A New Baekhyun & Surprise Maknae

Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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Love Is Like Rain - Na Yoon Kwon (Love Rain OST)
*Byuntae means .
Narrator’s P.O.V:
D.O hummed a sweet tune as he shook the frying pan full of fried rice on the stove. Then, with a wooden spoon, he moved the rice around with skill, so that all the little grains would be coated evenly.
It was noon, and the majority of EXO-K were all awake and energetic. Kai walked in and sniffed the air with a smile, “Mmm. Smells good, Kyungsoo hyung.”
D.O peered over his shoulder with a smirk, “Why thank you.” He went back to tending to the food.
Suho looked up from setting the table, “Can someone wake up Naeun in time for brunch?”
Sehun straightened up with a helpful smile, “I’ll do it!”
But a hand gently pushed him back. “No.” Baekhyun said, a little bit sterner than usual, “I will.”
“Huh?” Sehun blinked, “O…kay…?”
Chanyeol watched the scene with an excited expression. *Perfect. It’s like an interesting Korean drama in real life. I wonder what will happen next…*
Baekhyun got up from the couch and smoothly appeared at Naeun’s door. *Grr… That maknae…* His hand automatically tightened. *I will not let him have her. She was fated to be mine from the start.*
Abruptly, Baekhyun knocked on the door. “Naeun? Are you awake?”
When there was no answer, he knocked once more. Still, no response.
Hesitantly, Baekhyun twisted the brass doorknob, “Excuse me, but I’m coming in…” He opened the door, but Naeun was nowhere to be seen. Her bed was still unmade, too.
*Huh.* He scratched his head. *That’s weird…* He turned to leave when footsteps caught him by surprise.
Baekhyun turned back around, “Na—AAAH!” He covered his eyes with his hands and spun around.
Naeun screamed as she protectively tried to cover herself up more with her towel. She pointed a shaking finger at Baekhyun, “W-Why are you here?!”
Baekhyun yelped, “Mi-Mianhae!” He turned back to her with his palms still over his eyes. “I knocked on the door, but there was no response...”
Naeun snatched her clothes off of the bed and scurried back to her bathroom, closing the door shut tightly. Baekhyun hesitantly uncovered his eyes, “S-Sorry. I should’ve thought twice before entering like that.”
He heard the ruffling of clothes, “I…It’s fine. What did you need to tell me…?”
“Uh…” Baekhyun forgot it for a second, but then looked up, “Oh. Brunch is almost ready, so come out to eat quickly.”
“Araso.” Her reply was loud and clear from behind the bathroom door.
Baekhyun put his hands on his face as soon as he closed the door behind him. It was hot, and he was sure that his face was bright red. *Argh. Think before you act, Byun Baekhyun, think!* He lightly slapped his face a couple of times.
His mind wandered off as he thought about Naeun’s long, soft-looking legs. He had only caught a quick glimpse, but it was enough to make him blush uncontrollably. *Her hair was tousled and slightly damp… Her legs were never-ending, too… And that thin towel sunk into her curves perfectly...* He almost smiled foolishly, but then snapped out of it.
*Byun Baekhyun, you byuntae!* He slapped his face again and lightly hit his head. *How could you think of such an impure topic?!*
He glanced back to Naeun’s door and sighed. *That was so embarrassing.* He frowned and messed up his hair. “Aish… Way to step up your game, pabo.” He grumbled and traveled back to the kitchen.
When Naeun finally joined everyone at the table, they thanked D.O for the food and dug in.
Naeun—who seemed to forget about the whole shower incident—generously scooped up her rice. The perfect amount of seasoning and flavour made her squeal in delight, “D.O oppa, it’s delicious!”
D.O smiled gleefully, “Thanks.”
“Thank you!” Everyone else except Chanyeol chimed in.
Suho noticed this and turned to Chanyeol, who stuffed his face without a word. He gave the taller boy a look, “Chanyeol-ah, aren’t you going to say something to D.O?”
Chanyeol looked up to meet everyone’s stares and D.O’s expectant gaze. The boy blinked a couple of times and shrugged, going back to eating in silence.
D.O’s face fell as Suho shook his head with an amused grin. Kai snickered as Sehun giggled with Naeun. Baekhyun merely rolled his eyes.
As the seven neared the end of their meal, Naeun patted her stomach and eyed her empty glass.
“Sehunnie, can you hand me the milk?” She asked since he was the closest to it.
Sehun put his spoon down, “Sure Naeu—“
“I’VE GOT IT!” Baekhyun’s hand shot out and grabbed the carton of milk. Sehun furrowed his eyebrows at his hyung, confused. Baekhyun didn’t seem to notice and smiled warmly at her, “Here Naeun—WHOA!” Kai accidentally hit the elder’s arm, causing Baekhyun to tip over the open milk carton…
…And spill it all over Naeun’s skirt.
A gasp quickly escaped her lips as the cold sensation covered her thighs and legs. Baekhyun gasped at the same time, jaw wide open. EXO-K all had wide eyes.
“It’s… cold.” Naeun mumbled after a second’s silence. Immediately everyone shot out of their seat.
“Napkins, napkins!”
“Ack! Naeun, are you okay?!”
Baekhyun frantically took a whole bunch of paper towels and wiped away the milk that was already soaked in her clothes, “Sorry, Naeun! I’m really sorry!” He yelped.
Naeun took the paper towels from him and cleaned herself up, “It’s okay, Baekhyun. It was a mistake.” She stood up, “I’m gonna go change. Excuse me.” She left to her room and Baekhyun’s shoulders slumped.
*Idiot, idiot, idiot! You’re trying to make her like you, not hate you!* He buried his face in his hands as someone comfortingly squeezed his shoulder—Chanyeol, he guessed.
A sigh escaped his lips as he earnestly hoped that Naeun didn’t detest him.
From the get-go, Naeun noticed that something was wrong with Baekhyun.
He was trying to please her, was very jumpy, and seemed very… hostile towards the maknae. Naeun was puzzled by this, but Baekhyun’s new behaviour made her uncomfortable.
After she changed and the Sehun and Suho did their cleaning duties, she turned to him, “Baekhyun oppa, do you want to go to the tree with me?”
Baekhyun tilted his head to one side, “The tree?” *Oh. She must mean the tree that we first climbed on that rainy day a while ago.* He tried to hide his smile. *Heh. She remembers.*
Naeun smiled sweetly at him, making Baekhyun quickly reply, “Of course.”
A few minutes later, after telling the others that they would be out for a short while, they walked in the direction of their tree. Baekhyun had his hood on casually while Naeun walked in her casual but cute attire.
Curiously, Naeun peeked up at his face to see his expression. Baekhyun looked indifferent, but then caught her gaze and gave her his trademark smile. Naeun’s heart leapt for a split second and she mentally told herself to calm down and for her heart to stop whatever it just did.
In no time, they reached their tree. Too tired to climb all the way to the top, they decided to just sit at the bottom and lay back on its trunk.
Baekhyun let out a hum. Naeun contemplated something but then turned to him, “Are you… alright?”
Baekhyun gave her a bizarre look, “What do you mean?”
Naeun looked uncomfortable and fidgeted with her hands, “I’m not… exactly sure.” Baekhyun looked even more confused.
“You just seem… Much more awkward around me.” She said point-blank. Baekhyun blinked but didn’t say anything. She continued, “I’m not trying to be offensive, but these days, your smile seems forced... and you’re all jumpy… and you look irritated by Sehun. A lot.” Naeun confessed.
Baekhyun’s eyes widened. *She noticed…?*
“Ever since this morning, you’ve been… How can I say this?” She thought hard.
“Strange?” Baekhyun supplied.
Naeun nodded curtly. “I didn’t do anything to offend you or anything like that… did I?” She worriedly stared up at the brunette.
Baekhyun swiftly waved his hands back and forth in denial, “No, no! You didn’t offend me at all!” He trailed off, remembering Sehun’s kiss, and faltered.
“Baekhyun oppa.” He saw pleading in her eyes, “You have to tell me if I did something wrong. Otherwise, I’ll never know, and I won’t be able to fix it.”
Baekhyun shook his head with a gentle smile, “You didn’t do anything wrong.” Naeun didn’t look convinced.
“To answer your first and second question, just ignore it. I wasn’t in a… a very good mood recently, but don’t worry. I won’t be like that anymore.” Baekhyun laughed. Naeun softened and relaxed a bit by the genuine tone in his voice.
“And the last question…” Baekhyun softened, “Just don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate Sehun at all. I was just—a little disappointed in his actions recently.”
Naeun nodded understandingly, and she didn’t try to pry into his business. Baekhyun liked that about Naeun. She didn’t try to peek into everyone’s business.
“Oh, by the way,” Baekhyun eyed her skirt, “Sorry again for before, and the incident before that.” He lightly hit his head, “I wasn’t really myself at the time…”
Naeun faked an angry look, “You’ll have to compensate for that, mister! The milk was really cold, and how would you like it if I walked your bathroom when you were showering?”
Baekhyun shrugged with a mysterious smirk and d her cheek slowly. Naeun shivered.
“…I wouldn’t really mind.” He whispered under his breath seductively.
Naeun froze and gulped thickly. *What the—Is this an invitation?!*
“….Pfft!” Baekhyun snorted and burst into joyous laughter, “You should’ve seen your face! You were completely shocked!” He guffawed and doubled back in laughter.
Naeun frowned and crossed her arms adorably, “Hey! That’s not funny!”
“It isn’t to you. It is to me.” He chuckled as Naeun rolled her eyes and the laughter soon died down.
Baekhyun soon smiled and put a warm hand on top of hers. Naeun’s head snapped up and she gazed back into those warm, chocolate brown eyes.
“…Naeun… Thank you.” He kindly smiled.
“For what?” She was bewildered.
*For finding me, your angel.* “For becoming my friend.” Baekhyun wistfully d her cheek again. Naeun held her breath as Baekhyun unexpectedly leaned in and pressed his lips to her cheek for a short kiss. It was one that could be interpreted as either romantic or as a platonic greeting.
In any case, Naeun was still charmed by him. When he pulled away, she touched her cheek, enchanted and stunned at the same time. Baekhyun flashed his pearly whites at her.
*Funny… When Sehun kissed me before, it felt like just a friendship kiss. But when Baekhyun did it…* She pressed her lips together in a thin line, her cheeks a beautiful tint of pink.
When her heart seemed to calm down, Baekhyun dusted himself off and stood up, extending an arm towards her, “When we go back, should we all go to town—“
“GEGE!” A unfamiliar, loud cry came out of nowhere. Naeun yelped in shock as something—someone, flung himself on Baekhyun.
“Oof!” Baekhyun grunted, dazed. Luckily, he steadied himself at the last minute. Naeun got a clearer vision of the boy with ink black hair, twisted in small waves. He was a tanned beauty, that was for sure.
The stranger had his long arms around Baekhyun, even though he was awkwardly taller than the other. He looked intimidating, even frightening, if it wasn’t for his subtle smile on his lips. He looked… foreign.
The boy turned to look down at Baekhyun with a wide, ecstatic grin on his face, “Gege! Baekhyun hyung! I’m back! We’re back!” He spoke in accented Korean.
Baekhyun seemed to regain consciousness and his eyes bulged out of his sockets. His jaw dropped immediately, “T-TAO?!”
This boy—Tao—merely smiled widely at his hyung, and turned to face Naeun. His expression quickly changed into one of confusion, “Oh. Who are you...?”
Naeun cleared , “S-Song Naeun.”
At the name, Tao lit up like a Christmas tree, immediately letting all the intimidating features disappear. “Ah, that’s right! You’re the famous human girl that appeared on EXO Planet!” He looked delighted to meet her.
Tao stuck a graceful hand out at her. Naeun hesitated a bit before she took it. Tao quickly put both of his hands on hers, “Annyeonghaseyo, Naeun-sshi!” He said heavily, “It’s nice to finally meet you! The name’s Tao. Huang Zitao, to be exact.”
“Zitao?” Naeun tilted her head to one side, still not understanding.
Tao grinned, and she took note of his dark circles underneath his eyes, “In human years, I’m 18 years old, but technically, I’m the cute maknae of the angel warrior group, EXO-M! Bbuing bbuing~” He made a cute fist next to his cheek and laughed.
Naeun gawked at the drastic personality and physical feature difference as Baekhyun face-palmed. She gaped. *EXO-M?! They’re all here?!*


Enter EXO-M! ^^

More crazy excitement coming up soon! :D

Also, for those of you who don't know:

Gege is the equivalent to hyung.

**EDIT** A few readers of mine corrected my mistake. Thanks! ^^;;

Mei-mei is the equivalent to younger sister, while jie-jie is the equivalent to older sister.

Didi is also the equivalent to a dongsaeng (In this case, a younger male).

All the EXO boys are older than Naeun since they've been living (dead?) for a long time.

You learn something new everyday. xD

Thanks guys! :3


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Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
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