The Boy Who Cried Wolf


There is a young man named Tao who never cried all of his life. He always plays pranks on Kris--- his tutor and childhood friend. Both of them live by themselves since their parents are living abroad. Kris doesn’t get angry on whatever Tao does to him. Since Kris is very close to Tao, he doesn’t hesitate when Tao asks for his help. Their friendship is unbreakable until…


This is my first time writing a one-shot… I hope you enjoy the story. :)

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leecrannie #1
Chapter 1: *claps* i love you author-nim! *throws hearts*
nindanadrah13 #2
Omg how could kris leave tao alone he pomise not too.. ok watever it is I still love them both hehe...
pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease make a sequel! so short! TAORIS!
OMG! :O So dramatic! Just as I like it ;)
And you should do a sequel! *wink,wink*
simple_dream, thanks for the criticism. :)
I'll do better next time;
And about Kris's death... should I write a sequel? >_<
ShaZam #6
This can't be the end.. :(
Kris should not die.
What!? Kris died? T-T
Who's that who kill kris? Imma beat that thing up!