Chapter 9




That afternoon, Baekhyun and Chanyeol eat lunch together for what seems the first time in ages. As they approach the table, side by side, Baekhyun sees Kai rolls his eyes, but he decidedly ignores it.

He’s taken Kibum’s idea to heart. In fact, he doesn’t know why he didn’t think of it sooner.  He just has to ask. That’s the hard part.

Baekhyun prides himself on knowing Chanyeol inside and out. The only thing he doesn’t know is how the hell he’s going to react.

He’s not really sure if he should make it some big production, like with flashing signs and maybe even a little musical number, or just casually mention it, like he’s talking about the weather. Honestly, how do you ask someone to have with you?

He definitely needs time to think about this. Not too much time, though, because Jonghyun will be back in a week and Baekhyun needs to be completely deized by then.

The internet. That’s what he needs. He figures there’s probably entire websites dedicated to asking your best friend to sleep with you.

Speaking of which, Chanyeol has been super hyper and happy all day. Baekhyun can’t really recall when he last saw Chanyeol like this, but he does know that he’s missed it, a lot.

It almost feels like Kim Jonghyun doesn’t even exist anymore, and they’re all sitting here like they did before that fateful day when Jonghyun first spoke to him in the choir room. He wonders if he wants to give all this up, just for a guy, but surely Jonghyun and his friends would like Baekhyun’s friends too, right?

One look towards Kim Kibum promptly convinces him otherwise.

Sehun is talking about the dog he’s going to get, even though it’s a well-known fact that his sister is allergic to anything with fur. As he tells them his plan to smuggle the dog into his house, Chanyeol is laughing manically, clapping his hands and showing all his teeth. Chanyeol’s laughter is infectious. Baekhyun is laughing harder than he’s laughed in a long time, and even grumpy Kai manages to crack a smile.



When Baekhyun gets home that night, he makes a beeline for his room after shouting a ‘hello’ to his mother. He locks the door behind him and opens up his laptop. He has all night to… uhm… research.

Immediately, he goes to solve his most pressing problem. How to ask your best friend to have with you is what he types in, and is severely disappointed when nothing helpful shows up. He goes 45 pages into Google Search hopelessly, banging his head on the desk after nearly an hour of fruitless searching.

He finally decides to tackle that later, and goes on to the next subject. The… mechanics of everything. He knows how works, he’s not that dim, and he knows it supposed to hurt like hell. He just wants to know if there’s a way to make it… not hurt like hell.

He starts to think he put too much faith in the internet, because so far, he hasn’t learned anything new. Use a and lots of lube and blah blah blah.

One wrong click and suddenly he’s watching . And Baekhyun usually isn’t the type to watch it, but he can’t look away because, well… that’s going to be him pretty soon. It’s not until a few minutes into the video that Baekhyun notices he’s still got the volume on his laptop turned up nearly all the way. His room is soon filled with the sound of grunts and moans and a not so attractive sticky slapping noise. There wouldn’t be any second guesses as to what he was watching.

He makes a dive for his headphones and plugs them in as quickly as he can. He then goes back to watching, taking notes in his head as he goes. It’s all in English so he can’t tell exactly what they’re saying, but you don’t have to be a genius to get the general idea. The taller one is on top and he’s got the shorter one nearly bended in half and oh, god Baekhyun doesn’t think he can bend that way. The guy on the bottom also doesn’t look like he’s having fun, at all. And it’s no wonder, Baekhyun thinks, with the way the other guy is literally pounding into him at neck-breaking speed.

He doesn’t think Chanyeol will be like that. He’s not sure why his mind automatically dictates that Chanyeol will be the one to top, but he can’t really imagine it the other way around.

The guys on the video finally get their release. They’re breathing like bulls or something, and are now making out in the most ferocious way possible. Like they’re trying to eat each other’s faces or something.

He definitely knows Chanyeol won’t be like that, mostly because he knows for a fact that Chanyeol’s never even made out with anyone in his life. Baekhyun’s tried his hand a couple of times, but that was about where his relationships got cut off.

As he thinks about him… and Chanyeol, he can’t help but feel his room get a little warmer. He blames it on the video. He’s seventeen years old. It’s a natural reaction. Thinking about having with anyone is bound to get him riled up, right?

He’s determined, though, to do this with Chanyeol. There’s not really anyone else he can even consider. No one knows him like Chanyeol does. He knows during you make embarrassing faces and weird noises and he figures if anyone should see him like that, why not the kid that’s been by his side for the past ten years? The kid who’s seen the way Baekhyun’s face gets all blotchy and nose gets all runny when he cries. Or who’s seen the way his face swells up in the morning when he eats too much before bed. Or, the kid who tried really hard to hide his laughter that one unfortunate time when Baekhyun got sick at his house and had to spend the entire weekend holed up in the bathroom.

He spends the entire night trying to mentally prepare himself for what’s going to happen (it hasn’t even crossed his mind what he’s going to do if Chanyeol refuses). His mom knocks on his door multiple times, but Baekhyun just waves her away with a noncommittal ‘I’m fine’. He just can’t stop thinking about it.

He’s not scared or anything. He’s actually sort of excited. He’s way over due for this really. Byun Baekhyun is way too cute to be a anymore.

But then again, he knows people say that is some epic moment in your life, and you’re never the same afterwards. He doesn’t know if he should apply it to this time, since he’s really only doing it to get it out of the way so he canreally do it.

Sleep doesn’t come easy. He tosses and turns all night and wishes he knew why because like he said, this is no big deal, right?




He gets to school the next morning with dark circles under his eyes. And not like the ‘aww, he’s like a cute little panda’ dark circles but more like the ‘oh, my god, who is that creature’ dark circles. That, and his hair most definitely does not look good.

He figures he just needs to it up, be a man, and do this. He’s going to go crazy if he doesn’t. He seeks out Chanyeol from the second he gets to school, but he’s nowhere to be seen. By third period, he’s about to pull his hair out. English, math, choir… they all pass by in blur and Baekhyun couldn’t really tell you what went on in any of them.

Finally, finally, he spots Chanyeol on his way to lunch. He hears the angels singing as he stalks towards his oblivious best friend. Chanyeol’s humming to himself and bopping his shoulders but he immediately stops when he sees Baekhyun coming towards him, looking somewhat rapid.

“Uh…” Chanyeol says slowly. “Baek?”

Baekhyun doesn’t even stop as he grabs Chanyeol’s arm, making the taller boy spin around comically. He’s not gripping him too hard, of course, but enough to drag him with him down the hall.

“Yeol,” Baekhyun says hoarsely, heading straight for the nearest utility closet. “We need to talk.”


omg. i had so much to say and now i just forgot everything.


OKAY. well. can i start off by saying that HOLY YOU GUYS REALLY LOVE KAIDO.

so the story i'm working on is decidedly going to be kaido. honestly, that's what i was planning to write but i had no idea if anyone would read it but omg. also. in addition to the baekyeol and kaido, there's eventually going to be a hunhan (with side sekai OTL) 

why am i doing this to myself. idk. 

updates aren't going to be as often the rest of the week and next week because i'm leaving for vacation on friday!!! i'll try to update possibly tomorrow night before i leave, and i will have time to write once i'm there. but i won't be sitting around like a potato all day so i won't be writing as much. 

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