Chapter 8






Baekhyun’s phone wakes him up bright and early the next day. With bleary eyes he checks the time. It’s not even 7 AM. The only person who would ever text him that early is Chanyeol.

Baekhyun sits up abruptly. Chanyeol.

He makes a grab for his phone, but of course he knocks it off his nightstand and straight to the floor. Groaning, he rolls out of bed and picks it up.

But it’s not Chanyeol.

Baekhyun feels his spirits dim, but they immediately perk back up when he sees the ‘Jonghyun!!♡ ‘ lighting up the screen.

Baekhyun really wants to know what's so important that Kim Jonghyun is texting him at 7 in the ing morning.

baekhyun-ah~ my grandma is sick so we’re going up to visit her. i’ll be gone for about a week so no tutoring but my mom won’t be there so you’ll be alright!!!! haha. i had fun last night. text me so i don’t die from boredom!! ;)

Well, Baekhyun thinks. Isn’t that lovely. He’s going to miss staring at his beautiful face and all, but really. He couldn’t have waited until a reasonable hour?

Now grumpier than ever, Baekhyun crawls back into bed and sleeps until noon.




“Hi,” Chanyeol says, first thing on Monday morning. He’s waiting at Baekhyun’s locker. Just like he used to.

“Hi,” Baekhyun replied, unable to keep the smile from his face. “Are you—“

“I’m sorry,” Chanyeol says immediately. “I did a lot of thinking, and I’m sorry. Let’s just go back to being best friends now, okay?”

“Uhm,” Baekhyun doesn’t really know what to say. They’re back to normal, just like that? “Okay,” is what he settles for.

“You saw your Physics homework right?” Chanyeol asks, scratching his ear.

“Yeah,” Baekhyun chuckles. “Thanks, but Yeol…”

Chanyeol’s eyes light up at his nickname. “Yeah?”

“You’re sure you’re okay? I mean… I did a lot of thinking, too. And if you think, well… I don’t know. Just… you know you can tell me everything, right?”

Chanyeol sort of freezes. He blinks and swallows harshly. He opens up his mouth and Baekhyun’s eyebrows raise as he tries to stammer something out.


Suddenly, Chanyeol snaps back. “What?”

“What was that?”

“What was what?” Chanyeol asks innocently as he pulls out a piece of gum and pops it in his mouth. He chews it not so quietly as he pats Baekhyun on the head. “See you later, okay?”

At least things are back to normal, Baekhyun thinks. Or as normal as they can be when Park Chanyeol is involved.



As Baekhyun is exiting math class (the substitute let them have a free hour and he almost cried in happiness), he runs into Taemin. It’s weird that he’s running into him now, since he leaves class the same time every day and he hasn’t ever seen the second year around here before.

“Oh! Hi, hyung,” Taemin smiles, in a way that makes Baekhyun think Taemin ran into him completely on purpose. “Friday night was really fun, huh?”

Sort of confused, Baekhyun nods. “Yeah, Taemin, what—“

“You and Jonghyun hyung look really nice together,” Taemin continues, like Baekhyun never even said anything.

“Uhm, thanks but, I don’t think he likes me like that,” Baekhyun stutters, his cheeks flushing red and his heartbeat accelerating at the very thought.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Taemin looks around innocently. “I may or may not have heard that he does like you. A lot.”

Baekhyun drops his math book. It makes a huge bang and the sound echoes through the hall. People stop immediately and shoot looks his way. Taemin is snickering behind his hand, but Baekhyun can’t really give a because

Kim. Jonghyun.Likes. Him.

He leans against the wall, gaping like a fish. Someone so perfect, so unattainable, likes him? After he’d had a crush on him for so long…

Then, it’s almost like someone pushed him into a freezing cold lake, the way he snaps back to reality. Kim Jonghyun likes him. That means… he’ll want to be his boyfriend. And boyfriends eventually… have .

And that brings Baekhyun back to his initial problem.

It’s dire now. He absolutely refuses to do anything with Kim Jonghyun until he loses his ity.

And Jonghyun is gone. So he’s got a week.



Baekhyun skips choir in favor of hiding in the boy’s bathroom. Here he was, thinking today was going to be great. He made up with Chanyeol and Mrs. Kim wasn’t there to harass him in Pre-Calc like usual. But then Taemin had to go drop that bomb on him and now… Baekhyun couldn’t even function.

The door opens and Baekhyun tries his hardest to quiet his crazy breathing. Currently, he’s curled up in the handicapped bathroom, but he knows a lot of people come in here to do… other things, and he really hopes whoever is in here with him isn’t one of those people.

He can see the shoes approach the door and Baekhyun gulps, really cursing his awful luck. The person then bangs on the door, making him jump and let out the smallest of whimpers.

“Yah, I know someone’s in here,” the voice commands, and Baekhyun instantly thinks I know that voice.

Uhm… Kibum?” Baekhyun says, cautiously unlocking the door. Lo and behold, there he is, Kim Kibum in all of his terrifying glory.

“Oh,” Kibum says flatly, looking like a kid who just opened his Christmas presents only to find socks and underwear. “Baekhyun.”

“Kibum, you have to help me, please,” Baekhyun pleads, trying to make his distress evident on his face. He knows he’ll have to do more than that, though, for Kibum to care at all.

“What’s wrong?” Kibum asks, clearly rhetorically. He folds his arms and leans against the stall door. “Found out lover boy wasn’t going to be here and couldn’t contain your feelings of absolute despair?”

“What?” Baekhyun scoffs. “No. Though… it is about Jonghyun. Sort of.”

Kibum rolls his eyes and lets himself into the stall, locking the door behind him. He takes the nearest object, Baekhyun’s jacket, and places it underneath him so he can sit on the floor. Baekhyun bites his tongue, because he knows if anyone can help him, it’s this guy.

“I should have figured as much,” Kibum sighs. “So what’s the deal?”

“Well,” Baekhyun begins awkwardly. “You might have heard that... he likes me.”

Kibum looks over at him boredly. “Yeah, I heard. And…?”

“And… uhm…” Baekhyun bites his lip, not too sure he wants to disclose something like this to someone who A) he doesn’t know all that well and B) doesn’t really like him all that much. “I have this problem.”

“Oh,” Kibum suddenly has a smile on his face. It’s sinister, like the kind evil villians have. “You mean the way you blueball everyone?”

Baekhyun sputters, banging his head on the hard tile wall in the process. “W-what? How did you—“

Kibum is outright laughing now. “My friend. You dated him like, two years ago. Trust me, he didn’t leave anything out.”

“Oh, my god,” Baekhyun whines. “So you know, then. I can't help it, I just really can’t bring myself to do it, but I need to do it, and Jonghyun and… oh, my god.”

“I don’t see what the big deal is,” Kibum starts to say, but then he cuts himself off. His cat-like eyes get a sudden twinkle in them that clearly can’t mean anything good. “Actually, I just got the best idea.”

Baekhyun leans forward carefully. He’s not sure whether to be scared or interested.

“So all the signs point to Kim Jonghyun becoming your boyfriend in the near future, am I right?”

Slowly, Baekhyun nods, the words Jonghyun and boyfriend still making his heart beat rapidly.

“But before you do that, you want to lose it, right?”

“Yes!” Baekhyun shouts, a little too eagerly. “Stop it with all the questions and just tell me!”

“Okay, okay. God, you’re pushy,” Kibum snaps. “The solution is simple. Sleep with someone else. It’s as easy as that.”

“But—“ Baekhyun begins. Did Kibum not hear anything he just said.

“Let me finish,” he says, holding up his hand. “Someone else, who’s not gonna make fun of you. You know, someone that just doesn’t care.”

“What…” Baekhyun says slowly. “Like a e?”

“Yeah, I guess that could work!” Kibum snorts, laughing again. “But I meant your friend, the dorky one that you have like… blood ties with.”

“Chanyeol?” Baekhyun asks, but his voice goes all high pitched, like the idea is just incredulous. Which it is.

Kibum nods. “Yeah, I mean… I don’t see the problem.”

“Uhm, I do,” Baekhyun says harshly. “I can’t do that with Chanyeol. Ever. That’s like… sleeping with my brother.”

“No, it’s not and you know it,” Kibum says. “If you really want to do it that badly, you would.”

“What, are you trying to pressure me into it?” Baekhyun says smartly. “Because that’s not cool.”

“Oh, my god,” Kibum covers his eyes with his hands like dealing with Baekhyun is some great pain. “You asked for help. This is the simplest, not to mention most obvious solution. If you’re worried about be all weird and awkward, which everyone’s first time is by the way, he’s your guy. I can’t give you much other advice than that.”

Chanyeol, though? As he lets the idea sink in, it really does start to make sense. Actually, it makes a lot of sense. Baekhyun doesn’t trust anyone in the world more than Chanyeol. He knows is supposed to be some passionate, mind-blowing event, but he just needs to get it out of the way. So it wouldn’t even really count right?

And even more, Chanyeol would probably, maybe even agree. They’ve done weird things like this before, things that most best friends normally wouldn’t do.  Nothing too weird, he doesn’t think, though maybe that time Chanyeol had to help him throw up when he swallowed a coin was cutting it pretty close.

Kibum is looking at him, like he’s waiting for him to make his decision. Baekhyun doesn’t really think he cares though.

“I think… I will,” Baekhyun says, still not sure. “I mean, I’ll try. It’s like friends with benefits, right? Yeah… like that.”

“Sure,” Kibum smirks. “If it helps you to think of it like that, sure. It’s no big deal, I promise. Do this, and making Jonghyun your boyfriend is inevitable.”

“Because I’m sure he’s really experienced, right?” Baekhyun asks fretfully.

“Oh, yeah,” Kibum says. “Totally.”

Baekhyun is too busy freaking out, he doesn’t notice the wide grin over come Kibum’s face, or that the sinister twinkle is back in full force.

“Thanks, really,” Baekhyun mumbles, still lost in his own little world. Kibum just shrugs and gets up, handing Baekhyun his now dirty jacket.

“Eh, whatever,” Kibum says, slipping out the door. “I live for this stupid stuff. Good luck with your… endevours.”

Baekhyun just nods, a million miles away. He’s thinking about this whole process, and how you ask someone to actually have with you.

He doesn’t think there’s a Hallmark card for this sort of occasion. 





remember how i said this was supposed to be a oneshot?

well yeah. the one shot was supposed to start right around here. i just gave it 6 JILLION BACKGROUND CHAPTERS BECAUSE IM A LOSER. 

this is over half way done btw. it wasn't ever supposed to be this long.

and -sobz- i never meant to make key evil. WAEEE.


so i told you guys i was going to doing another baekyeol next. and i am. but i found one of my old stories today and Afkdgjdg it fits exo soooo perfectly. so here's the deal. i'd like to know WHO you guys would want in the story. it's probably going to center around KAI because if writing this story has given me anything, it's rekindling my long lost love for kai. so, which pairing would you want? (there will be two, that's all i'm saying)

-kai and sehun?

-kai and do?

kai and suho?

kai and luhan?


also, my next stories will NOT be this crazy lol. i'm actually going to take my time writing them and betaing them because like i said, with this one it was gonna be a oneshot and i just kept on updating and updating because i wanted to get to the good stuff. lol. AND NOW FINALLY. WE HAVE REACHED THE GOOD STUFF. 

so yes. long author's note is long. i'm sorry. -_- i hope you all enjoyed and i hope you know your comments really really always make my day. you guys are the best. i love each and every one of you. 

as always, you can talk to me on tumblr (HI HERE CLICK ME) i'm really loving talking to you guys. -le emotional-


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