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Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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First Kiss - Teen Top
Narrator’s P.O.V:
Naeun didn’t know how long she had stayed in EXO Planet for. It was all just too surreal.
Weeks passed, months passed, heck—she would even believe it if someone told her that years already passed! Naeun’s bond with EXO strengthened more than anything.
All she knew was that she was happier here than on Earth, with that jerk of a bully, Han Kangsoo, and the only comforting memory of her angel’s feather.
Her life was finally changing for the better.
Naeun and the twelve EXO boys were outside, sitting on the lush hills and chatting up storms. It was fun to just laze around like this, without having to worry about trivial things like school, work, and how to pay the rent.
She was curiously questioning Lay and Chen about Heaven when a high-pitched scream made her flinch and jump back.
Everyone stopped to stare at Kai, who had unwound the hose from their backyard and was pointing it at D.O. The latter’s hair and clothes were dripping wet.
Unconsciously, Suho and Luhan—who were the closest to D.O at the time—slowly scooted backwards, away from the mother hen. D.O slowly looked up underneath his sopping bangs and glared maliciously at Kai.
Kai just smirked and shrugged, “I… thought we could cool down a bit?”
Gradually, D.O looked up and smiled all-too-nicely at his younger, “So… you want to cool down, huh?”
Kai’s eyes widened as everyone kept silent and stared at the scene. His hands went up in defense, “W-Wait hyung, I didn’t mean—“
“Oh, it’s on, Kim Jongin! It’s ON!” D.O scrambled to his feet and furiously dashed after Kai, who seemed to forget that he had the advantage of the hose. Yelping, he snapped his fingers, vanishing instantly.
In fury, D.O swiveled around, trying to spot Kai. “You cheater! You’re not allowed to use your teleportation power!” He snarled.
“Says who?” Kai’s ghostly chuckle resonated from nowhere. All of a sudden, a massive squirt of water drenched D.O. It seemed to have originated from one of the tall, shady trees.
D.O hastily wiped his face. He was both amused and pissed off, “KAI!
Another laugh sounded from overhead. Naeun’s mouth was slightly agape, and the others stifled their chuckles at her reaction.
D.O’s eyes turned into instant, darkening flames, “Alright, buddy. You want to play it that way? Fine.” He crossed his arms over his chest and forcefully pulled them back as he stomped on the ground once.
Instantly, the whole earth around them shook, and giant cracks formed in the ground. The tree that Kai hid in trembled, and to his dismay, he dropped the water hose.
D.O smirked in satisfaction and picked up the hose, twirling it around his fingers. A devious plan formed in his head as the others’ eyes widened.
“EXO water tag!” He hollered and sprayed randomly at the boys. Immediately, Naeun felt herself being scooped up by the person closest to her and squealed in surprise.
“Calm down.” A familiar voice sounded. She looked up into Kris’ eyes. She could tell he was amused by her ‘human reactions’. Naeun looked around her and her jaw dropped when she realized that the two of them were soaring through the sky.
*We’re—flying?!* She shrieked and instinctively gripped on tightly to Kris’ shoulders. She had only flown once before, with her angel, but everything about him was so comforting… so mesmerizing, that she almost didn’t realize that she was hundreds of feet off the ground.
Kris chuckled, “Humans are worrisome. Flying this high is nothing. You have nothing to be afraid of at all.”
Naeun frowned, “Suuuure. That’s easy for you to say, Mr. I’m-a-dragon-and-I-can-fly.” Cautiously, she peeked a bit through her right eye and peered down to see nothing but specks on the green grass.
*The other oppas.* She thought to herself.
“You really think I would drop you?” Naeun turned to face Kris, who smiled at her charmingly, “I’m flattered that you think so lowly of me.”
“It’s not that, It’s just—“
Kris shook his head with a hearty chuckle, “I’m just kidding.” *If I dropped you, then I know of two guys that’d kill me for sure.*
Naeun raised an inquiring eyebrow, “The almighty duizhang knows how to kid?”
“Hey, angels have to have a sense of humour too.” He shrugged nonchalantly. “Riiiiight.” She rested her chin on his shoulder in an amiable way, “When are we going down? I’m getting kind of…”
“Queasy?” Kris supplied. Naeun nodded.
“Got it.” Kris slowly descended onto the ground a few moments later. Naeun let out a sigh of relief when her feet came into contact with familiar territory.
“Heads up, duizhang!”
“What—“ Kris turned around to become another victim of the water hose. His eyes glinted, “Xiumin!”
Xiumin, who now had control of the hose, dropped it while running away, “Sorry!”
At the last minute, a hand pulled Naeun away. She looked up to spot Suho with a finger on his lip, signalling for her to be quiet, “You don’t want to stay close to Kris hyung when his temper’s unleashed.”
Naeun tilted her head in confusion for a second before she realized why. Kris’ hands curled up into fists and his head snapped up. A scorching temperature seemed to influence the area around him. Out of nowhere, the silhouette of a dragon emerged from behind him. The dragon roared loudly.
“Min…seok….hyung….!” Kris sneered and he charged for Xiumin at bullet speed. Xiumin glanced over his shoulder as he yelped and shot icicles out of his hand, trying to freeze him, but to no avail.
Naeun found herself laughing more than gawping at the situation. Luhan blinked at the hose in front of him and waved his palm, letting his telekinesis float the hose into his hand.
Happily, he sprayed Baekhyun, Sehun and Tao--all of who shouted at him in complaint. Luhan angelically smiled as he turned it towards Suho and Naeun. Suho pushed her behind him quickly, and as Luhan attempted to spray him, he outstretched his hand, and all the water stopped.
*What the—* Naeun’s eyebrows twitched in slight bewilderment for a second before she remembered. *Oh yeah, that’s right. Suho oppa has power over water.*
Suho returned the angelic smile to Luhan, who looked stunned for a second. The orb of water increased in the palm of his hand until he gently cast it at Luhan. In not even a millisecond, Luhan was drenched from head to toe.
“Sorry, Lulu hyung, but I’ve gotta return the favour.” Suho beamed and shrugged it off good-naturedly. Luhan looked dumbfounded for a second before he smiled, “Oh. I guess I’ve lost.” He shrugged, dropped the hose, and walked off.
Meanwhile, Chen and Chanyeol were facing off, phoenix fire against thunder. Chanyeol mercilessly threw his flames of fire at Chen, who effortlessly dodged them and cast thunder over him.
“Jongdae hyung! That’s not fair!” Chanyeol looked up at his personal raincloud that followed him everywhere and rained on his parade. Chen laughed in amusement, “Not my fault.”
Before Baekhyun could make a move, two hands grasped both of Naeun’s wrists, and she looked up to see Sehun and Tao beaming at her.
At that moment, Kai took the hose in glee. *A-HA!* He pointed it towards the three, but Tao used his time control at the very last moment, putting the water into a halt. Everything froze but Naeun, Sehun, and Tao.
Exchanging sly smirks, Sehun waved his hand to force the wind to change the water’s course. Tao nodded, snapping his fingers once, and everything came back to life. The wind slapped Kai’s face with a wave of water.
Snickering, Sehun and Tao hi-fived each other. Kai looked around in shock, “Who did that?! What happened—“ His gaze locked on Tao as he pointed a shaking finger at the two maknaes, “You guys…!”
“You started it first!” Tao stuck his tongue out childishly. Sehun grinned and hugged Naeun close to him, “Yeah! Whatcha gonna do about it?” He dared.
Kai’s eyes narrowed into dangerous slits as he disappeared into thin air. Before you could say ‘EXO’, he materialized inches away from Naeun.
Kai raised an eyebrow, “You were saying…?”
“Oh snap!” Tao yelped as he ran towards the leaders, “Suho-ge! Kris-ge! Help meeeee!”
Sehun let out an incoherent shout as he swiftly pushed Naeun to a random comrade, “Someone, take Naeunnie! I have to focus on saving my own life!” He bolted when Kai pointed the water hose at him and chased the maknaes around.
*Geez, thanks a lot, Sehun!* Naeun grew dizzy as she twirled uncontrollably. She forced herself to stop, but through her eyes, the world was still spinning. Her knees buckled inwards and she was about to fall.
Instantly, warm hands gripped onto her petite figure, stopping her from getting hurt. She gratefully looked up to see Baekhyun, who was clearly amused. “It’s alright. I’ve got you.”
Naeun’s insides melted, although she saw three blurry Baekhyuns instead of one. She put her hand to her head and tried to shake it off, “…Thanks, Baekhyun oppa…”
Baekhyun softened and carefully steadied her until the light-headedness wore off. *Always so quiet and sweet.* He allowed himself to smile when she wasn’t looking. Suddenly, a devious voice cackled, “Incoming!”
Baekhyun grew alert and hugged Naeun to his chest quickly, spinning around so that he got hit by the water instead. Baekhyun looked up at the flushed Naeun, “Are you alright?”
Naeun let out a tiny sound of anxiety and nodded. *Oh my goodness, he’s so close. He’s too close. He’s—* She suddenly became stunned when her face was crushed into his chest. Baekhyun held her and turned around to face the culprit.
“Minseok hyung!” Baekhyun growled, hugging Naeun tightly.
Xiumin let go of the trickling hose, “Sorry, but a game’s a game!”
“That’s not an excuse!” Baekhyun quickly let go of Naeun, whose heart sunk in slight disappointment. *He let go…* She quickly shook that thought away. *No—get a grip on yourself, Song Naeun! You’re going crazy for this guy! Be strong and stop reacting to every little thing he does! You aren’t sure that he feels the same way about you too!*
Xiumin did a funny little dance and stuck his tongue out mockingly, “Oh, lookit meeee! I’m Byun Baekhyun, and I will do anything to save my little Naeunnie~ I’m sooooo dreamy and heroic~!”
By now, everyone stopped their tiny battles to stare at the scene. Baekhyun’s ears tinged pink in embarrassment, “Xiu…min…hyung…!”
“What are you gonna do?” Xiumin snickered, “Light is useless against ice. Is the wittle Baekhyunnie gonna hit me with light rays?”
The second after he finished his sentence, a blast of bright light narrowly missed his head. Xiumin gaped as he touched the few strands of his singed hair and t-shirt sleeve. *What the—*
Baekhyun straightened up, smirking righteously. He held up his slightly smoking palm, “Yep. That’s just what I’m gonna do. Bring it on, ice boy.”
The two quickly chased each other and used their powers in a crazy battle. Everyone chuckled at their immature fight.
Suho shared a glance with Kris, and the two both nodded. A gentle touch on Naeun’s hand made her look up to see Suho holding her arm up high, “Since Naeun didn’t get tagged at all, she wins the game!”
“M-Muh?” Naeun blurted, puzzled. All the mature ones good-naturedly clapped. Sehun beamed while slinging an arm around her neck, “Yay, Naeunnie! You won!”
After seeing all the others genuinely smile at her, a warm, elated feeling touched her chest. *So this is what it feels like… to have the whole world in your hands…* The corners of her lips twitched upwards into a smile as she let out a joyous laugh.
The thirteen people sat in the sun for a long time. Since the majority of the boys were soaked after the rowdy game of EXO water tag, Baekhyun had proved his powers worthy by making the sun’s rays shine on them in an attempt to dry them off. It worked.
Chen fanned his face and pinched his dry clothes, “I’m already done.” He eyed a nearby tree and scooted backwards into the shade, “Ahh.” A relaxed smile appeared on his face.
Tao blinked, glanced around, and then carefully scooted back to the tree too. One by one, everyone gathered in the shade. Soon, the sun started to set, and everyone had inner calm.
Naeun let out a soothed sigh when Lay looked at her. His gaze traveled down to her bruised wrist. His eyes widened, “Oh.”
Naeun blinked and followed his gaze, “Huh? When did I get this?!” She held up her wrist and examined it in stunned realization. Sehun and Tao turned quiet. *It must’ve been when we were holding onto her…*
Baekhyun immediately stared at Naeun’s injury and grew worried. He outstretched his hand, reaching out to touch her wound. She blinked, taken aback, and slightly shivered when his fingertips traced her purple bruise.
Baekhyun’s eyes looked melancholy, “Does it… hurt?” He tried to stay calm.
Naeun registered his sorrowful look in her mind. *He’s worried.* The thought made her heart leap. She didn’t want to make him anxious, so she smiled cheerfully, “I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt.”
“…I’M SORRY, MEI-MEI!” Tao hollered all of a sudden. “HOLY—“ Xiumin yelped from beside him. Kai flinched too.
“Tao?” Kris raised an eyebrow, “Why are you apologizing to Naeun?”
“Because…” Tao bit his lip in nervousness and shifted uncomfortably under all of the stares. “Because… I probably made the bruise.”
Naeun looked surprised, “How…?” Tao deeply frowned, “When Sehun and I were pulling you aside, I must’ve held your wrist with too much force. Mianhae, mei-mei. I never knew I was hurting you!” He looked dejected. Luhan softened and patted his back in sympathy.
Naeun’s expression turned motherly, and she reached out to gently pat him on the back. Tao looked up in stupefied wonder.
“It’s okay, I’m sure you didn’t mean it. Besides, I didn’t even notice it until now. I guess I’m just sturdy like that. Didn’t even feel a thing.” She flexed her thin arm and laughed. The twinkle in Tao’s eyes returned and he beamed, encircling his long arms around Naeun’s neck in a breathtaking bear hug, “Thank you, mei-mei! You’re so understanding! That’s why I like you the best!”
Chanyeol chuckled and looked at Baekhyun for his reaction. Baekhyun had his eyes slightly narrowed in irritation, but it was soon replaced with an endearing expression. He gazed at Naeun intently. *That’s my Naeun. Always considerate towards everyone. No wonder I love her.* He was almost startled by his own thoughts.
D.O turned to Lay, “Can’t you heal this?”
Everyone turned to the silent boy, who grew flustered by the abrupt focus. He scooted over to Naeun and nodded, “I’ll heal you.”
Naeun smiled sweetly, “Thank you, Yixing oppa.” Lay gruffly nodded with a shy expression on his face. Naeun rolled up her sleeve and extended her arm out, showing off the bruise. Lay put his long fingers on top of her wound and closed his eyes, channeling all of his energy to it.
A strange, pastel green tingled the spot, and when Lay pulled his hand away, the bruise was gone. Not a single trace of it was left.
“Waa!” Naeun gaped, “That’s awesome, Lay!”
Lay softened and shrugged it off in a modest manner, “It’s nothing.” Baekhyun let out a sigh of relief. *Thank goodness for Lay hyung. I have to remind myself to buy him a meal afterwards.*
After a while of animated chatter, someone tapped Naeun’s shoulder. She glanced back to see the smaller version of Chanyeol’s phoenix sitting on her shoulder. Thoughtfully, she d the bird’s feather and it flew back to Chanyeol’s side. Chanyeol smiled and winked at Naeun.
Naeun blinked as he jabbed his thumb at the water fountain nearby. Then, he got up and swiftly walked to it. Naeun got the idea. *Why is he calling me there?* Luckily, no one noticed when she quietly slipped away from the large group.
“Hey.” Chanyeol gave Naeun his trademark crazy grin when she got there. Naeun brightened, “Hey, Yeol oppa. What’s up?”
Chanyeol studied her for a second before sitting down on the ledge of the fountain, “I think you should sit first. I have something I think I should tell you.”
Naeun was shocked at his sudden change of voice. He seemed… more serious than before. Curiously, she sat down beside him and didn’t question it.
“You… Like Baekhyun, right?” He looked at her expectantly. *Please, please, please say yes. I want to make my best friend happy. In order to do that, I need your love, no matter how much he denies it.*
Naeun froze at the touchy subject. Her heart went wild at the mention of her crush’s name. Figuring that it would be futile to hide it any longer from someone who already knew, she timidly looked up at him.
“Is it… that obvious…?” She shyly asked.
Chanyeol stopped himself from rolling his eyes and laughing. *Yeah, considering the fact that the majority of the group knows it except for the greasiness known as Baekhyun, himself.*
Instead, his lips spread into a small smile, “Are you planning to confess?”
Naeun gawked at him and ducked her head with a tomato red face. “I… Actually…” She cleared , “I’m not really sure about that…”
Chanyeol looked disappointed, “Why?”
“To be honest… I came here in search of someone.” Naeun slowly admitted. Chanyeol perked up, interested. *Don’t tell me…*
“I was very sick when I was little. Actually, I was a permanent patient at a hospital. One day, when I decided to finally break free and run away from it, I met this boy—no—I met… an angel.” Naeun’s eyes twinkled and good shivers ran down her spine when she spoke about him.
Her first love.
Chanyeol’s gaze softened. *So she did know all along…* He smiled. *She really came for a reason. Luhan hyung’s words all make sense now.*
“As if by magic,” Naeun rambled on, “He healed me… and my leukemia. I was good as new. I was able to leave my personal hell.” She closed her eyes and let out a breath, “But he never told me what his name was. My wish was to find him, and that’s my ultimate goal. Falling in love with Baekhyun was never the plan… but it just came to be that way.”
“Do you regret falling in love with Baekhyun?” Chanyeol quietly questioned.
Naeun pondered over that, and almost immediately, an endearing smile etched onto her face, “Of course not. Baekhyun… he was different since day one. It’s ironic that I woke up in his bed, too.” She chuckled, and Chanyeol smiled along. “He’s everything I want. Everything I need.” She let out a content sigh.
“No doubt, I actually hoped that he was my angel at first.” She mused, “But now… It doesn’t matter anymore. All I know is that I love him. I want to be with him… But I don’t know if he wants to be with me.” She looked at the ground in false hope, “Sounds pathetic, huh?”
Chanyeol looked at the water fountain in deep thought, “Not at all, Naeun-ah. I think it’s sweet. I never know Baek meant so much to you.” Naeun grew tongue-tied and meek.
“But I wanted to tell you to not let your feelings just casually go. Don’t take advantage of the time. Time is of the essence. The universe,” He looked up at the setting sun and the rising moon in the sky, “Is lacking in time. It’s unfortunate, really.”
Naeun tilted her head to one side in confusion, “Alright, Chanyeol oppa. Why are you speaking in riddles?”
Chanyeol let out a mysterious smile that looked somewhat pained, “Don’t lose the chance to tell someone that you love them. Don’t just push it off until later, thinking that you can do it the next day, or the day after, or the day after that…” He let out a soft, almost inaudible sigh.
Naeun stared at him, but waited until she pressed the matter further. *Spit it out, Chanyeol!*
“Naeun-ah.” He searched her eyes, “I’m telling you this one thing, so don’t just brush it off. Please… For your sake and mine… Don’t be like me.
He shut his eyes in remembrance. *Mina… Forgive me for reliving the past once again…*


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Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
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