I think I just fall in love with a boy

Because I don't know how to love

Today was another day at school. The same day over and over again. It was a peaceful day indeed. But not to one boy in particular. He gets easily bored with his life. Everyone seems like the same. Doing everyday routine like the same. It was boring seeing everything the same. The boy who have the long brown hair always wish for miracle to happen. He wants something more to his dull life. Anything that can make him not to do the same routine for every each day. The boy look around him. His eyes wander around at the table next to him. He saw the girls was chitchatting endlessly. All he heard from the girls was 'how this boy looks, or how this boy will be with'. and then table in front of him was "you know I met him, I kissed him" . How shallow this girls are. Talking about boys and everything. He hate all this nonsense.

Lee Hong Ki have never fall in love or even likes someone truthfully. To this angelic-face boy, love is something that irrational. People do irrational thing when in love. and not to forget, lovers also act so cheesy that it disgust him. Thanks to his step brother who was in love with a man. A man not a ing woman ! His brother was never a gay but everything turns upside down when his brother met with this stupid teacher at that stupid Gweong-do school nearby. Hongki can’t say much about his brother relationship because he love his brother, Jung Yunho. Since Hongki parents divorced, his father met with Yunho's mother and they get married. They said they get married because of love. It disgust Hongki even more. Hongki father was so cheesy towards him and to Hongki surprise, his father can get along well with Yunho who was at first Hongki thought will be so manly and protective over his mother but it turns out Yunho was far even worse cheesy.

Hongki remembered when Yunho can’t sleep at night, his brother will sneaked into Hongki's room and hug Hongki like he was some comfy teddy bear. And Yunho wakes up in bad bruises at his back thanks to Hongki sleep's kick and Hongki was proud of it. Yet, Yunho still came to Hongki room to sleep with him. Lee Hong Ki can't do anything except to accept his brother’s weirdness. But Hongki knew his brother always wanted a little brother and that is how he show that to Hongki. At least, Yunho pamper Hongki. Those lot of pockets money, those lots of new clothes and everything. Yes, Yunho is indeed rich. Well, Yunho was the son of a big company. Yunho's father still acknowledged Yunho and want him to be his succescor, eventhough Yunho live with his mother.

Speaking of parents, Yunho's mother and Hongki's father was always out of town. Doing something cheesier and lovey-dovey everyday at another place. It bothers Hongki just to think of it. Well, now at home, only Hongki and Yunho. And Yunho take care of Hongki everyday's need. Except for cooking, Yunho was never a good chef. Yunho either will end up with a burning stove or a burning dish and they have to eat outside to manage their hungry stomach. But different with Hongki, he was a good chef. Hongki know how to cook. But he was either to lazy or just want to make his brother took his out to some fancy restaurant.


" HONGKI-BABY, come home early okay? I'm going to make some western dish tonight ! And I love you little brother ! Love you a lot ! kisses~ "

Before even Yunho going to say goodbye, Hongki hung up his call. If only his brother can act more manly.

"I hate my life for having dorky brother ! "

Hongki yelled through empty street. Hongki was in his way back to his home when suddenly he overheard someone voice so loud at the empty playground next to Hongki.

"Yah, we know you are rich, give us the money. And we will buy you a bit of chicken drumstick. How about that ? "

An ugly-faced boy yelled to a little boy while holding the little boy's collarbone. The ugly-faced boy somehow look like a leader in that 3 friends of him who was circling the helpless boy.

"I ate chicken drumstick last night. How about chicken bbq? I ate that few days ago. I miss that already. Buy me that"

To Hongki surprise, the helpless boy said without hesitation in his voice like he was never afraid by that group of gangster.

The other boy in that group who is slightly smaller than the leader speak up and formed a fist.

"You spoiled brat, who do you think you are?!"

As the fist was about to hit the boy, Hongki yelled from a near distance.

"Yah!, you should never bully others you know !"

"Well,well, who do we have here. "

The ugly face boy turns to Hongki and took steps towards Hongki. The ugly faced boy was about to say something rude but said something else that much to annoyed Hongki.

" Are you a girl or a boy?"

Hongki was annoyed by that question. It’s not that he never been asked about that multiple times, he just don’t want people mistaken him as a girl. He was manlier to be a girl. That was Hongki thought.

"I'm not a freakin’ girl, you ugly-faced"

Hongki spat those words to the ugly-faced gangster. The ugly-faced gangster friends was shock by those words start to gather around hongki and start to pull hongki hands,caught them and gave the leader to act.

"You are really brave to say that. Now let me see either you are girl or a boy but then I don't mind at all. Because your face already ."

The leader whisper into Hongki ears. Hongki eyes widen.

", let me go !"

Hongki shout as the boys tear Hongki school's uniform, exposing a little of Hongki milky skin. As the leader of the gangster boys start to Hongki's neck, a sudden high kick flew from nowhere.

"Like seriously,you are going to this girl at this playground? Are you mental or what? Luckily Minwhan told me earlier"

A boy with 180cm tall with ed school uniform that show his bare muscled chest come out of nowhere and staring at Hongki flesh. Hongki noticed that and inside of Hongki's heart, he felt something, a butterfly. Hongki blush when the handsome boy stare at Hongki's brown eyes. My hero, Hongki thought.

"Hyung! Its Oh Won Bin, Gweung-do school's gangster"

"I don't care who the is he, anyone who dare enough to meddle with my business going to take the punishment !"

With that, a fight start. The leader strike with a fist towards Wonbin's face and Wonbin evades it. Wonbin then kicks the leader's stomach and before even Wonbin manage to stand with two feet another kick hit the other two boys.  Wonbin who have blackbelt in taekwondo then shove a fist towards the leader and took the other two boys head and slammed it together. After 15 minutes the gangster boys ran away leaving Wonbin and Hongki behind. Wonbin pull out his school's jacket from his bag that lay beside Hongki from the start of the fight and gave to Hongki.

"Wear this, you look quite err- exposing there"

Yes, Hongki was exposing lots. His school shirt was torn apart. Revealing Hongki milky skin from neck to his shoulders almost to his chest. His flat chest. Wonbin suddenly aware of Hongki's flat chest.

"Wait ! you are a boy ?" Wonbin exclaimed loudly.

Hongki who was sitting down helplessly with Wonbin jacket covering him felt a heavy blush on his cheek. Hongki doesn't know why he have to blushed for this statement but he liked it. He liked it so much. He likes this boy so much. God, I just fall in love didn't I? Hongki silently thought.

"I am a boy, is there something wrong?" God, what am I saying? This is not making sense. I'm not gay but I can be for this one particular boy. Hongki thought.

"Nothing. Well, you are a boy. okay. bye then"

Wonbin went off.

Before Hongki even managed to speak Wonbin was out from the sight, leaving blushing Hongki behind.

"I think I just fall in love with a boy"

Hongki thought again, blushing even harder.

On the other situation, Wonbin was running towards someone that particularly on his mind.

"That chicken boy is soo deep in trouble! How the hell he can't even differentiate a girl in help with a boy in need. I need a girlfriend for god sake, not a ing boyfriend! He and his chicken will be so in trouble !"

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XiaUzuri #1
Chapter 11: i have just one word... wow :)
LeeHongki #2
Oooh was a wonderful story
I loved it very much
I will never forget
Thank you very much ^ ^
hehehee that was lovely <3 <3
hope to read more from you ^^
hope can read more story from you in the future dear author nim^^
eveitis #5
I'm really satisfied with the ending...
Everybody got their happiness..
Yunho is such a cutie...
Wish I had a brother like him... LOL
Nice job...
LeeHongki #6
Oooh Please, no no no
Let him know
Why does this-_-"fool
orchid #7
wa finally you re-up. Hope u update soon next chapter !!!
LeeHongki #8
Oh no please do not do
Please, be okay
Not died
Please do not
This is truly a very sad
an_lee #9
The princess finally admitted his love for tha prince.
Oh, Prince Jonghun,,, don't die.
Hhm for Yunho, get back to Joongie.
He ain't the 1 to blame.
Thx a lot for the writer. ^^