Daejae: The Greatest Ship Ever to Have Sailed the Sea of OTP


Here you will find any short one shots or drabbles that I write about the babo couple, Daejae.


Although I've been reading fanfiction for a long time, every time I've attempted to write my own stories I always end up failing.

But I'm going to try again. Don't expect much out of these.

I'll put up anything that I write that makes it longer than half a paragraph.

And sorry for the lame title. I just have many feels for these two.


If anyone finds it frustrating that I'm horrible at writing anything more than a few paragraphs and wants to do something about it, let me know! Currently at the level I'm at, I'm not able to write these any better than they are. But if you find any of these drabbles inspiring, by all means, continue it! Just let me know what you want to do! I'd love to read it too! Maybe we can work together on it :D

(especially chapter 3 and 5)

sorry ;A;

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Chapter 6: Awe, I top, LoL! When's this gonna get updated?.??? :33
Chapter 5: Awe, poor Dae! T^T
Chapter 2: Awe~~ DaeJae madness!
Chapter 1: How cute<33
Chapter 6: hahaha... cute n funny~~ i think im agreed with @Fake_D .. haha yeah~ jae should always be bottom... :D becoz he's cute, feminine, beautiful, he's juz perfect... sometime i wonder if he really a boy.. u know bocoz of his pretty face..especially with his fluffy blond hair (tadah first epsd) ^_^
Even if you last updated this since last year, I will still wait patiently for these lovely, cute, ADORABLY written drabbles <3 The last chapter was hilarious especially when Daehyun kept stuffing his face with donuts and Jae wants to top ^^ oh heu heu~
all i got to say is that omigod youngjae is so hot in that gif //drool// //cries// //does all the above in a fetal position//
destroyedparadise234 #8
omg i love this, I loled at chapter 6 XDD
Haha love chapter 6. Dae describing Jae as dainty ~__~ and idk what everyone else is talking about...Youngjae could totally 'do the giving' ;D lol great fic!!