Irresistible Lips (I'm Sorry) [Three-Shot]


Main Characters:

Name: Jeong (Your Name)
Age: 19
Occupation: College Student
Relationships: Ilhoon's Best friend and MinHyuk's Girlfriend
Personalities: Cute, Smart, Hyper, Fun but Insecu


Name: Lee MinHyuk
Age: 21
Occupation: College Student and Rapper, Dancer and Vocalist of BTOB
Relationships: Your Boyfriend, and Hyunsik, Sungjae and Eunkwang's Best friend
Personalities: Cool, kind, handsome, Heartthrob but sometimes arrogant and careless



and Other Kpop artist...


Hey Guys! So, I'm clearly a big fan of BTOB especially Minhyuk. I watched their recent MV which "Irresistable Lips". Guess what? I litterally got teary-eyed after watching the video. My whole reaction was like "No..~!!!! Oppa!! Wae? Wae are you doing this to me? TT~TT //3"

That's why I hate it when my bias is the Visual, he always lands on the acting spot when it comes to Music Videos -.-

Anyway, In this story, You're Minhyuk's girlfriend and see what happens when you are in the shooting of "Irresistable Lips" :)

Hope you enjoy! Please subscribe to me, add me as friend or comment ^^ Gomawo~


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Chapter 4: Nice nice nice btw congrats author
whiterose12 283 streak #3
chunjoe1004 #4
nice story ^^
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Chapter 3: wah I really love your story <3
Chapter 4: lol,I love your story so much althought it's simple.I don't like Seowoo eonnie after I watched BTOB - Irresistible Lips.It's break my heart when I saw her kissed with Minhyuk :(
Chapter 4: This is so sweet... It's not a fairy tale. ♥
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Sweet~ I just wanted to [email protected]#$%^&*() that Seo Woo for kissing AND slapping him. Thinks she's so cute and-- oh, sorry.
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sweet~ i do watched the mv already and i got teary-eyed too. I was freak out when they both were kissed! Awmygod, i feels like wanna punch seowoo's face after she slapped minhyuk -.-