IX. Baekhyun and Taeyeon.

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Until we were at our dorm, he kept saying "I just kissed Taeyeon noona. Baekhyun, you saw right? Tell them." All he does is to brag about her so called manliness. Deep inside, my heart broke. The way noona closed her eyes while waiting for him to kiss her, was real love. Others were like WOW, Really? How does it feel?

But Kai and Chanyeol understood me because they knew my secret. "Congratulations hyung. You just broke my heart." Tears flowed down on my cheeks and I stood up as I wiped my tears. I grabbed Chanyeol's arm and we both went to our room. "Hyung? What's wrong?" Chanyeol patted me to make me comfortable. 

I locked the door and started screaming all my anger out. "Hyung. Please stop." Chanyeol held my shoulders but I shove it away. I started throwing pillows and ripping all my Girls Generation stuff. "HYUNG!" Chanyeol was very worried about me. But I just can't get the anger away from me. I kept throwing things.

"BAEKHYUN-AH" I heard Suho shouting while knocking on the door. I stopped and just hugged my younger brother. "They both broke my heart." I just can't keep the tears to stay in my eyes. "Hyung. I know it's hard but please just lay down on the bed and stop crying. You're making me cry too." Chanyeol was always like that. He's been my friend since I became a trainee. He understands me, so my anger flew away.

I blew my nose on his scarf. "HYUNG." Chanyeol pushed me. I looked at him and we both laughed. "I'm glad I took away your anger." He sat down on the bed. "Yea. Sorry, I almost broke all of your stuff."

"It's okay hyung. You always do that when you're angry." He laughed. "Just rest." He smiled with an expression 'I will take cake of everything'. I nodded and sniffed. I laid down on my bed and finally closed my eyes. 


"I can't sleep." I muttered. "Wae?" Yuri looked at me while packing her things for the day. "Suho and Baekhyun." I pouted. "They both kissed me." Hearing that makes Yuri shocked. "Really? Which lips do you like?" Yuri suddenly became interested. "I don't know. I like the both of them but I don't know which is love or like."

"Unnie. If you're talking about love or like then go to Sooyoung. I'll be with you." She smiled as she dragged me towards Sooyoung. "Aish. Unnie. Just get up. I can't pull you." She let go of my arm and smacked my face. "I'm so sleepy. But if I sleep, I will start thinking about them again." I complained while yawning. 

She left my sight and I was about to close my eyes but cold water was sprayed at my whole body. "You're awake now?" Yuri raised her eyebrow. "Thanks." OH THAT IRONY. I slapped Sooyoung's face. "YAH I NEED HELP." I slapped her right cheek this time. "Mind your own business." She muttered. 

This time, I slapped her multiple times. "AH WAE?" She finally woke up. "Love life." I said. "Who?" She suddenly became interested. "Suho and Baekhyun.." I pouted. "Kiss?" Wow, she really is the doctor of love.

"Nae." I looked down. "Spark?" She looked at me. "B." I said. "Then you love Baekhyun." She smiled and went back to sleep. "It's true. When we kissed, Baekhyun and I had more spark. Ya know what I'm sayin?" I said in english. "What?" Yuri sighed and went to the kitchen to cook breakfast. "I'm just gonna go to Exo's dorm okay?"

"Araso." Yuri made a wave to the music while making kimbap ----making me laugh. Exo's dorm was just downstairs. Every step was like a challenge to me.. Should I go, Or should I go back? Until I was in front of Exo's dorm. I made a big sigh. I'm going back. "NOONA." Chanyeol grabbed me like a kidnapper would.

"Aish. Could you be more sensitive?" I was shocked by the sudden grabbing. "I'm here alone with, ya know. My bro. I think both of you needs to talk." He said. I nodded in reply. He escorted me to his room. "Don't worry noona. I'll be here if anything happens. He can be grumpy. He once broke my arm last year." Chanyeol kept muttering words.

I opened the door with a big breathing. It was a relief to see him sleeping. "So you're here?" He said. Wow, he's great at acting. "Oh." I closed the door. "Okay." He turned away from me and I could only see his back. "Listen, i'm sorry for what happened." I sat down on the bed. But there was no response. "I'm really sorry." I looked at him but still no response. "If you're gonna be like that. Then I'll wait here." I lied down on the bed but the next thing I know, I fell asleep.



"Hmm.. You fell asleep". I looked at her angelic face. I still can't believe I fell in love with her. And still in love with her..

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May 16 2012 (Philippines) Tomorrow, I will post my last 3 or 4 chapters. Yea. The story is short ^^ But I will write a new story!

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