Hongki's mother

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Hongki hands were tied to a pole. His legs freely moved, but his body is weakening day by day. And up till now, Hongki was always alone in the dark room. Hongki knew the kidnappers were only few metres outside this small room but being alone in this confined place made Hongki terrified. Hongki remember when he lost the sight of Wonbin, he was forcefully blindfolded when the van reached the main road. Hongki remember that day he was actually already lost his hopes, but Hongki knew he can’t lose to this but then no one came to save him. Everything, until today was blurry to Hongki.

From the first day he arrived here, the kidnappers have been rude to him. When Hongki felt the van stopped, one of the kidnappers easily lift Hongki and throw him on the used bed which Hongki have used to its smell this past 4 days. When Hongki’s sight return, his eyes immediately searches for any exit possible to break out, but none of exit is possible, not even the window. The room was small. Only a small window existed allowing small amounts of lights into the dark room. The door of the room was the only way for exit but then it was guarded by the kidnappers.

The kidnappers did give Hongki meals, two times a day. And a bottle of water lay beside him. If Hongki wants to go to the toilet, one of the kidnappers will be guarding him, by that means watching Hongki doing his ‘business’ in which always ended with flirtatious smile from the kidnappers. They enjoyed torturing Hongki like this.

That night, Hongki felt a pair of hands crept to his skinny legs. Hongki’s eyes closed due to tiredness battling to survive day by day. Hongki open his eyes a bit and through the moonlight illuminating the dark room, Hongki saw one of the kidnappers capture his legs trying to spread it apart. Hongki scream and plead for mercy. It was the third time now they did that to Hongki. Again, they never had done anything serious but it scares Hongki when their hands touching and grabbing Hongki.

“Hyung, can’t I have fun with him first?”

“Don’t scare him anymore. We have work to do”

Another voice said. Hongki sure that is the ‘hyung’ they talk about just now.

“So, what’s now, hyung?”

“We have to wait”


“We have to wait for the coast to be clear and then we send this pretty boy to the black market there”

“If then, can I have some fun with him first?”

“No. We need him to be ‘fresh’”

Hongki’s ears twitched a bit hearing every words their saying. Hongki felt his heart beats faster, frightening of the future told by the kidnappers. He is going to be sold to the black market. He knew what they do to pretty boy like him. He heard the news recently on how they made them do things they didn’t want to do.


Jonghun and Minwhan were sitting at the couch staring at Jaejoong and Jaejin who sat across them at the living house inside the Lee’s house. Seunghyun was sitting at the floor hugging his angry bird. They have been there after school hours. Everyone was worried. Hongki have been missing for 4 days now and they don’t know what to do. Jaejoong have tried calling Yunho but it seems that Yunho was unreachable. Jaejoong did call Yunho’s office but the secretary was like avoiding him and saying that Yunho cannot be interrupted by anything. Jaejoong was furious and when to the office but everyone there kept busying themselves and returning Jaejoong’s question with nothing.

“I’m home!”

Suddenly, a voice heard, echoing the house, breaking the silence. It was Yunho, hands carrying with bags and gifts. Upon seeing Yunho stand at the hallway, Jaejoong walk towards him. Yunho who knows nothing assumed that Jaejoong was missing him and pull out his hands indicates to hug Jaejoong. Jaejoong returned the hug and started to cry.

“Hongki is missing, Yunho”

Yunho ‘s face frowned by the sudden news. Jaejoong told everthing that happen in the past few days after Yunho had been away.

“But, I have told my secretary to inform me everything”

Yunho tried to process Jaejoong’s story in his head. In no million ways, his secretary and all his company’s staff acted that way. Yunho asked Jaejoong if he met his father by any chance, but Jaejoong’s answer that make a lady behind Yunho speaks.

“Yunho, I need to go somewhere. Don’t wait for me okay. I’ll be late”

With that, the beautiful lady who was unnoticed by the boys there from the first place went out leaving them with question marks all over their face.

“Who’s that?”

Minwhan asked.

“That is Hongki’s mother, Seo Yun Ae”

“No wonder Hongki-hyung is beautiful”

Everyone agreed to Seunghyun statement but it wasn’t time to complimenting Hongki as Hongki will be in trouble as time passed by now. No one knew where Hongki go. Or why Hongki is missing. They start to asked if did Hongki ran away or are him being kidnapped. The guys just don’t know where to start.


Jonghun answered his phone after realising a slight vibration in his pants.

“Jonghun, it’s me, Wonbin. I need your help. It’s about Hongki.”

“You knew something about Hongki, Wonbin?”

Yunho reached Jonghun’s phone upon hearing the news.


Everyone knew Yunho dislike Wonbin after what had happened in this house before. And everyone in the house knew where these going to be. Yunho will put fault on Wonbin. Because Yunho said many times before that Wonbin gave bad influences to Hongki.

“Hyung, I’m sure Wonbin knew where Hongki is”

Seunghyun said not knowing the stiffness around the living room.

“He is sure to know because he is the culprit of this mess”

“No! I’m sure Wonbin is just”

Jaejoong and Jaejin said in unison defending Wonbin.

“Shut up. Both of you. You, Jaejoong, I trust you to take care of Hongki but you can’t even afford to watch him for few days. How I am going to trust you after this?”

Yunho said furiously. Jaejoong start to cry.  Jaejoong knew Yunho only said that from anger but it really hurts hearing it by his loves one.

“I’m sorry. I should look after him but..”

“You should go home now Jaejoong. I don’t think I want to see you after this”

“Yunho, I’m sorry, but, you can’t do this to me”

“You should go home”


Seo Yun Ae made his way from the bottom floor to the top floor passing every staff and went straight to the director office. She was used to this company. She had worked here before as secretary. Her sudden appearance at the director, Jung Dong Hoon’s office, startled the secretary and wanted to stop her but only to be dismissed by the director himself.

“So, you’re home for good now?”

“If ‘that’ can made you tell me where my son is, yes.”

Seo Yun Ae made her way to the seat across Jung Dong Hoon, staring directly to her former lover.

“What makes you think I have anything to do with Hongki’s missing?”

Jung Dong Hoon speaks while his arm folded to his chest, smiling weakly, still trying to deny.

“That, seeing you again after these years, you still have a habit of being off guard with women, no, with me especially”

“You knew my habit, yet you left, married to another man and let him raised our child and left me again”

“Our child? Hongki?”

Yun Ae startled by Dong Hoon answer. She looked at Dong Hoon’s face, trying to find any other answer that can be related with his words before.

“Who else? We did have that night. And later, all I heard was you were expecting a baby Hongki”

“So, all these years you thought, Hongki was yours?”

Yun Ae simply cannot believe her ears. His former lover thought Hongki was his child. Yun Ae remembered when they were young back then. They were lover. Yun Ae was the beautiful secretary that Dong Hoon has always loved. They loved each other and wanted to get married but it was too late to tell Dong Hoon’s parents as Dong Hoon’s parents already arranged a wedding ceremony between Jung Dong Hoon and Kim Yu Jin. Yun Ae who heard the news from other staff, quits her job and went away, leaving Dong Hoon alone without words of goodbye.

After so many years separated, Yun Ae met Dong Hoon at a mall, with his hand holding a little boy’s hand, his wife next to him. While, Yun Ae was holding hands affectionately with his husband. Yun Ae’s husband, that is Hongki’s father, Lee Soo Il was a friend of Yunho’s mother, Kim Yu Jin. Knowing the fact of their partner are friends, they always met bringing little Yunho along. After they met, Yun Ae realised her love for Dong Hoon was still there, so is Dong Hoon who was cold towards his family but not to Yun Ae.

Yun Ae had seeing Dong Hoon behind his husband and yes, both are married couple. And both cheated to their partners. One night, Yun Ae fought with his husband because he wanted a child to carry his name, Yun Ae who married Soo Il because trying to forget Dong Hoon felt guilty about it and try her best to avoid having child without love. Yun Ae went out that same night, met Dong Hoon and later have with him. Yun Ae who was feeling guilty than ever towards Soo Il who love her like a princess, gave her body to his husband in that week too. A few months then, the doctor positively verified that Yun Ae is having a baby.

“If he is not, then, why you leave Korea?

Dong Hoon asked again after realising that Yun Ae was spacing out.

“I leave here because… I felt guilty. I cheated on the man who loves me most”

“I love you most”

“Yet, you married Kim Yu Jin instead”

“I have to. I told you my family force me for business”

“Listen here. Let’s put all our past behind us. Just tell me where are my son now?”


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