Like Romeo and Juliette

Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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Romeo + Juliette - SHINee
** I think that this song describes this story the most. It's one of my favourites. ^^ Hope you guys listen to it to set the mood! :D
Narrator’s P.O.V:
The glorious Friday had finally come, and Naeun just couldn’t believe her eyes.
The district’s town was beautifully decorated with generous amounts of colour splashed in. Various attractions, shops, and store clerks were warmly welcoming customers with open arms. You just couldn’t focus on one area. The whole town was simmering with excitement.
“Well, here it is!” Suho turned around, hands clasped behind his back with a delighted smile. “EXO Day, at its finest.”
“Amazing!” Tao squealed contently. Naeun slowly nodded.
All the boys turned to stare at Naeun’s reaction. She didn’t even notice that her jaw was slightly agape with shock.
D.O blinked at her with his wide round eyes and waved his hand in front of her face slowly, “Naeun-ah? Yoo-hoo!”
Sehun giggled as he smiled at the girl, “It seems like she’s too stunned to answer.”
Luhan’s expression turned amused and coy. *I know what’ll wake her up.* Slyly and inconspicuously, he jerked his hand to the side in one fluid motion.
Almost immediately, Baekhyun stumbled forward into Naeun. His hands luckily curved around Naeun’s firm shoulders as he steadied himself at the last minute.
Baekhyun let out a sigh of relief and lifted up his head to search her eyes.
“Sorry. Must’ve tripped over something.” He muttered embarrassedly.  He looked up at her, noticing that her face was bright red from the contact. They were inches away. Baekhyun felt himself heat up too.
“I-It’s okay.” She managed to blubber out. Before he could respond, a strong hand pulled him away from Naeun, sending him backwards.
“Hyung!” Sehun silently fumed, “You shouldn’t be so up close and intimate with a lady in broad daylight! Shame on you!” He crossed his arms huffily and frowned.
Chanyeol patted the maknae’s back, “There, there. Calm down, maknae.”
“Yeah, Sehun. It’s not like Baekhyun hyung fell on purpose or anything.” Kai glanced at Luhan with a smirk, who blinked obliviously and smiled back. *So Luhan hyung’s on Baekhyun’s side…*
Kai and Chanyeol shared a look and bit their lips to keep from laughing. Baekhyun and Naeun were still dazed, while Lay, Chen and Xiumin were secretly smiling too.
Suho, Tao, and D.O were still a bit bewildered. Kris just shrugged it off like the cool leader he was, “Why don’t we get a few snacks to eat and walk around to look at the attractions? Fireworks start at eight, and it’s three right now.”
They all came to a mutual agreement as Sehun jealously clung onto Naeun’s arm, grimacing at his hyung. *Oh no. He’s not getting Naeunnie this time!* The maknae turned to Naeun, who seemed to calm down.
He gave her a bright, irresistible smile, “Wanna go get some ddukbokki, first?”
Naeun’s eyes immediately twinkled, “There’s ddukbokki here?”
“Only the best.” Sehun curtly nodded. Naeun sweetly smiled, curling her hair behind her ear, “Let’s go!” Quickly, they ran off.
Baekhyun watched the scene with a longing gaze. He pouted very subtly. *I wanted to go eat with Naeun too…* Dismally, he linked arms with Chanyeol, “Come on, Yeol. Let’s go get something to eat.” Without complaining, Chanyeol happily left.
Lay watched Naeun and Sehun’s backside as he turned to Luhan with his hands in his pockets. “Gege, you just got dumped.” He said seriously.
Everyone fought back their laughter but the maknae.
Tao giggled, “Yixing-ge might be right.” Kris rolled his eyes. *Tao’s so clueless sometimes.*
Luhan sheepishly smiled, “I probably did.” He turned to look at Sehun animatedly conversing with Naeun and felt a little bit sorry for him. *Sehun-ah… When will you realize that you’re not the one for Naeun?*
Xiumin sensed the dampened mood and clapped his hand on Luhan’s back. Luhan became startled and stared at his grinning hyung.
“Okay, okay. You can be my date for today… Although Sehun won’t like that his precious hyung is being stolen away.” He chuckled. Luhan softly smiled, “Fine with me, Minseok hyung.”
Before they left, Luhan turned to the group, “Anyone want to come with? Jongin? Want to come?”
Kai raised an eyebrow, “And be the third wheel? Thanks, but no thanks.” He shook his head and strode off to look on his own with his hands in his pockets.
Lay paused, but then ran to follow Kai, “Wait, Jongin.” Kai turned around and stopped until Lay caught up, and the two walked off together.
D.O, Suho, Chen, Tao and Kris watched as Luhan and Xiumin left as well. Instantly, Tao clung to Kris, “Come on, gege! Let’s go look around the shops before we eat!” He hurriedly yanked on Kris’ shoulder and cheerfully waved to the others, “Bye hyungs! See you later!”
“Hey—Tao! Wait—YAH!” Kris interjected, but the strong maknae was already dragging him off, “Oh, hush, gege. It’s gonna be fun!” And they were already down the street.
Suho glanced at D.O and Chen. “Then I guess it’s just the three of us!” He smiled. “Oh joy.” D.O shook his head with a small smile. Chen laughed, “It’s been a while, so I guess this will be exciting.” He pointed to a bakery shop nearby, “Let’s get some pastries and coffee there.” They all agreed and left.
Meanwhile, Baekhyun was solemnly picking at his quiche with a faraway expression. Chanyeol, who was scarfing his sandwich down, froze and smirked at him.
Baekhyun raised his head, “Yeah?”
“You’re bored.” He said in a know-it-all tone of voice. Baekhyun stared at his best friend, setting his fork down. Chanyeol looked at his puzzled face and grinned, stopping in the middle of eating and sipping his cola with a knowing look.
“These days, Sehun’s getting you irritated, huh?”
Baekhyun wasn’t very surprised at all. Chanyeol seemed like the oblivious, happy child in EXO, but in reality, he could see every single detail in everyone. He was very smart and intuitive.
Therefore, Baekhyun didn’t even bother to deny it.
“Yeah… he is.”
Chanyeol dabbed his mouth with a napkin and pushed his plate away, folding his arms over his chest. “Because of Naeun, right?”
Baekhyun pushed his plate away too and put his arms on the table, resting his head on top of them. Soundlessly, he nodded.
“Well, I’m sure that Sehun will understand when he figures out the past. He was pretty young then, so I don’t believe that he remembers your first encounter with Naeun. Either that, or he still doesn’t know it’s her.”
Baekhyun looked up, “…You knew too?”
Chanyeol let out a deep laugh, “Of course, pabo! I’m your best friend!” The corners of Baekhyun’s lips curved upward as he kept his eyes closed and hummed.
“But Baek…” Chanyeol paused for a second, and his gaze held sorrow, “Don’t be mad at Sehun, okay? No matter what happens, we’re still EXO. We’re still one. I don’t want anything to break our bond. We’re like one huge family.”
Baekhyun opened one eye and gave him a reassuring smile, “Of course. We are one. EXO is never separated, and I don’t hate Sehun, so don’t worry so much.”
Chanyeol looked satisfied and nodded. The waitress came over and took their plates as Chanyeol asked for the bill. She nodded and walked off.
“So,” He began, “How about Naeun?”
Baekhyun’s eyes were still closed, “What about her?”
“When are you going to tell her that you’re her ang—“
“I’m not going to tell her.”
Chanyeol froze in mid-sentence and gawked at Baekhyun incredulously, “…What?” He croaked.
“You heard me. I’m not going to tell her.” Baekhyun’s voice sounded somewhat sad.
Chanyeol became alarmed, “That’s nonsense. Of course you have to tell her. You love her more than anything. I’ve seen the way you act around her, and how she acts around you.”
“No, Yeol. I’m not telling her.”
He furrowed his eyebrows, “But… why?
Baekhyun got up from his crouched position and straightened himself up with a sigh, “Me liking Naeun is just impossible. She’s a human. I’m an angel. Remember the last time a human and an angel loved each other? The human was killed and turned into a ghost, never allowed to turn into an angel, or set foot into Heaven, but to continuously haunt on Earth. The male angel’s wings were taken as punishment and he stayed on EXO Planet, which was created mainly for him, until he died. I don’t want that to happen to Naeun. I don’t want her to...” He trailed off. *Die.*
Chanyeol turned wistful, “But the man—the angel, committed some horrible crimes in Heaven too, on top of loving a human. Maybe he was just being compensated for those crimes too. That was probably why he was sent to EXO Planet. And as punishment, that’s probably why the human girl he loved was killed too. Nothing is impossible, Baekhyun.”
“Yeah? Well this is. We can’t love each other. Remember? I committed a crime too. I healed Naeun’s leukemia and restored her to full health. No angel is allowed to change a human’s fate. She was dying, and I changed it. That’s more than enough to get punished. In any case, if Sehun decides to confess to her and she accepts, I’ll have to stop that too. I’m not sacrificing Naeun for anyone or anything.” His eyes turned hard as steel.
Chanyeol said nothing. In a way, Baekhyun was both right and wrong. *But the angel’s crimes were horrid. He killed many innocent humans. You merely helped another’s life. You save a life. He took lives. Don’t you see the difference? You were only doing what an angel was supposed to be doing. Restoring peace. Creating happiness.* He wanted to say, but his voice disobeyed him.
Baekhyun looked up at Chanyeol’s sad expression and looked away, speaking in a quiet, almost inaudible, voice.
“I know, Yeol. I can’t stand it either. I can’t live knowing that I can never be with the girl I love.” He let in a shaky breath, “I don’t know why she came here, or how she did, but I’m just planning on taking advantage of the time we have together now, as friends.”
As friends.
Chanyeol’s gaze turned dark. *We both know that you don’t want to be just ‘friends’ with her. I don’t want you to regret not telling her like I did…*
“I just hope you know what you’re doing.”


Aaaaaaand, Chanyeol's consultation doesn't work. D:

To clear things up for confused readers: I hope that the story of the human and angel didn't confuse you guys, because honestly, I tried to keep it as simple as possible. The human was a girl, while the angel was a man. He committed various unforgivable crimes, but fell in love with the human girl afterwards. He was ultimately sent to EXO Planet and passed away there for good, unable to become a ghost or an angel anymore. He was probably erased from existence. Baekhyun's worried that that might happen to him and Naeun, which is why he's cautioning himself. In very simple terms, that's what basically happened.

I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far! We still have a while to go, so rest assured! xD

Thanks for all the love! :D 

It really makes you wonder how the story's gonna end, though, huh? ^^


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Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
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