Lights Out

Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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A Dreamer - IU
Narrator’s P.O.V:
Before the rest of EXO-K left for town, they said their goodbyes.
“Bye, hyung! Bye Naeunnie!” Sehun cheerfully waved as Naeun smiled and waved back. The maknae hopped down the steps and stood next to Kai, who slung a casual arm around his neck.
Suho worriedly glanced at the two, “Are you sure you’ll be alright by yourselves? I mean, you can come—“ Chanyeol covered the leader’s mouth with his hand, making him stop abruptly in mid-sentence.
“They’ll be fine. Just leave them be.” Chanyeol waved it off and pulled Suho away, “Have fun on your little rendezvous!” He snickered and followed Sehun and Kai.
Baekhyun’s ears turned red, “Yah!”
Naeun blinked and turned to him, “What was that all about?” *Silly Chanyeol.*
“W-What?” He blinked, locking his gaze on her. D.O was the last one to walk by. He tapped his shoes on the floor and glanced at Baekhyun.
“Nice ears.” He snorted and ran away with his hands in his pockets.
“K-Kyungsoo!” He roared. *Aish, these pesky people…* He shook his head.
Naeun cocked her head to one side, not breaking eye-contact with Baekhyun’s embarrassed face.
“Baekhyun oppa?”
The angel’s heart fluttered, “H-Huh?”
She rubbed her bare arms for heat, “I’m kinda cold…”
Baekhyun straightened up, “Oh, of course. Sorry.” He opened the house door again, “Let’s go back inside.”
Naeun brightened, “’Kay.” She hurried in. Baekhyun watched her with a warm gaze as he smiled and closed the door behind him.
The pair soon became preoccupied with the dishes.
Baekhyun absentmindedly dried them as Naeun washed them, careful not to drop them and let them crack.
*But… what will happen to me now?* He questioned himself, deep in thought. *An angel can’t get together with a human. Naeun has to get back to her own world someday. I’m dead, and she’s not…* His expression became serious as his eyebrows creased.
All of a sudden, he felt warm hands touch his cheeks and force the ends of his lips to smile. Baekhyun instantly snapped out of his dumbfounded daze and stared.
“Ahh, no good. That sad expression just won’t do.” Naeun joked as she beamed, “Lighten up. Do you really not want to be alone with me?”
At that sentence, Baekhyun’s eyes widened as he captured both of her hands in his, “Absolutely not!” He looked almost offended. *Of course I want to be with you, silly.*
Naeun numbly blinked. Baekhyun froze and quickly dropped her hands, “…I mean…”
But to his surprise, Naeun’s stupefied expression softened into a smile, “That’s nice to hear.”
Baekhyun grew confused, “What do you mean by—“
BOOM! The kitchen was suddenly engulfed in pitch black darkness.
On impact, Naeun let out a frightened yelp and Baekhyun felt thin arms wrap around his torso. Instinctively, his arms flew up to her back and he held her close.
“W-What in the world was that…?” Naeun asked, a bit anxious.
“…A black out, I’m pretty sure.” Baekhyun truthfully explained. “I guess it was good that we finished the dishes.”
BOOM! Another wave of lightning crackled overhead. Naeun didn’t say anything this time, but hugged Baekhyun tighter as his eyes enlarged by the second.
Baekhyun was almost sure she could hear his heart racing in his chest. Ba-dump…ba-dump…
But instead of freezing for too long, his eyes became very gentle. Slowly, he pried Naeun’s arms off of him and held them in his warm palms, “Hey. Are you okay?”
“S-Sorry.” Naeun flinched, “I just… really hate thunderstorms.”
He was sure she couldn’t see his expression, but Baekhyun’s facial features softened immensely. “Don’t worry.” He put his hands on her shaking shoulders. “I’m here, aren’t I?” He said lightheartedly.
Baekhyun’s melodious voice calmed Naeun’s nerves, but only a little bit. Slowly, she found herself sitting on the cold wood floor beside him. She was still shivering, but it was better with someone she trusted around.
They sat there in silence for a while and listened to the rain splattering on the windows. *What do I do… How can I help to calm her down?* Baekhyun tried to think when a light-bulb suddenly went off in his head.
“Oh.” He dug around in his pants' pockets. Naeun heard muffled shuffling noises and kept her hands close to her ears when a cold object gently nudged her arm.
Naeun heard Baekhyun’s voice—the only thing she was sure of—in the room. “It’s my MP3 player.” He unraveled the long earphone wire and handed it to her, putting on shuffle mode. “Listen to it. Hopefully, it’ll block out the sound of the thunder.”
Naeun blindly turned to the darker male figure, “Are you sure? Is it… okay?”
“Of course.” Was all Baekhyun said as she softly smiled to herself and pushed the earbuds in. A soft piano and violin tune was playing in the background and she felt herself grin again. *His musical taste is different from others.*
Another moment of silence passed by as Baekhyun tapped his fingers on the floor, making a quiet pattering sound. It echoed down the whole house, and he sighed pleasantly.
“…Will you listen with me?”
Baekhyun turned around and with wide eyes, “Me?” He foolishly pointed to himself. *Oops.* He put his hand down. *Pabo. She can’t see me in the dark.* He shook his head.
“Yeah.” She mused and dropped an earbud in his palm, the other in her ear. “It’s better if we share it.”
Baekhyun softened and wordlessly put it in his right ear. *And this is why she’s my first love.* He scooted a little bit closer to Naeun as she looked out the window. All the two could hear were the beautiful, rhythmic melodies of violins and pianos harmonizing with each other in heavenly synchronization.
CRACKLE! Baekhyun could tell that Naeun jumped from that one. She quivered, “I-It’s so loud…”
Baekhyun frowned, “This is why I said you should take both of the earphones…” He was about to slip his earbud out and hand it back when she shook her head stubbornly, “No. I’m okay.”
*No, you’re not, Naeun.* He wanted to say, but nonetheless, he kept his mouth shut and didn’t say anything more.
“Instead of the earbud…” She trailed off in a shy voice, “Can I hold your hand instead…?”
Baekhyun’s head snapped up, “My… what?”
“Your hand…” She bit her lip nervously. After hearing a thick silence, Naeun consciously scooted away from him, “Or maybe that’s just too weird… Sorry for asking.”
Naeun suddenly felt a big, soft hand slip over hers. Baekhyun gently pulled her arm, which made her scoot over. The side of her hip touched Baekhyun’s as he flushed bright red from the subtle impact.
Silently thanking the heavens that she couldn’t see his tomato-red face, Baekhyun cleared his throat awkwardly, “…You didn’t have to ask twice, you know.”
Naeun’s eyes were wide as Baekhyun turned away stiffly and embarrassedly. A pleasant smile tickled her lips as a warm buttery feeling made its way into her heart. She didn’t know why she was smiling so much around this boy, although she had a small hunch. Naeun didn’t want to risk finding out too early, though.
It felt like mild electric sparks were shooting up both of their arms. Good shivers passed down their spines as they both smiled, hesitant but longing.
“Thank you… Baekhyunnie oppa.” Naeun lightly chuckled. Her laughs sounded like music to his ears. Baekhyun automatically grinned but kept quiet.
“You know…” She began to admit, “With you here, my uneasiness just faded away.”
Baekhyun blushed, “How so?”
“…When I was little, I had no friends, although I had many opportunities to make them.” Naeun looked up at the ceiling. “I guess you could say that I messed up the chances that a certain someone gave me.” She softened, thinking of her angel.
Secretly, Baekhyun understood everything she was talking about. *You didn’t mess anything up, Naeun-ah… It’s just that no one acknowledged your true beauty and good heart. Nobody except… me.*
“But now I have you, Byun Baekhyun.” The adorable way that she said his name made him almost want to laugh. “And the other oppas too. You’re my very first friends.” She smiled to herself and squeezed Baekhyun’s hand.
*You’re also very important to us too, Naeun-ah…* Baekhyun’s eyes became gentle and he said nothing more as he reassuringly squeezed her hand back.
Yet another smile spread across Naeun’s lips.
Naeun soon feel fast asleep on Baekhyun’s shoulder.
Baekhyun made no movement to disturb her peace. He didn’t want to nor want her to leave his side. He liked having her lean on him.
Secretively, the corners of his lips twitched as he outstretched his palm and power flowed through his hand. Instantly, a dull beam of light shot out from his hand. It was enough to illuminate the whole kitchen.
Baekhyun softly d Naeun’s hair away from her face as he chuckled. *I guess she forgot that I’m the wielder of light and the sun itself.* He took one last long look at her face in the light and then closed up his palm. The room turned dark again at once.
Hesitantly and unsurely, Baekhyun leaned his head on hers. He chuckled again as his half-‘evil’ thoughts churned up in his head. Baekhyun had purposely ignored the fact that he could re-illuminate the room with light and had ‘forgotten’ it just like Naeun had, in order to spend more time with her.
If Naeun thought that he smelled like honey and mother nature herself, Baekhyun thought that her scent was gentle, sweet, and comforting, just like her personality.
*Mianhae, Naeun… But just for tonight, don’t blame me because I want to be with you.*


A little BaekEun fluff for all the BaekEun shippers out there~ ^^


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3K_H95 #1
Chapter 47: Thank you for writing this story, it's the most beautiful story I've ever read. The emotions and thoughts are very well written. Love you...
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Chapter 47: this story make me cry so much.i love it authornim
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Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
Do_not_forget_this #6
Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
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Chapter 47: Aw that was sweet♥
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