Under The Fireworks

Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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One For Me - SHINee
*kkoma agashi = little girl / little lady
Narrator’s P.O.V:
Sehun held the steaming hot Styrofoam box of ddukbokki beside the vendor and poked a toothpick into one of the rice cakes. Instead of blowing on it, he let out a breath and a very gentle breeze cooled down the food at just the right temperature.
“Ahh.” He motioned to Naeun. Without any questions, she gladly opened and ate the ddukbokki. her lips for the sauce, she shook her head with a grin, “Sometimes, I forget that you and the others can use your powers so freely.”
Sehun blinked at her under his long, side-swept fringe, “Mmm, yeah. I guess it’s good that we can use it in any time of need. It’s very efficient.” He popped a ddukbokki in his mouth and handed the Naeun’s toothpick to her. “Yum. It’s good.”
Naeun nodded, chomping down the food, “I bet it is.” She raised her head to see Sehun munching the delicacy with the red sauce from the food on his nose. Obliviously, he caught her gaze and smiled down at her sweetly.
Naeun giggled as Sehun gave her a confused look. He swallowed and tilted his head to one side, curious. “What? Why are you laughing?”
Smiling, she took a few napkins from the street vendor and reached up to dab the tip of his nose. “How did you ever manage to get the food all the way up there?” She giggled and pulled away, “There. She took the napkin and threw it into the nearest garbage can.
Sehun watched her as a warm feeling spread through his body, tickling his sides. He watched her eat and cutely crinkle her nose as a smile tingled on his lips.
*Song Naeun, you’re more of an angel than me. You’re… perfect.* He reached out his long hand and longingly touched her cheek. Naeun froze under his touch and slowly looked up to see his expression.
Sehun had a pleasant look on his face, and his eyes were very gentle and loving. His long fingers lightly brushed over her soft cheek for a while, but sadly, he forced himself to pull away. He shamelessly let his eyes wander over to trace her pouty pink lips. *I already kissed here…* He gazed at her creamy peach cheeks. *Maybe… Just maybe… I’ll get to kiss here someday.* He glanced back at her lips for a second and looked back into her eyes.
Naeun gave him a bemused look and tilted her head in slight confusion and curiosity. Sehun just smiled, poked a toothpick in another ddukbokki, and held it up to her lips, “Ahh.”
Obediently, Naeun parted and ate it. Figuring it would be common courtesy, she gave him one too. Sehun beamed in glee and ate it as if it was the most scrumptious thing in the world.
Then, by pure coincidence, they both poked their tongues out to their lips of any sauce that remained. After catching each other’s gaze and freezing, they both burst into laughter.
A while after they were done with the food, the two got bubble tea and sipped on it while they looked around the shops.
“Hey, look at that.” Sehun pointed to a pet store. Cute puppies of various different breeds happily barked through the glass window. Naeun instantly smiled, “Aww, cute!” They walked over to take a closer look.
When the two were smiling at the puppies’ behaviour, someone bumped into Naeun’s leg. Naeun immediately turned around and saw a little girl that fell on the floor, “Oof.”
Naeun’s eyes widened as she crouched down to her level, “Little girl, are you alright?”
Bravely, the girl nodded. Before Naeun could help her up, a familiar hand outstretched to the child. Sehun was smiling sweetly at the younger kid, “Do you need some help?”
Entranced by the handsome oppa, the girl took his hand graciously and stood up. Instantly, she bowed, “Sorry for bumping into you, and thank you for helping me.”
Naeun looked up in surprise. She brightened and patted her head, “What a polite young lady you are. It’s absolutely no problem at all, right, Sehun?”
Sehun blinked and nodded, “Of course, kkoma agashi. No problem.” He lightly ruffled her hair with a kind expression. The girl giggled and beamed, bowing again, “Thank you, unnie and oppa!” She ran off happily.
Naeun watched her leave with a motherly expression. She absolutely adored little kids, and was grateful to see that they maintained being polite to elders.
Sehun glanced at Naeun and softened when he saw her tranquil expression. He smiled too, as he watched the child run to her mother and father.
“Ow! My head!”
The pair turned around to the source of the abrupt and loud noise. In one of the entrances to a trinket store, Kris was painfully rubbing his head. Tao skipped out of the entrance and shook his head fretfully.
“Tsk, tsk, duizhang. You hit your head again? This is the third time already!” Tao frowned in displeasure. Kris glared at the small entryway, “It’s not my fault that these stores are too short for my height. I don’t want to crouch down all the time!” He grumbled.
Tao gave him a look and sighed. “Here, let me see if there’s a bump.” Kris grudgingly bent down and inclined his head towards Tao. Tao ran his fingers through his hair until Kris winced at a spot. Sure enough, a big bump was there.
“Aigoo.” Tao grimaced, “It’s swelling up. When we go find Yixing gege, I’ll ask him to heal it for you.”
Kris pouted but agreed anyway, “…Okay.”
They turned to leave when Sehun called out, “Hyungs!” Both Tao and Kris turned to see Naeun and Sehun coming their way. They paused and waited until they caught up.
“Oh, Sehun!” Tao blinked, “And mei-mei too!”
“What were you guys doing here?” Kris questioned and looked at the bubble tea in your hands. “Ahh, bubble tea. Luhan’s gonna be mad at you for drinking it without him.” He chuckled.
“No need to worry. We bought one for him.” Sehun slyly smirked and pointed at the plastic beverage poking out of a pocket in Naeun’s bag. Kris and Tao laughed, “Nice one.”
“Bought what for me?”
The four turned around to spot Luhan, Xiumin, Lay and Kai approaching them. Naeun believed that they met up together on their way here.
“So, what did you buy?” Luhan asked jokingly, but became surprised when Naeun pulled out his favourite taro bubble tea from her bag. Luhan gaped and took it without hesitation.
“Sehun said it was your favourite, so we decided to get it for you.” Naeun good-naturedly smiled. “Nuh-uh.” Sehun shook his head, “Naeunnie was the first one who initiated the idea. She wanted to get it for you because I told her before that taro was your favourite.”
Luhan was touched, “Thank you, Naeun. I don’t know what to say…”
“Just a thank you is fine. Don’t mention it.” She smiled. Xiumin frowned, “Hey, where’s mine?” Kris glared at him, “Don’t even start.”
“Sorry guys, I didn’t have enough space in my bag for many bubble teas. If I did, I would’ve brought some for everyone.” Naeun said apologetically.
Lay shook his head, “It’s fine, mei-mei. We’re grateful by just the thought of that.”
“Yeah, Naeun, I’m no big fan of sweets either.” Kai nodded. Naeun smiled.
Xiumin scratched his head in embarrassment, “I was just kidding about the bubble tea… but yeah… thanks.” Naeun smiled at him, and he did too.
“Oh!” Tao piped up, “Lay hyung! Kris gege got hurt, and he has a big bump on his head. Can you heal it?”
Lay nodded and helped Kris. Meanwhile, a light voice came from behind them.
“Everyone’s already here?” Suho mused.
Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Suho, D.O and Chen finally came and completed the group. Baekhyun noticed Sehun and Naeun’s matching bubble tea cups and linked arms. His eye started twitching in irritation. *Alright, Baekhyun. Calm down.* But he couldn’t.
Chen checked the time on his wrist, “It’s almost time for the fireworks. Should we get going?”
Suho nodded, “We should. Let’s go find good seats before everyone takes them all.” They all left.
“Jongin, hold on for a second.” Chanyeol whispered as he pulled Kai aside secretively. Kai turned around with a confused expression as he was dragged off by Chanyeol.
The others were already taking their seats at a grassy hill. Many people were already there, and it was somewhat crowded.
“What?” Kai growled, pulling away from Chanyeol’s grip. His arm was sore and he rubbed it while hissing in pain.
“Oops. Sorry.” He sheepishly apologized. Kai waved it off dismissively, “Forget it. What’s up?”
Chanyeol’s gaze was serious, “I think… Baekhyun is in more need of help than anyone else right now.”
Kai looked bewildered, “What are you talking about?” He flipped his bangs out of his eyes.
“I can’t explain all the details, but let’s just say that he’s beating himself up over Naeun more than you could imagine. He’s not going to tell her that he loves her, or that he’s her angel.”
“What?!” Kai gaped. A hand clamped shut around his mouth. “Shh!” Chanyeol hissed. “Sowwy.” Kai’s voice was muffled underneath his hand. Chanyeol slowly pulled it away and tousled his own straight hair, “I know. I couldn’t believe it either.”
“Well? What do you want me to do about it?” Kai questioned.
Chanyeol let in a breath, “We have to get them alone. I’m positive that if Naeun confesses first, he’ll gradually give into his true feelings. I don’t want Baekhyun to suffer again. He’s already suffered enough for a whole decade.”
Kai nodded understandingly, “I got it. Sehun’s in the way though. It’s pretty obvious that he’s got his sights set on Naeun too. I’m pretty sure Luhan hyung knows as well, but he’s on Baekhyun’s side. The only thing I don’t like is that he’s probably going to be crushed when they get together.”
Chanyeol nodded gravely, when something caught his interest. “You said when they get together. Not if they get together.” He pointed out.
Kai smirked, “Don’t point fingers. I’m all for BaekEun.”
Chanyeol rolled his eyes with a smile, “It’s good to know that.” He glanced back to see Sehun approaching Naeun’s spot. “Speak of the devil. He’s going to her. Stop him! I’ll focus on getting Baekhyun away from the others and closer to her.” The two both nodded. Kai snapped his fingers, and he was gone.
Sehun froze in his tracks and looked around him in paranoia, “What the—Who’s calling me?”
Sehun furrowed his eyebrows, “Look, whoever you are, stop making fun of my lisp! I only get it when I’m nervous, you know!”
A hearty chuckle was heard as Kai magically teleported in front of the maknae. “Who else but me would make fun of your lisp? Luhan hyung? Lay hyung? The leaders?” His trademark smirk was etched onto his lips.
“Kai!” Sehun was taken aback.
“I’m surprised you look surprised.” He said with an indifferent expression. He thought about that for a second when he shook his head, “Wait—that’s confusing. Anyways, moving on.” He looked at Sehun with a big smile, “Where are you going?”
Kai’s smile made him nervous. Usually, he’d be just smirking all the time. “Err… I’m going to go sit beside Naeunnie. Wae?” He narrowed his eyes at his hyung suspiciously.
“Naeun?” Kai pretended to be shocked, “Again?! Aww, come on. Let her see the other hyungs for a change. You’re always hogging her.”
Sehun raised an eyebrow, “Why? You want her?”
“Huh? No, no. I was just thinking for the others. Surely, they’d like to talk to her a bit, hm? Meanwhile, why don’t you come sit with me and Luhan hyung? You like Luhan hyung! You know, he said that he really missed you when we were apart.” Kai started making up random lies.
“Really?” Sehun looked apologetic, “That’s true… I have been spending a lot of time with Naeunnie…”
“See? Now come sit with your hyungs. Maybe Tao is there too. You can talk to him. Come on, let’s go. Let Naeun take a breather for a change, alright?”
Sehun nodded in defeat, “Araso.” He followed Kai. Jongin smirked when the maknae wasn’t looking. *Alright. One down, one to go. I’m counting on you, Chanyeollie hyung.*
In the meantime, a hand grabbed Baekhyun’s arm. Baekhyun, who was talking to Kris, looked up at an exasperated Chanyeol. “What? What is it?” He furrowed his eyebrows.
“Uhh…” *Dammit, Chanyeol! Think of something!* “N-Naeun wanted me to ask you if you wanted to sit with her.”
Baekhyun’s eyes widened, but then narrowed in distrust, “I don’t believe you.”
“No, seriously!” He tried again. “Naeun personally told me that she wanted to be with you, and you only!” Chanyeol whispered in his ear.
Baekhyun’s heart fluttered. *She really… said that?* He felt himself slowly betraying the words that he uttered to Chanyeol earlier. His head told him not to go, but his heart told him to go for it.
“Alright.” He found himself walking towards Naeun faster than he thought he could. Chanyeol let out a sigh of relief when he was gone. Luhan, who overheard everything, kicked off of a tree he was leaning on and smiled angelically at him. Chanyeol grinned back.
Naeun filled up her cheeks with air and pouted for a second on her own in boredom. Suddenly, a presence startled her. She turned around to face Baekhyun, who was gently smiling at her. He could never control his feelings around her.
“B-Baekhyun oppa…” She said in shock.
Baekhyun felt his lips curl up when she said his name. Nevertheless, he smiled, “Mind if I sit with you?”
“No, not at all.” Naeun motioned, feeling happier than ever. “Sit.”
The two sat on the grass in an awkward silence. Baekhyun glanced up at the tree beside them. It would be better to watch the fireworks from up there.
“Do you want to watch from up there? It’ll be a better view.” He pointed to the tree. Naeun looked at it and they both suppressed their smiles and laughter. Climbing trees were a part of their secret outings.
Naeun remembered it fondly, how Baekhyun caught her that time when she was in the rain. Sure enough, he did catch her, although she doubted it.
“I’ll catch you again, if you want me to.”
Naeun flipped her head around to see Baekhyun grinning. She giggled and tangled her pinky with his, “Deal.”
Baekhyun swiftly got up on the branches first. Naeun, as always, struggled with climbing trees by just her force alone. His warm, familiar hand shot out and she gladly took it. She quietly gasped when she felt a current of electricity zap through their hands.
*I really hope Chen oppa isn’t guilty of that.* She looked down as Baekhyun heaved her up. Thankfully, Chen was busy talking with D.O, and he didn’t look like he was paying attention to them.
Suddenly, Baekhyun’s grip on Naeun became oddly harsh. He accidentally pulled her up with too much strength, causing him to fall on his back, and her to hover over him. A startled yelp escaped both of their lips.
“Ouch.” Baekhyun said in a muffled voice. He felt a light weight on his chest and was stunned when he realized it was Naeun. She raised up her head to come face to face with Baekhyun. She gasped. His cool breath hit her face and intoxicated her.
She reluctantly snapped out of it, and straightened up, getting off of him. “S-Sorry.” She bit her lip anxiously.
“Why are you apologizing?” Baekhyun couldn’t help but feel a bit regretful that he hadn’t kissed her right then and there, “It was my fault. You did nothing wrong.”
Naeun kept quiet until Baekhyun got up and leaned against the trunk of the tree himself.
“You know… I heard something from Suho oppa.” She started off.
Baekhyun sent her a confused look and silently urged her to go on. Naeun softly smiled and pulled out the chain from her neck, letting it glint brightly in the dim moonlight. Baekhyun softly gazed at it.
“I heard… That if you wish upon this necklace, it will come true.” Naeun said quietly, thumb tracing the engravings of the white hexagon.
“I know. I told you that when I first bought it for you, remember?” Baekhyun looked up to the moon, smiling softly. His thumb traced his own EXO necklace discreetly.
Naeun thought back and remembered.
“It’s an EXO Planet necklace. They’re rare here, but popular items. Luckily, I got the last one in stock. I thought it might look good on you.” He shrugged. “Apparently, they have some sort of myth. It can grant wishes or something. I hardly believe it’s true, though.” He chuckled.
“I know. I remember.” Naeun closed her eyes and let the soothing feeling of the wind rustle her hair. She let in a deep breath. “That’s why I’m going to make a wish today.”
Inside, Baekhyun was dying to know what she would wish for, but he didn’t show it. Before he could ask, a loud sound cut him off.
BANG! A bright blue firework started off the show. It looked like shimmering dust, happily dancing alongside the stars in the night sky. Naeun was enthralled, but slightly winced at the loud popping noise.
Baekhyun instantly turned his attention to the fireworks and stared up at them in awe. Red, blue, yellow, green, fuchsia… Various different colours lit up the sky and cast a faint glow on the couple’s faces.
He felt his heart calm down as he watched the stunning scene. That’s what he liked about fireworks. They were unpredictable, and never afraid to show their true colours. He smiled.
“Naeun, isn’t this—“ He turned around and began, but Naeun couldn’t hear him over the loud bang. Baekhyun was taken aback when he saw Naeun’s reaction.
Every time a firework popped, she would flinch at the sound. He watched as she winced at the next firework, the next, and the next… She cared more about the sheer beauty and image of it, though, that she didn’t bother to do anything about the flinching.
*She’s scared.* Baekhyun thought. Somehow, he thought that was adorable. An entertained smile took over his lips as his gaze faltered. He outstretched his two arms and slowly cupped them over her ears.
Naeun turned to stare at him. Baekhyun softened and mouthed, ‘Better, right?’
Naeun’s expression turned gentle, ‘Thank you.’
Seeing that Baekhyun’s position was slightly uncomfortable, Naeun shuffled a bit closer to him. Baekhyun’s heart accelerated at the sheer thought of it. *She’s coming closer… She’s coming closer…*
Naeun smiled softly at him while he continued to be preoccupied with the fireworks and softened. The warm hands around her ears completely blocked out the abrupt sound of the popping. All she could hear was her own heart.
She gazed at the handsome angel and smiled to herself. *I might just love you more than I think, Byun Baekhyun.*
Naeun sighed in content and hoped this moment could go on forever. But what she didn’t know was that the boy beside her was silently wishing for the same thing.
As she turned her gaze towards the beautiful fireworks, she let her fingers clasp over her EXO necklace and hold it tightly, closing her eyes in intense focus.
I wish that I can always be together with EXO…
She smiled at his touch.
And Byun Baekhyun.
Unknown to anyone, before the fireworks ended, her necklace cast a faint, ghostly glow.


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Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
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