Bubble Tea Determination

Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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To You (Slow B. Ver.) - Teen Top
Narrator’s P.O.V:
Naeun hummed as she turned another page of her book. All she heard were the soft, pattering sounds of the water fountain sloshing behind her.
She was so heavily focused on the story that she didn’t even notice a presence that approached her.
“Naeunnie.” A warm, sweet voice said.
Naeun broke off in mid-sentence as her head snapped up. She was pleasantly startled, “Sehun!”
“Heh.” He smiled, showing off his crescent moon-shaped eyes and took a seat beside her, “What were you doing?”
Naeun swiftly shut her book and smiled, “Just reading.”
“Ah.” Sehun nodded. Naeun tilted her head to one side, waiting for him to say something.
Sehun seemed a bit iffy, “Well, Naeun…” He paused a bit, faltering, “Can I ask for a favour?”
Naeun blinked, “A favour?”
Sehun nodded and continued, suddenly pre-occupied with his slender hands, “Well… I suddenly craved bubble tea, and I used to go to this amazing bubble tea restaurant with Luhan hyung a while ago… But I didn’t really know who to ask…” He uncomfortably shifted and shyly glanced up at her.
“Sure, Sehun oppa.”
Sehun’s face instantly brightened up like a kid on Christmas morning, “Really?! You’ll come?!”
Naeun stifled a giggle. It was almost impossible not to say no to Sehun. She beamed and rested her book on her lap, “Of course. I love bubble tea. I’m surprised they actually have it here.” Her eyes widened in surprise.
Sehun broke out into a charming beam, “I’m sure you’ll love it, Naeunnie.” He looked up at the slowly darkening sky, “Should we go now, then?”
Naeun looked up too, admiring the flaming orange/pink sunset for a second, “Alright.”
“Hey, have you guys seen Sehun?”
The rest of the EXO-K boys, who were cooped up in their rooms, turned to a confused looking D.O. Kai looked up from his magazine in mild interest, “He’s gone?”
“I think so.” D.O climbed up to his bunk bed and snuggled up lazily in his duvets. “I’m too tired tonight, so someone should cook instead.”
Suspiciously, Chanyeol slipped out of the room as Suho happily raised up his hand, “I can cook—“
“NO.” Everyone in the room protested. Suho warily put his arm down, “…Why not?” He looked hurt.
Kai shook his head once and put his magazine face-down on his face, “Sorry to break it to you, Joonmyun hyung, but your cooking really .”
“…Bad.” Baekhyun sadly nodded at their leader.
Suho pouted and made a face, “Great. Then who’s gonna be cooking dinner tonight?”
D.O, Kai, and Suho all looked Baekhyun, who was staring outside again. He felt the stares on him and turned around, furrowing his eyebrows confusedly, “What?”
They just kept staring at him.
Finally, Baekhyun gave in and sighed, “Fine. I’ll cook.” He muttered.
“Hallelujah! Someone else is finally cooking aside from myself!” D.O cheered sarcastically and stuffed his face in his pillow, relaxed. Kai rolled his eyes and put his magazine down again, while Suho sighed, still dejected, and continued folding the boys’ laundry.
At that precise moment, Chanyeol popped back in through the room, eyes wide and mischievous.
“Apparently,” He paused for effect, “The maknaes have gone out on a date.” Chanyeol dangled something that seemed to be a note.
Instantly, Baekhyun’s jaw dropped. *A WHAT?!*
Suho, D.O, and Kai all bolted up, “A DATE?!”
“That’s right.” Chanyeol smirked and cleared his throat, reading the note aloud.
“Dear Suho, D.O, Kai, Chanyeol and Baekhyun oppas,
Sehun and I have gone out to town for a while. He said he craved bubble tea, so we’re going to get some. We’ll be safe, so don’t worry. We’ll probably also be back for dinner on time.
We’ll see you later! –Naeun.”
Baekhyun’s jaw—which, if possible, seemed to drop more and more—refused to close. *Out of all people… She’s out on a date with the maknae?! And she never told us?!* His mind went haywire as he started to jump to conclusions. *What if Sehun likes her…? What if he asks her out…? Friend or not, Naeun is off-limits! I found her first! I mean, I’m her ang—*
“BAEKHYUN!” Chanyeol yelled.
His head was spinning, “…Yeah…?”
“Are you okay?” He looked genuinely worried. Baekhyun nodded unsurely. Chanyeol sighed and muttered low under his breath, “Don’t worry. Sehun is our little innocent maknae, remember? I don’t think he’d do anything too drastic.” He stopped halfway, “But I do agree that you should step up your game.”
Baekhyun was a little bit relieved from Chanyeol’s words, but he was still worried. *Is he… right? I should step up my game? But… It is forbidden to love each other…*
“Let them have fun.” Kai put his hands behind his head and slyly grinned, amused by Baekhyun’s reactions.
Chanyeol grinned, “Are you sure? I mean—We could always follow them.”
D.O gaped, “You mean… Like stalking?!”
“Not exactly.” He shook his head. “Call it… considerately watching over them. We can be the pair’s guardian angels for that day.” Chanyeol snickered at the irony of that.
It was wrong, but Baekhyun couldn’t help but relax a little at that. He wanted to know that Naeun was safe, even though innocent Sehun was like his own little brother.
“Are we almost there, oppa?” Naeun anxiously glanced around at the almost deserted area. Although Sehun was there, she was still a bit terrified by the dead souls and mysterious beings that floated around.
“Almost.” Sehun promised, and turned to her. Naeun was pale, and he could tell that she was white as a sheet. Sehun grew alarmed and stopped in his tracks, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder, “Are you alright? You look sick to your stomach.”
Naeun cringed when a hollow, glassy-eyed man passed by her. She noticed that her hand flew up to her white EXO necklace and she gripped it tightly. Naeun pushed Sehun’s back forcedly, “Don’t stop walking. Keep going.”
Sehun read her terrified expression and softened. *She’s scared.* All of a sudden, Naeun was swiftly moved over onto the sidewalk, while Sehun took her place closest to the road.
Sternly, he took her hand and placed it on the loose end of his jacket, “Hold this, okay? I don’t want you to get lost.”
Naeun gladly obliged and followed him all the way to the bubble tea store. Luckily, normal citizens seemed to occupy the tables. Naeun and Sehun stood in line patiently.
Murmurs came from around them, and a couple of girls ogled at Sehun’s good looks. Naeun blinked their way curiously, while the girls froze and hurried away.
“Hm? What’s wrong, Naeunnie?” Sehun good-naturedly grinned. “Nothing.” She assured.
Sehun shrugged obliviously. He instantly smiled as he took in the colours of the vibrant café, “Luhannie hyung and I always used to come to this chain of tea houses.”
Naeun’s expression turned gentle, “What was his favourite flavour?”
“Taro.” The boy replied without batting an eye. “He always loved taro. I don’t know why though. The thing tastes horrible, in my opinion.” He made a dissatisfied face. She giggled.
“And your favourite?” Naeun questioned.
“Mmm… I don’t really have one. I just go for whatever fruit I’m craving for the day. I really like honeydew and mango, though. The sweet ones are always the best!” Sehun happily exclaimed, making Naeun break out into another grin, “You sure love bubble tea.”
“Of course!” He replied quickly, “It’s delicious and sweet. Definitely one of my most favourite treats.”
Naeun raised an eyebrow, “Really? Even more than ice cream?”
“Aww, you got me.” Sehun snapped his fingers as she chuckled, “Ice cream’s incredible too. Actually, all sweets are great in general.” He laughed back in his low voice.
It was surprising how Naeun could converse with him so easily. He had this certain dash of humour and crazy topic that made people undoubtedly attracted to his personality. There was never a dull moment with Sehun.
From afar, EXO-K peered through the glass of the bubble tea shop and discretely watched Naeun and Sehun laugh and animatedly converse. “I knew he’d be here.” D.O grinned victoriously, “He’d always go to this chain of bubble tea shops with Luhan hyung.”
“Oh yeah, that’s right.” Kai nodded. “The little tyke always used to beg me to go with him, but I don’t care much for sweets, so I always turned him down.” He glanced at the two in the tea shop, “I guess he found a new bubble tea partner.”
Baekhyun glanced through the window, glad that Naeun was safe, but he also yearned to be the one in Sehun’s shoes. He’d go anywhere with her, as long as she wanted to go. He sadly watched as Sehun make a joke and Naeun laughed.
Inside the store, the cashier smiled at the two, “Welcome! What can I get you guys?”
“Erm…” Sehun glanced up at the menu, “I’ll try a chocolate bubble tea. Tapioca please.” The cashier began hitting away on the buttons.
“And for you, Miss?” She glanced Naeun’s way.
Naeun contemplated it slowly, “Hm. I think I’ll go for the honeydew, with tapioca, too.”
“Sure.” She cashed it in and smiled as the other workers scurried around to create the mouth-watering drinks. Sehun paid for the drinks, much to Naeun’s dismay.
“I was the one who asked you to come. It would be rude of me to tell you to pay, as well.” He had curtly responded and bounded up to the different coloured straws, “Ah! My favourite part!”
Naeun shook her head with a motherly smile as she raised an eyebrow, “Picking a straw colour is your favourite part?”
“Well, aside from actually drinking it, yeah.” He giggled, “I think I’ll be a manly man and take the most macho colour out there….Pink.” Sehun held up a pink straw with a beam on his face.
Naeun couldn’t help but burst out laughing, “Pink? Really?”
“Why not?” He crossly frowned, “No bubble tea is complete without a touch of femininity. We’ve got to embrace our womanhood.” He straightened up proudly.
Naeun laughed loudly, “Pabo.” She picked up a baby blue straw, “Fine, then. I guess I’ll pick a more masculine colour.” Sehun chortled along naturally.
“One chocolate bubble tea and honeydew bubble tea!” A bell dinged and the two hurried to grab their beverages. EXO-K widened their eyes and ducked into a dark corner when they noticed Sehun and Naeun leaving the store.
He sipped on his bubble tea with stars in his eyes and an elated expression, “I think chocolate has become my new favourite!” He squealed.
Naeun giggled and sipped hers, “Yum. Thanks for the tea, Sehun.” She raised the cup at him. “No problem.” He grinned back.
Baekhyun felt some sort of uncomfortable feeling in his chest. He tried to ignore it. *Why is this sickeningly sweet scene making me angry? Sehun’s my friend and my dongsaeng, yet I’m the one acting immature.*
Chanyeol silently noticed Baekhyun’s hand in a tight, firm fist. His other hand was firmly gripping onto his black EXO necklace. His fist was shaking visibly. Chanyeol’s expression turned grim. *He’s really serious about her. He honestly… loves her.*
“We should go home now.” Naeun sipped her tea and looked up to the fire-like sky, chewing on the tapioca bubbles, “The others are probably waiting.” *And Baekhyun, too.* She froze immediately. *Wait—why did Baekhyun oppa’s face only appear in my mind?* She shook that thought out of her head. It was probably a slip-up, after all.
“Hold on, Naeun.” Sehun’s voice called out from behind her. She turned around, “Yeah?”
The maknae’s face turned pleasant as he genuinely smiled at her, “Thank you for coming with me today.” In one swift movement, he pecked her cheek sweetly. Naeun froze, eyes wide.
Baekhyun’s face fell instantly. He could only hear thudding sounds in his ears and it was only getting louder. His heart started to hurt, and it felt like something was being stolen away from him. *No…. No… This can’t be…* He tightened his fists, knuckles turning bright white with tension.
Sehun pulled away and smiled at Naeun, tweaking her nose, “Let’s hurry back now, before dinner gets cold.” He chuckled at her cute reaction and walked ahead of her. She touched the spot where he had pecked for a slight second and gaped, staring at Sehun’s back for a second before running up to him. *Does this… mean something…?*
Suho lightly spoke up, “Let’s get back to the house before they get there, or else they’ll become suspicious.” Silently, they all agreed, and Baekhyun followed with a heavy heart.
Chanyeol’s words echoed through his mind.
“But I do agree that you should step up your game.”
Baekhyun’s face became stoic, but determined, more than ever.
*Byun Baekhyun. You’d better step up your game.*




I sense draaaaamaaa~ =O

Baekhyun! Take Chanyeol's advice for once. xD He's right sometimes, you know~ ^^


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3K_H95 #1
Chapter 47: Thank you for writing this story, it's the most beautiful story I've ever read. The emotions and thoughts are very well written. Love you...
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Chapter 47: this story make me cry so much.i love it authornim
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Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
Do_not_forget_this #6
Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
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