The Taste

The Keeper and The Guardian

Jonghun is full tonight. The last prey he had just now was delicious. But not entirely a satisfaction for  Jonghun. It just merely had a bit of good taste. The girl was so innocent to followed Jonghun to a dark alley and just about then, Jonghun catch the prey’s neck. It was terrifying moment for the girl as the face of Jonghun who was perfectly sculpture and made to seduced can turn to a monstrous looking.  As usual, Jonghun killed the girl instantly and went for a rest to a nearby tree in the neighbourhood.

Jonghun was at the top branches in the dark big scary looking tree. Minwhan was right. This place, indeed have some good taste. He should come here early. Jonghun thought while looking at the scenery in front of him.  The cold’s night was blowing to Jonghun’s cold skin. Jonghun loves it like this. He likes coldness as much he likes his prey to be cold body under his touch.


Jonghun turned his head to the source of the voice. A person with a hoody covered his head was now standing near the tree’s bark. Jonghun stare at the figure underneath him, scanning for every detail and every move the figure make. Jonghun, who have the capabilities of strong sense can’t even sense this person’s scent. He never noticed how this person came to that tree from the first place. Is he a vampire? Jonghun thought alone. But, he should be able to sense it right away if this person is the same as he is. A vampire can easily sense another vampire.

Jonghun jumped from branch to branch swiftly, downwards until he almost close enough with the unknown figure. In a split second, Jonghun catch the person’s neck and deep into the neck. The scent of one drop of blood can make Jonghun hungry again. Jonghun was and tasting the blood, which now was flowing from the unknown prey’s bare neck to Jonghun’s mouth.

A realisation hits Jonghun. The prey’s blood was the taste he never tasted before. Even long ago, a hundred years through, he never had this kind of taste. The taste was intoxicating. It felt like a power was now flowing into his blood’s vein. Yet, another realisation hits him as Jonghun felt his prey’s body warm under his touch and it make his body shiver. He should now be cold under his touch. No one can be in this kind of warmness, especially when his blood are by a vampire. In this case, a deadly vampire like Jonghun who set just for a kill.

This person was not even a normal person. Jonghun knew this from the start he taste his blood. But as the taste makes Jonghun felt like heaven calling him, this unknown prey’s warmness makes Jonghun’s body became numb all of a sudden. Jonghun can’t even had a time to think and all he knew was he’s going to fall with his prey onto the cold grass and then he fainted, along with his prey who was still underneath his cold body.


“Hongki, you’ll be late to school. Again.”

Jaejin stressed the last word. He hated how everyday he had to suffer to wake Hongki to go to school. Hongki will turn 17 years old in few weeks but Hongki still have the tantrums in the morning like a 7 year old child. When will his hyung ever grow up? Jaejin sigh reminding his own thought.

After a few yelling into Hongki’s ear and a couple of throwing the pillow to Hongki’s slender body, Hongki managed himself to get up from his bed. His hair messy and his face full with drools. Hongki went to the toilet and half an hour later, Hongki was properly dressed in his school uniform and went to the kitchen to have some breakfast. Jaejin was already there and happily having conversation with Hongki’s mother.


“What was that for?”

“You ruined my sleep. I ruined your hair and head”

“And I will ruin your if you don’t stop fighting. Both of you. You will be late to school if you don’t move now”

Hongki grabbed his toasted bread and milk and pulling Jaejin along at his collarbone after kissed his mother’s forehead signalling a goodbye.


“Hyung, wake up now.”

Jonghun heard Minwhan’s voice echoing in his head. Minwhan was using their telepathy thingy again. Jonghun wake up from his comfort bed and went to the toilet. Jonghun felt his head have been cracked to pieces. He washed his face thoroughly and picked the towel to dry his perfect face.

“The Elders want to see you”

Minwhan said in his head but obviously, for a vampire like them, this can be easily heard. Jonghun walked past Minhwan who was now doing cute reaction in front of the big mirror. Clearly, there will be no reflection on the mirror but Minwhan was actually enjoying his moment. Jonghun ignored the younger and walked through doors and went downstairs to the room where The Elders have already waiting for him.

As Jonghun arrived and standing in front of The Elders. One of The Elders stood up from his position at the centre. Everyone remained still, with their cloak hiding their faces and bodies.  

“Last night, you make a mistake”

“Mistake? Last night?”

Jonghun’s head was processing many things now. He remembers last night event. The taste. The blood he taste last night. It was unforgettable. Intoxicating, warmness was hugging him. But, Jonghun also remember about last night event was that he fainted. He fainted along with the prey. The real question in Jonghun’s head was how the hell does he manage to get back home to this mansion?

“We saved you from dying”

One of The Elders said again. His tone filled with seriousness. But Jonghun was never fear with that kind of tone. His heart is made from coldness of the life before. He can’t feel anything. Jonghun is known in the vampire society as the Prince of coldness. Nothing can change Jonghun as the way he is now. Nothing.

“You should be grateful”

Jonghun smirk. He should be annoyed now. He was having the heaven’s taste of blood and they saved him. They must be joking. Jonghun knew The Elders can read his mind but Jonghun was never cared about it. It became much better if they knew what is on his mind now.

“You now have chained yourself with The Keeper”

“The Keeper?”

Jonghun knew this. He heard about The Keeper yesterday. The Keeper will give him the power. The Keeper will give him the authority to rule this world. He can kill all the mortals now. He always hated the mortals as they are always weak and to Jonghun, this world should be filled with vampire society and only the strongest will live. And yes, Jonghun will be the strongest among them all. This will be his one and only opportunity.

“You already knew about it, am I right?”

The tallest of The Elders spoke with still movement. And he continued to speak.

“You are now officially, need to be. Must be, The Keeper’s guardian.”



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limkahyan #1
I am really sorry to correct you but its Choi Minhwan not Minwhan
Chapter 6: Oh so exciting, update soon please ^.^
orchid #3
Chapter 6: Finally You update. So long. please update soon. kkk !!!
simplyFTholic #4
i really like this <3 i was squealing and just screaming while reading XDD
the way you made your characters is just great :D please update soon~
ohh uhm, is this also seunghwan?
LeeHongki #5
Only I can not believe this is good ^ ^ true
I liked
I can not wait
an_lee #6
Wait, why did Jonghun do that??
Was it only in Hongki's dream??
Will they be hunted by the elders someday??
Ough God, this fic becomes more tempting to read.
Thx 4 updating.
Can't wait for the upcoming update. ^^
prinzalove2read #7
Mue he he, no worries authorssi. I accidently read your comments (I love to reread again and again even though there are no new chap exist, incl the comments when I miss a certain ff) I will love to write down again what I thought right now after I read your ff and still, I love that cold Idc Jonghun and cute Minhwan. I love this outworld Hongki and yes I love that poor pale omg Jaejin. Waiting for Seungyun role and just guessing whose the one he adore.. MH? JJ? JH? HK?? uh oh..I'm going crazy about this vampire thing and these five cute guys I guess. Help me..
Omg hongki was so cute after he heard that jonghun is a vampire ;)
gd thing that jaejin is okay
an_lee #9
Huehee.... Jonghun got it wrong, rite??
And I love how cute Hongki here after knowing Jonghun is a vampire.
Hahahaaa... a funny moment.
Poor Minhwan. Hope he's getting better.
He's Hongki new friend, anyway.
Thank you... ^^
libella #10
@blackheart123 hongki is the keeper actually. Im just messing with Jaejin. Kekeke.
@an_lee please keep on believing. Jongki will be up in next chap.
@kpopluver121 who knew cold hearted jonghun can made a mistake in finding his keeper. Kekeke.
@LeeHongki yes! Jonghun will protect hongki or will it be hongki protecting jonghun? Who knows? ^^
@prinzalove2read sorry i accidentally deleted your comment. *bow 90 dgree. Im using an ipad and my big thumbs make it a mistake everywhere. Sorry again. *bow bow. Oh and yeah, i m kinda get inspired of writing this after a few ff i read. It seems interesting having these boys as vampire. Dont you think so? Kekeke. Yes, hongki and his childish act. So cute right ^^