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Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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Ego - Big Bang
Baozi = Steamed bun (a.k.a Xiumin's nickname).
Ke ai = "Cute" in mandarin.
Narrator’s P.O.V:
Naeun was bewildered but didn’t know what to do. Tao kept rambling on and on while Baekhyun was at a loss for words.
But when she heard familiar voices calling out to them from afar, she relaxed. The rest of EXO-K were traveling fast down the hill. Instinctively, their eyes widened as they saw their old friend.
“OH!” Sehun pointed, “TAO!”
“Sehun-ah! Geges!” Tao squealed—something that Naeun gaped at. *How can such an intimidating face make such a cute sound?* She gawked.
Tao ran off to attack EXO-K in a big hug. D.O and Sehun were dumbfounded with disbelief while Kai, Suho and Chanyeol had wide, ecstatic grins.
“Waa! We made it! We’re on EXO Planet!” Tao cheered happily as he turned back to Baekhyun and unconsciously hugged him again, “We’re finally united!”
Suho was stunned, “We? You mean, the others came too?”
The black-haired boy didn’t answer, but had a playful look on his face.
“Huang Zitao,” A deep, masculine voice said amusedly, “Get off of Baekhyun. You’re suffocating him.”
Naeun looked up to see a shadow—no—multiple shadows, as they jumped down from various trees in the forest. Her eyes widened and she stifled her gasp as she took in the sight of five equally handsome boys—EXO-M.
“Nice to see you, EXO-K.” The round, slightly chubby one grinned brightly, “I hope you didn’t miss us too much!”
“Minseok!” D.O ran over as Xiumin laughed and hugged him. It was a heartwarming scene. D.O held him out at arm’s length, “How are you here? How did you guys get here?”
Xiumin brushed it off, “Aww, that’s not important now. Save the details for later, my big-eyed friend.” His teeth glinted brightly.
Naeun noticed Sehun behind her, who seemed frozen. Her eyes followed his gaze, and she peered through the unfamiliar faces until she noticed one adorable and flawless face. Immediately, Naeun knew, by his warm, light brown hair, that it was him.
Sehun’s mouth hung open a bit, and he looked dazed. He stared at the figure in disbelief as his mouth ran dry. Suddenly, a small nudge broke him out of his trance. He glanced towards Naeun, who smiled gently at him. *Go, Sehun.*
He didn’t know how, but the maknae managed to take the first step, and then the next… And the next. The boys seemed to hush down and become quieter until it was silent. They watched the scene.
Sehun just couldn’t believe it when he approached the hyung. His hands were slightly shaking uncontrollably, and he was speechless.
The elder merely stared at the younger with an endearing expression on his face, “Sehun-ah…” His sweet voice was the same. The warm and kind undertone had never left.
“Luhan…hyung…?” Sehun managed to call out in his crackling voice. The elder known as Luhan softly smiled, “Hello, didi.”
At once, Sehun could feel the prickling of tears emerging from his eyes. He instantly enveloped his hyung into a tight hug. Luhan let out a tinkling laugh and patted his back in a rhythmic pattern. Sehun buried his face in Luhan’s shoulder. The hug from his best friend and older ‘brother’ was more precious to him than any other word he could’ve uttered.
"I’m sorry," "It wasn’t your fault," and "I’m glad you’re here" were all embedded in the small but sweet gesture. Luhan was finally here, and he didn’t resent Sehun. That was enough for the younger boy.
A gentle but caring smile took over Naeun’s lips as she watched the scene. *I’m glad your friend is back, Sehun.* She thought, genuinely happy for him.
After Sehun came back to his senses and the commotion died down, Naeun was officially introduced to EXO-M, the other half of EXO-K. The six males appeared before her and EXO-K.
“Naeun, this is EXO-M, our close friends and brothers.” Suho politely introduced, “Guys, this is Song Naeun, our new friend and recently recruited roommate.” He chuckled.
“Not recent,” D.O reminded, “She’s become an important addition to our ‘EXO Family’.” Everyone laughed as Naeun’s heart warmed up. *…Family, roommate, and friend. That doesn’t sound bad at all.* She beamed happily. Baekhyun softened as he saw her elated expression.
Kai suggested, “Introduce yourselves one by one. That’s what all of us did when we first stumbled upon little miss troublemaker for the first time.” He affectionately ruffled Naeun’s hair. She laughed as she patted her hair down, “Troublemaker? Are you sure about that?”
“See how adorable she is?” A voice Naeun recognized as Chanyeol’s sounded from behind her. His arms slung around her neck from behind as he grinned crazily, one eye twitching again.
“Chanyeol, you look like a mass-murderer.” One boy sarcastically responded, “Either that, or you look like a e.”
Naeun burst into laughter along with the others as Chanyeol looked embarrassed. “Quiet, Jongdae!” He barked.
“Since everyone’s too chicken to go first, I might as well do it.” The sarcastic boy chuckled. Naeun noticed that he had a sharp jawline, devious look in his eyes, and a handsomely chiseled face. His dark hair was very subtly gelled and swept away to the side.
“Hi there. I’m Kim Jongdae. Friends call me Chen. I hold the power of electricity.” He smiled and held out his hand. Naeun reached out to shake it when a small, electric shock stunned her. Immediately, she pulled away, “Ouch!”
“Oops.” Chen looked sheepish, “Sorry about that.” Naeun laughed it off seconds later and took his hand again, “That’s alright. Hello… Chen.”
A round but cute face popped up from behind Chen. Naeun blinked in surprise as he waved energetically, “Hi! Hello! Annyeong!”
“Um… Hi.” She smiled lopsidedly.
“I’m Xiumin, but my official name is Kim Minseok. I wield the power of frost.” He extended his palm and blew on it as small ice shavings floated around and melted on Naeun’s palm. “Whoa…” She ogled.
Xiumin grinned, satisfied by her reaction. “If you make me food, we’ll be best friends forever!” He bargained.
Before Naeun could respond, a flick hit Xiumin’s head. “Ow!” He protested, rubbing the sore spot.
“Oh, hush, you baozi.” Luhan rolled his eyes but smiled nevertheless. He extended his hand towards her in a general handshake, “So you’re Song Naeun. The others were right. You are cute. Ke ai.” Luhan smiled angelically. Naeun was momentarily fazed by his beauty and blushed.
“Ohh~” The boys cooed. “Naeunnie’s blushing for Luhan hyung!” Chanyeol chortled, making Naeun turn even redder. Baekhyun made a face and looked away with a pout. *I haven’t seen her blush for me… yet.* EXO-M noticed this and snickered silently.
“I am Lu Han. It’s nice to meet you, mei-mei. I’ve heard many good things about you. Thank you for taking care of our counterpart, EXO-K, and most importantly, caring about our immature didi, Sehun.” He joked.
Sehun frowned, “I am NOT immature!” He stuck out his tongue at Luhan.
Chen raised an eyebrow, “You were saying…?” Everyone chuckled.
Naeun giggled, “I’m guessing didi means dongsaeng in mandarin?”
Luhan nodded with a quick grin, “I heard you were smart too. Now I really believe it. You don’t mind if I call you mei-mei, do you? It’s how we say ‘little sister’ in mandarin.”
“Of course not.” Naeun shook her head. Luhan showed off his eye-smile once again.
“Lulu, you forgot to tell her what your power is.” Xiumin cut in. Luhan perked up with wide eyes, “Oh yeah. I have a very… different power compared to the others. I can use telekinesis.” He demonstrated by waving his hand. A big boulder shot up into the sky, flew around for a bit, then placed itself gently back onto the ground.
“That’s awesome!” Naeun beamed, clearly interested. From the back, Baekhyun sulked at her enthusiastic reactions. *Why did I have to have a stupid power like shooting light rays out of my hands? Why couldn’t I have telekinesis and impress Naeun like Luhan hyung? He’s too likeable! I can’t compete!*
From the corner of his eyes, Luhan saw Baekhyun ruffle his hair in frustration. He silently laughed. *He’s quite cute too. Ke ai, Baekhyun. A perfect match for the cute Naeun.* Luhan smiled secretively.
Tao and his inky black hair popped up in front of Naeun’s face next. “You already know me, right, Naeun mei-mei?” He grinned hopefully. Naeun nodded, “Tao, right?”
Tao broke out into a wide grin, “Right!” He held out his fist and Naeun bumped it against hers. “My specialty is kung-fu. The geges usually call me the ‘Kung-Fu Panda’.” He rolled his eyes. Naeun laughed, “You do seem like one.”
“I do?” Tao blinked. Kai grinned and clapped his back, “Well, you don’t really seem the type to randomly do aegyo either, but I bet you surprised Naeun by doing it so unexpectedly.”
“How did you know?” Tao looked taken aback.
Baekhyun shook his head, “Please, Tao. Aegyo is basically a ritual for you.” Everyone snickered.
“Anyways…” Tao made a face at his hyung and turned around to face Naeun again, “I control time. I have the power to freeze and stop time whenever I wish to. Rewinding or fast-forwarding ahead of time is not an option, though. Time is very delicate, you see.” He instructed wisely. Naeun nodded understandingly, “I see, I see.”
Next up was a quiet, but dazed looking boy. His lips were pursed, and he looked completely out of it. His brown hair was cut stylishly into side bangs.
“Lay.” Luhan mused gently. The boy named Lay didn’t move. “Yixing.” He tried again. This time, Lay snapped out of it, “What? Oh.” He made eye contact with Naeun and bowed 90 degrees instantly. Naeun shifted uncomfortably and bowed a little, too.
“Annyeonghaseyo…” Lay said in accented Korean. “My name is Zhang Yixing, but you may call me Lay. Everyone seems to, anyway. It sort of became my nickname.” His eyes became slightly gentle, “My power is to heal. That’s why I’m more of a peacemaker than a fighter, but if I must fight, then I will.” Lay explained. “I am very pleased to make your acquaintance, Song Naeun.”
Naeun nervously bowed along with him, “I’m very pleased to make your acquaintance as well.” Lay gazed at her softly, “You do not have to be so stiff around me. I know I might seem… out of it sometimes, but I act like that frequently… or so they say.”
“Oh man. I can’t take this anymore. You two are so awkward!” Chanyeol shook his head. Chuckles were heard in the forest from the 12 men.
Naeun sweetly smiled, “Oh no, I wasn’t acting stiffly. I was just thinking that you have a unique name. Yixing. It’s quite pretty, to be honest. It sounds… very gentle. Delicate. Just like your power.”
Lay looked surprised. No one had told him about that before. His lips soon curved into a shy smile, “Thank you, mei-mei. Your name is quite soothing-sounding as well.”
Naeun laughed, “Aww, you didn’t have to do that. You’re making me blush again!” She joked. Lay, along with the others, laughed genuinely, clearly defining the dimples near the bottom of his cheeks. Naeun proudly smiled, glad that she had made them laugh.
“I guess I’m the last one, then.”
Naeun turned around to face an irritated-looking face. His facial features were handsome, no doubt, but what intimidated Naeun was the fact that he was so… tall.
Naeun had finally found someone that was taller than the ‘giant’, Chanyeol—Kris.
Instinctively, Naeun clutched onto the closest person’s sleeve—Suho. Suho looked up and chuckled at her cute reaction, “Don’t be scared. Kris isn’t a bad person.”
“Aww, look, duizhang! Your furious face made Naeun flinch.” Xiumin guffawed.
Kris scratched his head, “Furious? But this is how I look all the time… I’m neutral right now…”
“No you’re not.” Kai cackled, “You look like you have a stick up your . Cranky leader~” He hi-fived Xiumin and they both laughed. Even Sehun and Tao managed to let out a snort.
“Enough, Jongin, Minseok.” Kris shot them a glare, then made a face at Suho, “You haven’t been disciplining Jongin, as usual.”
“And you, Mr. Wu Fan, haven’t been disciplining Minseok hyung.” Suho shot back, amused.
Kris sighed, “How can anyone possibly control Xiumin? He’s like the energizer bunny. The only way I can get him to listen is to take away his food. You hear that, Kim Minseok? I’m gonna take away your food!”
Immediately, Xiumin’s lips shut. Kris grinned, “You were saying?”
“Hey, don’t look at me.” Suho refused to admit defeat, “Go on with your introduction.”
Kris turned to Naeun and his eyes became gentle, “I hope you don’t fear me. Although I might look angry, this is just my neutral expression. Honestly.” He looked so sincere that Naeun burst out laughing.
“You’d be surprised.” D.O commented, “Kris hyung looks very cuddly when his bangs are down. You should put them down more often.”
Kris rolled his eyes, “Uh-huh. I don’t think the point of this conversation is my hairstyle.” Naeun laughed again. *What a funny character.*
“As I was saying,” Kris continued, “My name is Wu Fan. I’d prefer it if you’d call me Kris, though. I’m the leader of EXO-M, and my power is flight.”
Naeun tilted her head to one side in confusion, “Flight? But if you’re all angels, doesn’t everyone have the ability to fly?”
“Not exactly.” He smiled slyly, “I have the ability to fly without my wings, as well as fight using my symbol—the dragon.” Kris pointed to the dragon pendant clipped onto his jacket.
“Chanyeol’s symbol is of a phoenix, so he can use the phoenix and his power over fire to battle. I may use my flight and my dragon to fight. We can both summon these animals to aid us during a time of need. That’s why we’re one of the most skilled at our powers.” Kris further explained.
Naeun nodded, “That’s so cool. A phoenix and a dragon.”
“Are you less scared of me now?” Kris smirked.
Naeun contemplated that, “Ehh… I guess a little bit less.” She pinched her fingers together. Kris chuckled. It was nice to hear his laugh.
Nonetheless, Naeun was surprised by Chanyeol—innocent and wild Chanyeol—having such a strong power. The boy caught Naeun looking at him and smiled his trademark grin. She shook her head, grinning back.
“So,” Xiumin began, “Where’s your house? We’re moving in.”
EXO-K gaped, “What?!”
“Like I said,” He brushed it off again, “Details for later. We’ll explain after. Let’s go get some food first!” Xiumin hollered and pulled Suho along as a navigator. Some rolled their eyes while others shook their heads. All in all, the 12 were excited to be reunited again.
EXO-M followed EXO-K’s lead as Naeun turned to trail behind. That’s when she noticed Baekhyun walking silently with his hands in his pockets. He turned to catch her gaze, and she instinctively walked alongside him.
“I can’t believe that the other hyungs are here. It’s really…. Surprising.” Baekhyun smiled.
“But I can tell that you’re happy about it. You’re pleasantly surprised, aren’t you?” Naeun mused, hands behind her back.
Baekhyun widened his eyes, “How did you know?”
“I can just tell.” Naeun giggled, “That look in your eyes tells me everything.”
“Maybe I should just cover my eyes, then.” He joked and put a graceful hand onto them, but Naeun pulled it back down, “Silly.” She smiled, “Then you can’t see me, and I can’t see you.”
Baekhyun looked taken aback, but then softened.
“…Can I tell you a secret?” Naeun questioned in a hushed tone of voice.
Baekhyun hesitantly nodded. Naeun grinned and leaned into his ear, “Out of all of the boys’ powers, I still think that yours is the best.”
He abruptly stopped walking, and Naeun did too. His eyes were as wide as saucers, and he could hear his heart pounding in his chest. *How did she know that that was exactly what I wanted to hear…?*
“W…What does that mean?” Baekhyun trailed off lamely.
Naeun quirked her lips, then chuckled after giving him a weird look, “It means that the sunlight is still my favourite.”
Byun Baekhyun is still my favourite.
“NAEUNNIE!” Sehun waved from afar. “Coming!” Naeun called back amicably and left Baekhyun there, heart racing.
*What do I do now…?* Baekhyun slowly smiled in a shy manner. *I think… I’ve fallen for you completely, Song Naeun…*
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Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
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