Empty Words & A Loving Heart

Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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Narrator’s P.O.V:
Baekhyun ran as fast as he could.
His heart wrenched in pain, his head was getting dizzy from all the stress he had, and he was slowly getting tired, but he kept on running.
He couldn’t stop, knowing that the girl that he loved was out there in the pouring rain, probably having way more emotional pain than he had.
*Naeun… where did you go?* Baekhyun halted and searched around himself frantically, not caring that he was getting soaked by the sudden, heavy rainstorm. The trees in the forest were so big, blocking his view by almost five times his size. Nevertheless, he continued to look for her.
*I need to find you and explain myself. I know I don’t have the right to talk to you now, especially after I hurt you so much, but Naeun… please…* He froze as a thought passed his mind.
Baekhyun stopped in his tracks and remembered the first time Naeun had disappeared.
His head snapped up in realization. *That tree. The place near the water fountain, where I first showed her EXO. Back then, it was a rainy day too…* Baekhyun immediately understood. Although he wasn’t 100% sure that Naeun would be there, he had a good enough feeling about it.
Baekhyun took off and broke out into another run not long after.
Naeun ran, but for different reasons.
Her breath seemed short and uneven, her voice and body were shaking, and she couldn’t think straight with those stupid tears in her eyes.
Without knowing, Naeun had gone straight to that same tree. Her legs betrayed her and guided her to the place that she wanted to forget the most.
Naeun couldn’t stand it anymore. Her legs ached from all the abrupt running, and her chest hurt.
No… to be exact, it was her breaking heart that hurt.
And that was the worst kind of pain.
A sharp sting and dull dizziness in her head made Naeun stumble on her knees. Her knees gave in as she fell onto the wet, muddy floor in front of the tree.
Finally… she let her welled up emotions all out.
He… how could he? How could he say something so hurtful to her in such an easy manner? How could he even be so nonchalant about it? He said he loved her. Was that… was that all just a lie…?
But what hurt Naeun the most was Baekhyun’s expression, right after he caught a glimpse of her fleeing the scene like the coward she was. His facial expression was contorted into a mixture of shock and guilt. Why was he guilty? The reaction to his own words came too late.
He was too late… wasn’t he?
Frustrated, she let out a pained cry. She couldn’t stop hiccupping. She couldn’t calm down. The tears and the tree were the only two things that were comforting her at this moment.
Song Naeun was stunned to find out that she still wanted him—that idiot, Byun Baekhyun.
“Naeun! Song Naeun! NAEUN-AH!”
Baekhyun dropped his hands from cupping them around his mouth to project his voice. He couldn’t believe it. He didn’t want to lose her. Naeun and the EXO boys were the only rays of light in his life.
Baekhyun didn’t want to give up. He spun around, eyes darting everywhere. *Come on, you have to be here somewhere—*
His breath stopped when he saw a crumpled, dishevelled figure in front of an oddly familiar tree.
“…Naeun…” He whispered, and in an instant, he was beside her, shaking her arm to consciousness. “Naeun. Naeun!”
Seeing that Naeun wasn’t getting up, Baekhyun cursed under his breath and hesitantly touched her, holding her frail body in his arms. Baekhyun didn’t want to touch her when she was already so mad at him, but he didn’t have much of a choice.
“SONG NAEUN! GET UP!” Worried tears started to trail down his cheek. “Please!”
Then, one miraculous moment later, she awoke. Her eyelids struggled to flutter open as she tried to regain awareness of the situation. She stiffened when her blurry vision recognized a sopping wet and crying Baekhyun, holding her as if…
…as if he loved her.
As if nothing had ever happened.
A slightly relieved expression took over Baekhyun’s still-perfect face, “Thank goodness. You’re awake.”
Anger boiled up inside of her as she remembered that it wasn’t a dream. Instinctively, Naeun harshly pushed him away from her, startling both her and Baekhyun both.
Baekhyun looked immensely hurt by her action, “Naeun-ah…”
*Don’t look into his eyes, or else I’ll cave in.* Naeun looked away, half disappointed in herself for making Baekhyun have such a heartbroken tone of voice. “Go away.”
Baekhyun reached out for her, “Naeun—“
“I SAID, GO AWAY!” She screamed and faced him with a fresh batch of hot tears rolling down her face. Baekhyun backed away, shocked by her hostility and her tears.
Her voice lowered as she wiped her never-ending tears away, “…I don’t want to see your face now. Please leave.”
Naeun gawked at him, “What?”
“I’m not leaving, Song Naeun.” His expression was full of regret and shame, “After you left, the guys knocked some sense into me. As soon as I saw your crying face, I just lost all of my sanity, and I’m so freaking angry at myself for making you that way.” He raked a hand through his hair and let in a shaky, unstable breath.
Naeun wasn’t ready to just forgive him yet. She was still greatly impacted by his past words. “You should be.” She mumbled.
“I know.” Baekhyun caught her gaze, “I know, and I’m probably the biggest, densest idiot in the world. I approve of that title.” Naeun almost cracked a smile but bit her lip to stop.
Baekhyun hung his head in shame, “I’m stupid, and I hate myself more than ever for telling you words that weren’t true. Please understand. I was trying to protect you… and the others—my friends—both. I was obsessed with making myself believe that I could figure out everything on my own. I didn’t think I had another choice but to spout lies… but I ended up hurting you both.” He looked away, his voice low.
Naeun could feel herself melting away bit by bit. She wanted to believe him wholeheartedly, but she wasn’t sure if he could keep his word.
“I was so happy… when I found out that you were my angel.” Naeun’s voice was quiet and crackly, “And then you said that you loved me when you were talking to Suho. But it all changed in a matter of minutes. I don’t know if I can trust you.”
“I know. I understand, Naeun.” The way Baekhyun murmured her name so intimately made her give in, “I angered so many people with my horrible actions today. See? I even got a few punches because of it.” Baekhyun pointed to his blue and purple cheeks and lightly chuckled.
Naeun’s eyes widened, “How…”
“Chanyeol.” He waved it off, “But I deserved it. You know why?”
Naeun gazed at him with a curious expression. The soft pitter-patters of the rain slowly began to die down.
“Because I know that if I lost you… it’d hurt a million times more than this.” Baekhyun smiled gorgeously, making Naeun’s heart thump hard in her chest.
“So Naeun… I don’t care if you decide to hit me right now. Do anything to me in order to vent out your anger. I won’t oppose or reject anything.” He held his cheek out and softened, “But please know that I deeply regret what I did today.”
“Baekhyun…” Naeun felt like crying all over again.
“I know it’s insufficient for me to say a meaningless ‘sorry’, but I have nothing more to say. It’s stupid for me to do something and then say another thing, but instead of saying sorry, I just want to say this.” Baekhyun leaned in and slowly brushed a soft finger under her eyelid, wiping her tears away.
Then, with the most sincere tone of voice he could muster up, he cautiously kissed the top of her hand like a prince.
“I love you, and I will love only you, Song Naeun.” Baekhyun murmured with infinite emotions. “Now until forever.”
As if on cue, she burst into tears. Relieved tears. Baekhyun held out his arms and she crushed herself to his chest, almost dying of happiness when he circled his arms around her in a comforting cradle.
Naeun’s voice was muffled, “Why…? Even though I know I’m supposed to be angry at you… Though I know I’m supposed to hate you right now… Why is it that I just can’t hate you? Why do I still love you so much…?”
Baekhyun’s heart almost faltered at those touching words. His heart skyrocketed to the sky. He let out a teary-eyed smile and buried his face in her hair, planting silent kisses.
Naeun weakly hit his chest with her fists, “Why did you do that? You’re the biggest idiot I know.”
“You’re insanely stupid.”
“I agree.”
“I should be hating you with a passion right now.”
“You should.”
“…But I’m not.”
“So what does that tell you, Song Naeun?” Baekhyun’s eyes were lively and playful as he leaned back to take a good look at her.
Naeun froze for a second before sheepishly looking away, “…It tells me that I love you.”
Baekhyun grinned widely, “I didn’t hear you.”
“I said I love you, you annoyingly irresistible angel—“ Naeun’s eyes went as wide as saucers as she felt her head being tilted up and familiar, warm flesh being pushed onto her lips.
Naeun wanted to resist, but couldn’t any longer. Her lips automatically closed as Baekhyun moved his lips rhythmically with hers. His arms automatically tightened around her waist as she swung her arms around his neck.
The tip of Baekhyun’s tongue lovingly traced Naeun’s bottom lip and pleaded entrance. Naeun immediately succumbed to his sweet lips as she parted them open. Baekhyun smiled against her lips and tenderly kissed her all the way.
By the time they both pulled away, they were embarrassed and flushed with a vibrant shade of red.
Baekhyun glanced at her lips and smirked, “You know, the ‘annoying’ part of your sentence wasn’t necessary.”
Naeun rolled her eyes but smiled anyway, “Shh.” Her grip around Baekhyun’s neck tightened as she stayed in that position for a while, continuing to be cradled in his embrace and comforted by his body heat.
All of a sudden, a dulling feeling spread in her head. Her body felt heavier, and she felt like she might faint. Naeun shivered and clasped Baekhyun’s shirt in a tighter hold, trying to not wince from the pain.
Baekhyun instantly noticed that something was wrong. “Naeun, why are you…” A shiver passed through her as she let out a tiny gasp of discomfort.
Baekhyun’s eyes were wide as he held her out at arm’s length, “Naeun? Naeun! What’s wrong?!” He grabbed her trembling, ice-cold hand and felt her forehead’s temperature with the other. Her hands were cold but her head was burning up quickly. Of course, it didn’t help when she was dripping wet from the rainstorm.
“Damn, this isn’t good…” He muttered and tried to shake her awake, but she wouldn’t open her eyes. Without another thought, Baekhyun scooped her up in his arms and bolted off for the house as fast as he could.
*Hang in there, Naeun-ah.* He held onto her tightly. *Everything will be just fine, from now on.*



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Chapter 47: Thank you for writing this story, it's the most beautiful story I've ever read. The emotions and thoughts are very well written. Love you...
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Do_not_forget_this #6
Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
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