Lost in Transit (Kris' Version)


Being lost is terrible enough when you have fans trying to tug you around. But being lost in a foreign country, with even more fans grabbing you, is even worse.

Kris knows he has to find the maknae at any cost.



Based on a fancam I saw of Exo landing at LAX. Kris was towards the front and Tao was in the back.  Poor baby looked so beyond confused and lost. He needed Kris.

I might write one from Kris' POV. I'm not sure yet, but I bet I will eventually.

Read Tao's Version

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lover_harmony #1
Chapter 1: Aww this story is so cute!
I can't decide which one is cuter, this one or Tao's version.
Both are so fluffy and lovely and adorable <3
so cute:DDD
tippytoetao #4
that was cute :')
thanks for sharing!
YAY! I was waiting for Kris's version after I read Tao's. Awww, baby panda :3 hehe I can see this happening (:
That was really cute. I liked it. Tao's version was just as great.
LOved it. I didn't think the length really mattered as long as it got to the point :) :)
KPopRoxMySox #8
aw that's so cute! i liked it except when you kinda switched POV from third person to first a couple times so i got confused but other than that it was great!