Lips Like Chocolate

Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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Electric Heart - SHINee
**I know this song won't match the mood at the beginning of the chapter, but once you get to the second part, it will. Hope you guys listen to the songs I put so that it can create a better mood! ^^**
Narrator’s P.O.V:
Two days passed since Chanyeol had given Naeun his advice. She was planning to confess to Baekhyun soon—maybe even this week—but she always seemed to chicken out.
But tonight… she just couldn’t bear to say it.
*Maybe tomorrow.* Naeun pondered over that thought while she ate her dessert. *Yeah… That doesn’t sound too bad.*
A few hours earlier, D.O had forced Xiumin to cook, as the eldest hyung. After a very bland (and not very tasty) dinner, everyone was currently eating dessert, which was a strawberry parfait that Baekhyun and Chanyeol had made.
Naeun was making faces as she took another spoonful of her parfait. *Okay. I’m gonna tell him tomorrow. I’m sure of it. But wait… does my confession have to be romantic or something? Usually, the guy confesses… Ack! Too embarrassing!* She accidentally opened , sending her spoon clattering on the floor. Her face was flushed as she slapped her hands over her tomato-red cheeks.
By now, everyone was staring at her. Naeun, however, didn’t notice. She was too buried in her thoughts.
“Mei-mei, what are you thinking of?” A voice asked in thick Korean.
“Hm?” She dejectedly drawled as she slowly lifted her head up to see Tao blinking at her. “Mei-mei…?” He frowned from under his jet black hair.
Naeun’s gaze softened and she shrunk from under the stares, “…Sorry. It’s nothing.”
Kris bent down and picked up her spoon. “Thanks.” She nodded and set it on the table. He gave her a confused look.
“I’ll go put this away.” She took her empty cup and spoon and was about to get up when Luhan shook his head, “No need. I’ll do it.” He waved his hand, and all of the empty dishes gathered into a pile and made their way into the sink.
Naeun blinked and slowly sat back down in awe. “That never gets old.” She attempted a feeble smile, but the twelve boys just kept staring at her.
“Naeun-ah, you seem… down, these days.” Suho sent her a sad look, “You don’t laugh as much as before. Are you honestly okay?”
Chen rested his head on his fists, “Yeah, the mood in this house seems tenser than ever.” He curiously met her eyes, “Is there a reason why?”
“Yeah, mei-mei!” Xiumin beamed recklessly, “We’re close enough to be called family! You can say anything to us. We won’t make fun!”
D.O shook his head, “We won’t.” He gestured to everyone except Xiumin, “You will.”
Xiumin glared at D.O and smiled at Naeun, “Kyungsoo’s just mad because he’s a little prim and proper housewife. You can trust me.”
D.O made a face, “A housewife? Psh.” Everyone chuckled. Naeun managed to crack a smile.
“So tell us, yeah?” Xiumin urged. Chen and Lay intently listened.
Naeun blinked, “U-Uhh…” *How the heck am I supposed to just blurt it out now?! I have to find some sort of excuse… Think, Naeun, think!* She fumbled over her words, “W-Well…”
Baekhyun furrowed his eyebrows in worry. *What’s got her so tongue-tied? I notice that she doesn’t even talk to me as much anymore…*
“Hyungs, don’t pick too much on Naeunnie! She feels pressured because of all the stares!” Sehun’s voice suddenly popped up.
“I see Naeun’s bodyguard has recently reclaimed his position.” She could almost see Kai rolling his eyes.
Naeun froze and stopped to stare. Sehun had been avoiding her these few days like the plague. Now, he had stood up for her, just like before…
*Sehun-ah…* She was surprised when he met her gaze. Sehun beamed, just like always, and gave her his signature eye-smile. Naeun softly smiled back, thankful for his gesture.
Baekhyun saw this exchange and his eyes hardened. Chanyeol stopped and worriedly glanced at him.
Luhan then caught Naeun’s attention, “It isn’t our place to pry it out of you, but when you’re ready to share, we’re all ears.” He gave her a sweet smile that any girl would melt over. Naeun nodded, “Thanks, Luhan oppa.” He nodded at her with a casual grin.
Kris wiggled his eyebrows, “Although you’re tightly bonded to EXO-K, don’t forget that you have EXO-M, too, araso?” Naeun laughed at his strange behaviour, “Araso.”
Tao gave her hand a small, reassuring squeeze before he went to help Suho and Lay clean up. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to make her brim up with courage.
Naeun tossed and turned in her bed. It was way too hot in her room, and she wasn’t comfortable.
started feeling really dry, too. Sitting up, she fanned her face. *Am I really that nervous about tomorrow? Is that why I can’t sleep?* She put a hand on her chest, checking for the pulse, but her heart wasn't beating fast in excitement or dread. It was going at a temperate pace.
Naeun shrugged it off as nothing and let out a semi-tired sigh. It was like a sauna in there.
*I should go get a drink of ice-cold water. It would cool me off and calm me down.* She thought with a small smile. She managed to hop off her bed without making any noise as she slipped out the door.
Naeun let out a sigh of relief as she passed the stairs leading to the basement and EXO-K’s room. *They’re all deeply asleep. Good.* She felt satisfied and made her way to the kitchen downstairs.
Humming a soft tune, she passed by the living room, into the kitchen. *A cup…* She reached into one of the glass cabinets, pulled out a plastic cup, and filled it with icy cold water.
*I don’t feel too tired… Maybe I should stay up a bit and drink at the living room.* She nodded to herself and passed by the couch when she froze. A pair of beady eyes stared right back at her.
*HOLY—* Naeun stumbled back in fright. Just in time, a familiar pair of arms caught her waist. The moonlight from the nearby window shone on the male’s face, and Naeun quietly gasped.
“B-Baekhyun oppa?”
Baekhyun sighed in relief and intently stared at Naeun with kinder eyes, “Be careful. You could’ve gotten hurt.”
Naeun blushed profusely, a full cup thankfully still in her hand.
Baekhyun positioned her upright and took a seat on the couch. Naeun paused, still standing, and looked around in paranoia.
Baekhyun caught sight of her anxiety and gave her a weird look, “What?”
She turned around and narrowed her eyes suspiciously at him, “There aren’t more oppas here that are going to pop out and scare me… are there?”
Baekhyun blinked and stifled his laughter at her innocence, “M-Muh?”
“There better not be.” Naeun joked and sat down beside him, keeping a small but safe distance between the two. She took a long sip of her water as Baekhyun watched her every movement out of the corner of his eye. The refreshing, clean taste purified every one of her taste-buds and tingled her insides with a cold temperature, “Ahh.” She smiled.
Naeun turned to glance at Baekhyun. To her surprise, he was gazing at her with a tender expression. She tried to hide her embarrassment, “So, umm… why were you here, all by yourself?”
Baekhyun relaxed and stared at the clock that hung above the TV. “I couldn’t sleep.” He explained. Naeun nodded understandingly. “I’m assuming that’s the reason for you being here, too?” He hoped.
Naeun sheepishly smiled, “Caught.” She looked at the half-filled cup in her hands. “I wanted some water, but I couldn’t fall asleep either. I was just going to sit here by myself until I got sleepy. But I guess someone else was already here, too.”
Baekhyun gradually began to get up, “Do you want me to leave?”
Naeun grew panicked, “No, no!” She grabbed his arm at the last minute and pulled him down. Her grip was so strong that Baekhyun staggered to his knees—his face right in front of hers.
Naeun’s eyes went wide. She could feel his hot breath on her cheeks, making them redden noticeably. She tried to back away a little, although the other part—the bigger part—didn’t want to.
But Baekhyun had a firm grip on her. His gaze was tender and dripping with love and affection. *Byun Baekhyun, you’d better not lay a hand on her! You know that this is wrong!* His conscience tried to stop him. *You’re only gonna hurt her in the end if this doesn’t turn out well!*
Baekhyun didn’t care. All he knew was that he wanted to live for the moment, just this once. To him, everything about Naeun was perfect, but tonight, everything about her became even more appealing to him. She was hard to resist.
*I know this might be wrong, but let me be selfish this one time…* Baekhyun searched her eyes and slowly leaned in. *Naeun…* He noticed that her eyes automatically closed and he felt like he was on the top of the world. In a split second, their lips touched.
Naeun couldn’t comprehend what was going on. All that she knew was that she wanted this moment to last. She wanted time to stop. Everything was just flawless. This moment was flawless.
Baekhyun’s lips were just as sweet as she imagined. They tasted like chocolate. Addictive, but sweet and soft. Naeun outstretched her arms and circled them around his neck. If possible, Baekhyun pulled her closer to him and held her securely in his arms, savouring the bittersweet moment.
Naeun gladly let Baekhyun kiss her deeply, passionately, and lovingly. Every time his lips moved in sync with hers, her heart did a little flutter in her chest. This had to be a dream. A sweet, sweet dream that she wished she would never wake up from.
Slowly, her hands started to quiver from the exhilaration. A muted sound of the plastic cup hitting the floor made the two stop and stare at the floor. Naeun blushed, taking time to reflect upon her actions.
“M-Mianhae…” Naeun bit her lip, the distinct taste of Baekhyun still lingering on her lips.
Baekhyun gently smirked, which was unlike him, but it made him look incredibly… attractive. In a non-Baekhyun kind of way. “I don’t care.” He leaned in, but Naeun was still unsure and recoiled. He stopped.
“But D.O oppa is going to be mad in the morning if we don’t clean it up…”
Baekhyun shook his head, with his smirk coming off of his face. It was replaced with his trademark smile.
“I don’t care.”
Baekhyun lowered her down to the couch and hovered over her, his gaze screaming out his feelings for Naeun. She was breathless by this action, but didn’t go against him, because she loved him too.
In one swift movement, Baekhyun captured her saccharine lips once again, in a fervent kiss that could not be explained by words.
He needed her, and she needed him.
Inside, Baekhyun knew that he would rethink his actions a little too late in the morning, but right now, at this minute, all he could think about was Song Naeun.
And Naeun felt the same way.



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Chapter 47: Thank you for writing this story, it's the most beautiful story I've ever read. The emotions and thoughts are very well written. Love you...
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Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
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