Early Birds in the Rain

Into Your World (너의 세상으로)
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I Like You - Infinite
Narrator’s P.O.V:
On a rainy morning, Naeun’s eyes fluttered open. Instinctively, her eyes traveled towards the window. All she saw were gray clouds and the tear-shaped streak marks of the rain on the glass.
Pit-a-pat. Pit-a-pat.
Oddly, she didn’t even seem groggy or sleepy at all.
*What time is it…?* Naeun questioned, turning to the silver analog clock on the wall. The second hand swirled tirelessly around the face as it read 7:00 a.m.
After deciding to get ready for the day, Naeun slipped on a creamy blue tank-top and a pair of capris. When she finished washing up and tying her hair into a side ponytail, she quietly tip-toed outside.
“Hm.” She murmured to herself thoughtfully. “I wonder if the others are aslee—“
But the sounds of loud snoring stopped Naeun in mid-sentence as she secretly opened EXO-K’s door. Everyone was still in slumber-land, tucked into their own individual bunk beds.
She looked at the endearing scene with gentle eyes. Suho’s arms were latched onto his pillow, Kai had his plump lips parted to breathe, Chanyeol’s frizzy hair was messily stuck onto his face, and D.O had his hood on with his blanket pulled up onto half of his face.
In the distance, Naeun spotted Sehun cuddled up into his pillow, drooling, while Baekhyun was peacefully asleep, drawing in long, deep breaths.
Naeun almost broke out into a smile as she silently closed the door. *Sleep well, EXO-K.*
As her feet took her towards the front door of the house, she stretched and yawned. *What should I do now?* Naeun wasn’t really that hungry or had the will to eat.
A glimpse of the world outside caught her by surprise. Curiosity got the better of her as she slowly slipped out of the door. *I’ll just be a second…*
Naeun shut the door and leaned on it as she instinctively closed her eyes. The soft droplets of rain hitting the porch and ground made a strong, vibrant sound. She immediately felt at ease. After all, Naeun loved the rain.
Hesitantly, Naeun walked down the steps and set foot in the grass—her shoes squelching in the dew. She let out a tiny laugh as the drops of rain hit her. It tickled. The first ones always felt the most refreshing.
Feeling daring, she raised her head to pull down her hair-tie. Her neat, pristine ponytail fell as she tousled her dark hair down her shoulders.
Naeun smiled and ventured deeper into the small forest (if you could even call it that). Tall trees and lush patches of bright green grass made her feel alive. The earthy smell of nature with a pinch of sweet morning dew on the grass tingled her senses as she let out a breath of fresh air. She seemed happy here.
Naeun admired a few birds as they flew by her with light wings. She finally sighed and sat on a dry patch of grass located underneath a protective tree.
*EXO Planet, huh?* Naeun hastily curled her hair around her ear and looked up into the solar-system sky. It was lighter in the morning, with the sun shining and all.
A few minutes later, Naeun closed her eyes, meditating with a faint smile. She rested her folded hands onto her petite stomach. *It really is a wonderful place…*
Suho—who was going to take a shower—was the first one to wake up.
He took a double take in Naeun’s room and poked his head inside. The blanket was peeled off from its original position, but she was nowhere to be seen.
Suho furrowed his eyebrows, “Naeun? Naeun-ah?” No response.
He quickly sauntered back to EXO-K’s room with his clothes and towel in hand. Baekhyun was already sitting up, trying to get his senses back by peering out the window beside his bed.
“Guys, Naeun’s gone.” Suho said, a bit panicky. The others might not have heard him because they were all still. None of them moved an inch besides Baekhyun, who sharply turned to his leader.
“What do you mean, she’s gone?” His eyebrows furrowed as his voice became a bit louder. Suho looked puzzled, “I don’t know where she went. She just left!”
Chanyeol stuffed his face in his pillow, flopping lazily onto his stomach, “…She’s probably outside or something. I’m sure she’ll be back soon.” He said in a muffled voice.
But in no time, Baekhyun was up on his feet, “I’ll go find out.” He said in a quick voice. Quickly, he grabbed a pair of jeans to change into and shot out of the door.
Suho merely blinked at it, looking confused, as he left the room to go take his shower.
“…That idiot.” Chanyeol raised his pillow and peeked an eye open. A smile lingered on his lips as he chuckled amusedly in his deep voice. He let his pillow drop back down on his face and closed his eyes, “Always going straight to her, isn’t he?”
Naeun opened her eyes a while afterwards and self-consciously touched her neck. On it rested the white hexagon EXO necklace that Baekhyun got for her. She treasured it dearly and wore it all the time. It became kind of like a substitute for her feather that she left back home.
She smiled and stood up, dusting herself off as she stepped back into the rain. Naeun didn’t care if she was getting drenched. The rain was a cooling sensation… A tranquil feeling… A—
“So this is where you were.”
Naeun flipped around to see Baekhyun with a clear umbrella leaned back against his shoulder. His eyes were lenient and gentle, but his tone seemed worried and relieved.
“Baekhyun oppa!” Naeun perked up as Baekhyun approached her with light steps. *Don’t smile. Don’t you dare smile, Byun Baekhyun—* He—with great difficulty—supressed grinning widely like a fool. Hearing Naeun’s angelic voice calling him ‘oppa’ made him feel giddy.
“Why did you leave?” He adjusted his white hoodie so that his matching black EXO necklace was properly hidden from Naeun’s view. “You surprised me by leaving all of a sudden without warning.”
Naeun’s eyes went round, “I did?! Oh no… I didn’t mean to… I just wanted to get some fresh air…” She bit her lip apologetically.
Baekhyun’s gaze zeroed onto her lips and he gulped when he saw Naeun bite them. He found it harder and harder to swallow. *Oh goodness… She’s making me crazy, first thing in the morning…* He closed his eyes and looked away, moving his hand to his lips in an attempt to cover his blushing face.
Naeun misunderstood this as Baekhyun being angry at her, and she looked startled. “Oh no… Don’t be mad!” She gazed at him sadly, “I just made new friends here and I don’t want to anger you guys.” She unconsciously took his hand in both of hers, “So stop being angry, please?”
Baekhyun stared at her blankly, cheeks still pink, “…What?” His head tilted to one side cutely, “You think I’m… upset?”
Naeun paused, “You’re… not?”
“I…I am!” He declared, outraged. “Of course I am!” Naeun looked anxious.
“But…” Baekhyun’s expressions soon softened as he smiled at Naeun, “Seeing as you were just exploring the outdoors, I’ll let it go this one time.”
Naeun’s eyes twinkled. “Really?”
Baekhyun faltered for a second, but nodded, grinning. *What are you talking about? I can never stay mad at you for too long, Song Naeun. I’ve waited too much for you to finally reappear…*
“But you’re doing it all wrong.” Baekhyun’s eyes glinted mischievously. Naeun quirked her lips, “What do you mean?”
Baekhyun smirked as he set the umbrella down and got splattered with rain alongside her. Quickly, he pointed at the tallest tree in the forest with a smirk, “Think you can climb that?”
Baekhyun looked down as he heaved himself onto a sturdy group of branches.
“Ahh~ I’m tired!” Naeun whimpered as she tried her best to climb up. Baekhyun chortled, “Already?”
“Well sorry, but I’m not used to climbing gargantuan-sized trees in a foreign world, Mr. I-Can-Do-Everything.” She rolled her eyes with a joking smile.
Baekhyun scrunched up his nose at her, “Huh.” He thought aloud, “I was going to help you,” He drew his hand back, “But I guess you don’t need my help, Ms. Sarcasm.” He stuck his tongue out mockingly.
Naeun’s eyes widened, “Noo~ Help me up! Hurry, I’m slipping!” She pouted as she struggled to heave herself up again.
Baekhyun chuckled, “Araso, araso.” As soon as he felt Naeun’s hand grasp his, he swiftly and effortlessly pulled her up. She awkwardly sat beside him and cleared , “Uhm… You’re… quite… uh… strong.”
He grinned, “Thanks. Now look over there.” He pointed towards the landscape. Naeun cautiously turned but gasped loudly as she saw the whole forest of EXO in front of her. It was a sea of green and earthy brown. It was absolutely breathtaking.
“Oh my…” The breath hitched in . “It’s… stunning.”
Naeun turned to glance at Baekhyun’s side profile for a second, but ended up looking at his handsome face for longer than she had planned.
“It is, isn’t it?” Baekhyun turned to her, meeting her eyes. They both froze for a second. *This feels like déjà-vu for some reason…* She thought unsurely as the sunlight hit every one of Baekhyun’s distinct facial features. *He really is the wielder of the sun and light…*
Baekhyun’s eyes were tender. He parted his pink lips to say something when a big gust of wind made the tree’s branches wiggle and the leaves to pour raindrops on them. They both yelped as they got drenched in the icy cold water.
Naeun blinked at Baekhyun’s sopping wet hair and reached her fingers out to touch it. Baekhyun’s eyes were wide as they both burst out in laughter. They looked absolutely ridiculous, after all.
Swiftly, he jumped off of the branches and onto the ground as Naeun gaped at him. He gave her a heart-stopping beam, “Jump.” He beckoned, “I’ll catch you. Don’t worry.”
Naeun looked unsure and hesitantly stood up. Baekhyun’s reassurance made her feel at ease as she jumped, “I swear, if you don’t catch me—“
A pair of firm but thin arms wound around her waist. She looked up to stare into Baekhyun’s mesmerizing eyes, “Or what, may I ask?” He teased, “What will you do?”
Naeun gulped, “Uh…”
Baekhyun chuckled and let go, “Just joking.” He looked at the sky and stuck his palm out, “It doesn’t seem like the rain’s gonna stop anytime soon.” Baekhyun pulled off his hoodie and held it up over him as Naeun did the same on her side, “Ready?”
Naeun nodded with an exhilarated smile on her face.
“Go!” He laughed and ran as she giggled, running alongside him.
Even though they both knew that there was no point in covering up… That they were already soaked head-to-toe in rain water… They still ran.
Hey guys! ^^
Hope you liked the Baekhyun x Naeun (Baekeun) moment! ^o^
As always, thanks for all the love and support you've given to this story! :D
By the way, I'd just like to point out again that I update when I wish to. I've received a few comments of 'why haven't you updated in the last .... days?' 
I take those comments as compliments, but it's true that it honestly gets a bit tiring and pressuring when people constantly say those things.
My answer to that is that some of us have busy schedules. We're not writing machines. We need time to sort out how we want to write our stories. I, for one, don't want to write some messily written chapter when I don't have the imagination nor the will to write. It's disappointing for the readers and it's especially disappointing to the author, because we know that we can present our readers with better stories and chapters. There's always room for improvement!
Authors don't just burst out with creativity. I hope you guys realize that. :/
I hope you guys don't think this applies to all of you, and I certainly don't want to offend anyone, but this is just my opinion as an author. It just gets too pressuring sometimes that you don't feel the will to write anymore, so please don't post pressuring comments. It makes authors uncomfortable. 
Please respect my decisions as an author. If you don't agree with me, you can just exit the page and find another story or author that you will enjoy. Any negative comments I get will be deleted immediately. D:
This is the last time I will be saying this.
Thank you for your understanding and I hope you enjoyed! ^^
/on a side note, has anyone seen Dalmatian and Infinite's comeback?! :Q__________
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Chapter 47: Oh god it's 1 am and my younger sister is sleeping beside while I try not to sob to loudly. This story was sooo good it tugged my heart. It was nice reading this!
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