Read. Speak. Whisper. Understand.

Read. Speak. Whisper. Understand.


November 23, 2011 4:32 PM

Yo! Handsome Lee Sungmin signing up. Hey, hey…guess what? Mom and Grandma thought that it would be a good idea for me to transfer to a dormitory to continue my studies. Well what can I say? Stupid. Yeah, that’s what it is. I can no longer think of any word that would best describe their STUPID decision. I mean hello? Who on earth would like to deport their obnoxiously smart, talented and handsome son to some shabby dormitory, right? They would just ruin my reputation! Not to mention my awesomely pretty face~

Anyway…my last year in University’s going pretty well. Aced my exams, defended my thesis quite good, prepared my requirements for graduation (too early to tell, I know. But I’m just nuts about getting my out of the hallway), kicked the sorry butts of those bullies who beat the hell out of my pals…yup, it’s all good. Except for the fact that maybe I’m gonna spend my Christmas to this dormitory mom’s currently checking out. Like what the hell. Even Sungjin’s excited about it; telling me something about hogging my room for his own selfish needs. I have a loving family, don’t I? -__-

Not to mention all the guys that’ll miss me (I take them home in case you were wondering). Hey, not that I’m bragging or anything…but they just can’t keep their hands to themselves, you know what I’m saying? Especially that Donghae guy…oh he’s a hot one. Took me nice and rough inside the comfort room after school hours, and my, my, my…he’s huge. Ah …now I’m getting hard. Too bad he transferred to the States after a week; damn I should’ve just kept him.

And Hyukjae too. Damn man looks like a monkey, but het he’s all good in bed. Not to mention flexible – thanks to all the dance lessons he had ever since he was a kid. And…who else? Hmm...oh yeah, Zhou Mi! That one long-legged hottie from China… he was amazing and had a lot of stamina too.

Okay back to my dilemma, I am transferring homes in like what? Days? Weeks? Whatever. All I know is that this cheapskate mother of mine took the liberty in sending off her son. Perfect.

Psshh, look at the time. I’ve been writing for 30 minutes already. I believe it ends here then, until the next time! Bye~

November 30, 2011 10:00 PM

It’s been a week. Just got scolded by Grandma again; was hit by her cane on the rib. And then she roll called about getting the right amount of sleep and the choice of music I liked. Apparently, she wasn’t amused when she found out that I joined the University’s Rock Band…and so yeah, here I am, nursing my bruised side…my electric guitar confiscated.

December 3, 2011 9:23 AM

I’ve been informed that I’ll be moving in to the new dorm on the 7th day of the month. Yippee. Sungjin cheered and waved that underwear of his as a makeshift flag while I ran around the kitchen to chase him. Ouch. I forgot mom was a professional black belter.

Classes got suspended today too. Freakin’ storm destroyed part of the gym’s roof. And so here I am, lying down with my back on the mattress and hands holding my precious pink diary. Hehe~


Same Day 12:22 PM

Oh crud.

I slept ‘til noon. And there’s a fresh pool of drool obscuring the upper page. Disgusting.

December 5, 2011 2:00 PM

Been busy lately…placed as one of the main vocals for our Christmas Play. Piles and stacks and sheets of Songs were shoved right into my face. I swear, the director of the play had this thing for me. Ugghh…Lee Sunkyu. Small girl. So small that I can actually kick her.

We practiced until our throats dried up. And my fellow actors slash actresses slash singers all dashed to the water station for a much needed drink. Well them very much…they haven’t left a single drop on the dispenser as soon as my turn came. Lucky for me my pal Shindong was casted along as well. Got treated to Starbucks afterwards. Hoorah!

And when I came home earlier, I figured that some of my clothes were already packed – thanks to Mom, of course. She handed me a brochure that contained the details of the dormitory I will be staying in…and my eyes widened in utter shock and stupidity when I saw the familiar stature, color and address of the dorm.


It was the same dormitory reported at the headlines about 2 years ago. The very same dorm where a student committed suicide by hanging himself on one of the available rooms. What the , mother?!

“Oh come on dear…that incident happened years ago! And besides… your room is 4 floors away from the site” were mother’s exact words when I literally threw a tantrum on her face caked with foundation. I mean, is she crazy? She’s gonna deport me to some place wherein a man just committed suicide?


What if that guy’s ghost was still in there huh? What if he haunts the dorm and what if he haunts me?!

Grandma came in and hit me with her cane again…this time it was aimed right at my head. Because there is absolutely no way I’m gonna transfer to that dorm. No freakin’ ing way. Over my broken guitar. Over my dead body.

December 7, 2011 6:30 AM




I was mercilessly tossed out of bed and was harshly pushed down the stairs to carry my luggage out of the house. Mom was driving, and Sungjin kept on blabbing about his soccer practice yesterday afternoon. It was still raining that early morning…and yes, classes were still suspended due to flooding on some streets.

The ride was quiet and boring…and only the sound of the DJ on the radio floated amidst the pitter-patter of the rain against the windshield. 45 minutes away from home. Huh, large distance indeed.

I got off the car and waited for Mom to Sungjin down from the vehicle. Seriously, the place still creeps me out. It’s old – though entirely hidden because a new point job was done. The wood was rotting away at the arc that that held up its sign. Weeds were growing from the garden, the gate was bent and the mat that was placed on the entrance was scalding wet from the rain.

Jeez, what a nice place~! NOT! >:(

As soon as we entered, the place was dark – and empty. Oh great, a power shortage? But Mom still pulled me in front of the desk and tapped the desk bell where it was placed with an open notebook and a few piles of papers with weird writings in them.

The one in charge then appeared after two more buzzes. It was an old woman…in her late 70’s I think. She smiled a toothy grin and asked whether we were the new recruits of the dorm…in which Sungjin happily pointed to my direction. I shivered for some unknown reason when she chanced her deep eyes on me.

Mom quickly berated me goodbye and kissed me on the cheek while hurrying off towards her car. Flood was rising. And fast.

I rocked back and forth on my heels when I was left standing there – alone, cold and not to mention scared when the woman all but stared at me. “Keys” she said, and she lifted her bony fingers to show me a rusty chain of keys with the number “401” carved on the wooden plaque. I nodded mutely and took the key from where she was standing.

. I felt that shiver again on my spine. And this time, it was accompanied by a cold brush of air on my nape, causing the hairs to stand up from its root. “Go ahead, young man. The bell boys had already placed your luggage inside your room”

Bell boys? What Bell Boys? I didn’t see any bell boys!?

The question kept repeating inside my head as my heart beat increased in speed. Okay, something is definitely wrong with this place. It’s haunted…Oh my God it’s haunted. Huhuhuhu let me go home! But my legs failed me and my feet remained in contact with the squeaky floor. As I was about to open my mouth to ask “WHAT THE HECK IS THIS PLACE?!” the old woman had pulled me over and tucked a small note inside my shirt’s pocket. I scrambled loose from her, because staring at her eyes almost made me limp from fear.

She smiled her toothy grin once again and I couldn’t afford to shiver when I noticed the inscription that was written on the wall beside her,

Esse quod habet maximam potestatem venerunt super nos.

I couldn’t depict what language it was or what the words were meant for. But as far as I could remember, I ran to the stairs up to the fourth floor and ignored the fact that the rain had gotten much stronger…and the winds banged against the frosted windows of the dormitory.

Damn, it wasn’t just simple rain. It was a freaking storm already.

December 10, 2011 12:17 PM

I dragged my feet up the flight of stairs after a tiring half-day at School. All the memories that occurred 3 days ago were still fresh on my mind – and it didn’t help me physically, mentally and emotionally.

Physically, because I only had 3 hours of sleep ever since I moved in here. And falling asleep on my classes would mean a lot of trouble for a graduating student. Mentally because…well, let’s say that I am sure I’m gonna end up in an asylum after a few days of exposure. The place scares the man pride out of me…and I admit that I talk to myself in order to entertain my unstable mind. And third, emotionally. I’ve been crying, sobbing, rocking back and forth on my creaky bed for the first three nights.

I prayed to whoever God maybe listening to me at the moment to spare me from anything lurking or anything dark hidden within the shadows of my room. It was meant for two people by the way...and the bed was a huge wooden double decker. I took the spot on top, because I would not risk my 23 years of living from seeing anything that is not human peeking at me while I sleep.

And oh yeah, remember the piece of paper the old hag had placed inside my shirt? I opened it…and there was nothing written inside of it or whatsoever. Nothing. It’s like she just made my pocket a trash can for her her…trash! My clothes were delivered to the cleaners early this morning…and my lunch seemed to churn and roll at my stomach.

Ugh, I think I’m going to be sick.

December 18, 2011 7:09 PM

Sorry…it’s been a long time! The Christmas Play was a success…and the start of our Christmas Vacation starts today! Yahoo! Christmas is coming! So far, everything seemed to be normal in here…I’ve avoided the creepy landlady every morning, nothing scary or haunting had visited me, and all the other tenants are pretty…quiet.

I am beginning to like this place to say the least. 5 minutes away from school, friendly neighbors across the street, kind bell boys (there were actually REAL bell boys. Phew!) and inexpensive restaurants lining the aisles near the convenience store…what can I say? It’s all good. For now…I hope this will continue until I graduate.

Err…I hear my stomach growling. I’ll eat dinner then! Until the next time I open you~

December 20, 2011 3:02 AM

Ugh, seriously at this hour? The rain was pouring again…and the power was cut at around 3:00 AM. I got up and blindly reached for my cell phone to use it as a flash light. All over the dormitory, I can hear the murmurs of the other tenants, some were girls…judging from their screams on how dark and hot it is…others were guys…who were running around the hallway just to scare the out of their roommates.

Pathetic. Why won’t they follow my example instead?; writing down their day’s experiences into one trusty old notebook. It’s pink, I know. But it doesn’t make any difference.

And just then, I heard a light scuffle beneath me. . . . Oh it’s 3:00 AM. From what I’ve heard, demonic entities come out at this time of day and would roam the streets to scare the guts out of a person. But why inside MY dorm room?

Slowly, I dropped my notebook to the side and flashed my phone’s light to the bed underneath mine. I could hear the thunderous beating of my heartbeat as I slowly shed light upon the God-who-knows-what and almost screamed when a male…thin and handsome (I could tell, really) stared back at me with sleepy eyes.

I screamed. Literally.

The boy quickly got up from his bed and stood with his hands waving in front of me, “No! No! Don’t scream! I’m not gonna hurt you!” he pleaded with his face void of any emotion. Nice try, dude.

“What were you doing beneath my bed?! You’re not some are you?!” I screamed at the top of my lungs and covered my chest with both hands, not minding how we communicated despite the smoldering darkness. How demure.

The electricity then went back on. I blinked and blinked and stared at the man in front of me. , he was hot. With curly brown hair, deep eyes, a perfectly sculpted nose and a defined jawline, I found myself ogling at his scudding handsome face.

“Are you alright?”

And ugh, his voice would sound nice during .

“S-Sorry…I thought you were a…a ghost” I slapped myself for sounding so feminine.

“Oh. Sorry too…for scaring you?” the man smiled sheepishly at me and scratched the back of his head. Cute~

“I’m Kyuhyun” he said, extending his pale hand, “Cho Kyuhyun”

Why does that name sound familiar? I dismissed the eerie feeling and took Kyuhuyn’s hand for a handshake, surprised to feel that his skin was rubbery to the touch and he was cold – ice cold. Like he had gotten out of a freezer recently.

“I’m your roommate. Uhm may I know your name?” Kyuhyun peered his eyes at me and I felt the familiar shiver on my spine. “S-Sungmin. My name’s Lee Sungmin” I stuttered out as his eyes continued to stare right into me. Handsome kid, but creepy. Great.

“Sungmin? Nice name. Well, Sungmin…I’m your new roommate. I transferred here last night when you were sleeping” he informed me with a run of his fingers through his soft looking hair.

“Oh? From what floor were you? And why were you transferred?” I asked, still not getting over the fact that his eyes were glued unto me.

“From the 8th floor. Got transferred because they were renovating the whole floor”

“Oh…well, it’s nice to meet you Kyuhyun. Let’s go back to sleep, shall we?” I offered with a forced smile and closed my eyes when Kyuhyun had turned the lampshade off.

December 24, 2011 11:00 PM

It’s almost Christmas! And I really don’t know what emotion to portray. I was torn in between happiness and sadness. Unfortunately Mom, Grandma and Sungjin had decided to spend the holidays back to my dad’s house (they’re separated but they seem to be going well now) and that left me here…rejoicing on the night Jesus was born.

Kyuhyun had disappeared earlier to somewhere I don’t know. The kid was really really quiet. And would only talk or smile back whenever he passes me. I had learned from him that he was a Junior at my University too…majoring in Business Management.

I scanned my phone for about a few minutes earlier, smiling lightly at the holiday greetings from my friends and from Mom and Sungjin. Maybe spending Christmas alone isn’t too bad after all.

But then again, I was grabbed off from my happy stance when I heard pans being placed on the stove and bottles being pulled out of the fridge. Laughing nervously to myself, I grabbed the nearest and sharpest thing I could reach – my pencil – to stab it to anyone who could’ve had barged in like that.

I screamed and jumped in front of the doorway, only to be taken aback and shrink from embarrassment when I saw Kyuhyun in there, clad in a dirty white apron with his expression still straight as ever. “What are you doing here? I thought you’ve gone out or something?!” I shrieked in front of his face and winced when he just chuckled.

And I swear, I felt the ground shake when he laughed.

“What are you saying? I got back minutes ago. I guess you were too absorbed in your writing that you didn’t notice me” was what he said to me. He got back? When? And where did he enter? If he had entered through the front door I would’ve heard the door creak and slam…and not to mention that I was sitting on top of my bed facing the doorway.

So what was he implying? He just went through the walls?

December 25, 2011

I can’t see well…and my head is spinning. I can’t remember what happened last night. All I can remember is seeing Kyuhyun in the kitchen…and…and I passed out right there and then? Oh my God… I don’t even know what time it is and where the hell am I?

Why do I feel cold? Is it morning? Evening?

Where’s Kyuhyun? Where am I?

December 27, 2011 9:30 AM

Woah. I just realized I slept for the whole day yesterday. My head is still pounding though. And the smell of freshly cooked food tickled my nose. Where’s Kyuhyun?

Aish, that kid…it’s only been 5 days since he roomed with me and here he is disappearing to somewhere. I got down from bed with wobbling feet…and as I took a seat to eat the food Kyuhyun (probably) had prepared, I noticed – or rather, felt someone observing me from behind. I took a spoonful of the fried rice and swallowed hard when the ominous feeling grew more intense that it burned the skin on my neck.

From there I started to panic, because the only sound I could here was the humming of the washing machine from the next room. No air gushed by…and yet I can feel a presence. I quickly spooned mouthfuls of the food to my mouth and drank the glass of water. I have never sweated that much.

December 30, 2011 8:13 PM

Kyuhyun rarely talks to me now. Although sometimes I catch him staring right at me whenever I scribble my entries or toddle with my phone. It went on from hot, to creepy to downright scary. 25 different kinds of scary. I mean when we first met, I had thought that his eyes were alluring…like he was hiding some sort of secret.

But then from his constant stares – usually empty, and the smirk that forms on his lips very slowly, I find him quite weird now. If my hunch was true the first time, then he would’ve me when he had the chance right? But nothing came…only a few instances wherein he would hold me slightly longer with his cold fingers…or stand behind me and breathe on my neck whenever I do the dishes.

It’s like he’s observing something on me. Or more of like...he wants something? But what? If he wanted then all he needs to do was ask. Heck, I am more than willing to throw myself into that handsome face of his – then again, if he wasn’t so weird then maybe I would’ve jumped on him.

December 31, 2011 10:01 AM

My last entry for the year? Yeah!! It’ll be New Year soon and so is my Birthday! :D I’m going to be 24 years old this year…about time to get started with a new life.

Again, Kyuhyun wasn’t on his bed. Hmph. Maybe I can ask him to kiss me on my birthday. :”>

Well, I gotta go now. I have to shop for some groceries for our little celebration later. I just wish Kyuhyun would show up…


Same Day 6:00 PM

It’s back. My feeling of being watched is back. Oh my God…what am I going to do? The dorm seems so quiet again. No squealing girls. No guys bickering on the hallways. Not a single ding of the elevator. Am I alone? If yes, then why am I feeling like someone else is here with me inside the room? Even the old hag wasn’t stationed in her desk when I got back. The bell boys weren’t there too.

But wait…why do I smell something foul? It could never be me. I shower two times a day. I searched the whole dorm looking for the source of the foul smell…bending over dressers and tables to look whether some cat or rat had died. It got even more pungent when I walked back to the bed. I flipped my covers and sniffed the blankets – but the odor remained fruity and reeked of the cologne I am wearing. I then moved down to Kyuhyun’s empty bed. I know it’s wrong to touch other people’s things but the situation calls for it; and so, I flipped his covers and sniffed my way around.

I look stupid. No, I look like a dog!

I overturned pillows, searched under the mattress – nothing. I shook my head and pinched my nose when the odor almost clouded my senses. It was like the smell of a carcass decaying…or that infamous blue cheese used in movies. Whatever it was, it drove me to the edge and had me skipping for the door to get fresh air downstairs.


Same Day 9:51 PM

After I had idled myself in the nearby convenience store, I saw the dormitory back to its sulky and abhorrently noisy nightlife. I greeted the bell boys who were stationed at the lounge and passed the front desk. Something inside my mind told me to approach the area and explore some of the notes and things scattered in there.

The first thing I noticed was the neat sectioning of the books at the side, and that the rack that contained the keys to each room was also perfectly dusted; with small papers taped to each side showing the floors. The walls were filled with brochures of some island getaways and some pictures of the past employees.

I tiptoed to look at each one but stumbled forwards that I hit the tip of my nose to a note that looked like it was torn from an old book. It had some weird texts written in there too,

Protegite domus nostras, fundos nostros, pagum nostrum a mutandi minaces viribus.

I wrote it down quickly and thanked my lucky stars that I brought along my trusty notebook. And in there, I grabbed my phone, rejoiced inwardly that the nearby hotel had free wifi and connected to the internet. Oh sweet, glorious, internet.

I typed the weird words in the online translator and waited for its translation to pop out.

“Protect our homes, our farms, our town changing from his ominous strength.” It said. I furrowed ny eyebrows in confusion and was about to head for the elevator when the woman emerged from behind the desk, her familiar toothy grin came flashing next.

“Ah…I’m sorry for snooping around. I’ll go back to my room now” I said with a hurry but stopped when I found her hand on the hem of my coat, “Did you recite it?” she had asked me with a voice that quivered. “Did you recite it young man?”

“R-Recite what? Look I’m sorry for snooping…I’ll be on my way” I excused myself and started to get nervous when she looked at me straight in the eyes, “You haven’t recited it didn’t you!” she yelled at me and grasped both of my shoulders while turning me around.

“Why haven’t you recited it you fool? Don’t you know that it is the only thing that can save you right now? You will be doomed once you recited it too late!” she was yelling and clawing on my coat like a mad man…and I, of course, being the scaredy cat that I am, wriggled off of her grasp and ran up to the stairs. I didn’t use the elevator because being cramped up in a small space will only increase my nervousness.

I ran up in front of my room and cursed when my hand was shaking like mad. The keys were jiggling and the surrounding tenants seemed to be pre-occupied for the upcoming New year. I opened the door, surprised to see that the room was flooded with darkness. I flicked the switch on the right, but the lamps still didn’t burn on and I cried to myself for having such bad day.

I walked blindly into the darkness and relied only on my cellphone for illumination. It’s 10:00 PM now…2 more hours and it’ll be the New year…and my birthday.


I slept for 2 straight hours. My groceries were left untouched on the kitchen counter…and the lights still didn’t come back on. I rummaged for my phone again for a makeshift flashlight, using it as a guide as I climbed down from the top bed to cook myself a feast meant for the New Year. Outside my window, flashes of fireworks lit up the dark sky, sirens, horns and shouts of a joyous “Happy New Year” were heard from various areas on the street. But only my room seemed to be ignoring the celebration. I remained frozen there, with my phone blaring a song that I’ve muted to keep it on and serve as my light.

The smell of fire and smoke entered the gap on the window. And soon, the odor of fireworks filled the small kitchen that I had to retreat back to the bedroom to breathe in some air. But then again, as soon as I took in a deep breath, the smell that I had encountered days ago came crawling inside my nostrils. I choked and coughed as the cloud of smoke from the fireworks diffused into the room, slowly dissipating the dormitory with less oxygen while I stumbled back to the dresser to get a handkerchief.

It didn’t work. And the pungent smell of rotting flesh once again filled my nose. I collapsed to Kyuhyun’s bed, and turned my face around to bury myself in the mattress – only to glide back up when the source of the horrid stench came from Kyuhyun’s sheets itself. Tears were already brimming in my eyes as I stumbled to straighten myself, yelping in surprise when I felt something sharp collide with my head.

I was knocked down to the floor, with my arms laid outstretched on both sides as I tried to widen my eyes in search for that thing that collided with my head. There it was again, the foul stench that had filled the entire room. I sat up, backed myself to the wall and looked up – screaming my lungs out when I saw a body dangling from the ceiling. The cord that was tied on his neck were the wires responsible for the lamp.

I clamped a hand on my mouth when I observed that the body was rotting, with hints of puss and blood on the skin. Maggots were clearly eating the flesh away, and I could swear that I can hear those tiny little worms digging in and out of the decaying flesh. The smell was too much for me, and my eyes were already red and puffy from the tears that jutted out from them.

I screamed once again when the carcass fell from the ceiling, sending some of its blood and rotted flesh to my huddled form. I immediately backed away, finding my voice to shrink when the dead man started to crawl towards me; its elongated arms dragging themselves to where I was. The lights above my head flickered, on and off they go as I stood up to press my back to the wall. I couldn’t run…my feet were glued to the ground. My voice was lost…and my eyes could only widen in horror when the dead man rose it’s head,

It was Kyuhyun.

Only this time, he looked different. His once deep eyes were replaced with empty sockets that oozed blood and puss. His cheeks appeared to be chunked out, and more of the gruesome sight of maggots met my eyes. His hair was falling off…and his voice was low and hushed. Like he was only growling or grunting.

But then my heart almost leaped out of my ribcage when the door swung open, and there stood the old woman; her eyes staring into my own fearful ones. “Help me please!” I screamed at her, trying my best to jump to the doorway but could only move my legs sideways. It was no use. I was frozen right in place. I was trapped.

“I told you to recite it!” the old woman answered back, her hand that was holding a candle slowly moving down as she closed the door with a glint in her eyes, “It was the only way that could save you” she said before closing the door once again. I was left there, stunned and scared as I tried to remember where I had placed that shirt I used that day.

Garnering the strength I have left, I made one big leap to my dresser and fished out all of my clothes. I could hear Kyuhyun scraping the floor with his nails, and I acted without even thinking as my hands scurried down to the messy pile. I cheered aloud when I had dug out the familiar shirt. Praying hard that the water didn’t smudge off the writings, I quickly grabbed the small piece of paper on my shirt’s pocket and opened it to see that the inscriptions appeared like magic – as if some sort of spell surrounded that paper.

I stood up and used the glow coming from the street lights as my guide while I recited the incantation written in Latin. A sob escaped from my throat when my tongue got tied on some of the words. The words were long…and the incantation itself was long; but I didn’t care. And when I felt the slimy hand took hold of my ankle, I shrunk back in fear and recited the last lines of the incantation just as when Kyuhyun had stood up and faced me,

“Eiciant de terra immortui et vires retinet a mundi intra!”I shouted the last phrase of the incantation, and just like that, the lights returned to its blazing state. Kyuhyun was gone. And so were the streaks of blood and the smell of rotting flesh.

I slumped down to the floor, sweat glistening on my forehead as my heart flipped and ran down to its lane. It’s over. It’s all over. I congratulated myself by crumpling the paper and getting back up, only to find myself unable to walk as I felt a weight on my shoulders and my waist.

Turning back, I screamed when Kyuhyun’s bloody face was perched on my shoulder, his two arms encircled around my waist and his legs tangled on my own, keeping me in place. “You forgot to read the last phrase, Sungmin” I heard him whisper to my ear. And with trembling hands and the hope of living disappearing into thin air, I sobbed and screamed when the paper had its last phrase printed on the bottom of the dirt white sheet,

“Oro, summo custos vitae”

And so…to any of you who might have found this diary and had read its contents, I might as well warn you that the student who had committed suicide 2 years ago, was named Cho Kyuhyun. No wonder his name sounded familiar to my ears. He had said to me that he was placed on the 8th floor…the floor in which he claimed was renovated, that was in fact, closed down due to his incident. He said that he was transferred, but only used that as an excuse to find someone whom he can drag back to where he really was.

The incantation was the one that kept him away. Every tenant in this dormitory was given a copy. But due to my stubbornness, I fell to his trap and faced my consequences. And I speak to you now…pray for my soul. Maybe any of you would find this diary one day. I entrust it to you…and had written the incantation if any of these were to happen again

“King and queen of the world's greatest power, the infinite privilege that we, that you let us rule our lives, minds and hearts of our mother's authority and power which has to help you, the great and immortal gods, we pray. Shield me from the enemies of my faith. Implore to me thy aid and en trust tom e thy d ivine pow er. Pier ce t hy light to the un end ingdark ness of sin and d eath. Absconde me a quibus invocaverit militum animam meam. Exulant, urere, serva eos ex. Accipere mw ad portum ubi erit tutum. In tenebris annuit, et omnes animae surrexit de inferno ad innocentem a. O magna virtus tua auxilium peto. Clamore vocati sunt peccatores pretio dedit, tu potens deorum caelestium Gloria. Deiecti et gloria virtutis tuae premat, et lux perpetua luceat obscura terrarum caelique. An swer me in thy need, re tort to thy chil dren’s pl eas. Eiciant de terra immortui et vires retinet a mundi intra. Oro, summo custos vitae”



P.S.: Is Sungmin REALLY dead? Look behind you. Yes he's dead

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