Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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Kiss Me - G.NA (Playful Kiss OST)
Narrator’s P.O.V:
It was finally the first day of the new school year. Well, for Naeun, it was senior year. Strangely, she wasn’t really excited for it.
Naeun was mostly dreading it, but a small part of her was curious about what she had missed for so many months.
Her hair was put up into two neat ponytails. She straightened out her skirt and tie and fixed her blazer. A small sigh escaped her lips as she glanced around for her backpack.
After she slid it on, she noticed the glow of Baekhyun’s white feather on her side-table drawer. Naeun’s expression softened as she d it once with her fingers. The feather felt like silk.
At once, all the anxious churning in her stomach calmed down. Instinctively, Naeun touched her neck, expecting to feel a hexagon, when she felt skin. She almost panicked. *My necklace!*
Naeun whirled around when she saw the necklace on top of the kitchen counter. Her heart slowed down in relief as she ran over to clip it on. *Thank goodness.*
After slipping on her shoes, Naeun took one last glance at her feather and smiled.
*Wish me luck, Baekhyun oppa.*
As soon as Naeun entered the gates, she sighed. *Phew. Made it.*
A couple of students stared at her and muttered words behind her back as she blinked at them. Her ego slowly deflated. *Well, I can’t say I missed being treated like an animal on display here.* She ducked her head and hurried inside.
Naeun glanced around at the interior of her school. *Hm. It didn’t change a bit.* She made a face and walked to the office to pick up her schedule.
The secretary peered up to see her. “Name?”
“Song Naeun. Senior.” She said, fiddling with the straps of her backpack.
The secretary, Mrs. Hwang, did a double take as she printed out her schedule. “Song Naeun? You missed out on a lot of school last year. It’s good to see you back and healthy again.” She handed the schedule to her.
Naeun blinked rapidly, “S-Sorry?”

“Your caretaker told me that you had developed leukemia, which was why you had missed out on those five months of school. You even underwent many treatments.” Mrs. Hwang frowned worriedly.
“N-Nae?” Naeun was baffled. “Care…taker?”
“Yes.” Mrs. Hwang nodded, “Your new guardian. Ah, and if you ever feel unwell, immediately notify the teacher and you’ll be excused. Don’t hesitate to drop by the office afterwards, alright?”
Naeun was still bewildered. How did the secretary know that she had developed leukemia before? It wasn’t completely a lie, but still…
“P-Pardon?” She couldn’t believe her ears.
Mrs. Hwang furrowed her eyebrows, starting to get suspicious. “You did develop leukemia before, right? And now you’re cured and completely healthy?”
Naeun mentally told herself to shut up and nod, so she did. Mrs. Hwang smiled and nodded too, “Not to fear, Ms. Song. The principal has already excused you for the long break you took. It won’t affect you from graduating this year.”
Naeun let out an exhale of relief, but was still puzzled. Caretaker? The excuse to let her off school? Was this all part of Baekhyun and the other EXO members’ sacrifice too?
The loud, shrilly ring of the school bell made Naeun jolt up. She quickly shook those thoughts out of her head. *I’ve gotta get to class and think later.* Naeun gave a quick, curt bow to Mrs. Hwang before she dashed off for her first class.
Luckily, Naeun hadn’t run into Kangsoo in any of her classes.
After long lectures and boring classes of doing nothing and spacing out, it was finally lunchtime. Naeun closed up her locker and walked down the hallways of the school by herself.
She debated on whether or not she should go to the cafeteria, but against her better judgement, decided against it. She didn’t want to listen to chaotic sounds right now. She just wanted to calm down. Plus, she wasn’t really that hungry.
Finally, Naeun decided to stay outside underneath a shady tree. It was ironic that trees were everywhere around the school, much like EXO Planet…
*Ah-ah-ah, Song Naeun. There you go again, thinking about EXO.* Naeun silently reprimanded herself and forced herself to think about other things for the time being. She was finally relaxing when a familiar, snide voice made her stomach lurch.
“Hey, look who it is! I was wondering why I didn’t see you all day.”
Naeun’s eyes fluttered open as a shadow blocked her path. She stood up to see the one person she detested the most in this world.
Han Kangsoo and two of his idiot friends were grinning at her. This time, Naeun didn’t back down. “Great.” She muttered under her breath, glaring daggers at him with her arms crossed. “My senior year is already ruined just by seeing you.”
His friends let out an appreciative, “Ooo!” Naeun rolled her eyes at their immaturity.
“Aww, babe, don’t be like that.” Kangsoo murmured seductively, running a finger in Naeun’s ponytails. “Look at you, trying to be all cute with your little hairdo.”
Coldly, Naeun slapped his hands away. “Leave Kangsoo. I came here to get away from people like you.”
Kangsoo eyes maliciously glinted, “Feisty. I must say that I missed that fire since you didn’t come to school for many months last year. What was it? Leukemia? to be you.” He smirked.
Naeun ignored his insults and narrowed her eyes, “You heard about it too?”
“Of course, sweet-pea.” Kangsoo said sarcastically. “Everyone in the whole school heard about it. The small, mouthy little orphan girl re-developed her illness that she had gotten so many years ago, but mysteriously got better soon afterwards. What a dramatic tale. Boo-hoo.”
Naeun’s eyes darkened. “Forget this. If you aren’t leaving, then I’m getting the hell out of here. You and your stupid friends are like flies buzzing in my ears.” Naeun pushed him out of the way and tried to leave, but Kangsoo grabbed a tight hold on her wrist.
“Let go!” She shouted, squirming.
“You know, I still haven’t forgiven you for calling me a retarded jerk before.” Kangsoo’s eyes maliciously glinted. Naeun gulped. She could tell that he was up to no good. *Keep calm, and stay strong.*
“Oh, build a bridge and get over it. There’s nothing wrong with calling you something that everyone knows you are.” Naeun vehemently spat.
Oh no.
She really did it now.
The grip on Naeun’s wrist became so strong that it felt like her hand would snap in two. She winced at the pain but tried to keep a poker-face on.
“Oh really? That’s the first thing you’re gonna say to your potential boyfriend?” Kangsoo glared as Naeun held onto her EXO necklace tightly, trying to stay composed.
Kangsoo noticed it. *Bingo.* He grinned slyly.
Naeun spitefully glared at him, “For your information, I already have a boyfriend.”
Kangsoo’s eyes widened for a second in surprise, but then he burst into laughter afterwards. His friends snickered like it was the funniest thing they had ever heard.
“The lonely orphan who doesn’t even have a single friend now suddenly has a boyfriend? You really think I would believe that?” Kangsoo scoffed. “Unless it’s some other small, sickly runt in the hospital, I would beg to differ.”
“It’s the TRUTH!” Naeun shouted, anger rising up in her chest.
“Sure, you can keep deluding yourself like that. It’s all in your head, Song Naeun.” Kangsoo shrugged, circling around her with his hands behind his back, “Who in their right mind would fall in love with you? What do you have to offer? No money, no beauty, and no size.” He gestured to Naeun’s chest. She flushed in mortification.
Kangsoo tilted his head, and almost immediately, one of his strong friends pulled Naeun’s hand away from her neck. Immediately, Kangsoo smirked, “It’s so easy to read you. You’re an open book.” In one fluid motion, Kangsoo pulled her necklace off of her. The chain broke from the force.
Naeun’s eyes were wide as she tried to wrench free from his friends’ grips. She started to uncontrollably shake in fury and pure loathing. “YOU BASTARD! GIVE IT BACK!”
Kangsoo seemed satisfied with her reaction and threw the necklace up into the air and caught it. He kept doing his and clucked his tongue. “Eh? What’s so special about this? It’s a cheap thing, to be broken so easily. Then again, maybe it’s the only thing that sad people like you can afford.”
“I TOLD YOU TO GIVE IT BACK, HAN KANGSOO! ARE YOU DEAF OR JUST PLAIN RETARDED?!” Naeun screamed at the top of her lungs. A few students nearby just sat back and watched. Naeun couldn’t believe them.
But Kangsoo wasn’t fazed at all by her insults. Instead, he shrugged. “You know, Song Naeun? I only wanted to date you out of pity, so I could dump you like yesterday’s trash. Don’t you understand? No one loves you in this world, so stop pretending like you’re all that. You’re not good enough for even the lowest of the low.” He furiously growled.
“Oh, wait. Maybe your imaginary boyfriend could help you. Where is he now, huh? Shouldn’t he come to rescue his princess?” Every syllable that left his mouth was dripping with sarcasm. It made Naeun want to kick him hard where the sun didn’t shine.
“I’m warning you, Han Kangsoo. Return that necklace back to me, right this instant.” Naeun tried to keep her tone low, for the sake of Baekhyun.
“Or what will you do? Tattle to your made-up boyfriend?” Kangsoo crooned. He tossed the necklace back up into the air.
In a swift, lightning fast movement, the necklace was taken from him in mid-air.
Kangsoo spun around, “Who the hell—“
“Imaginary boyfriend, you say?” The new voice popped up. His voice was casual, but edgy. “How can Song Naeun’s boyfriend be imaginary, when he’s standing right here?”
Naeun turned around and froze. Her mind went blank and she actually thought she had gone mental. *No. Freaking. WAY.*
Standing in front of Han Kangsoo was none other than a VERY pissed Byun Baekhyun.
And boy, he did NOT look happy at all.
Kangsoo gawked along with the rest of the students that watched the scene. His friends instantly dropped Naeun’s wrists, leaving a pink, raw circle around them, but Naeun couldn’t care less. She rubbed her eyes. Was she dreaming?
No, her dreams had never been graphic like this.
Naeun’s lips were parted in shock as her legs slowly gave way and shook like jello. Suddenly, she found herself sinking toward the floor.
Baekhyun turned around, looking gorgeous as always, and his facial expression softened tremendously when he saw Naeun on the floor. *Naeun…* He crouched down and grabbed her hands gently as Naeun just stared at them.
Baekhyun affectionately smiled and patted her head, “Pabo-ya, what are you doing? Get up.” He held out a hand for her to take.
“…I… I—“ Naeun couldn’t get any of the words out right. She was in tremendous shock. *I can’t.* She tried to say.
When he realized that Naeun couldn’t get up, he merely placed the EXO necklace in her hand and glanced once at her red wrists. Instantly, his face hardened. *Look at what those bastards did to her.*
“Hold on to my neck tightly.” Baekhyun whispered to her as Naeun stared at him. ‘What?’ Her gaze seemed to say. “Just do it.” Naeun didn’t question him twice and grabbed a hold of his neck with shaky hands.
Swiftly, Baekhyun carried her bridal style, with one arm supporting her back and one arm holding the back of her knees. He straightened up and poked the inside of his cheek with the tip of his tongue.
“Are you picking a fight, runt?” Baekhyun glowered at the slightly shorter Kangsoo.
“I-I…” Kangsoo was so stunned and intimidated by Baekhyun’s presence that he couldn’t even get his words out.
Baekhyun’s aura of hatred as so visible that Kangsoo stepped back a bit. Baekhyun smirked, “I bet you’re terrified now that Naeun’s boyfriend has come to her rescue, huh?” His grin suddenly disappeared into thin air as he gritted his teeth and lowered his voice, “Listen, punk. I would kick your sorry little right now, but as you can see, I have more important things to do like spending my time with my girlfriend.” He made a show of nuzzling Naeun’s cheek with his. Kangsoo’s jaw fell open in both shock and disgust. Naeun gaped at Baekhyun’s vulgar language.
Once Baekhyun turned back to Kangsoo, his eyes turned to ice, which made him appear ruthless. A scowl overtook his flawless face, “If I EVER hear that you and your equally idiotic friends here are picking on Naeun again, then you can kiss your sorry goodbye, Han Kangsoo.” He spat.
Kangsoo shivered, “H-How do you know my n-name?”
Baekhyun smirked, “Why do you believe that I should tell you?” He pressed his lips in a firm line, trying his best to be patient. “If you ever see Naeun in the hallways, turn the other way around and leave. I won’t tolerate this kind of abuse towards the girl I love.” He grabbed a hold of Naeun’s raw wrists and shoved them in Kangsoo’s face.
Naeun’s heart melted in warmth at Baekhyun’s words.
Kangsoo’s eyes were wide as he swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded obediently.
Baekhyun smiled icily, “Good then. We have an agreement.” He turned around and began to walk off with Naeun still in his arms. By now, a whole crowd of people were watching the scene, stunned that the ‘sad little orphan’ suddenly had gotten a hot boyfriend.
Kangsoo reached out, “W-Wait! The school day isn’t even finished yet!” Baekhyun peered behind his shoulder and stopped in his tracks.
“I’ve already informed the secretary that Song Naeun isn’t feeling well and will be taken home for the remainder of the day. Goodbye.” Baekhyun said coolly and continued walking, as if nothing had happened.
Naeun’s mind was spinning in circles. Why was Baekhyun here? How did he come? She was excused for the rest of the day? What she was more conscious of, though, were the stares from students that were boring holes into her head. Naeun ducked, trying to cover her face.
“…I’ll explain everything later.” Baekhyun’s familiar voice whispered in a hushed tone. “For now, bury your face in my sweater or something. You don’t need to be so self-conscious about the stares.”
Naeun glanced up at Baekhyun’s face, and her breath instantly stopped. It was just as she remembered it. A perfectly chiseled face and his trademark smile to die for… Naeun immediately lowered her head and leaned her head on Baekhyun’s shoulder. His soft sweater and beating heart made her feel more at ease. A thrilled flutter in her chest made her unable to supress her wide smile. *Please don’t let this be a dream…*
Before she knew it, Baekhyun had already carried her beyond the gates of the school. Naeun straightened up and waited for him to let her down, but Baekhyun kept walking with no intention to stop.
As if he read her mind, Baekhyun turned his head and beamed at her, “Just giving you a heads up here—I’m not planning on letting you down anytime soon.”
Naeun’s jaw dropped, “M-Muh?! Let me down! It’s embarrassing!” She blushed a darker hue of red every time someone passed by, staring at them, but for some reason, she seemed to enjoy being held in Baekhyun’s arms.
Baekhyun made a pouty face and hugged Naeun tightly, “No! Maybe I should just keep you in my arms forever!” A joking but ditzy smile crossed his face. Naeun gawped at his childishness. *He’s so bipolar! He looked like he was going to murder Kangsoo back there, just a few minutes ago!*
“Let me down!” Naeun shook out of it and insisted, trying to wriggle free.
“No~” Baekhyun didn’t budge. Naeun huffed and crossed her arms, “Baekhyun oppa!”
That did it.
Baekhyun’s eyes widened when he heard Naeun call out his name. Oh, how he had longed for her to call him ‘oppa’ again. Baekhyun instantly melted like butter at those simple, two words, and his grip loosened. He quickly pulled her into a small nearby street that was mostly deserted.
A soft smile escaped his lips as his gaze filled with many emotions. His grip loosened and Naeun was slowly placed down on her feet. For some reason, Naeun couldn’t take her eyes off of him.
The pang of realization hit her and everything flooded into her at once. Relief, infinite affection, and the safety of him being here again, beside her. Naeun reached out her hands in doubt.
“Hm?” Baekhyun blinked at her, when suddenly, his cheeks were squished together by her palms. “Eep. Naeun—“He said in a muffled voice.
Baekhyun paused when he looked into Naeun’s wide, disbelieving eyes. He studied the way Naeun’s eyebrows furrowed in sorrow.
“You…” Naeun tried to stay courageous and say what was on her mind, “…You are Baekhyun oppa, right…? This isn’t just one of my delusions?” Her tone of voice was painfully heartbreaking.
Half of her seemed skeptical, while the other half of her was expecting to hear his answer. Baekhyun’s gaze softened instantly as his puckered lips moved, “This isn’t a delusion or a dream, Song Naeun.”
Naeun’s eyes were wide as her bottom lip quivered, “B-Baekhyun oppa…?” She hesitantly asked.
“The one and only—MMPF!”
Baekhyun was promptly cut off as Naeun cupped his cheeks and pressed a fast kiss on him. Baekhyun’s eyes were wide in surprise, but he soon melted in the familiar taste of Naeun’s sugar-sweet lips.
Fireworks went off in Naeun’s mind as the feeling of Baekhyun’s lips against hers confirmed her questions. *He’s real. He’s the real thing.* The kiss was slow and passionate, and was stopped when Baekhyun heard her sniffling. His eyes shot open and he slowly pulled away.
Baekhyun’s hands were firmly on her shoulders as he gave her a hopeless smile and wiped her tears away. “Aigoo, you practically attack me with a kiss, and now you cry in the middle of it. Am I that bad of a kisser?” He lightly joked, chuckling quietly.
But Naeun’s relieved expression made Baekhyun shut up as she continued to silently shed tears. *Smooth moves, Byun Baekhyun.* Baekhyun swiftly wiped every tear away with his thumbs and lovingly touched her face, gazing into her eyes. “Naeun-ah…”
“Mi—Mian,” She apologized as hiccups started to come out, “I’m just—so happy—that you’re—real.” With every break in her sentence, a hiccup followed. She was reprimanding herself to stop crying in her head, but she just couldn’t. That’s how relieved she was.
“Muh?” Baekhyun asked her with wide eyes, “You mean all this time, you thought that I wasn’t real? Was I fake, then?” He gawked.
Naeun tearfully rolled her eyes, playfully pushing him away. “Oppa.”
“Araso, araso, I get it.” He laughed, opening his arms, “Come here, you little crybaby.”
Naeun quickly ran into his strong and warm embrace as more tears came out. She just couldn’t stop herself. Her emotions were controlling her actions.
Baekhyun kept one arm around her waist as the other d her hair fondly, “Shh… Oppa’s here now. I scared you, didn’t I? You were confused and scared when you suddenly came back, all alone?”
Baekhyun felt Naeun nod.
A bittersweet smile took over his lips, “I know… Mianhae, Naeun-ah. I kept you waiting, huh? I promise that I’ll never leave your side again. I’ll always be with you, every step of the way.” He pressed tender kisses to her forehead.
Naeun felt 100 times more comforted by his gentle words, and she quickly calmed down.
Soon, she held him out at arm’s length to take a look at his face, “But… where did you go? Where were you all this time? And how did you get here?”
Baekhyun laughed and pulled her back into his arms securely, “Whoa, whoa. Don’t rush it; I’ll answer your twenty questions.” He assured, sitting down on a nearby bench. Naeun quickly followed, eager to know how Baekhyun was able to return.
“Byun Baekhyun.” A loud, mighty voice called out.
Baekhyun’s eyes instantly snapped open as he automatically responded, “I am listening.” His eyes widened as he looked down at himself. *Wait… Where am I?* Everything was white and filled with clouds. Instantly, he was on his knees, and an understanding filled through him. He was back home, in Heaven.
“You and the other eleven fighter angels, EXO, have all committed crimes worthy of eternal torture and permanent banishment from Heaven. Do you understand this?”
Baekhyun’s head lowered slowly in shame, “Yes.”
“Is it true that you have fallen in love with a human being named Song Naeun, during her accidental stay on EXO Planet?”
“Is it also true, then, that you and the other members of EXO had secretly made a plan to change Song Naeun’s fate and intended to be punished in place of her death?”
“And are you, Byun Baekhyun, willing to own up to the severe and cruel consequences that await you and your friends?”
I am.
“Do you understand that any form of romance between a human and an angel is strictly forbidden? Do you remember the last time that had happened?”
“…I do.” Baekhyun paused, “I am deeply sorry, but I could not just watch her die and suffer like that for me. As an angel myself, I felt like I could not merely stand and watch. I love her with all my heart, and if I had a chance to do it again, I would give up my wings for her a second time, regardless of the consequences. So I am fully willing to accept any punishments you give me. Please… Just don’t hurt her.” His head was bowed in the sincerest apology for speaking out his mind so casually, “…Please forgive me for talking back. It is not my place to do so.”
It took a few seconds until the voice spoke up again.
“Very well, Byun Baekhyun. You shall first…”
Baekhyun held his breath in anxiety.
“…Return to Earth.”
“P-Pardon?” Baekhyun’s jaw fell open.
“You, Byun Baekhyun, have displayed great actions of selflessness, and have gone through enough self-torture already. Your love and care for your friends and the woman you gave up your own status for is truly pleasing. You have passed the test.”
“T-The test?” Baekhyun blurted, bewildered.
“Yes. The test that determined if you could truly be certified as an angel. You have undoubtedly passed. You are truly worthy of being called an angel, and an irreplaceable member of EXO.”
Baekhyun’s eyes were wide in disbelief.
“And for that, I am also willing to give you another chance at life. You have carried out my instructions well, and have learned that life isn’t something that you should end so easily. You have carefully reflected on your mistakes and realized the true meaning of living.”
“I… I…” Baekhyun froze as understanding filled him, “Don’t tell me… Then the voice that had told me to give up my wings when I found ‘the one’…”
It was silent before the voice replied.
“You shall be given one last chance at life, Byun Baekhyun, and nothing more. After that is fulfilled, you shall return back home, do you understand?
A wide beam broke out onto Baekhyun’s lips as he instantly bowed, “Y-Yes! Thank you!”
“And then, I found myself in these clothes. When I opened my eyes for the first time, I was sitting in front of what I assumed to be your school’s gates.”
Naeun was in awe after Baekhyun finished explaining his story.
“Wait… When did you come back?” Naeun narrowed her eyes suspiciously.
Baekhyun good-naturedly stuck out his tongue, “…Two days ago.”
“Two days—Baekhyun oppa!” Naeun gasped in anger.
Baekhyun guiltily smiled, “Mian, Naeun-ah. I wanted to see you like crazy, too, but I had some things that I had to take care of first.”
Naeun crossed her arms with an eyebrow raised, “What kind of things—wait, are you my ‘caretaker’?!” A light-bulb lit up in her head.
Baekhyun smiled sheepishly again, “Oops. Caught.” He saw her expression and explained, “I figured you would become responsible for your absence from school. I woke up there, so I figured I should’ve notified them.”
“So you told them I had leukemia?!” Naeun burst out. Baekhyun frowned at the word, “Please don’t say that word anymore. And well… It wasn’t a total lie…”
Naeun let out a resigned sigh, “Oppa, what am I supposed to do with you?” She glanced at his pouty expression and let out a giggle, “But… I’ll let you off.”
His eyes twinkled, “Really?” He yanked Naeun’s arm, causing her to yelp and end up in his lap. Baekhyun squeezed Naeun’s waist, “I love you.”
“Yeah, yeah, I know.” Naeun joked and remembered something, “Then the rest of the oppas…” She began, but Baekhyun sadly shook his head.
“I don’t know, Naeun. Maybe they’re still waiting to determine their results. Maybe they will continue to be angels. Who knows?” Baekhyun put a comforting hand on her shoulder, “I know you miss them. I do too, but the only thing we can do now is just live for the moment.” He flashed his pearly whites at her.
Naeun softened and gently smiled, “I know. I think the same way.” She turned around and hugged Baekhyun tightly, “I’m glad you’re here now, Baekhyun oppa. I still can’t believe that you’re with me, now.” An elated smile curved up her lips.
Baekhyun relaxed, “I know, Naeun. I’ve missed you too.” He rested his head on hers. Soon, they pulled away from the heartwarming hug.
Naeun blinked when she remembered her necklace. She had slipped it into her pocket before, so she dug her hand into it and pulled it out. Baekhyun watched her every move and occasionally tucked flyaway strands of her hair into place.
Naeun sadly frowned when she held out the broken necklace in her palm. “That stupid jerk, Kangsoo. He has no heart. Look at what he did to my necklace!” She grimaced, “Sorry, oppa. You told me to take care of it, and now it’s…” She let out a sigh.
Baekhyun put a hand on top of her head, “Hey. It’s okay. Why are you apologizing? It’s not your fault. It’s that bastar—“ He stopped himself, “It’s that …guy’s fault.” He sweetly smiled.
Naeun quietly chuckled, “Oppa, you’re scary when you’re mad.” Baekhyun laughed and picked up her necklace, “Let’s see here…”
He carefully examined it, “It’s not that bad. All you need to do is replace the chain and loop the hexagon on. We can fix it.”
Naeun still felt guilty and sorrowfully looked up at Baekhyun with puppy eyes, “But Baekhyun, how about the wish?”
“Hm?” Baekhyun looked up.
“You know, the legend that Suho oppa told me about. How if you wish for something on it, then it might come true? What if the wish doesn’t come true because the chain broke?” Naeun pondered.
Baekhyun softened and d her cheek letting out a secretive smile, “Naeun-ah, it’s okay. After all, half of our wishes have already been granted. Although the rest of EXO isn’t here, we were able to meet each other again.”
Naeun’s eyes widened, “How did you know my wish…?”
Baekhyun winked, “Secret. And plus, I’m still here with my beautiful girlfriend. That’s enough for me.” He smacked a peck on her cheek.
Naeun rolled her eyes and lightly pushed his forehead, “You cheesy man, you.”
“Only to you, Song Naeun.” Baekhyun winked as Naeun genuinely laughed.
Swinging intertwined hands, Baekhyun and Naeun walked up the sidewalk near her house.
A question seemed to linger in Naeun’s mind, so she decided to ask it. “If you came to Earth two days ago, then where did you sleep?” She scratched her head in confusion.
“Oh!” Baekhyun blinked, his lips curving upwards into a small smile. “Before I left Heaven, I took a bit of spending money that I saved up a while ago. I used that to rent a hotel for two nights.”
Naeun blinked, “You rented a hotel?”
“Yup!” Baekhyun said nonchalantly, “But… I spent all my money on it.” He guiltily grinned.
Naeun shook her head with a sigh, “I knew something like that would’ve happened. The economy is going up these days. You probably didn’t even have money to buy any clothes or even a toothbrush for yourself, right?”
Baekhyun nodded. “I guess I’ll have to just use yours tonight!” He gleefully grinned.
Naeun grinned as they walked up her driveway and up to her steps. She unlocked the door, letting him in, “You wish, oppa. I have a spare.”
Naeun whirled around to see Baekhyun batting his eyelashes at her innocently and she shook her head again, chuckling.
Baekhyun was immediately entranced by her home and interestedly peered at everything. Naeun found this rather cute and couldn’t believe that she was going to be living with him from now on.
“I’ll start making dinner after changing my clothes. Any requests for the menu?” Naeun rolled up her sleeves as Baekhyun shook his head, “Anything’s fine, Naeun. Actually, I’ll help out.”
“Oh yeah, I forgot my gorgeous past-angel boyfriend was also an excellent chef.” Naeun sarcastically said. She said it jokingly, but she couldn’t doubt that it was true.
Baekhyun chuckled, “Go and change, Naeun. Wearing uniforms like that all day must be uncomfortable to wear.”
“Araso. I’ll be out in a minute.” She darted into her room, grabbed a change of clothes, and hurried into the bathroom. Baekhyun adoringly smiled at his girlfriend’s actions. After chuckling at the dirty dishes that were thrown in the sink for her breakfast this morning, Baekhyun decided to see Naeun’s room.
Curiously, he walked inside, peering at the shelves, picture frames, and the furniture. It was neat, orderly, and well-furnished.
*So this was where Naeun stayed by herself for the longest time.* The feeling was bittersweet, but he let that feeling pass when he saw a cute picture of Naeun on the shelves when she was a baby. *Aww.* He cooed in his head when he turned and inspected her bedside.
Something white and fluffy caught his eye as he stared at it in astonishment and picked it up. The white, fluffy feather gleamed through the sun that peered out of the nearby blinds. Baekhyun’s eyes turned thick with remembrance. *A feather from my wing when I was a child.*
When he had first met Naeun, he wouldn’t have thought that she would be the girl he would go through so much for, or would love with all his heart. But now, looking back, Baekhyun was happy to realize that Naeun was the only one for him. She was his perfect match.
A muffled sound of the door opening made Baekhyun stand up and twirl the feather in his hands. Naeun came out, dressed in casual home clothes, and blinked in surprise at Baekhyun. A happy smile spread onto her face, “Hey.”
“Hey.” Baekhyun pleasantly beamed back. He held up the feather with a mischievous smile, “You still kept this?”
Naeun’s cheeks tinged pink at the topic, “…Yeah.” She cleared awkwardly. “I kind of… wanted to go to EXO Planet to find you—well, more specifically, my angel.”
Your angel?” His grin widened, “I never knew I was yours back then.”
*Busted.* Naeun was tongue-tied, “U-Uh…”
“Oh dear.” Baekhyun put a hand to his heart and frowned, “I captured your heart from the very start, didn’t I? Bang!” He made a love gun with his fingers after making a heart sign at her and aimed it at her heart, winking charmingly.
“You’re so greasy and cheesy that it makes me want to puke.” Naeun sighed and walked off.
“Oh, come on, Naeunnie! You don’t mean that!” Baekhyun called out with an amused grin plastered to his lips.
“Didn’t you say you were going to help me cook dinner? Hurry up!” She called from the kitchen, changing the subject to avoid embarrassment.
“Whatever you say, honey!” Baekhyun snickered and gently put the feather down.
Smiling softly at it once, he jogged out of the room to go help his girlfriend with dinner.


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Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
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