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2 years later…

No one’s POV

“Mommmmmmmyyyyyyyy!!!~~~~~” Soojae shouted while crying, you hurriedly went down to check her up.

“Kim Myungsoo what did you do again!?” you put your hands on your waist and shot your husband an interrogating look and your husband just gave you a sheepish smile.

“Mommy! Daddy keeps annoying me! He keeps pinching my cheeks” your daughter said still stuttering with her words and pouted while she hugged your legs.

“aigoo! Because you’re too cute, that’s why daddy keeps annoying you” you bent down and wiped her teary eyes which is obviously she got form you and kissed her cherry lips that she got from his father. Soojae mostly got her looks from you, except her nose and lips. Myungsoo usually call her the mini version of you because of your round eyes.

“go back to your daddy, Dinner will be ready soon. Tell him that if he pinch your cheek once more, he’ll deal with me ok???” she obediently nodded and went to his father who’s watching the two of you talk a while ago.

“daddy! Mommy said if you pinch me you have to deal with her!!” Soojae pointed and kissed his father.

“tell your Mommy that I would love to deal with her later” Myungsoo said purposely making his voice a little loud so you can hear it, the smirk is pretty obvious in his voice.

You rolled your eyes, he never change he’s still the Myungsoo you know except the fact that he been busy with work since he’s the one handling their company now but still have the time to spend with Soojae and you. But when it comes to spending time with you, it mostly involves bedroom activities.

“Dinner’s ready!!” you shouted from the kitchen.

Myungsoo came in with Soojae in his arms, he placed Soojae on her chair and Soojae started eating messily.

After eating, you carried Soojae who fall asleep on the couch while playing with her toys  to her room upstairs while Myungsoo took a bath.

“How’s work?” you asked as you lied beside him when you finished cleaning and changing to your pajamas.

“As usual, signing papers, talking with lots of people I really don’t know” he sighed and wrapped an arm around your waist..

“you know, you should take some time to rest. Maybe a month vacation with me and Soojae. You’re looking more stressed these past few days. Or maybe infinite oppas can come too!” you look up o meet his eyes.

“I don’t know, I’ll ask father if I can take a month rest. I’m kind’a planning that too. We’ve been planning that too long but many hindrances keeps popping out”

 “Soojae would be totally happy tomorrow since her infinite oppas are coming”

“Let her play with her oppas, I wonder why those guys never get girlfriends for themselves.”  Myungsoo snickered.

“I know, Soojae keeps bugging Sunngyu oppa to find a wife so she can have a playmate, a dongsaeng  or something” suddenly Myungsoo pulled you closer which make you gasp.

“Dongsaeng? Why would she ask Sunngyu hyung for a playmate when we can make one right now?” Myungsoo hovered above you and smirked. You blushed in embarrassment.

“No! Myungsoo! I don’t want to have another kid right now! Soojae is enough for now!” you lightly punched his chest.

“That’s okay, I’m always prepared.” He smirked and opened the drawer to show you a box of condoms.

“oh my gosh! Would you please keep that! “ you covered your face with your hands. Myungsoo chuckled and approached you.

“as if we’ve never use one before, We used half of it already” he chuckled and started kissing you.

It didn’t take long that the kiss started to heat up and the two of you shared another night full of love until the two of you give up due to extreme exhaustion.



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YoonaSeungGi #1
Chapter 23: Hello again!! Well I never stopped myself smiling like a crazy person till I finish reading this fic.... Thanks to you for a wonderful story & keep up with your good work..
__MyunHyun #3
Chapter 15: Author nim I read this story again and again...XD
gemmymars #4
Chapter 23: Aww~ such a cute ending^^ I loved reading this story! Great job authornims, daebak~!!^^
Number2elf #5
Chapter 19: I had a feeling she'd come back but i thought it would be when they were newly married or before, bc yhey already have a kid now
Idk! Letss see how this plays out :))
Number2elf #6
Chapter 2: It was only a contract but OML they're havin a baby!
A lot of people only make their "sequels" one chapter long so thanks for putting in the time and actually creating more of a story :)
sajalara13 #7
InfiniteWH07 #8
Chapter 23: I really liked the story! was reading it at my work heheheh it was nice and refreshing!!
HWAITING Authorim!
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Chapter 4: Where is the first story ??
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Chapter 22: I love the happy ending. Please more stories.