The accident

Come Back To Me

Hyukjae stared at Donghae's face as they all rushing to the emergency room. He wished so hard that Donghae would open his eyes. But they were shut so tight. Hyukjae held his hand, calling his name as tears rolled down his cheek.

Hae, please..Stay with me, Hae! Please stay with me.. 


If this is a nightmare, I really need to wake up.

I can't lose him this way. I can't lose him...


---- *Flashback* ----

The engine of that fancy white sport car was roaring, breaking the silent of the night, cruising the highway with high speed. It was 15 minutes pass midnight. The man behind the wheel kept gazing at his watch. He needed to be somewhere else tonight, yet he was still on the road racing with the time.

There was that phone call again. It has been ringing for many times that he lost count. But this time he decided to answer. He pushed the button on The bluetooth on his right ear and started to talk.

"Hyukjae.." He answered. " I'll be there in 5. Stop calling me. I'm driving."

Long pause.

"Yeah I know I know program ended 45 minutes ago. Yeah I get it! I get it! I'm sorry! Kinda lost the time." He answered apologetically. " I'll be there, just don't move. Is Teukkie hyung with you? Is he mad too? Aish!! Don't mad at me! I'm taking you both for snack tonight. Hyung and you. Just don't mad at me, ok?"

He drove faster, shifting the gear smoothly and step on the gas. Making his car looked like flying, slickly passed all the cars that it encountered with.

 Intersection dead ahead, but he was not slowing down.

"Hyukjae, I have to go. I'm almost there, just a couple of block from Sukira. I can't concentrate if you keep nagging.. What? No! I'm not speeding. It's just 60km/hour. No need to worry." He gazed at the speedometer  in front of him. 120km/hour. He grinned, knowing how Hyukjae would go crazy if he knew he was speeding.

The traffic light hit green so he maintained the speed, there were no intention to slowing down.

"Don't worry! You're worry too much just like my mom! I'm not gonna.... Oh My GOD!!! Hyuuukkkk!!!!"

He gasped and hit the break as fast as he could. The traffic light was green for him to continue, but suddenly there was a car passing from the right side, violating the red light. That car supposed to stop. But it didn't.

He stepped on the break. The tire scratching the road badly, leaving a black mark on the street as the driver trying so hard to stop. But for all the effort, it was too late. His car was out of control. The driver screamed in agony as his car collided with the trespassing car .

The crash must be real hard that Hyukjae could hear everything on the phone. The scream, the tire, the crash, the shattered glass. His heart stopped beating.

"Yaah! Donghae!! Donghae!!" He screamed to the phone. But no one answered. "What happen? Donghae!! Answer me!!"

What the hell? He thought. He threw his mobile phone to the ground and started running. Donghae told him that he was just a couple of block from where Hyukjae was. So he was going to look for him.  He didn't even care when Leeteuk called his name in confusion. He too then flew behind Hyukjae.

Hyukjae stop at the intersection and turned his head around looking for a hint. Then far ahead on his right side he saw a smoke gliding up to the sky.

The burning car. Could it be?

"What happened?"Leeteuk panting, trying hard to catch his breath. "What happen? Why are you running like that?!"

"No! No! No! DONGHAE! No!" He started to run again and left Leeteuk once again.

Leeteuk saw the burning car far ahead and again he flew behind hyukjae.

Hyukjae's feet weaken as he reached the crash scene. His heart pounding so fast.  People already gathered around the crashing cars. Hyukjae pushed all the people aside, he needed to reached the car and find donghae. The car was burning real bad. But he still recognized the car, the left of it to be exact. White Audi A5. It was donghae's alright. Hyukjae fell on his knees.

"No.. ! Donghae.." He cried. His heart ached so bad. He couldn't breath properly. His lung was longing for air but he couldn't breathe. But then his eyes caught a body far on the sidewalk. That light brown hair that looked like a flame. He recognize it.


He got up and start running again. His knees getting weak that he fell few times on his attempt to reach Donghae. It was really Donghae. Lying on the sidewalk, lifeless. His face covered with so much blood. His t-shirt and jeans torn  here and there.

Hyukjae  kneeled down and cupped donghae's face and called out his name in agony.

"Sir, please don't do that. Ambulance is on the way. You will make his injury become worse." Said a police officer. He was holding Hyukjae's shoulder and tried to stop hyukjae from being hysterical.

"Donghae-ah! Wake up! Hae-ah..!" Hyukjae hold Donghae's hand and started to cry. "What happened?" He asked the police officer beside him.

"A car did not stop when the light turn red and hit his car, sir. " The police answer. " Do you know this man, sir?"

Do hyukjae know the man? Damn right!  He was his best friend for the whole world. He was the one who always there for him, all the ups and down. His soul mate.

Hyukjae nodded. "Lee Donghae, his name is Lee Donghae. Where's the ambulance? What took them so long to get here? Please save him!!"

Hyukjae's chest felt so painful. He stared at donghae's face  and hoping real bad that he would just open up his eyes and said that he was ok.

Hyukjae couldn't think clearly. He just sat beside donghae, holding his hand, calling out his name. Just a few minutes ago he was talking to him on the phone. He sounded so cheerful and alive. The reality before him right now was breaking him apart.

All of Sudden he felt guilty. If he hadn't keep calling, maybe donghae wouldn't drive crazily. Hyukjae  knew exactly how bad donghae's  driving skill was.

"Hyukjae, let him go. Let the medic work." Said Leeteuk, grabbing Hyukjae's shoulders and drag him away. "He'll be fine. He'll be fine.."

Hyukjae fell to the ground. His knees weaken. His whole body lost its power. Leeteuk caught his body before hitting the ground. Both of them were on their knees. Leeteuk hold his dongsaeng and tried to calm him down.

"Hyukjae, Hae needs you to be strong. Please be strong." Leeteuk said. "He'll be fine. Hae is a fighter. He won't give up."

"How can you say that, hyung? Look at him!" Hyukjae shouted between his sob. He tried to break free from Leeteuk's arm but he had no power at all. "Don't leave me, hae-ah! Oh God.. Please!! What should I do, hyung?!"

"Get yourself together, Lee Hyukjae!" This time leeteuk shouted. "Be strong for Donghae! Come on, The ambulance is leaving. Let's go! Come on!"

Leeteuk helped hyukjae up. He must've been in shock that he couldn't think of anything. Hyukjae took a glance at his surrounding. The crowd muttering, but yet he barely couldn't hear anything. There was silence inside his head. He felt numb. He even didn't realize that leeteuk took him to ride with the ambulance. He just muted and just looked at donghae in horror.

Leeteuk tapped his shoulder a bit hard to take him back into reality.

"Hyung.." He turned to face leeteuk. "He's going to be fine, right hyung? He is, right hyung? It was my fault, if only..."

Leeteuk squeezed his hand and tried to comfort him. He held back his own tears and forced a smile. But then his barricade broke down when the paramedic trying to revived him back.

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Chapter 8: I fuking cry for this fanfic eventho its the two times i read T^T
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Chapter 34: Finished this in one go. So intense and beautiful. It really felt real. Thanks for this
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