Fools In Love

Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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Haru - Super Junior
Narrator’s P.O.V:
Today’s wakeup call made Naeun brim with pleasure and awe.
Byun Baekhyun—the boy she had just confessed to the day before—was with her at her bedside. Baekhyun blinked at her while Naeun gawked at him. She was startled after seeing her ‘mutual crush’ so up close and personal, first thing in the morning.
Baekhyun’s tender gaze searched Naeun’s eyes as her cheeks flushed with colour. His head was propped up onto his graceful, soft hand. She remembered holding it up to her cheek just last night.
The word ‘soft’ was the only word that seemed to describe it. She quickly grew embarrassed at the thought.
“Good morning.” Baekhyun murmured with a smile, intently watching Naeun’s every move. He found her bashful actions to be just adorable.
Naeun involuntarily bit her lip, remembering Baekhyun’s taste on them. “Umm….” She tried think of a good word, “…Hi.” She finished lamely.
Baekhyun’s eyebrows rose up in interest as he smirked. *She’s shy.*
“Lay said that you’re fine now. He came to check up on you ten minutes ago.”
Naeun blinked and touched her forehead, “O-Oh… Wait—“ She froze, “You were here the whole night?”
Baekhyun nodded curtly, not wanting to hide anything. Naeun was both touched and taken aback. *Did I drool in my sleep or do anything embarrassing? Oh gosh, I hope I didn’t!* Naeun quickly wiped the corner of her lips, but they were bone dry.
Baekhyun felt the need to . Her actions were so obvious.
“You didn’t drool, by the way.” He quietly mused.
Naeun froze and sighed in relief, “I didn’t? I mean—“ She looked away embarrassedly, “Oops.” *I totally blew my cover!*
Baekhyun chuckled. *She’s so cute.* He grinned slyly, “But you did call my name.”
Naeun instantly straightened up, alarmed. “I… did…? How many times?”
Baekhyun softened, “Many times.” He smiled to himself. *And you said that you loved me.*
Naeun stiffened. *Oh no. That’s so embarrassing! Maybe he’ll think you’re a weirdo for calling his name in your sleep! Maybe he’ll think that you were having weird dreams about him! Maybe—* Her mind went wild as she jumped from conclusion to conclusion.
Baekhyun chuckled and gazed at her. Naeun soon became lost in her anxious worries when Baekhyun called her name quietly, “Naeun.”
Naeun turned her gaze to him, eyes widened in shock. Baekhyun zoomed in on her face—lips just inches away from hers. He kept coming closer and closer to her. Soon, he closed his eyes.
*Oh my…* Naeun thought, but didn’t want to avoid it, for some odd reason. Instinctively, Naeun closed her eyes tightly and puckered up her lips, waiting for the impact of Baekhyun’s lips on hers.
Baekhyun opened his eyes, stopping just centimetres away. He supressed his wide smile that was threatening to show.
*This isn’t good. She’s easy to take advantage of.* He gazed at Naeun’s puckered up lips and grinned. *I’d better keep an eye on her, now that she’s mine.*
*Why isn’t he kissing me?* Naeun peeked an eye open slowly to see what was taking so long. At that moment, Baekhyun pressed a gentle butterfly kiss to her forehead instead.
“Wha—“ Naeun oddly felt irritated by Baekhyun’s quick change of mind.
“Were you expecting it?” Baekhyun asked teasingly.
“What?” Naeun feigned obliviousness.
“The kiss. Were you expecting it?”
“Of course not.” But her actions said otherwise. Her tone of voice was a bit annoyed and her arms were tightly folded over her chest.
Baekhyun couldn’t help but let out a laugh. He doubled over in laughter and held onto his stomach. Naeun glanced at him furiously, “HEY! Baekhyun!”
“Mianhae, mianhae…” His laughter slowly died down as he wiped away the small tears of joy that squeezed through his eyelids. Then, he looked at Naeun seriously, “I know I wanted to kiss you.”
That made Naeun sputter, “M-Muh?”
“Kisses are not romantic when you’re expecting it to happen. It has to be unexpected.” Baekhyun said, in a matter of fact tone.
“Uh-huh.” Naeun grumbled and hopped out of bed, “I’m gonna get washed up. Leave or stay here or… do whatever.”
“Is wittle Naeunnie mad?” Baekhyun snickered. Teasing Naeun was fun.
Naeun spun around crossly, “Listen you—“
She was instantly shut up when Baekhyun pulled her arm and bent her down a bit toward him, who was still sitting on the bed. Their lips clashed in an ever-so-sweet kiss. Naeun could taste mint in his mouth. She almost rolled her eyes. *Of course. Perfect angels equal perfect morning breath. It’s common sense.*
When Baekhyun slowly pulled away, he frowned at her. She blinked at him questioningly.
“Don’t be mad, Naeun, because there’ll be more kisses to come.” He beamed as he stood up. Naeun felt the urge to reach up to him like a needy child, so she did. Her arms fit snugly around his neck as she rested her head against his chest. Baekhyun’s arms s around her waist in a comforting, but protective hold. He buried his face in her hair.
“You’re my girlfriend now, you know?” Baekhyun mused again, his tone of voice happier this time.
“I am?” Naeun almost slapped herself in the face after hearing those two words come out of .
Baekhyun laughed, “Of course you are, pabo.” A sudden rush of happiness filled him, so he picked Naeun up and spun her around quickly, making her yelp and start giggling loudly, “Hey!”
Finally, he set her back down on the floor. “You’ll always be mine, although I might not be physically there.” Baekhyun pecked the top of her head, “You’ll always be the one that I love. You know that, right?”
“Mmm…” She closed her eyes in approval and inhaled his familiar, addictive scent.
Fresh nature and sweet honey, just the way she liked it.
After what seemed like an eternity, the two finally let go of each other. “Go wash up, araso? I’ll go see what everyone else is up to.” He patted her head.
“Okay.” She turned to go into her bathroom, when Baekhyun opened the door, yelping behind her.
Naeun spun around, going to see what was the matter. To her horror, she found the rest of the 11 EXO boys pressing their ears to the door. When Baekhyun opened it, all of them came tumbling to the floor.
“You were spying on us?!” Naeun asked incredulously.
“Kind of.” Kai got up and dusted his pants. Everyone followed suit.
“You guys are so cheesy! Especially Baek!” Chanyeol snickered.
Xiumin grinned mockingly, “So Naeun is gonna be the only one you’ll ever love, huh, Baekhyun?”
“Shh!” Baekhyun’s face turned tomato red. Naeun was still gawking and pointed at Sehun, “You too, Sehunnie? Lay? Chen? Suho?!”
Sehun sheepishly smiled and clung onto Luhan, “Sorry, Naeunnie, but they forced me to!” Sehun had recently seemed to have recovered from the awkward tension between Naeun and him.
“Sorry mei-mei, we were forced to, too.” Lay and Chen frowned. “Me too.” Suho made a tear-streak by tracing his finger down his cheek.
“Us too!” Practically all of EXO whined.
“What?” Naeun was perplexed, “By who?”
Unanimously, everyone pointed at Kai, Chanyeol, and Xiumin. Naeun became irritated, “OPPAS!”
“Sorry! We’ll go now! Enjoy your lovey-dovey time together!” The three yelped and disappeared just as fast as they came. Baekhyun rolled his eyes and smiled at Naeun, “Don’t worry. I’ll deal with them. Go get washed up or take a shower.”
Naeun nodded as Baekhyun slowly began to close the door. She caught a glimpse of Tao as he frantically waved, “Bye mei-mei!” Naeun smiled a bit and waved as Kris shushed him, telling him not to disturb Naeun.
Naeun shook her head when the door was closed and all she heard was silence. She let out a gentle smile.
*My life is crazy, but I like it this way.* She gathered her clothes and headed for the shower.
About 20 minutes later, Naeun came out of her room in a light pink striped t-shirt and jean shorts. A damp towel hung around her neck, making sure that her almost-dry hair didn’t soak her outfit.
“Done already?” A voice mused as she turned around to see Baekhyun, smiling angelically at her. Naeun blinked in surprise and nodded, pausing while looking him up and down.
Baekhyun tilted his head to one side, “What?”
He sported a light blue polo shirt and jeans. His hair was perfectly straight and fluffy, making him look gorgeous as always. He looked dressed to get ready to go outside.
Naeun started hopping her way down the stairs as Baekhyun obediently followed. “Are you going somewhere?” She questioned.
“Hm? Oh. I was just about to tell you. We’re all heading to town again.”
She stopped in her tracks and spun around to face Baekhyun. He looked surprised as he took a step back, “Wae?”
“Town? We’re going to town?” Naeun’s eyes sparkled, “Why?”
Baekhyun shrugged casually, “I don’t know. To get out of the house, I guess…”
Naeun’s grin spread over her face quickly. *A date? It sounds like a date!* She bit her lip from beaming too much and giving it away.
Baekhyun looked confused and a bit nervous. “Do you… not want to go…?”
“What makes you think that I don’t want to go with you?” Naeun blurted, instantly rethinking her words and slapping a hand over . Baekhyun’s eyebrows raised noticeably, “What?”
*Damn!* She anxiously glanced around, “Uh…”
“Hey, look, it’s the pabo couple!” Xiumin chortled as he wriggled his way in between Naeun and Baekhyun. Naeun let out a sigh of relief. *Saved by Xiumin. Thank goodness.*
Baekhyun secretly smiled. *So she wanted to spend one-on-one time with me, too, huh? Song Naeun, if you wanted that, why didn’t you just say so? I’m not as dense as you think I am.*
Xiumin turned around, glancing first at Naeun’s red face and Baekhyun’s affectionate smile. A smirk soon overtook his lips, “Oh. OH. Were you guys in the middle of doing some more lip-locking? Mmmmmmuah!” He puckered up his lips and shook his hips a little, teasing the two.
“Okay, okay, sheesh!” He covered his ears and made a grumpy face, “Tough crowd.” Naeun rolled her eyes as Baekhyun grinned.
“Is everyone ready to go?” Suho asked, appearing from EXO-K’s room in a thin white sweater and capris. Soon, everyone came piling out into the hallways near the front door.
“Naeunnie!” Sehun came running as he gleefully embraced her, “Ready to go?”
“Sehunnie!” Naeun looked over her shoulder, startled, but then beamed, “Yup.” She patted his head. Even though Sehun was older than her, he still seemed like a little kid in her eyes.
Luhan yawned adorably and stretched his arms, clapping a hand on Sehun’s back, “Let’s go grab bubble tea on the way, Sehun-ah. Oh,” He glanced at Naeun, “Of course, you can tag along too, Naeun.” He gave her a sweet smile.
Naeun was about to say something when an arm pulled her aside forcefully. She was instantly by Baekhyun’s side. Her wide eyes gawked at Baekhyun’s strange behaviour.
“No thanks, Luhan hyung. Naeun and I have a date of our own, isn’t that right?” He crossly said with a wide, fake smile. He glanced at Naeun for her response.
By now, everyone was watching the tense scene.
*Does that mean… he’ll go on a date with me?* Elation built up in her heart as her eyes twinkled again, “Really?!” It became silent. Naeun’s excited tone of voice echoed in the room and bounced off the walls.
Kris let out a small smirk. *She got caught.*
Lay shook his head with a smile. *The things that people do when they’re in love.* Chanyeol snorted while D.O let out a ‘pfft’. Suho just grinned.
Naeun glanced around stiffly and let out a sheepish smile and forced laugh to try and ease the awkwardness, “I mean… we should… uhh… go. Yeah. Before it gets late and all.”
“…Well. Let’s set off, then!” Suho clapped his hands brightly and everyone filed out of the door, heading into town.
Before Baekhyun and Naeun passed them, Chanyeol and Kai gave her mysterious, mocking grins. Naeun made a face, stuck out her tongue, and pointedly looked away.
From afar, Luhan nudged Sehun, whose eyes were lost in thought. “What’s up, didi?” He tried to follow the younger’s gaze.
Sehun blinked very slowly, and smiled. “Nothing, hyung. I was just thinking how nice the two look together.”
Luhan straightened up, understanding filling his head. “What, Suho and D.O? Or Kris and Tao?”
“What?!” Tao hollered from in front of them, mortified.
“I HEARD THAT, LUHAN!” D.O turned around and frowned.
Luhan and Sehun chuckled and smiled at each other. “Hyung, you know that’s—“
“I know. You’re talking about Baekhyun and Naeun.” Luhan’s eyes disappeared into pleasant curves. Crescent moons, if you will. Sehun put his hands behind his head, smiling ever-so-softly.
“Luhan hyung,” Sehun paused for a second, “Do you think I’ll grow up one day? You know, become a man?”
There was a good silence before his wise hyung responded.
“Mmm…” The caramel-blonde gazed up at the soaring clouds overhead. Earth poked out behind one, swirls of blue and green clearly visible to the eye, “One day, you will. After experiencing hardships, victories, and losses, you will. After you become wise with knowledge, you definitely will.” He murmured.
Sehun stopped walking and glanced up at him, “Really?”
“Of course. Trust me, I went through the same thing.” Luhan smiled gently, “But always remember that no matter how old you are, or how mature you become, you’ll always be EXO’s maknae.”
Sehun seemed oddly comforted by those words and let out a small, gracious smile, slinging his arm around Luhan’s neck. No forms of gratitude needed to be shared. Just one simple sentence was enough.
“Luhan hyung, let’s go get some bubble tea, okay?”
Meanwhile, Naeun and Baekhyun walked side by side. They were up ahead, and farthest to the right. Nobody was bothering them since they were all trailing behind.
Naeun soon grew bored and glanced up at Baekhyun’s face. His chin creased, his lower lip was jutted out into a pout, and he looked absolutely annoyed but adorable.
Naeun almost let a smile creep onto her face.
*That Sehun! He’s always clinging onto Naeun, and Luhan hyung just dazzles her with his smile! Argh! It’s frustrating!* Baekhyun suddenly felt something poking his cheek. Eyebrows furrowed in anger, he looked down to see Naeun poking him repeatedly.
“Stop that.” He grumbled and lightly swatted her hand away. Naeun crinkled her nose at him and quirked her lips. *What’s his problem?*
“Oi, boyfriend!” She poked his side this time. As expected, the ticklish Baekhyun squirmed but still frowned at her, upset. *She acknowledged that I’m her boyfriend now.* Still, he kept his poker face on and crossed his arms, “What, girlfriend?” He played along.
Naeun straightened up and gave him a bright beam, “What’s wrong? You seem… mad.”
Baekhyun snorted, “Now you notice?” Naeun was taken aback by his rude retort and looked a bit hurt. Baekhyun noticed this and crumbled down, “…Sorry.”
“Well then, will you tell me?” She perked up and poked his sides again, “Come on, Baekhyun oppa! Tell me what’s on your mind!”
Baekhyun writhed and fidgeted all over until it seemed like he was doing some funny little dance. “S-Stop!” He whined.
“No!” Naeun kept at it, “Not until you tell me what’s wrong!” She paused a second later, to Baekhyun’s relief. Slowly, a smirk crawled up onto her face, “Unless… You’re jealous?”
“M-Muh?” Baekhyun bit his lip. *Bingo.*
“You are, aren’t you? Aww, he’s jealous!” Naeun put her palms to her cheeks and fawned over him, “How cute! Wait, what was that word Tao showed me? Um… OH! Ke ai!” She giggled at the reddening Baekhyun, “Ke ai, Baekhyun!”
Baekhyun was at a loss for words and face-palmed. His heart was palpitating at Naeun’s gorgeous smile, giggle, and claiming of him to be ‘cute’. Actually, Baekhyun thought he was far from cute.
“Cutie Baekhyunnie!” She sang as she twirled mockingly at him. She laughed wholeheartedly.
Baekhyun anxiously glanced around to see if anyone heard and gave her a pointed look, “Naeun! Shh!”
Naeun grinned as Baekhyun bent down, telling her sheepishly to be quiet. *Perfect.* At the last moment, she stretched on her tiptoes and planted her lips on Baekhyun’s cheek for a quick, inconspicuous peck.
She winked and ran off, “That was payback for earlier!”
Baekhyun froze in his tracks and gaped, touching his cheek. Life sure was good, and this romance was sweeter than any sugar, honey, candy, or confectionary.
“…Song Naeun, you pabo. That was hardly ‘payback’. If anything, it was a reward.” He rolled his eyes, breaking into a smile soon afterwards. His heart felt like it had sprouted wings and it was soaring into the skies.
Baekhyun grinned and dashed for his girlfriend, “Yah, Naeun! Get back here, you rascal!”
“Kya!” Naeun yelped and ran behind Kai, “Help me!”
Kai shrugged, “No can do, Naeun, or Baekhyun hyung will kill me. Literally.”
“But you’re already dead, you idiot.” D.O pointed out. Kai paused, “Oh yeah.” Everyone chuckled.
The two EXO leaders, Suho and Kris, silently watched Baekhyun and Naeun chase each other around with smiles on their faces.
“Those two are fools.” Kris said affectionately, with a sarcastic roll of the eyes. Still, he managed a soft smile.
“But what can you do? They’re fools in love.” Suho smiled to Kris, and they both chuckled in approval.
The skies that afternoon were filled with nothing else but laughter, and animated chatter.



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Chapter 47: Thank you for writing this story, it's the most beautiful story I've ever read. The emotions and thoughts are very well written. Love you...
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Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
Do_not_forget_this #6
Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
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