One Shot of My Precious

My Precious

Italics are Chanyeol's thought


"Ah goodness! I'm so tired today!"


Park Chanyeol walks ever so slowly towards his house from school. He just finished his basketball training with his friends. He pouts when he remembered he has a math and science homework to do. And he has to submit everything by tomorrow. The cold wind in the afternoon makes his curly brown hair moves and he feels slightly calm. He loves cold wind especially during a hot day. Both of his hands grip the strap of his black backpack. Sometimes his foot will kick the small stones on the road. Yes, he really takes his time walking back home.


Almost fifteen minutes later, Chanyeol can see his house from afar. He can see a little boy in white t-shirt and blue shorts sits on grass in front of his house while playing with a little white puppy. Unknowingly, a grin creeps on his face. Byun Baekhyun, a five years old boy who is also his neighbour. He likes that little boy so much since the day he was born. Being the only child in the family is no fun. Luckily, his neighbour is blessed with a cute baby boy. Chanyeol starts walking a little bit faster. He can't wait to see Baekhyun. Baekhyun will always wait for him to come home from school. He will wait for Chanyeol everyday with his white puppy, King. 


King suddenly bark, makes Baekhyun jumps a little. Chanyeol can see Baekhyun tilts his head in a very cute way and pats King's head. King continues to bark and turns its head towards Chanyeol's direction. Baekhyun turns his head around and he is almost cry in happiness to see his Chanyeol hyung. Baekhyun stands up cutely (Gosh, everything about Baekhyun is cute, I'm melting) and pats his behind to remove the grass stick to his shorts. After that, Baekhyun smiles in happiness and runs towards Chanyeol (Oh his legs are short. He looks so cute running towards me like that oh my God). Chanyeol stops walking and wait for Baekhyun to reach him.


"Hyung! Yeollie hyung!"


Baekhyun hugs Chanyeol's long legs and looks up to see Chanyeol's face with his bright, round eyes. Chanyeol can see the innocent love in Baekhyun's eyes. Chanyeol smiles back and lifts Baekhyun up. Baekhyun circles his short arms around Chanyeol's neck and Chanyeol supports Baekhyun by hugging him tight to his body.


"Hyung! Yeollie hyung! Hyunnie misses you so much!" Baekhyun rests his head on Chanyeol's shoulder and lets out a sigh of happiness. Chanyeol knows how much Baekhyun adores him.


"Really? My Baekhyunnie misses hyung?" Chanyeol can feel Baekhyun nods. "Is Baekhyunnie being a good baby today? I wonder what Baekhyunnie did today." Baekhyun looks at Chanyeol's face, placing his small palms against Chanyeol's cheeks.


"Baekhyunnie is a good baby today! Baekhyunnie accompanies mommy to store and mommy bought Baekhyunnie an ice cream! Ah! Baekhyunnie asked mommy to buy for hyung too because Baekhyunnie loves hyung so much! Baekhyunnie still not eat the ice cream yet." Baekhyun plays with his fingers and his eyes fixed to his fingers. His cheeks started to turn a little pink.


Chanyeol feels like screaming looking at how adorable Baekhyun is at the moment. But his keep is composure and asks Baekhyun. "Why Baekhyunnie does not eat the ice cream?"


Baekhyun bites his lips. "Baekhyunnie wants to eat the ice cream with hyung." Baekhyun then hides his face in his palms. Chanyeol had to look away and covers his mouth with his free hand because he almost scream in happiness. He then clears his throat and takes out a lollipop from his pocket. He then flashes the lollipop in front of Baekhyun's face.


"Baekhyunnie-ah! Look what hyung bought for Baekhyunnie!" Baekhyun slowly removes his hands from his face and his eyes shines upon seeing the lollipop. 


"Is that for Baekhyunnie, hyung?" Baekhyun looks at Chanyeol with his oh-so-cute puppy eyes. 


"Of course! Hyung bought this especially for my little Baekhyunnie!"


Baekhyun takes the lollipop happily. "Baekhyunnie loves hyung so much!" Baekhyun then gives a peck on Chanyeol's lips. He then blushes and looks at his lollipop in his hand. Chanyeol is dumbfounded. His heart beats like crazy over a simple peck from Baekhyun. (Oh goodness gracious. My Baekhyunnie kissed me. My poor heart. I can't.....) "Hyung loves Baekhyunnie even more!"


Chanyeol hugs Baekhyun tight before putting him down. Baekhyun then holds Chanyeol's hand, looking oh so happy. Baekhyun giggles upon seeing his puppy barks as if calling for him. He lets go of Chanyeol's hand and runs towards his little puppy while laughing. Chanyeol can hear Baekhyun screams to his puppy. "King! Look what hyung bought for Baekhyunnie!" Chanyeol lets out a happy sigh. He feels warmth creeps all over his body. It's funny how a little boy could make his feelings change in a blink of an eye. "Baekhyunnie-ah, hyung truly loves you."

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shinbbpc #1
Chapter 1: Omggggggggg kid baekyeol is lyfffffff
faithlu #2
Lulyhan #3
Chapter 1: Sooo cute Omg XD
Oh my gosh this is so cute like asdfghjkl-- /dies of da feels/
Chapter 1: Oh Gosh... I cannot. XD. I love this . Little Kyaaaa. and him calling chanyeol hyung... Ugh. too much for my heart to handle.
[deactivated] #6
Chapter 1: i want the mini baekhyun! This is too much for my heart.
Chapter 1: yes! yes! grow up fast and please marty each other, understand? hakhak
Chapter 1: If my kids are this adorable, I'll be the happiest mother in the world. Same goes if I'm their noona. Haha!
soulpreme #9
Chapter 1: Ngawwwww this is just shooo cute.
My little Baekkie! I cant :')