First Night, First Day as Husband and Wife

The Heir's Love Story

It was their first evening as husband and wife. The night was already old, it was already 11:30pm and the two of them were still fully awake watching encore episodes for her favorite cartoon show – Keroro Gunsho.

They’ve been watching the encore episodes of the said cartoon show for more than 2 hours already. She was intently engulfed by her favorite anime, but in his case he forced himself to like what they were watching because the atmosphere between them was really gauche.

If they go outside the room, giddy household workers would fancy them and especially the elders Grand Master Kim, Mr. and Mrs. Seo, and Head Butler Kang. There’s no way they can escape them so it is preferable to lock themselves inside his room. After all, it’s huge enough for the two of them.


Another hour has passed and the Keroro encore has finally ended.


Joo Hyun’s eyes were already heavy and she wanted to sleep. The thing is, there’s only one bedroom in his room and it’s all up to them whether they would share or he would give way to her and stay in the living room and sleep in the sofa. Either way the sofa or the king-sized bed is comfortable enough to sleep on.

“Go sleep inside my room.” As a gentleman he initiated to give way.

“No. You go, it’s your room. I’m going to sleep here in the sofa, it’s comfortable here.” She declined.

“No. You go there I’ll be the one to sleep here. It’s already late, we still have a class to catch up.”  He insisted.

Their wedding day was really off the calendar. It was a Thursday, and since there’s still Friday they still need to for to school the very next day.

‘Good job harabeoji!’he mocked his grandfather in his thoughts.

Whenever Jong-In insisted she cannot really help it but to abide, there’s something in his voice that made him a good commander, maybe an innate characteristic of a good leader – a quality of a real heir.

“If you insist.” She said as she walked inside the room.

Minutes have passed, it was already midnight but still he cannot find a way to make himself fall asleep. He does not even hear a single sound from his room indicating that the young lady must have been already in her dreamland.

He was able to brush his teeth for the second time that night, wash his face for the second time that night, and even do sit ups on the sofa, but all those things were not helping.

He then decided to take a peek of the young lady inside his bed room.

He’s right; she was already in dreamland hugging a life-sized Keroro toy in her arms which was the wedding gift she received from her three unnies just this afternoon.

‘Lucky you, you’re already able to sleep in my favorite bed.’he smiled seeing his wife deeply sleeping from the bed room door.

He wanted to take a closer look at his sleeping wife. As he stared at her intently, he remembered his past moments with her, from the day he transferred to her section, when professors intentionally paired them together in every subject, their arguments regarding the marriage, until the day they ran out of the restaurant and agreed to the marriage. It all began that semester, and his days were never a routine when she came.

"I guess grandfather's idea is not that bad after all." he thought.

“How’s your first night with Jong-In?” Yoona immediately asked as the three of the hovered around the maknae just before she entered the classroom.

“Unnies, let me put my bag on my seat first.” she tried to escape the intruder trio.

“It’s your first day going to school being Mrs. Kim and now you’re acting all secretive to your unnies?” Sooyoung held her backpack that was on her back.

“Sooyoung-unnie!” she shrieked. “I brought all my books with me, it’s heavy.”

“Yeah, I know. It’s obvious because you brought your backpack not your handbag maknae.” The shikshin countered as they let her pass and walk with her inside the room.

“So how was your first night together, Mrs. Kim?” Yuri asked the same question, but this time stressing the maknae’s new title.

“Don’t call me that unnie, it really sound weird you know.” She shot back feeling a little uncomfortable.

"Waeyo?" the doe-eyed girl protested.

"Yeah, what's so uncomfortable about it?" the shikshin wanted a valid reason of her not wanting to be called Mrs. Kim.

"Unnie, Jong-In and I... you know that we don’t really have that kind of relationship, right?"

Understanding what she meant the shikshin then let out an advice, "So that's what makes you feel uncomfortable. But don’t close your door for possibilities baby Hyun."

"Your Sooyoung-unnie is right, don’t close your door for possibilities." the tanned girl second emotion.

"Hey, are you my second voice? Get a hold of your own advice!" the shikshin started to heat up an argument with Yuri.

"Be thankful that I'm supporting you Soo!" then she shifted again to the maknae. "Maybe things aren't in their own place right now, but in time you two will get to know each other. That's for sure; you're gonna live as a part of his household, right? It's not just possibilities; consider it as probabilities, Hyun."

The doe-eyed girl suddenly held both of her hands and asked, "Hyun, I want an honest answer. Are you hoping that Jong-In would really love you?"

Her eyes were widened with the doe-eyed girl's question.

"B-Bwo?" she flinched, "What's up with that kind of question Yoongie?"

"I just wanna know so we'll know if it's right to support your marriage, or not. We just wanted to assure if you're really happy with the marriage." Yoona clarified her purpose.

"Well, of course at first not." she answered, and paused as she thinks of the appropriate words to utter for her next statement.


"And now what?" Sooyoung became impatient with her cliffhanger answer.

"W-well." she felt tensed as their conversation turns into an interrogation

"And - " the tanned girl bridged as she also gets impatient waiting for her answer.

She let out a deep sigh before answering them, "Of course who wouldn't"

"Finally!" Sooyoung exclaimed. "Maknae, you're as good as a diplomat when it comes to your words. But we're your unnies, we can convey you're real feelings. But please, learn to answer a close-ended question with a Yes or a No."

"Tell us truthfully, if you're developing feelings towards him." Yuri immediately asked a follow-up. If it is basketball, she would probably have the most assist points among them.


The question killed her mentally on the spot.

"Unnie, of course not!" she protested as her face blushed as red as a tomato.

"Omo! Omo! Omo!! Her face!" the doe-eyed girl turned into a choding the moment she sees how the maknae turned flustered red.

"Yul! You should have taken law instead of a medical course. You're too good!" Sooyoung high-fived with the tanned girl.

"Well, that's life." the tanned girl proudly declared.

And so, the serious heart-to-heart talk became a prank session once again.

Another few minutes passed, they’ve mentally tortured their youngest when Yoona noticed that Jong-In was not still around.

“Hey, what happened to your husband?” she asked.

“I think he slept really late, he was not really used to sleeping on the sofa in his room.”

“Huh? You two did not share the same bed? How lame.” Sooyoung commented as the three of them wondered.

“Well, I found him on the floor beside his bed where I slept; he was sleeping on his knees when I woke up this morning.” She explained.

“Why didn’t you let him sleep beside you?” Sooyoung asked as she started to shake the arm of the maknae as a protest.

“How would I know? I was sleeping unnie.” She defended herself.

“You’re really ruthless Hyun.” Yoona joked.

The door of the class swung open, it was Jong-In with dark bags under his eyes. Undeniably, he was not able to get a descent sleep.

“Speak of the devil, your husband!” Sooyoung pushed the maknae off her chair for her to welcome her husband.

“Unnie!” she protested.

“Go! Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go!” she shooed their youngest as the three of them went hyped expecting a sweet scene from the newlyweds.

“Aren’t we like watching Seobaby’s puppy love here?” Yuri elbowed he choding.

“Jong-In.” she called his name as she approaches him.

“I’m just on time.” He sighed in relied for thinking that he was already late for the first period while walking with his wife going to their seats.

“I told Butler Kang not to wake you up anymore.”

“Of course I have my own body clock silly. I cannot miss the first day of finals.” He reasoned out as he sat on his seat.

“But your eyes.” She suddenly raised his chin.

“What about it?

“Your baggies are too big and dark.”

The scene was epic; the trio was able to watch a short free chic-flick of the two as the whole class went giddy because of the morning scene of the newlywed.

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Chapter 16: this chapter is sooooo sweet. kai really has a soft spot to maknae hyun!
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Chapter 7: nice butler kang!
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im gonna try to binge read this!
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youre hot and im cold
Chapter 15: One of my favorite authors (insanegirl)recommend this story to me and I'm still reading it but I already love it and I'm hooked.
Congratulations!!!! And here I go back to reading your story. ;)
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Chapter 74: I'm just really curious wether are u a doctor or what cause u surely knows a lot about medication..just curious
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aww there are a lot of EXO fans like us
I have been long out of the aff world and wasnt able to monitor that this story has been featured. Im really honored. :) and thank you for reading my story dear readers. :)

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