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“Third position, step, step, full turn, and do an arabesques.”


I was standing at the corner of the dancing studio watching the group of kids below 12 year’s old doing the routine.


Minji was smiling widely as she makes a turn.


“Make sure you keep your knees straight.” Yumi said as she demonstrated to the students. I walked over and position some of their feet correctly.

“Like this.” I said, lifting a student’s leg higher.


Choi Yumi, my neighbour aka guardian, is a ballet instructor at one of South Korea’s largest ballet academy. She was my teacher when I first joined. After achieving a Grade8 in ballet at the age of 15years old, I was called back to help in supervising the beginner classes.


So here I am, every Wednesday and Thursday, supervising.


10 minutes passes. Soon, they were called out one by one to perform the routine to Yumi. Once she’s satisfied, the students can go home.


“Unnie!” Min Ji ran up to me and tugged my skirt. “Did you see? I didn’t fall today!”

I bend down and patted her hair. “Yes you didn’t.”

She giggled and wrapped her arms around my neck as I lifted her up. “I didn’t fall!”


Yumi chuckled at her daughter and clapped her hands. “Yes honey you didn’t fall. Now go change.”


“Let’s go unnie!” she said and pointed her little index finger towards the door.


“You’re changing alone today.” She said. “Hana won’t be going home so early.”


“Why?” the both of us asked in unison. I placed her down on the ground as she pouted at her mom. Yumi shooed her out.


She turned to me and smiled. “I’m sure you’ve heard about the upcoming production.”


I nodded my head and walked to where she was standing. “What are they planning this year?”


“The Nutcracker.”


“Oh. Cool.”


She chuckled. “You’ve performed Nutcracker before didn’t you?”


“Yeah. I can’t remember which competition though.” I said. “It was the sugar plum princess song.”

“A solo dance if I’m not mistaken?”

“Mmhmm. And I won~” I sang. She shook her head with a smile.


“So…” I asked. “What does this have to do with me? I’m not…”

“Yes you are...”

“Oh no. No no no.”

“No what?”

“No. I’m not joining the production. I’m done getting lifted by people. I almost knock my head remember? This stupid boy didn’t hold me properly. Okay, twice. No... A few times actually…”

“I didn’t say you’re the lead.”

“Oh.” I pressed my lips together and smiled at her, feeling like an idiot for blurting out nonsense earlier.

She laughed and slapped my shoulder. “Do you remember you’re solo routine?”

“Er…..Sort off? I kinda free styled in between because I was so nervous that I actually forgot the actual routine.” I said sheepishly.

“Well isn’t that your speciality.” She nudged me in the rib. “Free styling in every competitions, including your examinations.”

“Sorry.” I pouted. “I was really nervous!”


She stood up and I followed. “Anyways, you’ll be teaching the lead female cast your solo routine. They will perform it.”

“Really? Cool!” I said happily. “Oh, do I get paid?”

She poked my forehead with her finger and pushed it. “Of course you money minded girl.”

“Hey…don’t blame me. I’m on my own okay?”

Before she could open , I answered her questions that she always tells me.

“Yes I know. But I can’t depend on you all the time. Plus, I also can’t just keep spending the money my parents left for me.”

She sighed. “Alright. Let’s go meet the cast and then you can reschedule your timing with them.”




Kyung Soo called her phone for the third time but it still went straight to the answering machine.

“Can’t get her?” a serious voice asked. Kyung Soo nodded his head.

“Maybe….maybe she’s taking a nap.”

His grandfather narrowed his eyes and looked at him. “At 5pm?”


He waved his hands in the air and motions him to leave. “Just make sure she comes on Saturday. I want to talk to her personally. Now go. I have things to do.”

He left his grandfather’s office as instructed and walked out into the hall.

“Back home, sir?” a servant asked. He just nodded his head and headed to the car, leaving his grandfather’s mansion.

He sighed and called her again. “Come on Hana, please pick up.” He said to himself. “Grandpapa is getting suspicious already....”





Two female were casted for the lead role, double casting. Shim Minah and Park Eun Mi. I knew them both, taught them a few lessons before.

And then there’s the male lead role, Lee Jun Young and Kim Jong In. Also double casting.


Kim Jong In. So that’s his name. I never knew he danced ballet. But is it me or does he look…different? Not physical. I mean, he still has dark skin and his brown hair that covers his eyes most of the time. But…Omg did he just smile? Oh, his acting shy right now.


Yup. Definitely different. So different than he is when he’s walking with his bunch of EXO friends, smirking at girls while picking on certain people.


Certain people like me.


A dance instructor held his shoulder and turned to us. “Jong In is actually not from our branch but he is from the same dance academy. He recently shifted his house somewhere nearby so he joined us instead.”


Ahh…That explains why I’ve never seen him after dancing 6years in this place.


“Before we start.” He said and patted Jong In’s back. “Hana, would you kindly show him around?”

I held my breath, hoping he wouldn’t recognise me. Then I remember, he never knew my name, or that’s what I think.

I smiled at him. “Of course. Follow me then.”

He bowed at everyone and tagged behind me, not saying a single word.


Weird. He usually says something about my glasses or how my braids look funny with my ribbons.



And then I realised, the current me is not the nerd looking Hana he sees in school every day.




Because I was wearing leotards with a blue short skirt and my hair is tied up in a high bun.





With no glasses on.

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Sorry there's not much kyungsoo here. Trying to get into ze story, but there's kai! =D Oh don't mind those ballet terms, all you have to know is hana dances ballet and there's kai~


gotta love kaisoo



out of topic........baekyun looks so hot in those eye liner and hair! but.......



.................Kyung Soo ar.....whatcha doing?

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