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it was another morning, to find your husband’s arm wrapped tightly around you. Still from last night’s activity, you admit you really love this man that you can’t say no to him especially when he uses his pouty lips and his so called ‘aegyo’.  You carefully tried to remove his arms around you to wash and prepare for breakfast but failed when he pulled you closer.

“Myungsoo, I need to prepare breakfast. Infinite oppas will be here just an hour” you faced him and traced his features.

“They’ll come an hour late, It’s not like you don’t know them at all” he mumbled still his eyes closed.

“No, if it involves Soojae they’ll come in exact time, come on” you tapped his lips and kissed it.

“one more then I’ll let you go” he smirked. Your eyes turned to slits but he didn’t see it because his eyes are still close.

“fine” you gave him another peck. “now let go”

“you can go, but don’t bring the blankets babe” he opened one eye and winked at you.

Your face is flushed with embarrassment.

“no!” you argued.

“well I guess we’ll stay here in bed all day” he pulled you again.

“no we won’t Soojae will be knocking nonstop any minute now” you said through gritted teeth, your husband can be too annoying sometimes. Not to mention STUBBORN!

Then your eyes spotted something, you noticed Myungsoo’s shirt hanging at the end of the bed.

You immediately reached for it and wear it. Myungsoo looked at you and shook his head.

“damn, you can be pretty hot with my shirt and that morning look of yours babe” he kissed your lips and smiled.


“Daddy!~” Soojae called on the other side of the door.

“It looks like our angel is awake, go wash and get prepare! You smell bad!” you joked and got up from the bed.

“you smell the same too babe” he  smack your that caused you to yelp and glare at him but he only winked at you.

“Mommy!!” Soojae shouted again.

“Coming sweetie” you opened the door and slid out of the room.

“hey baby! Good morning!” you kissed her temples.

“Mommy! Why are you wearing Daddy’s shirt?” your mouth fell open and tried to formulate an excuse that your smart daughter will buy.

“Oh! Baby! I thought it was mine! I guess I mixed your daddy’s clothes to mine!”

“oh, okay. But mommy” she started sniffing you. “you stink” she pinched her nose.


“Aww baby! Let’s go downstairs now” you ignored her still flushed from your daughter’s remark.


“no! me first!”

“no me! Soojae wants to see me because I’m pretty!”

“pretty your face you fool. I’m entering first!”

“Hyung!!~ I’m the youngest!”

“But I’m the tallest!”

“Shut up, immature morons. I’m the oldest. It should be me who will enter first”

“Yeah! Let the grandpa come in first!”


You rolled your eyes as you heard the bickering voices of infinite even though they are still at the front door arguing who should enter the door first.

“Myungsoo! Oppas are here!” you called out from the kitchen.

“Oppas!!!” Soojae shrieked with her high pitched voice with excitement then run to Myungsoo’s arm to pick her up.

Myungsoo opened the door to see 6 guys with gummy smiles; their eyes are all sparkling seeing your daughter.

“The grandfather has entered” Hoya mumbled and the rest tried their best to stop their laughter. Sunggyu glared but they did not notice it so he said.

“Hey I’m glaring!! Don’t you see my eyes! I’m GLARING!!” he tried his best to show his eyes while glaring.

“We can’t see your eyes Hyung.” Dongwoo ignored him and went inside.

“Soojae!!!” Sunggyu opened his arms with a smile plastered on his face. Soojae shrieked and giggled reaching for Sunggyu’s arms.

 “Calm down princess, Look at your uncle he is too happy to see you to the point where you can’t see his eyes” Myungsoo carefully handed Soojae to his hyung. Upon hearing that a smug immediately replaced Sunggyu’s face and cooed Soojae.

“Don’t listen to your evil father” Sunggyu cooed.

“I always tell you Hyung, Open your eyes” Sungjong frowned.

“LEE SUNGJONG! THEY ARE OPEN!!” Soojae gargled in happiness, she finds the situation funny.

“Oppa! Open your eyes pwease! Pwease!!” Soojae started poking Sunggyu’s eyes forcing it to open when they are already open.

“Argh!! LEE SUNGJONG!!” Sungjong shouted while his dongsanegs started to get busy with their usual stuffs.

“Oppa! You’re sooooo cute!!” Soojae laughed and started slapping Sunggyu’s face.

You prepared for breakfast that will fit to all of you, but when Soojae is with infinite, she can be too hyped up and causes a lot of unexpected situations.

Situations like:

When Sungyeol excused himself for the bathroom, Soojae played with his food and scooped a spoonful of wasabi and spread it on Sungyeol’s sandwich and when Sungyeol ate the sandwich he almost cried but Soojae find it funny and the rest of you.

Soojae was having so much fun that she flailed her hand still holding her spoon and ‘accidentally’ hit the juice near her and splattered on Hoya’s brand pants.

“Aegomonina!!!” Hoya shouted.

“This is new!” He shouted in despair.

Soojae continued flailing her hands and her hands again, ‘accidentally’ let go of the spoon and it hit Dongwoo on the forehead.

The breakfast was rowdy and full of laughter and unexpected mishaps.

You’re watching Hoya, Dongwoo, Sungjong, Sunggyu, Woohyun and your husband play with your daughter. Sungyeol is in the kitchen getting some water when he went beside you.

“I swear, your daughter’s attitude is the same as his FATHER!” Sungyeol whispered beside you and rolled his eyes. You smile and look at your husband and your daughter. She surely got her nose and lips from his father, the attitude is quite similar to him, quite annoying but in a cute way.

Myungsoo noticed you’re staring and smiling so he approached you.

“why are you smiling? Am I that handsome?” he smiled cockily.

“I’m not looking at you, I’m looking at Soojae”

“why?” he wrapped his arms around you and kissed your temples.

“I’m just happy, I mean look at her. I never expect to have a perfect life like this. I guess we’re destined from the very start” you put a hand on his face and smiled.

“we are destined” he pecked your lips.

“EWWWW!!! I CAN’T STAND THIS TOO MUCH SWEETNESS! Especially this EARLY!!!! For Pete’s sake your daughter is watching!” Sungyeol cried in frustration.

You two looked at Soojae but her eyes were covered by Dongwoo.

“eh?” she tilted her head cutely in confusion.

“Please do your business upstairs. We will be fine here” Woohyun smirked.

“you may leave if you don’t want any of this” Myungsoo glared to his friends.

“Like I said, we’re all fine! Continue. Right Soojae?” Dongwoo faked smile, and played with your daughter.

You giggled and join your oppas to play with Soojae and so as Myungsoo.


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I decided to post 2 chapters than wait for the straight 10 chapters. You guys have to wait for too long for that 10 chapters so I decided to just post what I have right now. Than make you wait for too long until I complete the 10 chaptes as promised, kkkkkk. Mianhae. SORRY this is a totally useless chapter :(



I just find this cute and funny.. Aigoo!~ LOL



also, this... I literally made me laugh when I saw this: It's so CUTE!! ^^ guess who :)




Imagine Myungsoo and Soojae will be like this SOON ^^ asking her father to help her with her assignments :)


^ Will he come soon??

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