The Secret


A girl, who grew up in a single parent family, had never experience how true love is really like. But faith leads her to an unexpected life which is nothing like what she is living now. She met a mysterious boy and unconsciously fell in love with him. But who would know the boy actually holds a secret of her long lost father.


Im dedicating this story to all Heronic loversss!! Plss enjoy~~ Cheerss~~~~ v ^____^ v

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hueyelaine #1
I wanna cry AWWWW
anyway, I gotcha back!!!
foundationgirl #3

awesome story!! :DD
Chapter 13: Now I was confused. Whether it's Jaejong or donghae (The guy who were supposed to pry for Cole's trust) I hope it's Donghae instead of Jaejong.
hueyelaine #5
Chapter 14: Who's... Donghae ._.
aurorabelle #6
Chapter 13: You're back. So glad you're back.
Is it because Nicole came to Jaejoong's premiere film??XD
Anyway,I've always wanted to subs,but I thought the author already forgot with this story. Now yes, of course,I'll support this story^^
In ch.12 could it be JJ to get Nicole's trust?!*curious*
Chapter 13: Yeayyy I'm glad that you're not giving up with this story. It's too good to be unattended :P Anyway glad that Hara and Cole reconcile again <333 but on the notes I wonder bout Jaejong. Hope Jaejong really loves her. and Seungri is also a mystery to me. Please update soon author nim but no pressure :)
bbshine #8
Chapter 13: YAY YAY YAY
hueyelaine #9
Chapter 13: I did too xD lol
Update soon! Or maybe not so soon xD
dear author...pls update soon. this is a very interesting story. love it!