Jaejin, The Keeper?

The Keeper and The Guardian

Jonghun was on his way to his bedroom, his face remain as expressionless as always. His head was processing a lot of things. The meeting with The Elders make him angry but he doesn’t like to show others his emotion so he stayed calm as always. Even when The Elders dismissed him from the room, he bow slightly and smirk. No one dared to do such impolite way to The Elders but Jonghun was an exception. The Society knew better. And then Minhwan came out of nowhere, making no sound of his steps, stand in front of Jonghun, blocking his way.

“I have been thinking till when you are going to show your face. You have been hiding behind the wall for quite some time that your smells start poking my nose”

Jonghun said lazily. His eyes stare deeply into the younger’s eyes. Jonghun was never the one who likes to entertain others. He is the type who is like to watch and grab the opportunity there and then. But Minwhan always the one who is loyal to Jonghun and always accompany him.

“I don’t smell that bad, right?”

“You are. You blood just now while I was in The Room. You really have to choose your prey better next time. The smells disgust me”

Jonghun said clenching his teeth. Jonghun hates mortals with bad smells. Jonghun willing to starved for days, months or even years without bloods than having smelly mortal’s blood in his body. Minhwan shrugged. His body follows Jonghun’s towards Jonghun’s room.

“So, what The Elders want?”

“They want me to be a ing guardian to a mortal”


Minwhan’s mouth was forming an O shape and a smirk replaced it seconds later.

“So, you will be this mortal’s friend, I suppose?”

“Not in thousands years”

Jonghun said expressionless again but his hands was about to formed a fist. And Minwhan noticed that immediately.

“Well, you have to, now. You are chained with him”

Minwhan said while his hands placed inside the pocket of his jacket, looking away. He knew Jonghun will turn his head and stare at him like he was one of the prey.

“You heard what The Elders had said and yet you asking me question.”

As expected, Jonghun turn his head swiftly and look straight at Minwhan’s. Minwhan still looking away and then he smile and look back at Jonghun while putting some cute act with his face.

“Well, I love to see reactions from you, hyung”

“Fortunate for you to be related with me by bloods or you will be killed in seconds now”

Minwhan was laughing and went away from Jonghun. As far as he likes to tease Jonghun, he will never cross the line when Jonghun is in rage. Jonghun was far stronger in the vampire society and everyone knew that. Messing with Jonghun is like digging your own grave. Even for Minwhan who was, everyone say the only person Jonghun can be soft to was actually scared of Jonghun too. It just that, Minwhan never show his afraid visible to Jonghun and that’s what make Jonghun always kept Minwhan in his company.


Jaejin was rummaging the closet in front of him. His hands move from top drawer to the bottom drawer. Next, he turn to search at his cupboard, taking one book after another, trying to make a space and reached at the back of the cupboard, thinking he might put ‘it’ there. Nothing. Jaejin lay on the floor looking under his bed. Nothing was there too. Then, he moved to his table, stepping on the bundles of clothes laying on the floor and almost stepping on the books too, looking and hoping.  Jaejin was searching for something. Something that he should never lost it in the first place.

“Hongki-hyung will be angry for sure! I’ll be dead meat! “

Jaejin scream alone in his messy room. He really felt that he is going to hell if Hongki found out.

“Dead meat? That’s gross Jaejin!”


Jaejin was stuttering. Hongki suddenly barged into his bedroom. Hongki stand between the door and wanted to make his way to Jaejin’s bed as usual but stopped. His eyes wandered around. He never saw Jaejin’s bedroom in a mess before. Jaejin is always a clean freak to start with. Jaejin was the kind of guy who likes to have everything in orders. His books are kept in alphabetical order at the cupboard. His table was so neat, even his pencil was sharpened and put into different categories.

 “What’s wrong with your room? Looks like someone had let go a mad goat in here”

“It’s nothing, hyung! I’m thinking of redesign my room, that’s all”

Jaejin said, smiling nervously, hoping for Hongki to buy his lies.

“Oh, well, I hope you does that quick. It smells like goat here”

Hongki spoke and made his way downstairs leaving the door open. Jaejin clearly can heard Hongki singing and open the fridge at the kitchen. As Jaejin thought, Hongki must be searching for foods, as always. Jaejin sigh of relief. Jaejin was happy that Hongki believes him, except from the fact, Hongki likes to on the goat subject and stealing his food at the fridge.

“I need to find the ring quick or Hongki-hyung will notice”

Jaejin remember back how Hongki had said about the ring have protective power to the owner. Hongki had given the ring to Jaejin on his birthday few days ago. It’s awkward when a guy gave another guy a ring, unless you are a gay, but they are both not. At least what he knew. Jaejin thought alone.

Hongki told Jaejin that he was on his way home from supermarket buying his favourite ice cream, when a stranger stopped him and said to him that who Hongki loves the most in this world. Hongki, who were as always like the supernatural thingy, interested in the stranger, immediately. The stranger showed Hongki a ring and a necklace. Both gave some aura of ‘that’ supernatural and as a result Hongki bought both and gave all his pocket money to the stranger, leaving Hongki penniless for a month. Hongki gave Jaejin the ring as he really looks after Jaejin as a precious dongsaeng and for the necklace, Hongki gave it to his mother. Both are precious to him.

“It slipped from my finger at that creepy tree”

Jaejin mumbles. He remembers during his birthday Hongki forced Jaejin to make his birthday wish under the creepy tree he hates so much. The ring must have slipped from my finger when Hongki-hyung forced me to dig the soil. Jaejin thought alone and hoping the ring still there where it left before.


Jonghun was on top of the branches on the same tree he had tasted the best blood before. Jonghun have been hours there waiting as what The Elders asked him to, wait for The Keeper there. The Elders have giving Jonghun a task, to find The Keeper by himself. He never knew The Keeper’s scent and even The Keeper’s uality. So, he just had to wait there until someone comes there. But then, anyone can come to that tree right? Jonghun look at the tree for a moment. The tree is creepy. No one dared enough to be here in middle of the night. Jonghun thought while he lay comfortably on the thin branch.

Jonghun was shutting his eyes when he smelled something. The scent of a mortal, yet, have a very strong scent of an unknown familiarity. Jonghun was aware the movement underneath him. A boy with round frame spectacles and blue black baggy sweater and skinny jeans wrapped his body. The boy was diligently digging the soil and searching for something, apparently.

“Finally, I found you! The guardian of my life! I will not be killed by Hongki-hyung anymore”

Jonghun was shocked hearing those words coming out from the boy’s mouth. So, he went down in a split second and stand in front of the boy.

“So, you are The Keeper? You smell weird”

Jonghun spoke. His eyes scanned the boy’s figure, up and down. Jaejin was dumbfounded when suddenly a figure came out of nowhere stand closely in front of him. No one dared to come here. Only Hongki and Jaejin make this place as their sacred place or rather Hongki’s sacred place. But seeing another person being here makes Jaejin wonder if this person doesn’t scared the creepiness of being here or the figure in front of him was not even a person to start with? Jaejin’s body start to tensed, he was scared by his own thoughts.

“Who are you? Why are you here?”

Jaejin start talking with a shaky voice but audible enough for the person to hear.

“I am Jonghun. Your Guardian”


Sorry for not updating this story. I got writer's block on this. But I will try my best to update this weekly after this. Fighting! ^^

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limkahyan #1
I am really sorry to correct you but its Choi Minhwan not Minwhan
Chapter 6: Oh so exciting, update soon please ^.^
orchid #3
Chapter 6: Finally You update. So long. please update soon. kkk !!!
simplyFTholic #4
i really like this <3 i was squealing and just screaming while reading XDD
the way you made your characters is just great :D please update soon~
ohh uhm, is this also seunghwan?
LeeHongki #5
Only I can not believe this is good ^ ^ true
I liked
I can not wait
an_lee #6
Wait, why did Jonghun do that??
Was it only in Hongki's dream??
Will they be hunted by the elders someday??
Ough God, this fic becomes more tempting to read.
Thx 4 updating.
Can't wait for the upcoming update. ^^
prinzalove2read #7
Mue he he, no worries authorssi. I accidently read your comments (I love to reread again and again even though there are no new chap exist, incl the comments when I miss a certain ff) I will love to write down again what I thought right now after I read your ff and still, I love that cold Idc Jonghun and cute Minhwan. I love this outworld Hongki and yes I love that poor pale omg Jaejin. Waiting for Seungyun role and just guessing whose the one he adore.. MH? JJ? JH? HK?? uh oh..I'm going crazy about this vampire thing and these five cute guys I guess. Help me..
Omg hongki was so cute after he heard that jonghun is a vampire ;)
gd thing that jaejin is okay
an_lee #9
Huehee.... Jonghun got it wrong, rite??
And I love how cute Hongki here after knowing Jonghun is a vampire.
Hahahaaa... a funny moment.
Poor Minhwan. Hope he's getting better.
He's Hongki new friend, anyway.
Thank you... ^^
libella #10
@blackheart123 hongki is the keeper actually. Im just messing with Jaejin. Kekeke.
@an_lee please keep on believing. Jongki will be up in next chap.
@kpopluver121 who knew cold hearted jonghun can made a mistake in finding his keeper. Kekeke.
@LeeHongki yes! Jonghun will protect hongki or will it be hongki protecting jonghun? Who knows? ^^
@prinzalove2read sorry i accidentally deleted your comment. *bow 90 dgree. Im using an ipad and my big thumbs make it a mistake everywhere. Sorry again. *bow bow. Oh and yeah, i m kinda get inspired of writing this after a few ff i read. It seems interesting having these boys as vampire. Dont you think so? Kekeke. Yes, hongki and his childish act. So cute right ^^