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Nothing really could have prepared Baekhyun for dating Park Chanyeol. Well, not really dating, but they are dating, technically. Baekhyun still believes in the whole ‘no boyfriends’ thing, and Chanyeol goes along with it, for the most part. He slips up sometimes, addressing Baekhyun as his boyfriend “on accident”. Baekhyun figures he’ll let him get away with it.


Chanyeol really likes public displays of affection.  Not like making out in the hallways or anything like that. As a matter of fact, he still goes red when Baekhyun puts his hand on his thigh under the lunch table. But he just likes… touching Baekhyun. Running his fingers up and down his spine while he waits for Baekhyun to finish up at his locker. Interlocking their fingers when they’re studying together in the library (well, Chanyeol studies. Baekhyun reads manhwa).


Baekhyun sees the looks. He knows Chanyeol does, too. Kai always jokes that Chanyeol will punch them in the face if they say anything to his face. No one ever really laughs.


Baekhyun doesn’t care. them all, he thinks. He’s more happy than he’s ever been, and he’ll be damned if he lets a few gossiping girls (plus Kim Kibum) ruin it for him.


The time they spend outside of school is by far the best. Chanyeol still may be the clumsy, gangly giant that he’s always been, but Baekhyun can’t deny that sometimes,  Chanyeol is, well… hot.


Like when he gets all sweaty from too many hours of nonstop video games, and shrugs off his hoodie to reveal his tank top underneath, and then all that lovely pale skin is just there, Baekhyun can’t help but get a little hot under the collar. Or when Chanyeol wants to cuddle (because god ing dammit, the guy really likes to cuddle) and he’s all warm and his hinted muscles are flexing as he wraps his arms around the smaller boy… yeah. Baekhyun really likes that, too.


The kid is still a derp, though. There’s not really anything that can be done about that. Baekhyun wouldn’t have it any other way, though. Chanyeol is the perfect combination of painfully awkward and unknowingly y and it’s a weird mixture, but that’s what makes his best friend so undeniably him.


Chanyeol’s birthday is coming up. A while ago, Baekhyun set aside a few ideas for totally epic gifts, but he figures now that they kiss… and stuff, he should maybe rethink the whole thing. Chanyeol isn’t hard to buy gifts for at all. He appreciates literally anything he gets. But Baekhyun doesn’t think that his old run-of-the-mill giant bag of assorted sweets will get him by this year.


He’s got an idea, but… it’s stupid. Chanyeol hasn’t really shown any signs of wanting to do that since they, well… did that the last time. Baekhyun, however, keeps on finding himself really wanting to do that, but he knows it’s not the brightest idea since the last time that happened, it practically ruined everybody’s lives. But Baekhyun’s always known that he’s never been the brightest, so he ignores the little warning voice in his head and decides it, he’s gonna do this.


Chanyeol actually has a party this year though. It’s small, but it’s a party nonetheless. He’s never had one, to Baekhyun’s knowledge. Well, he’s had them, but it was just dinner with his family, a few presents, and a sleepover, Baekhyun being the only one invited. This is the closest Chanyeol’s come to having what Baekhyun terms a ‘real party’, with smuggled alcohol and lots of disgustingly greasy pizza. Baekhyun’s kindly opened up his home, since his mother’s at work and Chanyeol’s parents would never let their precious son come within miles of something so unhealthy as Pizza King (the alcohol though, they’re strangely okay with).


Kai is the best drunk ever, Baekhyun decides. He’s on the couch, constantly harassing Chanyeol’s sort of friend/fellow science geek Kyungsoo, who looks very, very uncomfortable. Chanyeol, who acts drunk half the time anyways, is surprisingly sober. Everyone’s trying to coax him into drinking the good stuff (which is just cheap vodka from the shady liquor store, aka, not very good stuff), but he keeps on declining, gleefully telling everyone that watching them makes asses out of themselves is ten times more fun.


Baekhyun drinks a little bit, just enough to get him buzzed. Because he thinks he’ll need a little buzz to go through with tonight. He’s much too distracted by Sehun and Jongdae’s impromptu drunken noraebang session. Sehun sounds like a dying frog next to Jongdae, but Minseok is cheering him on from the couch like a madman. Every bounce sends Kai into the increasingly panicking Kyungsoo.


Of course, while everyone else is entranced by the drunken idiots parading around in front of the TV, Baekhyun chances a kiss to the corner of Chanyeol’s mouth. “Happy birthday,” he says lowly, wringing his hands together and mentally slapping himself for what he’s about to do. “Do you, uh… want to stay the night?”


Chanyeol’s eyes widen and his jaw unhinges a little before a creepy smile overtakes his face. “Why yes,” he says greasily. “Yes I do.”


“Yah,” Baekhyun pushes him away, his cheeks flaming. “Don’t be greasy.”


“Cause that’s your job, right?” Chanyeol says, reaching out with his long arms and pulling Baekhyun in for a captive hug.


“Yah,” Baekhyun says again, weaker this time, though it’s muffled in the fabric of Chanyeol’s sweater.


“Hey yo, quit making out and come sing!” Kai hoots from the couch. Kyungsoo has his knees pulled up to his chest now, looking like he wants to disappear.


Baekhyun wants to flip him off and say mean things but he doesn’t even have to, because Kai’s attention is quickly stolen by Kyungsoo (again) as the boy timidly steps up to sing.


They sing round after round of noraebang early into the morning. Minseok, who’s really a lightweight even though he’s the oldest, passes out first, under the dining room table no less. One by one they drop until it’s just Baekhyun and Chanyeol. Kyungsoo’s probably going to be scarred for life when he wakes up to find a very clingy Kim Jongin cuddling into his side.


They sneak up into his room, and Baekhyun is hit with an eerie sense of de ja vu. Chanyeol’s been up in his room since they did that, but it’s always been to chill and watch movies, and maybe make out a little bit, but never that. Baekhyun doesn’t even know why he’s nervous. He’s done it before so he knows what to expect and he’s doing it with Chanyeol, his best friend who he kisses and stuff and really, really loves so he really has no reason to be.


Chanyeol’s not nervous at all, apparently. Baekhyun, honestly, should have expected that. He’s a really eager learner when it comes to everything, and Baekhyun and kissing and touching and stuff is no exception. Baekhyun is positive that Chanyeol has found all his little spots by now and it’s no fair because Baekhyun’s only found one of his.


It’s not as hesitant this time, as Chanyeol scoops Baekhyun up into his arms. It’s a whole new kind of awkward. Instead of fumbling shyly, they’re both over eager now. Baekhyun feels most of his anxiety dissipate as Chanyeol covers his lips with his own. Chanyeol drops him none too gently on the bed before quickly tugging his sweater over his head. The body that Baekhyun has grown to really, really adore is exposed to him and it’s all he can do not to reach out and touch the pale skin that he knows will be lovely and warm.


Chanyeol tickles the bottom of Baekhyun’s bare foot as he leans onto the bed. Baekhyun playfully kicks him in the shoulder. For some reason, Chanyeol likes doing weird things when they’re getting all lovey dovey. Baekhyun accepts it as just another Chanyeol thing (and he secretly likes it anyways). Chanyeol puts his large warm hands on Baekhyun’s stomach as he covers his neck with those over eager kisses. The contrast between his rough hands and soft lips has Baekhyun’s toes curling already.


Baekhyun’s hands join Chanyeol’s on his stomach, hopefully sending the signal that he wants his shirt off, like… now. Chanyeol breaks away and his lips before sliding Baekhyun’s shirt off, his fingertips gliding up his sides on the way. Baekhyun feels like he’s about to have a brain aneurysm from how legit y Chanyeol is right now but it all comes crashing down when his shirt gets stuck on his head.


Of course.


Baekhyun grunts in displeasure as Chanyeol yanks it off after a particularly hard tug. He knows his hair is sticking straight up and he half expects Chanyeol to start laughing any second but he’s surprised when all the boy does is smooth his hair down before kissing him again.


He must really want to get laid tonight, too.


Chanyeol’s breathing starts to pick up and he breaks the kiss with a gasp. He’s always the first to get a little overheated and Baekhyun thinks it’s cute (and as long as they don’t have a repeat of last time, they’ll be good). Chanyeol’s harsh breaths hit his face as he runs his nose along his cheek before he reaches his ear.


“I love you,” he breathes and it sends jolts of everything, everywhere. Baekhyun whispers the same, already feeling the dull thrum of pleasure settle low in his stomach. He’s completely forgotten what it’s felt like to do this and it feels good and he just wants to do it, now.


He puts his hands on Chanyeol’s face and commands his lips back to his own. When he knows Chanyeol’s not going to pull away, his hands set to work and go down, down, down, tracing over the boy’s collarbones, brushing his sensitive chest, dipping into his belly button and settling on his belt. Every inch that his fingers go down, the harder Chanyeol kisses him. Baekhyun can’t help but smile in glee as Chanyeol moans lightly into his mouth when he brushes the only sensitive spot he knows; right under his belly button.


As Baekhyun fiddles with Chanyeol’s belt, the taller boy seems to get the hint and sets to work on Baekhyun’s belt as well. It’s a weird flurry of hands for a minute before Chanyeol whips the belt from its belt loops. Baekhyun’s eyes widen. Why is Chanyeol better at this than he is?


Baekhyun finally gets the belt off, but his hands are quickly brushed away. Chanyeol starts tracing his kisses down to his neck again, paying extra attention to the numerous spots that make Baekhyun arch against him. His lips start to follow the same path that Baekhyun’s fingers did, only he takes extra time to place a lingering kiss right over Baekhyun’s rapidly beating heart.


Chanyeol’s sappy like that sometimes.


But Baekhyun loves it.


Chanyeol also really likes Baekhyun’s hipbones, for some strange reason that only the weirdo himself knows. When Chanyeol hugs him from behind, his fingers always goes to his hipbones, tracing them up and down. At first Baekhyun thought it was weird and would squirm away, but now the only weird thing is when he doesn’t do it.


Chanyeol takes his time, presses careful kisses to each inch of the bone, before switching to the other one. Baekhyun lifts his hips and tugs at Chanyeol’s hair lightly, letting him know that it’s time to pick up and move on, but then he feels a sharp pain on his left hip and holy —


“Did you just give me a hickey?” Baekhyun asks incredulously. Chanyeol just picks his head up and smiles his signature creepy smile.




“Wha—but—what?” Baekhyun says, carefully inspecting the lovely red mark that’s now sitting at the very top of his hipbone. “Where did you even learn that?”


Chanyeol leans in and starts to nibble at the skin between his ear and jaw. Baekhyun moans outright, feeling whatever pleasure he lost in the confusion multiply ten fold. “Why? Are you surprised? I’m practically a god, now.”


“Yaaahhh,” Baekhyun groans out, shoving Chanyeol off of him. “Why do you always have to make everything so awkward?”


“I don’t know,” Chanyeol chuckles, coming close once again and wrapping Baekhyun’s legs around his waist, despite the smaller boy’s protests. “But you love me for it.”


Baekhyun just pouts as his best friend that he kisses and stuff goes back to leaving hickeys in weird places, because he finds that he can’t really argue with that statement at all. 




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