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Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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A Midsummer Night's Dream - Brown Eyed Girls
Narrator’s P.O.V:
Baekhyun squeezed Naeun’s hand a bit excitedly. *Are you ready?*
Naeun smiled and nodded once. *Let’s do this.* She gained her courage and knocked on the door to EXO-K’s house.
At that exact moment, EXO-M’s door opened. Lay and Xiumin walked out of it, looking ready to go out somewhere. Lay blinked and stopped walking, “Oh, mei-mei, and Baekhyun.”
Xiumin turned around, “Where? OH! HEY—“ Lay clamped his mouth shut with his hand. “Hyung! Shh!”
Naeun and Baekhyun smiled and waved at them. Lay got the hint and mouthed, ‘Are you going to leave now?’
Naeun nodded. Xiumin understood too, but struggled underneath Lay’s grasp. ‘Good luck!’ He winked and dragged Xiumin off. They were probably going out to buy groceries.
Butterflies tingled Naeun’s tummy. She couldn’t wait to do this. The couple waited until finally, someone opened the door. They came face to face with a groggy looking Jongin. His hair was all over the place, and he looked like he had just woken up.
“Who—Oh. It’s just you guys.” Kai yawned widely and scratched his head with half-lidded eyes, “Are you taking him now?”
Baekhyun nodded as Naeun pointed at his disheveled hair and laughed, “Bedhead.”
Kai made a face at her and poked her rib, making her giggle and flinch. “Being human again is great, but now I’ve got stinky breath and horrible bedhead hair. It .” He sighed.
Baekhyun chuckled and glanced inside, “Where are the others?”
“Oh. Kyungsoo hyung’s somewhere downstairs, and the rest are upstairs, most of them are sleeping. Being the nag that he is, Kyungsoo hyung yelled at me to wake up and get the door. I don’t know why. He’s closer to it.” Jongin rubbed his eyes. “Stupid D.O hyung.” He muttered under his breath, causing Naeun and Baekhyun to stifle their laughter.
“Yah, Kim Jongin! I heard that!” D.O appeared at the stairs, dragging a sleepy Chanyeol by the arm. “You little brat.” He poked Kai’s forehead as he handed the tall Chanyeol to Baekhyun.
“Oww, hyuuuuung!” Kai groaned, rubbing the sore spot. Naeun giggled, “He’s usually up by now, but Suho oppa—“
“—Is right here.” Suho appeared out of nowhere. He patted Chanyeol’s tall shoulder, “Be sure to bring him back before dinner.” He joked. Baekhyun rolled his eyes, “He’ll probably be back way before then.”
Suho caught Naeun’s eyes and he gave her his signature smile. ‘Good luck!’ He mouthed as Naeun nodded back, making an ‘OK’ sign with her fingers. D.O waved frantically.
“Come on, Yeol.” Baekhyun tried to get him awake as he pulled him outside. “Bye oppas!” Naeun gave the two quick hugs as she stopped at Kai and gave him a big one, “Feel better, Kai oppa.” She snickered.
Kai lazily petted her head, “Go and make that tall maniac happy. And thanks.” He folded his arms across his chest after giving her a hug.
Naeun winked, “We’re off!” They waved again as Naeun, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun started walking to the nearest bus stop.
The couple exchanged secret smiles when Chanyeol wasn’t looking and knew that Chanyeol would be in a better mood later on.
The three got off of the bus. By now, Chanyeol was wide awake. He stared at the building in front of them and looked bewildered for a second.
“Why are we at the hospital?” He tilted his head to one side in pure confusion. Naeun smiled and pushed his back, “Just go inside Chanyeol oppa. We’ll lead you from there.”
Chanyeol unsurely scratched his head, but ended up going inside, anyways. Baekhyun held the door open as they entered the huge hospital.
Naeun passed the head desk as the nurse she met before greeted her, “Oh, hello. You came again?”
“Yes,” Naeun smiled happily. The nurse smiled and her eyes widened when she saw Baekhyun and Chanyeol. “Who…” She trailed off, questioning them.
“Oh, this is my boyfriend, Baekhyun,” Naeun gestured to him, “And this is Chanyeol.” She sent a message to the nurse through her gaze.
The nurse’s eyes widened in realization, “Oh. Well, it’s very nice to meet you, Baekhyun-sshi, Chanyeol-sshi.” She winked at Naeun, “I have some patients to check up on. Thank you for coming to visit.” The nurse speedily left.
A hint of a smile played on Naeun’s lips as she led the way with her hands behind her back.
“Coming to visit?” Chanyeol asked.
“You came here before?” Baekhyun questioned also, surprised.
Naeun dismissively waved it off, “It’s nothing. Just follow me, you two.” She turned left into a hallway filled with rooms. Chanyeol and Baekhyun shared a quizzical glance but shrugged it off and simply tailed behind.
After an elevator ride and a few twists and turns, Naeun ran into a room excitedly. Still, she tried to be quiet. Her eyes gleamed, “Unnie!”
Chanyeol blinked at Baekhyun, “Unnie? I thought Naeun didn’t have any siblings.”
“Shh, Chanyeol.” Baekhyun quietly ordered as he pulled him inside. At the last minute, Chanyeol’s eyes traced over the nameplate on the wall beside the door.
Just by reading the name, his insides froze up, but Baekhyun didn’t let him stop and yanked him inside the room. Chanyeol heard Naeun’s voice alone inside the room.
“Hello unnie, I came again! Today, I brought some very special people that I would like you to meet.” Naeun beckoned Baekhyun over to the bedside. Baekhyun pointed to himself with wide eyes. *Me?*
Naeun nodded, and he stepped out, letting the curtains pass by him as he got a good look at the beauty in front of him.
Naeun hugged Baekhyun’s arm, “This is Byun Baekhyun, my boyfriend. You know, the one I told you about before, unnie?” She smiled at the patient that was simply lying down with her eyes closed.
“Err… Hi.” Baekhyun awkwardly waved as Naeun warmly smiled.
“Mina unnie.”
Chanyeol’s suspicions were confirmed after Naeun uttered those two words. His eyes flew open in shock.
“I brought another person with me today. I’m sure you would want to see him. After all, you wanted to protect him, right? That’s why you’re in this bed, in this state?” Naeun’s lips gently curved upwards, “Through many unbelievable events, I’ve gotten these two both back, as well as the rest of my family back home. I’m extremely happy, Mina unnie, and I want you hurry and wake up so you can be happy too.” She closed her eyes with a sad smile gracing her lips. Baekhyun instantly softened at her kind words.
“So I’ve brought him here, Mina unnie, because I know he wants to see you as much as you do.” Naeun twirled around and softly called, “Oppa.”
Chanyeol knew that it was his cue to enter.
He stood behind the curtains as they blocked his view, silent, with his head down. He scared to go and face her. What if she resented him for putting her in that state? Chanyeol had mixed emotions. He wanted to see her, embrace her, hold her… He knew she was still unconscious, but he was still anxious to meet her again, after all these years, face-to-face.
But what startled him even more were Naeun’s next words.
“…You don’t have to see her.” Naeun kept her gaze on the floor. Chanyeol’s shocked gaze matched Naeun’s as she sorrowfully smiled, “If you feel that you can’t see her right now, and you need some time, then we can go back home.”
“Naeun, I—“
“We can leave if you want, oppa. You have all the time in the world… But the question is, does Mina?” Naeun expression turned heartbroken.
Chanyeol stared at the floor in shame. Would he be willing to face his fears and see Mina again? He couldn’t leave her like this, when they were so close, yet so far apart from reuniting.
I want to see her.
With utmost courage, Chanyeol stepped out of the shadows and turned to face the comatose Mina. His guard was immediately let down at her state.
“Thank you, oppa.” Naeun softened and smiled, turning back to Mina, “Unnie, I’d like you to meet Chanyeol…” She paused for a second, “…Park Chanyeol.”
As if on cue, the impact of Mina’s unconscious body tremendously affected Chanyeol. Instant tears fell down his face as his once beaming, friendly face became contorted with agony.
He didn’t know how, but Chanyeol soon found himself sitting on the stool next to her bedside, and his hand was firmly and warmly wrapped around Mina’s limp one.
She looked older by maybe two years, but became even more beautiful. Chanyeol guessed that they were around the same age now.
But honestly, Chanyeol wouldn’t have cared if she had been older than him. He wouldn’t care if she was a grandmother, or a noona. The burning, fluttering sensation of his heart thudding in his chest told him that she was the only missing piece of him.
The puzzle was finally complete.
“…Mi…na…Mina….” Chanyeol’s lip trembled as he let out broken sobs, “I’m… so sorry…. I’m sorry, Mi…Mina…” He tried to hold back his cries as he covered his mouth with his hand and stopped talking at times, but the tears never stopped.
Naeun’s eyes welled up with her own tears at the heartbreaking scene. She put a fist to her lips to stop herself from letting all of them out.
Baekhyun sadly glanced at his friend, then soothingly wrapped an arm around Naeun, “Come on, baby. Let’s give them some space.” He whispered in her ear.
Think that would be for the best, Naeun wordlessly nodded and exited the room with her boyfriend.
When Chanyeol knew that they left to give him some privacy with Mina, he held her hand near his cheek and hung his head down low in shame. He saw the drops of his tears fall from his eyelids and make wet patterns in the cloth of the bed.
After calming down for a bit, Chanyeol held his head up to face Mina’s indifferent face. He softly smiled.
“…Mi…na.” He began, “Naeunnie and Baekhyunnie… They’re good people. I’ve met many good people after you… After the accident.” He in a breath, “That day, when I was driving, I was actually taking you on a picnic. You know… I spent days and nights making sure that everything would be perfect for your birthday. No… I believed it would be perfect and romantic.”
“I had it all planned out. You would playfully punch my shoulder and show me that beautiful smile of yours, and when the clock struck midnight, I would gaze into your eyes and confess… Then we’d kiss…” He trailed off, wondering what could’ve been. “I know what you’d be telling me now, Mina. You would roll your eyes and say that I’m being corny, but believe me, Mina. If things had gone right that night… I would’ve tried my all to make you mine.” Chanyeol d her pale cheek.
“But I don’t know anymore. After this, would you still love me…? I don’t know if I should continue running for your heart. I don’t know your feelings. I don’t know if… you can sense my presence right now. I am beside you, Mina. I always have been, and I always will. Even if you reject me, when you wake up from this slumber, I will always be the person you can safely return to. I know that you wouldn’t want me to apologize for that nightmare of a day, but I want to…” A pained look crossed his face, “…I want to say… That I really do…”
Mina’s expression was stoic.
“…Love you.” The words were hushed whispers.
At that moment, Mina’s finger twitched, ever so slightly, that is was barely noticeable, but Chanyeol felt it.
“I… I… lo…ve… you… too…”
When Baekhyun and Naeun ended up down the hallway, Baekhyun slowly sat her down on a couple of chairs that were there.
Naeun stared into space and quickly wiped her sleeves over her eyes, “M-Mianhae. The scene was just so…” She trailed off, choking on a sob, “…A-Anyways, I couldn’t contain my emotions.”
Baekhyun softly smiled at her and lightly pushed her head on his shoulder, “Hey, it’s okay. I’m here, aren’t I? You don’t have to apologize for anything. You can cry about the most irrelevant things and I’ll be your shoulder to lean on.” He sweetly murmured. Naeun’s heart warmed and fluttered in her chest. Oh, how she loved this man. He always knew just what to say to make her feel better.
Naeun turned around, lifting her head up, and rested her head beside the nape of his neck, hugging him soundlessly around his waist. Instantly, the scent of fresh nature and sweet honey made her relax. *So that was his original scent.* She smiled and closed her eyes, meditating for a moment in silence.
Baekhyun buried his face in her hair and slowly closed his eyes too, with his arms protectively around her. *I’ll be your rock. You can lean on me anytime, Naeun-ah.*
After staying like that for what seemed to be forever, Naeun slowly raised her head from his shoulder, “Should we go outside and stay awhile before we head back to the room…?”
“Anything you want, Naeun.” Baekhyun promised and gave her his heart-stopping smile. Naeun gently smiled too. *I’m so glad I’m not alone anymore. Oppa is with me, and the others too.*
Swinging pinkies like the children they were, Baekhyun and Naeun soon stopped in front of the elevator and clicked the button to go down onto the main floor.
Naeun hugged Baekhyun’s arm happily as Baekhyun’s heart melted at the adorable gesture. They waited until a sharp dinging noise sounded.
At once, the elevator’s doors opened, and Naeun’s eyes widened when she saw the familiar face of Dr. Yoo Hasung in the elevator. Hasung smiled a little, as if remembering her, when his attention went on Baekhyun. His eyes widened a little. *…Baekhyun…?*
A small tug on Naeun’s hand snapped her out of her trance. Baekhyun confusedly grinned at her, “Are we gonna get on or not?” He gestured to the elevator. “Oh.” Naeun nodded, “Of course.”
As the two got on, Baekhyun glanced up at the doctor and smiled a friendly smile, bowing his head a bit in gratitude for the doctor’s work. Hasung nodded back, before getting off of the elevator.
Naeun watched all this with tight lips. For some reason, a small voice in her head told her not to say anything or bring anything up.
As soon as Hasung got off, he walked toward the wing of the hospital that he was in charge of. He slowly stopped as he remembered Baekhyun’s face again, and rubbed his eyes. No, it couldn’t be a dream. Was it Baekhyun’s reincarnation? Of course not. That boy’s resemblance to his old friend was striking and uncanny.
*By the looks of it, that girl was probably that boy’s girlfriend.* Hasung made the connection. *They were holding hands.* His expression softened as Naeun’s previous words rang in the doctor’s head.
“You know…” She paused for good measure, “He’s probably sorry… for going on ahead before.” Naeun glanced at the sky. “This… friend of yours… He’s probably watching you from up there.”
For some reason, Naeun’s direct gaze told him that there was something more to it. Maybe it was Baekhyun. It was pretty crazy to believe, since he looked like he was maybe around 20 years old, but a strong vibe told him that it was his best friend.
Whatever it was, a gentle, satisfied smile spread across Hasung’s face. Even if it wasn’t Baekhyun, and he was just mistaken, Hasung didn’t mind. Regardless of who it was, he was just thankful to see his friend’s smiling face one more time.
*Thank you…* He looked up at the ceiling that was lined with windows of glass. Through it, the beautiful pinkish, orange sky was more vivid than ever. *Whoever you are… Thank you for helping me remember my good friend, Baekhyun…*
When the couple stepped out of the elevators and made their way out of the hospital, Baekhyun smiled in blissful ignorance, “I wonder how Hasung’s doing now.”
Naeun’s head snapped up, “…Hasung?”
“Yeah.” He grinned down at her, “He’s probably in a high-paying profession now, and is working hard in his career. I mean, I hope he is, and I hope he’s happy.”
Naeun slowly softened at his bright smile, “…I’m sure he is.”
“Yeah, me too. You know, Naeun-ah, if Yeol’s okay with it, maybe we should introduce Mina to the other guys soon. They seemed interested in meeting her. What do you think?” Baekhyun squeezed her hand with a chuckle.
The ends of Naeun’s lips curved upward into an admiring smile, “I’d like that.” *Don’t worry, Baekhyun. When you come to visit Mina again, I’m sure you’ll formally meet Hasung.*
Baekhyun let out a content sigh as they stepped outside. A not-too-warm yet not-too-cold breeze fluttered by, rustling their clothes and hair.
Naeun looked up at the setting sky. A cheery laugh escaped her lips as she couldn’t help but grin, “Really? A sunset? Again?”
Baekhyun turned to her with a chuckle, “It seems like our life is filled with sunsets and sunrises, huh, Naeun—“ He paused in mid-sentence when gaped at her, taken aback by her beauty.
Naeun giggled as she shyly curled a piece of her hair behind her ear. The wind moved it in swirls, and the lighting made her bright eyes and cherry pink lips stand out. Her milky cheekbones and flawless complexion made Baekhyun’s heart flutter.
“Yeah,” She laughed in sheer bliss, “I guess the sun is my lucky charm.” Naeun secretively winked at him, a double meaning in her words. Baekhyun quickly made the connection. His cheeks flushed with colour.
“Oh no, this isn’t good.” Baekhyun muttered under his breath with a red face.
“Huh?” Naeun turned to him worriedly, “What?”
Baekhyun gazed into Naeun’s chocolate brown eyes seriously. An adoring smile took over his lips, “Song Naeun, you’ve completely stolen my heart.”
In one fluid pull of Naeun’s arm, Baekhyun’s soft, plump lips landed on Naeun’s smooth ones. Instantly, her eyes closed as her arms automatically clasped around his neck. Baekhyun’s arms hugged her closely around her waist.
The two deeply poured all their love and affection for each other into the kiss as their lips moved in perfect harmony.
When they both slowly pulled away for air, the two laughed as Naeun happily hugged him. Baekhyun instantly obliged.
“…But you know, Baekhyun oppa,” Naeun began as she hugged his warm body close to hers.
“Hm?” Baekhyun pressed a chaste kiss to her forehead.
“You’ve already stolen mine a long time ago.” She closed her eyes and smiled, remembering.
Remembering that beautiful but youthful looking angelic boy, staring straight into her young child-like eyes, while the rustle of the branches in that grand oak tree fills the silences.
“Tell me…” The boy begins in a voice smoother than honey, “What’s your name?”
The sickly, pale girl wearing a faded pink cat bandanna blushes as she bites her lip.
“…Naeun. Song Naeun.”


That's a wrap, folks! ^^

Thank you soooooooooooooo so much for supporting and loving Baekhyun and Naeun (and their love story~ xD)!

And of course, Chanyeol & Mina's side romance, the rest of the characters, story, and the author, too! :D

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Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
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