The Crown Prince

Living with the Royalties

Author's POV


Kim Nana gathered herself up and took a deep breath. *I must control. Control. Control!* She must not let this matter get into her. The fact that there are a lot of jerks in the whole wide world calmed her down a little. The classroom's hallway was already empty and the first bell had just rung. 

"Are you Nana? Kim Nana?" somebody asked her. Nana twirled around.

"Yes, I am." Nana replied.

"Great! I'm your homeroom teacher, Ms Lee." Ms Lee smiled, shaking her hand. "Let's get into the classroom shall we?" 

She released her hand and went into the classroom. Nana trailed behind her.

Nana's heart started pumping. *Do I look ok? Is my hair neat?* She adjusted her skirt one last time before stepping on the podium where she'll have to introduce herself to the class. 

"Class, we have a new transfer student today, please welcome Kim Nana-ssi," Ms Lee announced. 

Nana took a deep breath and looked up. The classroom is humongous. Not like there's a lot of people inside, it's just the size. The table itself is huge enough. There's even glass windows where students can see outside the surroundings. Her eyeballs nearly dropped out of her eyes. 

"Nana-ssi, if you're ready you can start introducing yourself." Ms Lee said.

Nana cleared and diverted her attention towards the class. Now, she's scanning the faces of her homeroom classmates. 

Her breath caught . 

Right at the end of the classroom, that jerk is there. His hair fall neatly over his forehead, and those dazzling eyes which seemed to have silvery lights sparkling in it. 

*Oh my god, why do I have to be in the same class as him?! Fml fml fml!*

"Hey, if you're not going to start talking, then don't stand there like a fool," Baekhyun called. 

"Yeah, get out there and let Ms Lee talk," another guy shouted. Nana looked over to the guy. He had the sharpest nose ever. Not really that sharp but very pretty. 

Nana could feel her anger climbing up again. "I was about to say something but that jerk over there interrupted me. So, I'm Kim Nana. Sixteen years old. That's all, thanks," Nana stated.

The class was quiet until Ms Lee broke the silence. "Nana-ssi, you can take the empty table back there," Nana found her place and realised she was sitting beside that jerkpoop and the sharp nose guy. Best combination ever. *Such luck I have* 

Nana walked towards her seat, trying to avoid as much eye contact from any of their eyes. She walked down the aisle, she could feel the students heavy gaze on her, especially that jerkpoop. *WHYYY MUST I SIT WITH HIM, I SHALL HATE HOMEROOM FOREVER*

Once she reached her table, she place her chair all the way to the other end of the table and settled down. 

"Hey, I'm Sehun. Nice to meet you," Sehun held out his hand, waiting for Nana to shake it. *well, that is weird, thought he hated me*

"Hi, Sehun-ssi" Nana shook his hand. He let go of her hand and smiled. "Next time can you not be so rude to my hyung? He's kinda sensitive,"

"You mean that jerkpoop? No way, he was rude to me first," 

"Oh well, he's ..." Sehun mumbled something that Nana couldn't catch fast enough. 

"What, can you repeat that? I can't hear you." Nana said.

*I think I better not reveal to her yet, later hyung will murder me!* Sehun thought. "Uhm, nothing. Nothing."

"So, who's that jerkpoop? I mean, what's his name? Why is her so jerky?" 

"He? He's kinda hard to explain." Sehun thought of something good. "You can call him Bacon for the time being. He likes that name. A lot." Sehun winked. In his heart, he was laughing his off. *Imagine her calling the high and mighty Crown Prince Baekhyun, Bacon. Hahahaha!!*

"Oh, Bacon huh."


Nana met up with Jieun after her horrible homeroom period. 

"How's your class? Nice classmates?" Jieun asked. 

"No, none. I even met some no manners jerks. Amazing right?" 


"Some guy named Bacon. Seriously, what kind of name is that? Is he edible?!" Nana complained.

"Bacon? There is such guy in your class? I never heard of him before..." 

"If you ever get to associate with that kind of guy, might as well go and bang the wall." Nana sighed. It was only her first day of school!



"And yeah, she called you a jerkpoop," Sehun said, rather happily. 

"SHE WHAT?!" the other four boys yelled, alarmed. 

"Who is she to call hyung a jerkpoop, don't she know that he's the Crown Prince?" D.O exclaimed. "I will slap her when I see her around!" The other boys agree except for Baekhyun and Sehun.

"No, she's rather interesting, I want to play with her." Baekhyun sipped his coffee. The other five Royals stopped their chattering and listened to Baekhyun. "Spread the news to the whole school; from now on, nobody should reveal that I'm the Crown Prince. I shall be some chaebol or something."

"Are you serious, hyung?" Kai said.

"Yes. Well, she's the first girl I've ever met to be so rude to me. I need to punish her." *She's actually kind of pretty too.* Baekhyun thought, but did not dare to say. "Come on guys, let's attend our next class. I don't want her to catch us in the Royal room, if not my plan had failed."

The five Princes all drank their drink, thinking whether this might be a disaster. 


Nana's POV


Ok, why the hell is in the same math class as me again? WHYYY! I stood at the coridoor, dumbfounded.

"Nana-ssi, please take a seat at the back of the class, beside the Crow- I mean Baekhyun-ssi" Mr Cha cleared his throat, like he was scared or something. 

And wow, his name is really 'Bacon'. And I MUST SIT BESIDE HIM AGAIN. NUUUUUUU.

"So, we meet again huh, ahjumma?" he smirked as I sat in my seat. 

What?! ahjumma? Is this food crazy? 

"What did you just call me you stupid Bacon?!" I snapped.

"Bacon? You called me a bacon?" he yelled. Oh look, pretty boy just got angry. Bacon stood up, causing a the whole class to stare at him. Or maybe us.

"Isn't that your name? And you called me and ahjumma." This time I was also standing, the whole class went extremely silent. "And you haven't apologise to me after you pushed me to the ground, you jerkface."

"How dare you call me that?" he seethed. "Do you know who am I?"

"How would I know. I only know you're a big, fat JERK!" 


 Sharp pain shot through my neck and the last thing I could see was Bacon's shocked eyes before the whole world blacked out.


Will upload the next chapter later~ 

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