Love you too, Mr. Arrogant {hiatus}


“That’s the price you have to pay for not sticking to your promise! Now, stop all of your yapping and marry me, or else!”

Due to one careless mistake and a promise that could not be kept, Kwon Miyoung is pulled into one rollercoaster ride that is bound to change her life forever. Even if their marriage was only of convenience, she would go through it rather than having her pride and her family’s reputation being stepped on by socialites, particularly that arrogant, hard-headed jerk of a socialite.

Not only did her decision turn her life upside down, she also has to face her mother in law’s wrath and her husband’s girlfriend’s jealousy.  Just when things could not get any more worse, life threw his cousin, Nam Woohyun, to her. Things started to skyrocket when Miyoung began to subconsciously fall in love with her husband even though she was treated like damaged goods.

“No… No! Kwon Miyoung, this is just infatuation, I have not fallen in love with him! I haven’t… crap, I have!”


Kim Myungsoo

  • Better known as L by peers

    He has this mysterious feel to him. When one sees him, the words 'cold, ruthless and expressionless' appear in their minds. Myungsoo is all that and he is very intelligent. Myungsoo is a casanova and girls are attracted to him like a moth to a flame!
  • 24 years old
  • CEO of his own business company
  • Somewhat of a mama's boy


Kwon Miyoung [you]

  • 22 years old
  • works in a small bakery

You are a rather simplistic girl. You come from a middle-class family, though you may not be very well-off, you enjoy simple things. You are not that stingy, nor are you that free-spirited. You have your moments when you can do absurd things but most of the time, you keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.


Hello, dumplingcheeks_ here! This plot has not left my mind since I began thinking about it! And I had a hard time trying to pick out whom I should choose as the main character. So I decided to just go with Myungpoop, i mean, Myungsoo. (I actually had half the mind to choose Bang Yong Guk! and excuse my fail of a poster and cheesy title.)

© story by dumplingcheeks_  - i own everything but the idols that are mentioned in the story or the places.

Credits to sushi_kimchi from ★☆X-ZONE Graphic Request Shop★☆ for the wonderful poster! I absolutely love it!

haven't updated this in a while, should prolly start working on the next chapter as well

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Heyinpiniteu #1
Omygod can't wait for your update!
BETHamphethmine #2
Please don't abandon this story, please. This is amazing and i love it so much :)
ohmigosh this sounds really good ^.^ heehee nice beginning <3 can't wait till next update! you're a really good writer btw :) kekeke now to your other stories~!
cutiesweetiepie #4
omgggg update soon please~ ;)
_mrsmjjeje #5
Yejin seems clingy. -.- Haha! Why is Myungsoo even going out with the girl? Such a player this Myungsoo! And I love Soojung. She seems like a wonderful friend! It's hard to find one like those nowadays~ I wonder what's going to happen next :B
update more please!!!
_mrsmjjeje #7
Lemme guess, the dude is Myungsoo? :P hehe! Myungsoo seems... Spoiled? Haha! And poor Miyoung! And bad dog for crossing the road!
Pls update!