Piecing It Together

Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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Don't Go - Thunder (MBLAQ)
Narrator’s P.O.V:
When Chanyeol and Naeun came out from somewhere, holding hands, nobody noticed but Sehun.
An odd, disturbed feeling tickled the pit of his stomach. His eyes narrowed, and a big frown crossed his face. *Chanyeol hyung… and Naeunnie…? I don’t like the sound of that.*
Jealously overwhelmed him as he ran up to the two, “Hyung!”
Chanyeol blinked with his wide eyes, but then broke out into his usual beam, “Sehun-ah, is everyone going home now?”
But Sehun’s gaze was only on the pair’s intertwined hands. His eyes refused to look anywhere else.
“Yeah… We’re all going back now. It’s almost evening…”
Naeun looked up to see Sehun staring intently at something. She cocked her head to one side in bewilderment, “Sehun?”
Automatically, Sehun made a move. He swiftly pulled Naeun’s hand away from Chanyeol’s and protectively linked arms with her.
“Hyung, it’s not very gentleman-like of you to keep a cute girl all to yourself!” He stuck his tongue out jokingly and tugged her away, “Come on, Naeunnie. Let’s go walk with Tao and Baekhyun hyung.”
In a flash, the two were gone. Chanyeol looked mildly amused. *But then again… if Baekhyun and Naeun get together, what happens to our maknae?* He felt pity for the younger.
A petite hand suddenly slipped onto Chanyeol’s broad shoulder. Chanyeol turned around in surprise to see Luhan there, gazing sympathetically at Sehun and Naeun’s backs. A small smile curved up onto his pretty pink lips as he glanced back at Chanyeol.
Somehow, Luhan and Chanyeol both knew what the other was thinking. They let out a confused sigh and merely followed the rest of the crowd.
Meanwhile, Sehun was humming contently, pointing out things in the woods to Tao and Kris. The chatter was loud in the usually quiet atmosphere.
Naeun, however, was deep in thought—a total opposite from Sehun. Chanyeol’s words were fresh in her mind.
“Please listen to my advice. Take advantage of the time you have now. Don’t stall your confession for too long. I don’t want you to regret it, like I did.”
Naeun shut her eyes in frustration and embarrassment. *I don’t want to regret it, Chanyeol oppa, but how the heck do you expect me to tell Baekhyun my feelings? It’s just too sudden!* She bit her lip after pouting for a while.
During all this, Baekhyun was staring at her. His eyebrows furrowed at her comical mixed emotions. *She’s acting weird.* He quirked his lips into an amused grin. His gaze soon turned towards Naeun and Sehun’s linked arms. *…Is she acting this way because Sehun’s arm is making her uncomfortable…?* He blinked. Although he knew that that possibly couldn’t be the case (Naeun and Sehun always linked their arms together without any discomfort), their little skinship was making him more uncomfortable instead.
While Naeun was mentally freaking out, a quick touch surprised her. She glanced at her arm, stunned to see that it had become so easily detached from Sehun’s. Sehun didn’t seem to notice, though, since he was too busy talking to Luhan, Tao and Kris.
Naeun looked around herself in confusion, *How did—*
She instantly spun around to see Baekhyun retracting his arm from beside her. He seemed to be the primary suspect for helping Naeun pull her arm away from the maknae. A not-so-innocent look was etched on his face as he shyly cleared his throat.
Naeun looked away as a giddy smile soon spread across her face. *Was he… jealous? It’s a possibility… right?* Whatever the reason, she was sure that Baekhyun did it on purpose. She let out a snort, but then covered it up with a cough.
Baekhyun caught her secretly laughing at him. Smirking to himself victoriously, he put his hands behind his head and scooted over a tiny bit closer to Naeun.
Kai—who happened to be in front of the two—caught sight of them secretly laughing. He raised an eyebrow, “What’s so funny?”
Naeun and Baekhyun immediately straightened up, “Nothing.”
The two shared another glance, and they set off in another round of silent giggles.
Kai shrugged with a smirk as he turned to the front again, “Whatever you say, lovebirds.
Baekhyun froze at the last word. Naeun instantly flushed bright red. *W-What does he mean by that? Oh no, does he know about my plans to… c-confess…?!*
Sehun tilted his head to one side as everyone stopped talking, “Love… birds…?”
Kai’s eyes widened. *Oh damn. What did I do?* He mentally face-palmed himself. *Kim Jongin, you idiot. You forgot Sehun was in listening range.*
Suho noticed the tension as he merely laughed it off, “Oh Jongin, you big joker! He was just kidding, Sehun! Weren’t you, Kai?” Suho gave Kai a hard look.
Chen and Lay both shared a nervous glance. Xiumin and Kris were silent, but anxious.
After catching Chanyeol’s glare, Kai instantly burst out into laughter.
“…Puhahahaha! Yeah, of course! It was just a joke, just a joke!” Kai convincingly chuckled. Everyone with the exception of Baekhyun, Sehun and Naeun seemed to sigh in relief.
*Not a bad actor, Kim Jongin.* D.O shook his head with a roll of his eyes. *…Considering the fact that you almost blew the oblivious couple’s cover.*
Sehun thought about Kai’s words seriously.
*A joke… huh?*
Hours after a full dinner, it was finally time to get some shuteye.
Sehun and the majority of the EXO-K members were in their room already. Chanyeol was flipping through the television channels leisurely, while D.O was absentmindedly eyeing the TV from his bed.
Kai was lying down with his eyes closed; listening to music. Sehun could tell because of the fast movements of Kai’s lips, mouthing along to the words. *Rap.* He guessed.
The maknae then turned to look at one person in particular. Baekhyun, as usual, was staring out from his window, head rested on his palm. His gaze spoke more than a million words. It was unreadable, yet even Sehun could tell that his hyung was contemplating something very important. He could sense something like regret in Baekhyun’s eyes. Sehun didn’t know what Baekhyun was gonna regret, but he shrugged it off. *Maybe I’m just overthinking his actions.* He laid back down, letting the soft fluff of his pillow cushion the impact of the fall.
Sehun blew a raspberry. *I wonder what Naeun’s doing right now? Probably sleeping, I bet.*
Suddenly, Suho happily walked into the room with a towel around his neck. Sehun noticed the peculiar bright shine from his hair. It was dripping wet.
“Alright guys! Lights out!” The leader mused as he clapped his hands twice. Chanyeol immediately turned off the TV, getting comfy in his bed. D.O merely fell onto his back and shut his eyes. Baekhyun perked up in surprise by Suho’s call and obediently pulled the covers over him.
A hushed click of the light switch sounded, and the room was engulfed in black at once. Before anyone could fall asleep, D.O squealed, “Joonmyun hyung! Stop shaking your head!”
“…Oops.” Suho’s sheepish voice sounded. A shy chuckle emitted from the bunk below Sehun’s—the leader’s bunk. “Sorry, Kyungsoo-yah~”
D.O snorted and went to sleep. Soon, Chanyeol’s light snores and Kai’s heavy breathing lulled everyone to dreamland.
Everyone… except Sehun, that is.
The maknae let out a sigh and stared up at the ceiling. *I wonder what Baekhyun hyung was thinking so hard about?* The question left him with a million possible answers, but the one that stuck out the most was clearly visible in Sehun’s head, written in big, capital letters.
Immediately, Sehun shook that thought out of his head. He laughed at the idea. *Naeun? Why would hyung be thinking so hard about Naeun? It just doesn’t make sense.*
*Lies. It makes perfect sense. You’re not stupid like everyone thinks you are, Oh Sehun.*
Sehun closed his eyes. *I know, I know, conscience. Just stop being irritating for a second.* He put his long, milky arm over his perfectly handsome face. *It’s painfully obvious to see that Naeun and Baekhyun hyung like each other. Even I can see that.*
He moved his arm away and bit the inside of his bottom lip, tasting blood almost instantaneously.
*But that doesn’t mean that the rejection hurts any less.*
The last thought wasn’t made up by his conscience.
Sehun pressed his lips into a thin, pursed line. *I’m horrible. I kept ignoring their feelings, thinking that Naeun could love me. That she could notice me.* He wanted to let out a disbelieving laugh, but decided against it. *I’m an idiot.*
An idiot.
That word made Sehun remember the time he first began to grow affection for Naeun.
Sehun slowly looked up emotionlessly to see Naeun in front of him, angry. He paused, “Naeun…”
“You idiot!” She scolded, “Where were you?! The game ended a long time ago! You had everyone worried sick!”
Sehun was shocked, “I…uh...”
Naeun raised a hand, and Sehun almost flinched, but he froze like ice when he felt a warm, comforting hand on his head, buried in his hair.
He gazed up to see Naeun’s softened expression.
Pabo. I found you.”
Sehun let out a pained smile. *That’s right, Naeun. I’m the idiot. Blame me.* He shook his head.
*…No.* His conscience chided. *Naeun wouldn’t want you to be like this. Don’t be negative.*
*…Shut up. What do you know about Naeun anyway?* Sehun retorted.
*I know her as well as you do, obviously. I’m a part of you.*
Sehun smirked in defeat. He paused for a while. *Wait… What in the hell am I doing? I’m talking to myself. Hah! I’ve officially lost it. Way to go, Sehun. You’re definitely gonna win Naeun over now. She’d totally go for a guy who talks to his own conscience!* He rolled his eyes.
And then it became quiet.
Sehun’s mind flitted back to this afternoon, when Kai mentioned Naeun and Baekhyun being ‘lovebirds’.
*How lucky Baekhyun hyung is. He has Naeun by his side, now.* He thought in a bittersweet manner. Bitter because as jealous at it sounded, he wanted Naeun for himself. Sweet since he wouldn’t dare force himself upon Naeun. If she really liked his hyung, and Baekhyun did too, then he’d back off.
He couldn’t to risk a friend for a girl… But at the same time, he wanted her. She made him happy, but she also made his hyung even happier.
“Aish.” He muttered under his breath and ruffled his hair. *Alright, Sehun. Think about something else to get you sleepy. Think about… Luhan.*
Yeah. Luhan seemed like a safe topic.
*EXO-M. I’ve really missed them a lot. Since they’re back now, it feels great to have everyone I love here.* His lips curved upwards into a small smile. *Speaking of EXO-M, though… Weren’t they here on some sort of messenger mission…?* He racked his brain and thought back to it. *What did Luhan hyung say to Baekhyun hyung again?*
“Keep in mind that she’s not going to be here forever, but at the same time, don’t ignore the fact that her own will made her appear here, where humans are forbidden.” Luhan said wisely.
Sehun thought hard about those words.
*I… don’t get it. What is he trying to say? I’m sure he’s talking about Naeun, though. After all, she’s the only female here. There’s some sort of link between hyung and her, but it oddly feels like I’m the only one who doesn’t know.* He soon grew frustrated. *What’s the hidden meaning between his words…?*
Sehun tried to search through his memories of Naeun, trying to pick up any flashbacks or words that would connect to Luhan’s vague advice. His eyes widened as he remembered something a long while later.
“I often get bullied too, so I wouldn’t wish to go back.” She shivered. “Well, at least not for a little while. You see, I wished to finally meet a certain someone… And then I just ended up here. I don’t know how, but I feel like I have a purpose to be here. Something’s just telling me that I need to stay, as odd as it sounds.” She chose her words carefully, not wanting to reveal so much information to an almost-stranger.
“I won’t be nosy and ask you right now about who this person is,” He rolled over onto his stomach and gazed into your eyes, “But in the future, once we trust each other well enough, you’ll tell me, won’t you?” Sehun beamed.
“Mayyyybe.” She put her hands behind her head and laughed.
*A purpose… to be here. She wants to meet someone…* Sehun’s memory was hazy, but his eyes widened. The scattered puzzle pieces were slowly coming together to form a giant picture. He didn’t find out the whole truth, but he was beginning to gradually reveal it.
A determined expression filled Sehun’s face before he turned in for the night.
*I have to find out who she’s talking about… Although I’m sure that it’s Baekhyun hyung.* He kept silent. *But the question is… why is she looking for him?*
With an unsettled heart, he decided to confront Naeun in the morning, instead.



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Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
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