Day 121

A Little Too Late

               You hurriedly decorated the caramel macchiato with freshly whipped cream, and repeatedily hit the bell.

               “34!” You shout and quickly return to the cashier for the next customer. “Hi, how may I help you?” You were looking down, organizing the change.

               “Can I have an Espresso please? Extra sugar.”

               “That would be $28.50 please.” You finally look up and freeze for a moment. You always wonder what your friends meant by being attracted to a person at first sight. His features were soft, but defined. It almost doesn’t make sense, but somehow it does. Although there were heavy dark circles under his eyes, they still gleamed with calm energy. You realize that what you just said made no sense again and snapped yourself out of the daze, bringing you back to your work. He hands you a 100 dollar bill, smiling and showing a faint dimple on his right cheek. You embarrassedly look down and search for his change.

               “Um, Miss, I think you gave me a 50 dollar bill instead of a 20…” He chuckles lightly to himself, handing you the green piece of paper.

               “Oh!” You gasp, and quickly change the bill. “S-sorry.”

               He laughs softly and walks to the side.

               You watch as one of your co-workers prepares the espresso, then getting ready to place it on the drinks table.

               “Wait-” You walk quickly towards her and puts a small cup of extra caffeine on the coffee plate. He needed it, his dark eye bags betrayed his energetic smile. It seems weird that you were making decisions without the customer’s request, but there was a feeling inside your heart that was telling you to do so.

               You take the Espresso and put it on the table. Before you were about to hit the bell, he stands in front of you, carrying a soft smile.

               “I know it’s a bit late, but can I have an extra shot of caffeine?” He asks.

               “I-It’s right here, sir.” You smile shyly and push his coffee forwards.

               “Ah. How-how did you know?” He looks at you, his eyes a bit dazed and shocked. You shrug your shoulders and laugh softly. He returns your smile and bites his lower lip shyly. You feel your heart skip a beat at his cute expression, then turn around to return to the cashier.

              “Wait-” He halts, causing you to face him again, staring blankly at him. He takes a deep breath, “I-I know this is kind of sudden, but would you like to have some coffee with me when your shift is over?”

               Your eyes widen, unable to respond except for a nod. He laughs quietly, “Great.” He scratches the side of his neck shyly, “By the way, my name is Zhang Yixing.”

               You jerk your head up, opening your eyes.


               Your heart feels tense from the bittersweet memory of Yixing. You met him in the café you were working in as a summer job. You rub your temples, waking yourself up. It was dark outside, and you were still sitting in your desk. You realize that you fell asleep after 2 hours of overtime, finishing the files that Jason needed by tomorrow.

               “It’s 3 am…” You mutter to yourself, looking around the office. Everything was dark, except for one room. You get up to fix your wrinkled skirt and walk towards the room, giving it a small knock.

               “Come in.”

               You turn the knob and find Jason still working on his recent case’s testimony. He looks up, “You haven’t left yet?” He smiles. You shake your head softly.

               “I fell asleep.” You admit, “Are you still working?”

               Jason looks at his files, then back to you. He pauses for a while, “I think I’m going to call it a night.” He laughs.

               “Yes, I think so too, you need some sleep for tomorrow’s court, Mr. Park.” You remind him in a jokingly way, “I will be going now too.” You give a small bow to Jason.

               “Wait, let me drive you home.” He suggests.

               “No, that would be too much trouble. I live quite far from Manhattan.” You wave your hands, shaking off his offer.

               “No, I insist. It’s late out, and I feel responsible for keeping you to finish those files.” He says with a sincere look on his face.

               You reluctantly agree and went out to get your jacket and purse.

               “So…how do you like it here so far?” Jason asks.

               “Good…I guess. Nothing really changed since I was a child.” You reply, looking the large raindrops splatter against the windshield.

               “You didn’t live in New York?”

               “No, I recently moved from Hunan, China.”

               “I see.”

               After a short moment of comfortable silence, the car stops to avoid hitting the sign at the front. Jason leans forwards to make out what the sign says in the heavy rainstorm.

               “The Brooklyn Bridge is closed due to the storm.” Jason looks at you.

               “You’re kidding right?” You groan, “How am I supposed to go home tonight.” You mutter in quiet frustration.

               “If you don’t mind…you can stay over my place tonight.”

               Your eyes widen in surprise, “No no no, I can’t, that would be too much of a bother. You can just drop me off back to the office, I can stay overnight.” You smile.

               Jason laughs, “You know, there is no way that I will let my assistant sleep in a chair for the night. People will accuse me for labour abuse, and I’m a lawyer!” He jokes, “Besides, there is an extra room at my apartment.”

               You look at Jason, not sure if you should take his offer. It would be the first time you stayed overnight with a man other than Yixing, and you weren’t sure how you felt about that.

               “If you’re afraid…I promise I won’t do anything…” Jason whispers and you see his cheeks turning red from the idea.

               “Of course not! I definitely trust you.” You justify yourself then take a deep breath, “Alright then, thank you.” You smile at him.


a/n: ooo~she's gonna stay over his place~

i wonder what's gonna happen?

Park good looking <3

but I'd choose Yixing over him anyday~

my cute little unicorn~ so adorable with his dimple aksdlfak's'dfsdaf

please comment!! <3 i love you hehe

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MiniApple so sorry that i didnt update...uni has been killing me T_T will update as soon as i finish my exams!

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