like how my wife describes you. No offense man, but she’s now officially mine.” Ljoe clasped Minah’s hand and showed their wedding ring which twinkled under the bright night sky. Myungsoo returned a smirk and clasped your hand.

“No worries dude. I have my own girl here and a daughter.”  Myungsoo leaned to peck your lips in front of them and you can’t help but smile at his cockiness.

“Good thing we’re clear. I guess we have to get going now it’s getting darker. Maybe we should hang out sometime. My wife wants to catch up with you” Minah carried her son Vincent who was rubbing his eyes signalling that he’s already tired and sleepy.

“Sure.” Myungsoo nodded and turned to leave.

You two reached his car and opened the door for you handed you Soojae who squirmed and continued to sleep.

Once he reached the driver’s seat he closed the door and started the engine. The ride was silent, train of thought sued your insides as the questions inside your mind before were all answered. Minah’s married and inlove with another person. That simple thought made you smile alone, Myungsoo noticed it and smile all of a sudden and asked.

“Why are you smiling alone?” his eyes never leaving the road.

“nothing. I just remembered something.” He nodded not actually buying your answer.

The ongoing drive was awfully quiet, usually Myungsoo would ask random things sometimes tease you. You noticed the previous weeks that he keeps talking about this boy he watched from star king that he is so adorable. You can’t figure out why he’s telling you this.

Once you two reached the house, you changed Soojae’s clothes and tucked her to bed while Myungsoo also changed to his casual clothes. After you changed and was going to bed, Myungsoo was still awake. He’s talking to someone over the phone.  The call ended so he faced you and informed you that Minah called and said they’re going to a picnic tomorrow and asked if you want to come. You nodded thinking it was a way to have more bonding time with your family.

“do you have work tomorrow?” You turned to Myungsoo and studied his unwavering handsomeness.

“I cancelled everything I’m doing for the upcoming weeks” he mumbled with his eyes closed.

“really?” you beamed and he hummed in response.

You decided to pull the blanket and close your eyes, ready to sleep when Myungsoo talked.

“Soojae keeps bugging me for a dongsaeng babe” he muttered that made you open your eyes and met his dark orbs with full of sincerity in it. 




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YoonaSeungGi #1
Chapter 23: Hello again!! Well I never stopped myself smiling like a crazy person till I finish reading this fic.... Thanks to you for a wonderful story & keep up with your good work..
__MyunHyun #3
Chapter 15: Author nim I read this story again and again...XD
gemmymars #4
Chapter 23: Aww~ such a cute ending^^ I loved reading this story! Great job authornims, daebak~!!^^
Number2elf #5
Chapter 19: I had a feeling she'd come back but i thought it would be when they were newly married or before, bc yhey already have a kid now
Idk! Letss see how this plays out :))
Number2elf #6
Chapter 2: It was only a contract but OML they're havin a baby!
A lot of people only make their "sequels" one chapter long so thanks for putting in the time and actually creating more of a story :)
sajalara13 #7
InfiniteWH07 #8
Chapter 23: I really liked the story! was reading it at my work heheheh it was nice and refreshing!!
HWAITING Authorim!
Infnt27 #9
Chapter 4: Where is the first story ??
zizrie #10
Chapter 22: I love the happy ending. Please more stories.