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Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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Just The Two of Us (feat. Min) - Baro (B1A4)
Narrator’s P.O.V:
It was a bright, beautiful and sunny day on EXO Planet.
Sehun and D.O were playing soccer outside on the lush fields. Suho had gone out shopping with Kai in the nearby stores up north, and Baekhyun was staring out the window while Chanyeol flipped through TV channels.
“Argh!” A frustrated Chanyeol gave up and turned off the TV. “There’s always nothing to watch on this stupid EXO Satellite television.” He stood up and let himself fall face-first onto his fluffy bed.
“I miss the EXO-M hyungs. Don’t you, Baekhyun-ah?” The quirky boy asked the quiet one. His voice was muffled by the blanket.
However, Baekhyun’s mind was far away, “Mmm…”
*Something’s up.* Chanyeol’s eyebrows furrowed as he leaped over onto Baekhyun’s bed. His movement caused the bed to shake and creases to form on it—something that Baekhyun absolutely hated.
But instead of the usual shouting, Baekhyun didn’t seem to notice and continued staring at the sky outside. He could see Earth from there.
Chanyeol carefully took note of his soft, gentle expression and put a hand on Baekhyun’s shoulder. This snapped the younger out of his thoughts as he turned to the frizzy-haired male behind him.
“Thinking of her, huh?” The corners of Chanyeol’s lips slightly tipped upward.
Baekhyun’s eyes grew wide as his ears turned pink. He looked away, “N-No.”
“Oh, come on, Baek. You can’t lie to me. I’m the one who knows you best out of all the guys.” Chanyeol put his head on Baekhyun’s shoulder and grinned at him, “You miss her, huh?”
Baekhyun ignored the last question, “Yeol, that was eons ago. She probably just thought of everything as a big dream. I mean, I barely know her. She must’ve forgotten.” His words were blunt, yet his eyes hoped that what he said wasn’t true.
Chanyeol hummed, “I don’t think so. What if she wants to see you too?”
When Baekhyun didn’t reply, he slung his arms around Baekhyun’s neck and gave him a noogie.
“Y-Yah! Get off!” He insisted, but Chanyeol was undoubtedly taller (and stronger), giving him the advantage. Finally, Baekhyun stopped struggling and Chanyeol turned him around to face him.
“You gave up your wings to save her life. No one’s done that in a million years. She must mean something to you.” He reasoned. Baekhyun stared at him through his chocolate brown eyes and then looked away, avoiding his gaze.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” Chanyeol smirked before Baekhyun could protest. “Look. We’re all here for you, man. Until you get your wings back and finally deserve them, we’ll help you. We didn’t come to rot with you in this hellhole for nothing, now, did we?”
Baekhyun let out a chuckle. Chanyeol always lifted up his mood. “I guess.” He smiled. Chanyeol grinned, “Even though we all miss the other hyungs up there,” He pointed up, “We’ll get through this. We’ll get by. But love…” He looked wistful, “Love isn’t something that you can just neglect, Baek. I saw you that day. You were acting all cool and composed, but you were mesmerized.”
“I w-was not!” Baekhyun said embarrassedly, “A-And who said anything about…” He paused for a second before whispering, “…love?”
Chanyeol rolled his eyes, “You are so dense. Stop trying to fight it. You love her and you still do.”
“So what am I supposed to do about it?” Baekhyun slumped onto his bed, all sprawled out. “I caused this all. Even if I do love her, it’s too late. We’ll never cross paths. We’ll never meet again face-to-face. If that ever happens, then I could get myself and you guys into even more trouble.” He said negatively, sighing.
Chanyeol contemplated this for a moment before smiling, “Fate can give you the most unbelievable surprises.” He said wisely. “Trust me, Baek. Hopefully one day, maybe you’ll see.”
Baekhyun stared at him as if he was crazy, but then rolled his eyes disbelievingly, “Yeah, yeah.”
*I wish I could meet you again, Naeun-ah…*


Okay, so I couldn't resist putting a baekyeol!moment in there.

I mean, COME ON. Who can resist the Breakfast Couple?! And Hunhan! xD

Of course, I only ship them as best friends. ^_^

I love how Chanyeol's Baekyeol's biggest shipper. xD

Thanks for all the support, guys! Updates will be coming! ^^

I never thought I'd like bacon and eggs so much more now. :D And did I mention that I LOVE Yeol's eye twitching smile? LOL. IT MAKES HIM LOOK CRAZY BUT ADORABLE. ^o^

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3K_H95 #1
Chapter 47: Thank you for writing this story, it's the most beautiful story I've ever read. The emotions and thoughts are very well written. Love you...
Love it ❤
mincupin07 #3
25 streak #4
Chapter 47: this story make me cry so much.i love it authornim
Do_not_forget_this #5
Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
Do_not_forget_this #6
Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
singingpromises #7
:( I've been reading so many gay fics Idk if I should read this :(((
suhohubby #8
Lolypop123 41 streak #9
Chapter 47: Aw that was sweet♥
omg i'm gonna re read this bc i love this fic