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1. Subscribe and credit! Link back to us somewhere in your foreword.

2. Please comment after picking up your poster. ^_^

3. Please imform us if you are deleting your story so we don't waste our time. 

4. Give us 2days-2weeks to complete your request. (We have lives too!)

5. Please don't request elsewhere after requesting here, unless you are requesting a chapter poster. 

6. Put the password somewhere in your request form so I know you read the rules: the bacon is frying ;)


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Background (Link): 

Quotes: (optional)

Other: (Anything else I need to know ^^)



If you haven't picked up your poster from Batch 6 yet please do so now! ^_^


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Chapter 12: Aww, thanks! I love it! It's so cute >< I finished this story ages ago though.. haha I'm gonna go credit^^
ajfls i forgot to say I'm off hiatus now. 8D
MavisJae #5
Story title : Please take care of young master

Story link : http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/374043

Designer : ritsu98

Type of poster : story and background poster

Characters : You, Kris and Woohyun

Mood/Theme : angst, romance and fluff

Pictures (links) ; you chose :)

Background ( link ) : a pastel color, you chose ;)

Quotes : woohyun - I have a sister? & you - spoiled brats...

other : nope! love all the poster you made for me!

the bacon is frying ;)
Canceling my request.
Sorry for any inconvience XD'
But your posters really are great!
Chapter 10: thank you :) I love it ♥
Chapter 5: Story Title: Love or Friendship?

Story Link: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/342734/love-or-friendship-minho-romance-taemin

Designer: pretteh

Type of Poster: Story Poster

Characters: An ulzzang girl, Choi Minho SHINee, Lee Taemin SHINee

Mood/Theme: happy, confused,romance

Pictures (Links): you choose.. :) (if you can, pick minho in not the long hair he had before. I want the latest hairstyle.)

Background (Link): a pastel colour..
Quotes: Will you give up on friendship with your close friend and make love instead?

Other: Thank you if you can do mine,.. And you can take yr time.. I'll be fine with it..

the bacon is frying ;)
[deleted] #9
Chapter 7: Wow, daebak O.O Thank you so much =D