Chanyeol's Mistake

Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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Someday... - ZE:A
Narrator’s P.O.V:
Ding dong!
A young and tomboyish girl peeked an eye open in irritation. Unfortunately for her, the shrilly ringing of her doorbell didn’t stop. She grimaced. *It better not be who I think it is…*
“Minaaaaa! Mina, Mina, Mina, Miiiiiinaaaaa!” A loud voice came from behind her door.
The girl tossed and turned in her bed until she couldn’t take it anymore. *Argh! I can’t even sleep with that buffoon around!* She abruptly sat up with half-lidded eyes. However, her lips almost twitched into a smile.
She smacked her poker-face back on, grabbed a hair-tie from the bedside table, and put her hair up in a messy bun.
“Mina! You’d better open up this door right now or else I’ll kick it down!”
*Yeah, yeah.* The girl known as Mina rolled her eyes and opened the door. “Chanyeol, seriously? I was in the middle of sleeping!” She growled in annoyance.
A crazily grinning face instantly made Mina forget all her fury at the boy. Chanyeol stared at Mina, who was still in her pyjamas, wearing a thin blue tank top and grey cotton shorts. was deeply frowning.
Mina instantly flinched and plugged her ears, “Holy—“ She shook her head, “Channie. You don’t have to scream it in my face. I’m right here.” An elated smile finally took over her lips as he broke her cold façade.
Chanyeol ran up on her porch steps and gave her a big hug. Mina froze when she felt his warm embrace and involuntarily blushed.
“My pretty, pretty Mina… You’re finally 19! You’re legal!” Chanyeol cheered as he rocked her side to side. Mina rolled her eyes, “And you’re happy about this because…?”
*Because I finally get to tell you my feelings.* He pulled back and gently smiled at her. Not a sarcastic smirk, nor a wide grin, but a sweet, simple smile. Mina watched his every move as Chanyeol cupped her face. Seconds later, he beamed, “I’m happy because I can marry you now, and we can have tiny little babies named Minyeol and Chanmin, and we can buy a house and live together, and—“
Mina rolled her eyes and pushed his forehead back with a finger, “Aigoo, you weirdo. I don’t even know why we’re best friends.” She casually walked back into her house.
Chanyeol smiled. *I wasn’t joking about that, Mina. I really do want to get married someday, but only to you…* He quickly followed her inside and shut the door behind him.
Chanyeol glanced around the messy interior. Empty cups of ramyun were stacked up in a corner of the kitchen, the bed was unkempt and disorderly, homework and essays were scattered around the table… Chanyeol laughed at it all. Mina didn’t really care for it and crawled back into bed, tired and gaunt.
“Messy Mina. I’m gonna call you that from now on.” Chanyeol snickered as he leaped onto her bed. It bounced from the impact of the tall boy. Mina mumbled something into her pillow that sounded a lot like ‘don’t you even dare, Park Chanyeol’.
A smile lit up Chanyeol’s face as he propped his elbow up on the pillow and rested his head on his hand. Carefully, he brushed away a few wisps of her hair and pulled the blanket on top of her. Mina instantly became comforted at his sole presence. Chanyeol was the only person that cared about her, after all.
He let out a content sigh and his gaze locked onto Mina’s shelves. Two frames were neatly put onto it. One of Mina and her foster parents that died a few years back, and the other of Chanyeol and her. Chanyeol softened. *Mina… Although your real parents abandoned you, and your foster parents went up to Heaven without you, I will never, ever leave you. You’re the sole purpose in my life. I was born to love you…* His gaze traveled back to the girl beside him.
Mina’s eyes were open, and she was staring at his handsome face from her pillow. There was nothing provocative or inappropriate about the situation, considering the fact that they were both in Mina’s bed. They were friends ever since she was put in the adoption center, and they grew up, keeping that bond for a long time. They were practically like brother and sister, although Chanyeol liked the idea of ‘lovers’ more than that.
Chanyeol absentmindedly d Mina’s back as she snuggled up closer to him. He softened at the intimate gesture.
“…Thank you, Channie.” Mina mumbled, embarrassed. “You’re the only one that would ever celebrate my birthday with me.”
Chanyeol pinched her cheek, “Aigoo, of course. I will never leave you alone, especially today. After all, it’s your special day.”
Mina hummed happily. “I really appreciate it, Yeol.” Chanyeol outstretched his arm and she automatically laid down on it, using it as a pillow. “You’re important to me.”
Chanyeol felt like he was on top of the world by those four little words. He melted inside and brightened while kissing the top of her forehead, “Rest for a few minutes. I have a surprise for you, so I’ll wake you up after and then we can go, araso?”
Mina genuinely smiled, with no trace of animosity on her face.
“Araso.” Her eyes started to close.
“Seriously, Chanyeol, where are we going?”
Chanyeol chuckled to himself as he put his hand on the steering wheel. He was a few years older than Mina, so he already had his driver’s license. He smoothly swerved lanes. “Why?” He smirked, “You don’t trust me?”
Mina shot him a look and haughtily stuck her nose high up into the air, “Yep. I don’t trust you one bit, Park Chanyeol.” She crossed her arms and looked outside with a deep frown.
Chanyeol chuckled. *Park Mina and Park Chanyeol. At first I thought it was pure coincidence that our last names were the same, but now I think it’s fate.* He smiled and glanced at Mina, with her black bangs and gorgeous long black hair. *This girl made me turn into a mushy man.* He chortled at his choice of words.
“What?” Mina grinned, “Are you thinking to yourself again?”
The road soon changed into a one way lane.
Chanyeol turned red, “None of your beeswax, Miss Mina.” He pushed the radio button and the sound system came on, “Find something to listen to. Get preoccupied, because we’re almost there.”
Mina shrugged and changed the stations, finally deciding on a catchy pop tune. “Where are we going, anyways?”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” Chanyeol mused. Mina narrowed her eyes, “Stingy.” Chanyeol stuck his tongue out at her.
Suddenly, the car began to slow down until it went to a complete stop. Mina furrowed her eyebrows, “What happened?”
Chanyeol looked at the gas meter, flabbergasted. His eyes looked sheepish, “I guess we’re out… of gas?”
Mina burst out laughing, “You idiot! Only you would forget to fill up on gas on an important day like today.” She wiped the tears from her eyes.
“Hey! That’s not nice.” Chanyeol pouted and tried turning the engine on again. Nothing worked. The car was completely dead. He sighed, “I have a jug of gas in the back. I’ll go fill it up.”
Mina quietly nodded as he turned to get out of the car.
The two flipped around to see something coming from behind them. The road was small and crammed, but that honking noise jerked them awake.
“What the—“ Chanyeol couldn’t believe his eyes. A speeding truck was coming right at them, and it didn’t look like it would stop anytime soon.
Mina’s eyes were wide, “Chanyeol…” Her voice was dry and filled with dread.
Chanyeol quickly came back to his senses. His heart palpitated. *This can’t be happening… Not on her birthday… Not to us…* Instinctively, Chanyeol slammed open Mina’s door and forcefully pushed her out. Mina screamed and flew out of the passenger’s seat, onto the curb. A little further away from the truck.
Chanyeol was about to jump out too, but he looked back in horror at the last minute and shut his eyes tightly. No matter how much the truck honked, Chanyeol knew he wouldn’t make it out in time.
Mina’s expectant expression morphed into one of agony as she realized that Chanyeol wasn’t going to jump out. The blur of the truck smashed sideways into the car and glass pieces flew everywhere. The car slammed out of the side-rails of the road as it plummeted to its death.
CHANYEOL!” Mina let out a blood-curdling scream. Tears instantly gushed out of her eyes. The last glimpse she had of Chanyeol was him smiling at her, eyes hollow and glassy. Blood from the shards of glass ran down from his head. Red, splotchy, streaks of death.
Inside, she knew. Chanyeol was already dead before he would hit the ground. Although she understood, she couldn’t bear to let him die alone. Not like that.
Without re-thinking it twice, she ran and lunged for both the car and him. The car and Mina fell down into the large ashen land below them. Mina rolled as her body was jerked this way and that by the rocky terrain.
Her body soon came to a halt. Her eyes were closed, her breathing was hazy and quiet, her heart barely clinging onto life, but sure enough, she was still living. She was merely sinking into unconsciousness.
On the other hand, the car was terribly mangled, and broken into unfixable parts. Chanyeol’s eyes were closed, his breathing was stopped, and his heart had already let go of life. Cold and frozen. It was nothing but a corpse.
*That’s not fair, Chanyeol. You said you wouldn’t leave me. But now… look at what’s happened. You left me on this Earth, all alone. Liar.* A tear sprouted up from her left eye. *Now I’ll never… see you… again...* Her senses were shut down, and everything turned pitch black.
A coma.
From far away, Chanyeol heard blaring sirens. His eyes opened as he registered the scene. *Wait… I’m… alive?* His gaze immediately turned to Mina. She looked absolutely horrible. Her face was almost drained out of colour, and she was unresponsive.
He turned towards the car crash, and was stunned to see his body, just lying there, mangled and… broken. *I’m dead.* The reality dawned on him and everything came crashing down.
*Oh no… No… NO!*
*PARK MINA!* Chanyeol wanted to scream, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t talk, no matter how much he shouted. He grew hysterical, *MINA! MINA! WAKE UP!* He broke down, sinking to his knees beside her.
*Wake up, and live for me. Why would you do such a foolish thing? Why did you follow me and jump off? I saved your life for a reason.* Chanyeol couldn’t breathe. It felt like his oxygen was cut off.
*It was my mistake. I couldn’t even tell you… that I love you.* He breathed heavily. *I should have told you sooner… Or at least during the few seconds before I died. I never knew… It never crossed my mind. I’m sorry, Mina… Hang onto life, and live well. Goodbye.*
It wasn’t long until Chanyeol disappeared from Mina’s side and rose into the skies.


Thanks to IcyPerfection for making a side poster for me! ^^
Hope you guys enjoyed the update! :D


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Chapter 47: Thank you for writing this story, it's the most beautiful story I've ever read. The emotions and thoughts are very well written. Love you...
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Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
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