K-ON~Welcome to the Light Music Club!!~


Korean Version of K-ON




DeoMi Song (Yui Hirasawa)

A first year student in Haneul High School In Seoul

Ditsy, Funny, Clusmy, And has a very bad habit of getting distracted by little thing such as a toy.


Hei-Ran Jung(Mio Akiyama) 

A shy ulzzang that's strict and naggy when Bongcha's around. She seems like she's afraid of everything. Her classmates say she has natural aegyo. She is an honor student. She was invited to go to a boarding school in Spain, but rejected it to stay with Bongchan, since they known each other since kindergarden.



BongCha Park (Ritsu Tainaka)

A spunky, cool tomboy, She's loves rock music and doesn't know why people stopped listening. She's not into Idols and Groups. She doesn't know a lot about them. She is an average student. Even though She's a tomboy her attitude is DRAMATIC. She does silly antics, pranks and body gags. Besides Hei-Ran She only has guy friends. Her classmates sometimes see her kinda annoying and loud but they know she can be one of the prettiest girls in the school


Byul Lee(Tsumugi Kotobuki) 

A sweet and demure girl who loves tea . Her father is a very rich CEO. She's a music prodigy since the age of four. But due to her family's "richness" She doesn't know much about the outside world. She started school for the first time ever when she came to Haneul. She's loved by everyone at school. Her family owns so many company's, every ad you see in 10 mintues in South Korea is owned by her family. She otfen gets gifts for her friends and loves them alot


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This is great
Korean verion of K-On. Cant wait! I hope Azu-nyan is in the story too~
Mugi's the best!
LOL and Mio suits her a lot~

Update soon~
Yes Because she will appear later on in the story, Since I will be writing a book 1 and a book 2 within the story :)
Anime_lover #5
Wow! Your characters are fit for yui,mio,ritsu and tsumugi but... Have you left out azusa?